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The Voice Norway The Voice Norway

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The Voice - Norges beste stemmes offisielle NOlong-kanal.
Få med deg alle opptredener fra blind auditions, dueller, knockouts og direktesendinger.

I sesong 6 sitter mentorene Yosef Wolde-Mariam, Ina Wroldsen, Matoma og Espen Lind klare til å finne Norges beste stemme. Programleder er Øyvind Mund.

Se ekslusivt innhold, intervjuer med deltakere og mentorer m.m. på:

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  • Did he win knockouts? Became a fan after awesome blind audition performance ....❤ from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

  • Incredible sensitivity, like Mikky Ekko.It moves the most tender strings in the heart.I love...❤

  • Love ❤️ from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 simply awesome 😍

  • If he dosn’t win this year, it would be shocking, because he is that great🏆

  • Nice

  • It is a good remake but it is a bit pitchy tho probly bc she is nerves

  • besiade erland we have the voice norway 😁😁

  • The girl in white lost because she could not handle higher and lower frequencies. Once she touched the level in this song she is done.

  • 👏👏👏

  • Amazing !!

  • bossa novahhhhhhhh... like the mix

  • She is supposed to be the winner

  • lmaoooooooo is he trying to imitate steve perry or what

  • Que des frissons

  • I like 1:32 part

  • Such a difficult Melody! Even difficult to remember! Just try to sing along if you can lol !

  • her voice 😍

  • Love him he can do no wrong💋💕

  • Nathan has it all💋💕

  • That’s how you feel the lyric and. Sing💋💕

  • I prefer this version more than the original. I have repeatedly listen, keep on replaying it.❤🙏

  • Billie should make reaction video on her and Justin...

  • wonderful, the victory must be his

  • very very beautifull..100% super

  • Very good 👍

  • Dis is wery god i love this

  • WOW dis is wery god

  • Du er god til å sunge

  • Dumb as judges coz he was fire

  • THE voice.

  • Man that is some kind of good wow very nice.

  • Now that it's all over, they should pair up. They both have very unique voices, but there is a magic in them combined.

  • I fkin love this song, love from indonesiaaa 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 I support u!

  • He is awesome! He is flying off the handle and into space! ❤️❤️❤️🤘🤘🤘

  • That last tone of her there prove she has skills

  • He is so good

  • Arrepiei todinha

  • The black dude is seriously annoying

  • Frode's voice is like "what is high? sorry I don't know the word."

  • That was so amazing

  • The point of the voice is to give the good singers a platform...these judges are so arrogant and ignorant and pretentious its disgraceful but what do expect from a nation that literally cant do anything but catch fish and make porn for white people..these judges right here are a perfect example why Norway is laughed at on the world stage all pretense no substance

  • A legenda, cadê?

  • She is the best

  • Omg, thats all i can say , Norway ur the best in the world hope to visit you there soon

  • Helt sjukehus det her, 10/10!

  • Very , very .....good. He is like Kriss Hisaak.

  • Honestly, from the beginning, the highest no time to die would be the decisive part of the her performance. And damn, she did it perfectly

  • Erlend’s sings the best cover of this great, great song. He has a wonderful future no matter if he wins this season or not. He can sing the phone book or assembly directions for a dishwasher and make it sound good.

  • Both are incredible but the girl has unique voice

  • ok this good

  • Delig mann og stemme

  • Better than Sia's voice

  • Flawless, otherworldly. An amazing audition.

  • Woow..all songs you sing must fit it

  • Beautiful voice 🥰

  • Amazing😍

  • Очень круто! Шикарный голос!

  • she's the kind of person u remember of

  • Very good, this is natural singer

  • Muy biennnn , ese es un cantante natural .

  • WOWW!!! , Goosebumps and tears

  • Magisk stemme og hele fyren er magisk egentlig! Så mange flinke med i år

  • Dumt at Josef valgte ikke Frode han er sp flink han hadde vunnet

  • What kind of idiot are sitting in those chairs, they need to get to the level of higher rank themselves than to judge other talents, wasting so many talented aspiring singers,

  • U r good 💐❤️❤️

  • Love u both. U both compliment each other 💕💐

  • I wish the English captions worked. The only word that comes up is "congrats" when his friends say it backstage. I so want to know what they're saying!

  • All I can say is wow wow

    • This is on repeat until he sings again.

  • Y’all can talk about any other judge but Morten Harket end of discussion …

  • The last coach is very emotional, that s a wonderful audition 🧡🧡


  • Bruh we played the instrumental on a flute during football games 💀💀

  • Y’all could speak on any other judge BUT Morten harket and of discussion

  • Wow!!!

  • ok ummm… she did pretty good


  • He’s taking pauses and a deep breath too muchhh💀💀💀💀💀😂😂😂

  • It is not often you here a voice a song who stops you in your tracks and you close your eyes and it touches every part of your soul what a amazing young woman please let her soar my heart and soul are back twenty years to the one who to this day broke my heart but I remember with love thank you so much she’s amazing love from a Irish Mom who’s in bits but loving every note she sang

  • Det er mange veldig gode sangere med i år, men jeg mener Ina valgte feil her; Tilla burde gått videre. Forhåpentligvis får vi høre mer til denne dama i fremtiden!

  • Listening to them gives me a Peter, Paul, and Mary vibes...