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Maker/robotics enthusiast/non-engineer. Have become somewhat of an expert in shitty robots.
Swedish but sound American just to confuse you.
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11:30Getting rid of a medical doll is weird
14:13Building a Musical Instrument Out Of Teeth
11:23Building a custom scissor lamp
Building a custom scissor lampGanger 940 k4 måneder siden
16:34I built myself a proud parent machine
I built myself a proud parent machineGanger 1,4 mill6 måneder siden
14:30Making a paper shredder that looks like a brain
14:03Using 20,000 matches to make a coffee table
Using 20,000 matches to make a coffee tableGanger 3,8 mill9 måneder siden
17:55Making a mantis shrimp costume
Making a mantis shrimp costumeGanger 1 millÅr siden
11:02My experience with radiation therapy
My experience with radiation therapyGanger 1,5 millÅr siden
13:31Meet my giant pair of scissors
Meet my giant pair of scissorsGanger 1 millÅr siden
6:58My brain tumor is back
My brain tumor is backGanger 3,3 millÅr siden
5:49Building a museum wall for my robots
4:02Eating birthday cake off a conveyor belt
10:41We made a PEZ tampon dispenser
We made a PEZ tampon dispenserGanger 799 k2 år siden
6:15I made some pretty ugly desks
I made some pretty ugly desksGanger 753 k2 år siden
10:26Sneak Peek of My New Workshop 🔧✨
9:25Back from brain surgery
Back from brain surgeryGanger 3,6 mill2 år siden
0:59Going in to brain surgery
Going in to brain surgeryGanger 2,2 mill2 år siden
9:21[BEHIND THE SCENES] I gave a TED Talk
5:24I have a brain tumor.
I have a brain tumor.Ganger 4 mill2 år siden
6:31I built a Westworld robot and it's awful
21:39I went robot hunting with a bow and arrow
6:07Rating Really Terrible Inventions
Rating Really Terrible InventionsGanger 357 k2 år siden
5:03I just bought the most ridiculous car
I just bought the most ridiculous carGanger 1,5 mill2 år siden
5:20Why I'm selling my houseboat
Why I'm selling my houseboatGanger 1,4 mill3 år siden
6:16I made a robot that serves me soup
I made a robot that serves me soupGanger 2,4 mill3 år siden
4:21A drone that carries babies
A drone that carries babiesGanger 651 k3 år siden
4:57Opening 2.5 months of packages
Opening 2.5 months of packagesGanger 604 k3 år siden
7:35My last day of filming the TV show
My last day of filming the TV showGanger 307 k3 år siden
6:50I rate my own inventions
I rate my own inventionsGanger 543 k3 år siden
OMG THERE'S A CHANNEL TRAILERGanger 1,1 mill3 år siden
6:11I got a manicure from a robot
I got a manicure from a robotGanger 908 k3 år siden
6:12I got to be weightless for 7.5 minutes
9:04I locked myself in my bathroom for 48 hours
6:11I made my own astronaut training program
8:14I made a shitty claw machine
I made a shitty claw machineGanger 1,1 mill3 år siden
5:08A robot that serves beer for you
A robot that serves beer for youGanger 985 k3 år siden
4:05A machine that blows your nose for you
4:39Why my sponsors are leaving
Why my sponsors are leavingGanger 1,3 mill3 år siden
4:58My Favorite Tools
My Favorite ToolsGanger 444 k3 år siden
4:49I made a butt wiping machine
I made a butt wiping machineGanger 1 mill3 år siden
6:13The Pussy Grabs Back Machine
The Pussy Grabs Back MachineGanger 1,5 mill4 år siden
6:12Things I've built that aren't shitty robots
4:42I made a robot to help you DEAL WITH IT
5:52How to cut your hair using a drone
How to cut your hair using a droneGanger 671 k4 år siden
4:03I gave my iPhone arms || SHITTY ROBOTS
3:08My Robot Morning Routine
My Robot Morning RoutineGanger 413 k4 år siden
3:54I built a hair washing robot
I built a hair washing robotGanger 1 mill4 år siden
4:46Why do you get holes in socks? || Q&A
7:01I made a popcorn helmet with Adam Savage
4:19A tour of my HOUSE BOAT!
A tour of my HOUSE BOAT!Ganger 1,2 mill4 år siden
2:51Applause Machine VLOG
Applause Machine VLOGGanger 396 k4 år siden
0:07I made a lipstick robot
I made a lipstick robotGanger 1,4 mill4 år siden
4:18My Spanish talkshow FAIL
My Spanish talkshow FAILGanger 1 mill4 år siden
0:58Chopping Machine TV Shop commercial
Chopping Machine TV Shop commercialGanger 1,3 mill4 år siden
0:27I built a chopping machine
I built a chopping machineGanger 546 k4 år siden
4:03Chopping Machine VLOG
Chopping Machine VLOGGanger 1 mill4 år siden
0:14The Wake-up Machine TAKE #3
The Wake-up Machine TAKE #3Ganger 620 k5 år siden
0:15The Wake-up Machine TAKE #2
The Wake-up Machine TAKE #2Ganger 334 k5 år siden
0:16The Wake-up Machine TAKE #1
The Wake-up Machine TAKE #1Ganger 253 k5 år siden
5:45The Wake-up Machine VLOG
The Wake-up Machine VLOGGanger 1,8 mill5 år siden
1:21Wake-up Machine FAIL
Wake-up Machine FAILGanger 647 k5 år siden
2:51Breakfast Machine VLOG
Breakfast Machine VLOGGanger 329 k5 år siden
0:30The Breakfast Machine
The Breakfast MachineGanger 2,7 mill5 år siden
0:08The Toothbrush Machine
The Toothbrush MachineGanger 672 k5 år siden
1:20Hej från Amerika
Hej från AmerikaGanger 297 k6 år siden


  • They should have consulted with the local bunch of thugs who chop cars for a living on how to retain the integrity of the car’s rigidity.

