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King Von was born Dayvon Bennett on Chicago's South Side and raised in the crime-ridden O Block neighbourhood. After beginning to rap in 2018, King Von caught the interest of Chicago flagbearer, Lil Durk, and was welcomed into the Only the Family collective. Following up to his early single "Problems", King Von broke onto the map with "Crazy Story", which was streamed over 200 million times. This was followed with his debut album, "Grandson, Vol. 1", which broke out onto the Billboard 200. Be sure to follow King Von on his socials and streaming platforms to stay tuned for the come up.


2:03King Von - Armed \u0026 Dangerous (Official Video)
2:26King Von - Wayne's Story (Official Video)
King Von - Wayne's Story (Official Video)Ganger 28 mill4 måneder siden
3:38King Von (feat. Polo G) - The Code (Official Video)
2:03King Von - GTA (Audio)
King Von - GTA (Audio)Ganger 5 mill5 måneder siden
3:16King Von - Mad At You (Audio) (feat. Dreezy)
King Von - Mad At You (Audio) (feat. Dreezy)Ganger 4,2 mill5 måneder siden
2:42King Von - Can't Relate (Audio)
King Von - Can't Relate (Audio)Ganger 3,7 mill5 måneder siden
2:04King Von - Armed \u0026 Dangerous (Audio)
King Von - Armed \u0026 Dangerous (Audio)Ganger 4,8 mill5 måneder siden
2:20King Von - Wayne's Story (Audio)
King Von - Wayne's Story (Audio)Ganger 2,1 mill5 måneder siden
2:56King Von - Mine Too (Audio)
King Von - Mine Too (Audio)Ganger 4,6 mill5 måneder siden
2:15King Von - Demon (Audio)
King Von - Demon (Audio)Ganger 12 mill5 måneder siden
2:24King Von - Ride (Audio)
King Von - Ride (Audio)Ganger 3,3 mill5 måneder siden
1:39King Von - Gleesh Place (Official Video)
King Von - Gleesh Place (Official Video)Ganger 11 mill5 måneder siden
3:53King Von - How It Go (Official Video)
King Von - How It Go (Official Video)Ganger 29 mill7 måneder siden
3:21King Von - Why He Told (Official Video)
King Von - Why He Told (Official Video)Ganger 22 mill8 måneder siden
3:17King Von \u0026 Lil Durk - Down Me (Official Video)
8:15King Von - Back to the Block (Vlog Episode 1)
King Von - Back to the Block (Vlog Episode 1)Ganger 4,9 mill10 måneder siden
2:56King Von - Broke Opps (Official Video)
King Von - Broke Opps (Official Video)Ganger 25 mill11 måneder siden
2:18King Von - 3 A.M. (Official Video)
King Von - 3 A.M. (Official Video)Ganger 32 millÅr siden
1:59King Von \u0026 Lil Durk - Down Me (Audio)


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  • King von love you so so much 🙏🏽 🪦 RIP love you 🙏🏽😭 Lil duck sorry Sorry

  • This is the type of flow Dirk should display at all times. This is when he is at his best.

  • Von l feel sad because my brother is his gang BDN rich Gang BDs 😢💪 I miss you little bro... tear to my eyes.... And you dressed fresh everyday even the day we lost u because dude was scared to fight.... scared 😱 you was gone knock him the fuck OUT

  • April 21st

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  • never thought of it this way but von was fasho influenced by speaker knockerz on the story telling tip...

  • Ayeee G I ain't even gonna speak on this im from Boston 617 Lynn, Ma Sin City 781 w& with that being said WHO the fxck want this smoke in madden black 👀👀

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  • POV:when the new kid tells you about his life

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  • he got shot in his right arm but had his left arm in a sling an said his arm fuckin witth him while holding onto his left arm lmao

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