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Doing animated commentary and solving crimes with my purple goose boi Wilfur!
I animate using Adobe Flash CS6, with a Wacom Intuos Pro M tablet.


9:04How Dream redefined MINECRAFT content
How Dream redefined MINECRAFT contentGanger 2,2 mill24 dager siden
13:14The Wasted Potential of Leafy
The Wasted Potential of LeafyGanger 1,3 millMåned siden
10:49The Lamentable Tale of POKIMANE
The Lamentable Tale of POKIMANEGanger 3,8 mill2 måneder siden
10:14The BIG Question Behind DR. DISRESPECT’s Twitch Ban
11:14The Larger Issue Around Shane Dawson
The Larger Issue Around Shane DawsonGanger 3,8 mill3 måneder siden
15:06Family Channels Should Not Exist.
Family Channels Should Not Exist.Ganger 5 mill4 måneder siden
11:36Is The KSI vs Ricegum Beef FAKE?
Is The KSI vs Ricegum Beef FAKE?Ganger 2,3 mill5 måneder siden
10:45Why ALINITY Has So Much Power Over Twitch
Why ALINITY Has So Much Power Over TwitchGanger 6 mill5 måneder siden
7:31CallMeCarson and Katerino: THE AFTERMATH
CallMeCarson and Katerino: THE AFTERMATHGanger 3,9 mill6 måneder siden
11:16How iDubbbz Fell From Grace
How iDubbbz Fell From GraceGanger 4,5 mill6 måneder siden
THEY BOUGHT ALL THE TOILET PAPER!Ganger 1,4 mill7 måneder siden
10:48Why H3H3 Is Jealous Of Logan Paul
Why H3H3 Is Jealous Of Logan PaulGanger 2,5 mill7 måneder siden
11:17The Cringy World of Dark Web Unboxing
The Cringy World of Dark Web UnboxingGanger 2,7 mill8 måneder siden
10:21They Left The Royal Family (And Got Rich)
They Left The Royal Family (And Got Rich)Ganger 3,3 mill9 måneder siden
10:39Fake Millionaires Are Taking Over YouTube!
Fake Millionaires Are Taking Over YouTube!Ganger 7 mill9 måneder siden
10:23Why KSI Made Jake Paul Cry
Why KSI Made Jake Paul CryGanger 3,8 mill11 måneder siden
10:31Why The Conspiracy Palette Was A Success
Why The Conspiracy Palette Was A SuccessGanger 2,2 mill11 måneder siden
8:51The Shane Dawson Docuseries Analysis
The Shane Dawson Docuseries AnalysisGanger 2,4 millÅr siden
10:27How DAZN Ruined KSI vs Logan Paul
How DAZN Ruined KSI vs Logan PaulGanger 2,5 millÅr siden
10:05Are KSI and Logan Paul SELLOUTS?
Are KSI and Logan Paul SELLOUTS?Ganger 2,3 millÅr siden
3:05Minecraft With Pewdiepie ANIMATED
Minecraft With Pewdiepie ANIMATEDGanger 4 millÅr siden
10:07How Pewdiepie Saved Minecraft
How Pewdiepie Saved MinecraftGanger 4,6 millÅr siden
11:04How The Beauty Industry Took Over The World
10:17Has LOGAN PAUL Found Redemption?
Has LOGAN PAUL Found Redemption?Ganger 4,1 millÅr siden
10:08How Haters Made MORGZ Rich
How Haters Made MORGZ RichGanger 4,6 millÅr siden
11:18Here's Why TFUE Messed Up
Here's Why TFUE Messed UpGanger 5 millÅr siden
10:31Have EXPOSE VIDEOS Gone Too Far?
Have EXPOSE VIDEOS Gone Too Far?Ganger 3,8 millÅr siden
6:04Jake Paul + Tana Mongeau = POWER COUPLE??
5:21All This Drama Over VITAMINS??
All This Drama Over VITAMINS??Ganger 2,8 millÅr siden
5:05The Two Million Dollar Make-Up Robbery
6:17On Shane Dawson And CANCEL CULTURE
On Shane Dawson And CANCEL CULTUREGanger 1,9 millÅr siden
8:29Is Dax Playing KSI or Playing Himself?
THE SUPERBOWL ADGanger 2,6 millÅr siden
5:32What They REALLY Think Of Me
What They REALLY Think Of MeGanger 1,6 millÅr siden
5:46The 100 MILLION Subs Dilemma
The 100 MILLION Subs DilemmaGanger 6 millÅr siden
10:40How I Became An Animator
How I Became An AnimatorGanger 3 millÅr siden
16:07Every ANDREI & WILFUR Moment Of 2018!
3:27The Christmas Finale
The Christmas FinaleGanger 443 kÅr siden
6:42I Was Paid By T-Series??
I Was Paid By T-Series??Ganger 4,2 millÅr siden
5:53The Other Side Of The War On T-SERIES
5:46How SHANE DAWSON Reinvented Collabs
How SHANE DAWSON Reinvented CollabsGanger 4,7 mill2 år siden
6:57What Happens After You Go Viral
What Happens After You Go ViralGanger 3,5 mill2 år siden
5:11KSI vs LOGAN PAUL: A Very Convenient Draw
1:36A Thousand Thousands Later.
A Thousand Thousands Later.Ganger 350 k2 år siden
5:03Andrei & Wilfur Stop The APOCALYPSE?!
10:15JAKE PAUL: The Hero Nobody Asked For
JAKE PAUL: The Hero Nobody Asked ForGanger 4,4 mill2 år siden
LET'S DO THIS. TOGETHER.Ganger 517 k2 år siden
6:48How KSI Saved Logan Paul's Career
How KSI Saved Logan Paul's CareerGanger 20 mill2 år siden
6:38Andrei Vs. TheOdd1sOut
Andrei Vs. TheOdd1sOutGanger 2,7 mill2 år siden
5:45NINJA's Recipe For Success
NINJA's Recipe For SuccessGanger 2,7 mill2 år siden
5:06Your Favorite YouTuber Doesn't Love You.
1:42Rhett Sings "Link Is Awesome" (ANIMATED)
1:11H3H3 ANIMATED #7: Shredder
H3H3 ANIMATED #7: ShredderGanger 255 k2 år siden
4:42THE LAST JEDI: What Went Wrong (ANIMATED)
10:06How To Become Pewdiepie!
How To Become Pewdiepie!Ganger 614 k2 år siden
1:26Filthy Frank Lore ANIMATED! (w/ iDubbbz)
2:10H3H3 ANIMATED #3: Ethan's Panic Attack
2:31H3H3 ANIMATED #2: Ethan's Proposal
H3H3 ANIMATED #2: Ethan's ProposalGanger 1,4 mill3 år siden
0:47H3H3 Animated #1: Do You Work Out?
H3H3 Animated #1: Do You Work Out?Ganger 659 k3 år siden
5:37Andrei & Wilfur, The Best Of Friends
0:18SO MANY PIDGEYS (Pokemon GO Animation)
2:47BLOOPERS! | Wilfur's Return
BLOOPERS! | Wilfur's ReturnGanger 19 k5 år siden
23:12A Quick Guide to Cartoon Expressions
6:27Hearthstone Tesla Gnome (Speed-Art)
6:05Hippocoptomoose | SpaceCopStream #4
14:23Space Cop Cat (Twitch Highlights)
Space Cop Cat (Twitch Highlights)Ganger 2,7 k6 år siden
0:10Animated Short: Steve Falls Into A Trap