  • I have always wanted to go to space lucky

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  • 1:29 a yellow title on a black background

  • Simone, sweetie, I love you-- but that is NOT how you cut sheet metal. Jigsaws are fine, but ONLY if you have the correct blade. A bandsaw would probably work better, considering those really tight curves, but you would might have to cut the metal down to size with snips or an electric nibbler.

  • I love it!!!!

  • wow, she sounds like Physics Girl Dianna Cowern.

  • My wife just asked me, "Would you like me to be like her? Obviously I told her no! But now I feel the remorse of not having told her the truth... Really sorry honey but she is so nice, so beautiful and ... she knows how to use an angle grinder and a welder !!!!!!!!!.... SHE LOOKS PERFECT !!!!!! :) :) :) :):) :) :) :) Great job Simone !!!!!

  • i'm confused - is this a re-upload or something? i remember these sciccor lights from a year ago or so

  • We can't even cure hair loss lol

  • can u make a "tuck me in" robot that rolls the blankets off and on your bed? T-T<333

  • congratulations. We will miss you here in San Francisco! Love your show!

  • 1:49 but you could be the first... lmao Simone

  • I laughed a bit at the irreliable, so goofy.

  • Wow is that what your dumps are like? Here in the 3rd world you drive in and just dump your stuff on the big pile. Then people descend on it and carry everything off.

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  • The biggest downer on plant earth is gravity bu dum crash

  • So I don't want to be that guy, but Peacock Mantis Shrimp have clubs, not spears.

  • William Osman a man

  • Eyyyyy haha har kollat på dig lite nu o visste inte att du va från Sverige. Fortsätt göra roliga videor!!

  • Looks like BlackRock liked your idea... at 0:17?

  • That is the Subaru Baja of Teslas. And I love it!

  • Thank you NOlong for recommending this wholesome content

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  • OMG this video is my new happy place! Scraps you are awesome. Big props to your creative loving human too <3

  • Simone, I want to know the status of your tumour ? What happened to it.

  • Scraps became the fattest dog in LA during this video

  • You are a fighter fight it, don't worry you will beat it

  • I never got an answer to my question about the guy she starts talking to at 12:05. Is she giggling like a school-girl at 12:28 because she's INTO him and he said "Yeah"? Is she flirting? Is HE flirting and she thinks it's funny that he's flirting? Or is she PLEASED that he's flirting and is giggling? Her giggling doesn't make a whole lotta sense. Nervous? Does she LIKE him? Everyone who subscribes to her wants her to be happy, either alone because being alone makes her happy or not alone because not being alone makes her happy, whatever the case may be, so I wonder about her giggling at this man.

  • i know what a button is, but i do not know what a budden is..

  • Totally weird to have the license-plate "TRUCKLA" fuzzed out in some shots but not others. The pattern of when it is fuzzed out and when it is not is a secret message to some male, no doubt. It's Simone's way of letting him know, even though she's never met him, that she is in love with him. It's called "steganography". Yesterday in Central Park I found another one of Barbara Feldon's little signals to me -- a leaf that had been folded in an unusual manner. It can mean only one possible thing. She's so romantic!. After 50 years of both of us maintaining this bullet-proof pretense that she doesn't know I exist. We've never met or been near each other. That would be plebeian. Our flame burns on a much more spiritual level.

  • Your inventions are shit!!! And we LOVE the shit. <3 Simone

  • <3 Simone

  • And it doesn’t look like It’s out of a ps1 game!

  • Looking at this makes me throw up

  • Congratulations for moving to LA! The part where you started crying I first thought you were listening to an audiobook..

  • 💚

  • Why Americans love trucks so much?


  • Archery tag, it's fun

  • If you didn't like hammering then don't try blacksmithing, or do. I don't really have any control over you

  • The new cybertruck is absolutely fucking ugly what were you thinking Elon Musk

  • You’re doing great scraps! I love uu

  • 354 dislikes? Who in their right mind wouldn't like this? Let me guess, Cat owners who are jealous?

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  • My DnD character is named Robert Thumbhammer

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  • Im pretty sure swedish people can understand the sims and they all refuse to tell anybody

  • Scraps is AWESOME and clearly pretty smart!

  • You're nuts - but so is the rest of the world! And I like the way your mind works, and the way your brain works!

  • The top comment refers to someone being soft and I dont know what that means so intead of leaving a reply im gonna start a coalition

  • 3:46 I feel like fuckin' pacman

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