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Hello, from the Irish Guy. This is a football channel - subscribe if you are a hero.


10:45Jose Mourinho To Roma: THIS IS RIDICULOUS
10:19My Thoughts On Manchester United PROTEST.
10:18COUTINHO To Everton Will Cause MELTDOWN
MIKEL ARTETA Is A TERRIBLE ManagerGanger 154 k8 dager siden
11:42Stop Trying To 'FIX' Football
Stop Trying To 'FIX' FootballGanger 46 k15 dager siden
UEFA Have RUINED The CHAMPIONS LEAGUEGanger 140 k15 dager siden
LAUGHING At SUPER LEAGUE COLLAPSEGanger 164 k15 dager siden
10:21Sacking Jose Mourinho IS A DISGRACE
Sacking Jose Mourinho IS A DISGRACEGanger 143 k15 dager siden
11:50Irish Guy REACTS To Euro Super League JOKE
10:16Haaland's WAGE Demands Make Me SICK
Haaland's WAGE Demands Make Me SICKGanger 184 k22 dager siden
12:39Reacting To Your UNPOPULAR Football Opinions
10:56Mourinho v Solksjaer: EMBARRASSING
Mourinho v Solksjaer: EMBARRASSINGGanger 127 k22 dager siden
16:38WEST HAM ARE A JOKE | Football Origins
WEST HAM ARE A JOKE | Football OriginsGanger 136 k22 dager siden
10:02Every Club's WORST Player Going To Euro 2021
10:47IRISH GUY Picks ENGLAND Euro 2021 Squad
IRISH GUY Picks ENGLAND Euro 2021 SquadGanger 129 k29 dager siden
9:16Your Player Linked With BIGGEST Transfer


  • This guy is massively underrated..he is an absolute entertainer

  • Why is this guys so mad to see a club that wants to improve? Jose is a start to fix everything his complaining about roma.

  • I want us to finish top 9 even more then ever. Come on leeds

  • Chelsea: 11-12 when the players got AVB sacked or 15-16 for obvious reasons. Man City: 11-12 or 17-18 for obvious reasons. United: 13-14 for obvious reasons, 16-17 for Zlatan and Jose's debuts, or 18-9 for Jose's swan song and Ole's At The Wheel Unai Emery Is Useless?: 2021: He knocks Arsenal out of the Europa League with Villareal to advance to the final.

  • Watching this after Newcastle beat Leicester City 4-2

  • Irish guy and dinner ladies are better love story that 50 shadies

  • "I'm not sure if there's a competition to see how many useless freds one country can produce but Brazil is definitely leading the way" Gets me every time😂😂😂

  • THE IRISH GUY WAS RIGHT Pochettino shouldn’t have gone to big baby Paris, they throw so much! He’s probs vexed that his team are immature, everyone just dribbles money...

  • Expecting his reaction when he remembers he put Derby County in at 2nd :P

  • Mason got chewed by bielsa

  • This is easily one of the best videos on NOlong🔥😂

  • 2/24, got Bristol and Millwall. Honorable mention to Derby, prediction 2nd, instead avoid relegation on the 90th minute of the last game

  • 🧢

  • Two right. Not bad considering he went 0-for-24 last time

  • Looking at todays results and upcoming fixtures, I recommend the Bamford playing the violin tattoo to be placed on your buttocks, so that when you walk , it looks like he's playing it :D

  • The Leeds bit aged like milk

  • say hello ROMA !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bamford has scored 15 goals 💀


  • Who’s here when they just beat Tottenham😂

  • Tottenham lost too

  • Newcastle 4-2 Leicester Irish guy

  • Here for the tears ;) Only 3 games left for your skin to remain unblemished ;)

  • As an Arsenal fan, I was never happy with Arteta’s appointment. He has zero management experience, which is obvious to just about everyone now. He’s a yes man and ultimately was the cheaper option for the owners. He’s a horrendous manager and has no idea what he’s doing, how anyone can support him is beyond me. The big problem is our owners tho. The Kroenkes are terrible and need to go. I’ve been a fan since the mid 90s and honestly, I don’t even recognize this club anymore. It’s fucking depressing!

  • James Rodriguez and Renato sanches you're wrong about the rest is good though

  • So how did the Bamford tattoo forfeit come about? What needs to happen for him to get it?

    • @Aymen benkhalifa thanks so much... Go Leeds!

    • If Leeds finish in the top 10 he has to do the bamford tattoo

  • Haaland might be first 1mil per week player it looks

  • No

  • One of my favorite hobbies is to watch the games and comeback to see how he got it wrong.

  • Leeds won looil

  • I love this man

  • Bielsa loves you.

  • lol

  • Yeey

  • Marcos Alonso is obvious for the MLS I don't think there's many (western) european top 10 clubs who wants to sign him

  • Wait what I'm the 5000 like lol.

  • Actually not too bad, except barnsley and derby

  • Irish guy predicts Barnsley to finish 23rd Finishes 5th

  • Mikel Arteta is the biggest con man in the history of football. Get him and Arteta fanboys fired!

  • leeds won lol

  • 2 right! Well done on your improvement!

  • 6:57

  • Anyone for a sweepstake on how long it takes before he'll be moaning about the owners not supporting him in the transfer market?

  • 7:53 Vestegard also conceded an own goal, a penalty and was sent off in a second 9-0 defeat.

  • Well Leeds just beat Spurs 3-1. Considering your predictions are cursed, all you needed to do was predict Leeds to win and everything would be fine

  • Leeds scores three, an Irish guy cries. I just smile.

  • F

  • Hey lol

  • You predicted Bristol! Well Done

  • Who’s here after Leeds beat Spurs 3-1 😂

  • Roma are a bigger side than spurs

  • What a spanner

  • leeds won lol

  • Who's here after Derby just survived relegation to League One?

  • Dont worry your only one number away from getting the derby one

  • Patrick Bamford tattoo on your forehead??

  • All ur predictions are wrong 😂😆

  • That thumb isnt anywhere near fractured my guy relax

  • Well Leeds won, time to get a Bamford tatoo.

  • The Derby one was very close🤣🤣🤣

    • As well as Barnsley’s

  • You got 2 right this time. 11. Millwall 19. Bristol City Congratulations

  • Looks like the patrick bamford tattoo i coming

  • Saturday at 4pm... already 0 for 2

  • Well Leeds won, enjoy that tattoo or PB playing the violin 🤌

  • I tweeted the Irish Guy when Leeds were winning by 2-1. Now it is 3-1 Leeds. TIME TO GET THAT TATTOO.

  • Hmmmmm

  • Well done on the Bristol City and Millwall Predictions Barnsley and Derby were the worst.

  • Aged like milk 😂

  • Who is here after Leeds won?

  • Not a 3-0 win for Spurs, a 3-1 win... TO LEEDS!!!

  • When is the reaction video coming out?

    • Probably tomorrow

  • Correct Predictions: Bristol in 19th and Millwall in 11th

  • So far, Irish guy has gotten every prediction wrong, COME ON LEEDS GET IRISH GUY THAT TATTOO

  • So... 3-1... Irish Guy, where are you getting Patrick Bamford's facec tattooed?

  • Bristol and Millwall right on, Rotherham, Preston, and Watford within one. And he would have been close with Wednesday, too, if it weren’t for that deduction. Well done this round.

  • Welp Leeds didn't lose... Better prepare for that tattoo

  • They didn’t go too far, they finally got the media’s attention. Reverse 1776 the Glazers back to Florida

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  • now it’s time for you to react to this

  • Leeds put 3 past Spurs and Bamford was one of them😂