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I explore the world using science. That's pretty much all there is to it. Watch 2 videos. If you learn something AWESOME, please subscribe if you feel like I earned it.

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22:58HOW TO LAND ON THE MOON - Smarter Every Day 250
36:40Navy SEAL Astronauts - Smarter Every Day 243
Navy SEAL Astronauts - Smarter Every Day 243Ganger 1,7 mill5 måneder siden
54:33Everything about Sea Turtles  - Smarter Every Day 239
13:30Modeling Murmuration - Smarter Every Day 234
12:56The Gun Detector - Smarter Every Day 225


  • Fantastic video! Fantastic... can't wait to share this with my kids.

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  • D*** I love this show, question and test. That is key to actually being smarter. Also Tyson is excited to know when he is wrong.

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  • Your life is not more convenient just because you can turn off your lights with your phone. All of this "smart" tech is just the oligarchy invading your home. Techxit.

  • Wonder how far the thing could launch a baseball lol

  • they call them smart devices, but instead of OK, it should answer Duh OK.

  • Imagin tupido just exploding

  • Air slowly recycle itself. Yes the experts lie for what ever reason. Just try being in a car with all the air ducts closed for a couple of hours. Even the whole day. It will get moist and uncomfortable but you wont die. Even in a pickup. In a 30 cubic room you can stay until youre 100. You would probably grow mushrooms from head to toe but you'll live..

  • Maybe a bioreactor with co2 consuming bacteria would be a thing?

  • He teaches better than some of my college professors lol

  • You two have chemistry.


  • I feel smart that i knew that running electrolisis through sea water would create chlorine gas. So im guessing they had to condense it first. Lets see if im right

  • Why dont we plant trees onboard lmao

  • That was very interesting. I once was lucky to get a tour on one of the submarines of our navy. But never thought about this... Is the o2 system in a commercial aircraft the same?

  • I just imagining all the guy who spraying the water just like "WWWWWOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSHHHHHH" in their head lmao

  • Why do subs don't run out of air? Me who didn't even thought they would run out of air:

  • Amazing and very informative video

  • Klinkers? Sounds pretty Dutch to me :P

  • If teachers dont get there act straight, I think it would be amazing if youtubers like this replaced them. Thank you for caring about education and the future of our youth.

  • You hit the nail on the head with "Division" back in 2019-

  • you can get grain silos though but i think there used for surplus

  • Does that create a good gestalt of Fourier? Let me tell you my story: once upon a time someone older told me "the square wave has all the frequencies" (later I learned it to be wrong). That same person played acoustic guitar and taught me that if I plucked the strings close to the head I could produce a electric guitar sound. Cool! Time passes and I learn about standing waves ... I also learned that a string on an acoustic guitar can only vibrate with certain frequencies. How strange ... I hear different sounds but the frequencies are the same! If I can produce all sorts of different sounds with a string that vibrates always on the same frequencies ... could I produce a square wave? could I produce any signal? Guess what: yes! The only problem is needing an infinite number of oscillators. See, guitar strings, being rendered static on both ends can only vibrate in frequencies that have nodes on both ends - frequencies that relate to the harmonic series. Harmonic series described by a guy called Pitagoras who was working guess on what? On a single string instrument. "But Teacher, when I run this app on my phone I see a lot more frequencies!". Well, little grasshopper ... what you are seeing is called Fast Fourier Transform and has a window and other complications; Fourier series represent only repetitive signals that exist since before time and into after the future. Now let's go back to our story.

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  • Hi. Nice videos... please confirm me the picture that is in the background in the minute 17:53 was or not the photo of Sean Connery in the Red October movie, Thanks for all.

  • Ohio guy bases parts of his personality upon Elon Musk.

  • Very educational

  • 4:19 the wet dream of a british, more than 5 crates full of tea

  • It always hurts me hearing a farmer say they aren't smart. Destin is right. Smartest people out there

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  • I have two comments how can friction stir welding work on such thick metal and do they do both sides or just one side?

  • So they essentially made a CNC machine that controls the craft?

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  • That golf ball definitely went to space

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  • Think we're gonna need a video with more of princess boopersnoot

  • dumber with every episode

  • This is amazing! Than you! You've earned a subscriber!

  • It's so interesting coming back to this video almost three years later after having spent more than a year and a half acclimating to utilizing VR not just for gaming, but for social interaction with friends. I can only imagine how much fun it would be to be able to improve those social experiences with technology like this.

  • Would love to see Tom Scott give this a go

  • Destin i want to thank you for the amazing explanation and the animations you made to clarify the subjects. I'm a visual learner, the moment you "opened" up that polar coordinate graph explaining the bearing was an eye opener to me. You are awesome!

  • Classified stuff? Just ask trump he'll share with any Saudi or Russian.

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  • Dog! Can we get a video of the mechanics of booping a snoot?

  • This is the first SmarterEveryDay video I’ve ever watched, and the thought I kept having every minute or so was “this is so cool!” Really impressed with the access given on the submarine and with the visual explanations of processes. Shoot, I’m *super* impressed with this video! Thanks for this really cool learning experience :)

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  • cello sound in space amazing how this instrument makes bubbles inside a bubble inside a bubble inside the spacestation 🤔 bit Like watching a Nuclear reactor in slowmo 💯

  • Submarines are one of those sci-fi-seeming ideas that, if they didn't already exist in the real world, I wouldn't think it remotely plausible that they could have built one the size of a large building over a century ago.

  • "cool man so what do you do up here"

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  • It's awesome to get unanswered questions answered. This was a very interesting video. Thank you 🌅

  • Does this mean you can make a pair of magnets that are "only" attracted to one another? So one magnet on its own has a negligible magnetic pull (It won't stick to the fridge), but paired together they have a significant attraction to one another.