  • I remember trying to get my friend to play Among Us 2 years ago but nobody was interested. Comes to show how important marketing is. Now everyone plays it, I'm a bit salty not gonna lie :D

  • You forgot henry stickmin too

  • Hell yeah my boy got on trending

  • We all know why among us didn't succeed at first was because one of the devs was an imposter and would always sabotage the development process

  • Rip fall guys lol

  • Havent played it. Dont think i will. Never liked games with so much attention to em.

  • Hi

  • Thanks. I was wondering what platform this was on. Thought it was on Playstation market or something. Didnt even know the name. People would call it fail guys, colored guys, ect. Couldn't even find it.

  • The interview bit that andrei animated @ 0:56 made me picture a scenario of one pulling a impostor by Zuckerberging the other two

  • Salvation is a free gift. When you believed you were sealed until the day of redemption.Jesus died for our past, present ,and future sins on the cross ,was buried , and rose again on the third day and because of this you are saved and not because of anything good you’ve done.

  • Are thise youtuze

  • I played among us since 2018 and, oh boy how that game grew!

  • Can't there be 3 impostors?

  • You’re trending yay

  • I make art but I don’t have I pencil or anything, I use homemade pencil and it’s the worst thing Still I made decent art though Check out Enchanted fish That’s my yt. It would be great

  • Deji has no friends keem and rice are pretending to be friends with Deji it’s true 🤣🤣🤣

  • God these are so cringey

  • He forgot that a chunk of the success was because of their new game, the Henry stickmin collection, a group of incredibly popular flash games remastered played by markiplier and dantdm, which blew up and the people were like, what else do these guys make

  • Keren

  • Nov.20 yootooz ;)

  • 0:07 good question

  • You forgot about Henry Stickmin. The Henry Stickmin Collection had an among us reference, that is mainly why it blew up.

  • People love beans with survivability problems like: Minions Among Us Fall Guys Dumb Ways to Die

  • Its beautiful

  • *Nov 20th*.. Really sus..

  • What do you mean by 20th November

  • Among Us videos in Spanish are hilarious, so much of the initial name calling was animal related that I've just stuck with it whenever livestreaming on FB gaming, heck my Among Us video on NOlong is in Spanish and I love how it turned out. Btw, will you be doing any Among Us videos Andrei? Or is that the secret to the date at the end? 🤔

  • He forgot that inner sloth made the Henry stick man games just saying but nice video good job.


  • Am I the only one that feels confused? Like isn't this an exposing video exposing other exposing videos .-. I'm confused, I'm not tryna throw shade tho partly because I like the shade and not the heat of the sun.

  • Ah yes "fixstar"

  • Corpses sus

  • Interesting story for sure!

  • This game made me have trust issues

  • The crisis in the world is a crisis in consciousness, one must be free of the word then one can look. The ending of sorrow is the beginning of wisdom and the ending of sorrow is the understanding of what is and the understanding of what is can only come when you observe when the mind is incapable of wanting to change what is.

  • 3:12 Bars

  • Omg that is the game , that the game kids ask when the lesson is over (I volunteer in elementary school in fourth grade).

  • in 2018 it was only on steam and barely anyone got to play at the time

  • Yeah. Glad somebody is saying this.

  • 😡😡😡😡👎👎👎👎

  • Check out Cam and Fam! I think it's good


  • 1:30 oh my god wheres my life

  • When you make a video about among us *you get 24 on Trending on NOlong*

  • Things will hit the fan on november 20

  • Bruh, why aren’t you more popular than pewdiepie?

  • 7:12 oh mg god im dying 😂😂😂😂

  • Among Us literally walked over Fall Guys so fast.

  • Andrei did a vid of among us

  • Sus has literally become part of the human language for me and my friends

  • the only person who i allow to put in their video title 999999999iq play among us is disguised toast

  • I really liked these kind of videos

    • lol youtuze on November 20th

  • U forgot something the FREAKING HENRY STICKMIN GAMES!!!!! The creators first successful games that made them do more games like among and Henry stickmin was one of the things that help among us to become the best game ever hack they made the Henry stickmin collection and NOlongrs like Markiplier and jacksepticeye play it but nobody talks about the amazing game and alot of people don't play it or don't even know it existed and now one of my favorite NOlongrs who is know for telling people how something happen or other stuff you did not talk about Henry stickmin nobody dose its sad that this keeps on happening and only true fans know about this games and loves them look I know I sound like some bad person or a hater but im not I just want you to tell one of the things no the most important things that made among us the best game in the world now so please next time make sure to tell us everything

  • Forgive me; Do you have 90 minutes?

  • that youtooz announcement came out of nowhere same as all the imposter

  • Yknow whose fault this is

  • This is on the trending tab twice at once...

  • Yeah it’s just

  • Bro that title sounds like something you would see in a hot take

  • the outro is a mood

  • Oooh hiiii

  • November 20th is my birthday


  • for one time I agree with peta lol

  • I got the perfect Paws

  • We all know that we saw among us back then and tried it but deleted it then when it became popular again we played it again

  • never knew puffballs was a person, i thought the guy who originaly created Henry Stickmin was his own company.

  • U HAPPY ?

  • Hey.✌️ If you like trap and house music, feel free to check me out. I have been producing for a few years now and I am grateful for any support.🙏🏼🖤

  • 8:35 and this is how Andrei meet his duck or goose that is actully purple

  • Who has been playing among us since 2018?

  • lol youtuze on November 20th


  • I thought among us grew because of streamers in the Henry Stickman games

  • Dude the little purple Wilfur among us character is so cute!

  • **playing a random shitty mobile game** **Prince harry shows up with a raid shadow legends ad**

  • Damn i happy for among us 2 nut now i want new map cus its broimg on same maps

  • Andre you probably won’t see this but what is your view on Tommy innit

  • Hey don't scroll down .. Are you serious stop reading this I'm not joking Stop Don't you dare read my name I mean it

  • Ur number 16 trending ❤️❤️