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Hi Im Dylan Ayres. You may know me from my Tik Tok Dylandoestiktok1. I make longer form videos on this youtube channel and share my life along with it.


5:10I Made Shrek Out Of Rubik's Cubes
0:25Rubber Band Ball Part 50 #Shorts
Rubber Band Ball Part 50 #ShortsGanger 1,6 millDag siden
0:31Is Oobleck Bullet Proof?
Is Oobleck Bullet Proof?Ganger 101 kDag siden
0:38Swimming in a pool of oobleck #Shorts
0:25Rubber band Ball Part 49 #Shorts
Rubber band Ball Part 49 #ShortsGanger 887 k8 dager siden
0:28Home Made Spray Foam Life Jacket  #Shorts
Home Made Spray Foam Life Jacket #ShortsGanger 1,2 mill8 dager siden
0:29great Stuff Airplane #Shorts
great Stuff Airplane #ShortsGanger 1,3 mill8 dager siden
0:48Making  A Cardboard Great Stuff Boat #Shorts
8:40I Made A Boat Out Of Spray Foam
I Made A Boat Out Of Spray FoamGanger 175 k15 dager siden
0:26Rubber Band Ball Part 48 #Shorts
Rubber Band Ball Part 48 #ShortsGanger 1,4 mill15 dager siden
0:29Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts
Hot glue fix dents? #ShortsGanger 16 mill15 dager siden
0:30Sleeping in storm shelter #Shorts
Sleeping in storm shelter #ShortsGanger 9 mill15 dager siden
0:37Hamster Ball With Ball Pit Balls #Shorts
0:29Filling Giant Hamster Ball With Water
Filling Giant Hamster Ball With WaterGanger 143 k22 dager siden
8:19I Filled A Giant Hamster Ball With Kool-Aid
0:32more balls pit balls in storm shelter #Shorts
0:28Rubber Band Ball Vs Jump #Shorts
Rubber Band Ball Vs Jump #ShortsGanger 623 k22 dager siden
0:48Building Giant Snow Fort 2 #Shorts
Building Giant Snow Fort 2 #ShortsGanger 8 mill22 dager siden
0:44Hamster Ball In Creek Throwback #Shorts
Hamster Ball In Creek Throwback #ShortsGanger 680 k22 dager siden
0:31Rubber Band Ball Part 47 #Shorts
Rubber Band Ball Part 47 #ShortsGanger 2,6 mill22 dager siden
0:25Can A Plunger Fix  A CAr Dent? #Shorts
Can A Plunger Fix A CAr Dent? #ShortsGanger 2,8 mill22 dager siden
0:32Rubber Band Ball vs Woods #Shorts
Rubber Band Ball vs Woods #ShortsGanger 411 k29 dager siden
0:34Rubber Band ball vs Pool #shorts
Rubber Band ball vs Pool #shortsGanger 4,3 mill29 dager siden
0:53Going Back to the pawn Shop #Shorts
Going Back to the pawn Shop #ShortsGanger 257 k29 dager siden


  • Wow you did very well man you're the best

  • Play soccer

  • Cornstarch and water would have been way cheaper I'm sure. Does the same exact thing.

  • Im gonna comment in Slovenian language: tej peni se reče porpen

  • Jump off the roof into it. It would definitely kill momentum of the fall

  • Do a nascar authentics in a microwave plz

  • "And then I ran into a tree" lmfao 🤣

  • THAT is a fire extinguisher? Will it even put out a fire? I think I’m too much of a pyromaniac

  • The hot wheels car is a Mercedes Benz A-class.

  • Is this real life j.p from craig of the creek?

  • So you basically simulated quick sand

  • Keep going

  • US army 1 year later: *Oobleck bulletproof vest*

  • Make it a pool

  • 🥲 all that foam breaking off into the water 😭😭 0 thoughts for earth. Only views. Sad

  • Jjhb

  • A cup with gas in it

  • Idiot

  • This is the type of kid who would use toothpaste to try and fix a cracked screen.

  • So this is how you properly spend your quartine..huh

  • That is maizena flour

  • Drop it down a building,what do you guys think?

  • Wyt peepo shit

  • I have a request:can u throw it while ur on a rly tall building

  • Play soccer

  • I was challenged to sleep in a basement. 25 hours

  • Now he’s got dents and glue on his car.-.

  • Bigger one

  • 😱😱😱😱👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • The forbidden Rice Krispies treat

  • Bro u have yet to do the glue stick trick right lol ugh 🤦‍♂️ love the videos though man

  • Its the same as corn starch

  • Bro stop rafting in local creeks, dropping insulation on our struggling fish friends

  • Lol this guy will even get a bukakke for views

  • Man, he's walking on water Jesus came to earth again lol.

  • Man, my microwave is broken and it's so expensive where I live... It's kind of sad seeing people doing this shit...

  • Tgrow it from a high place

  • Do a grape

  • Him: trying to carry the ball Me: wondering why and how he even made that

  • Its like those indiam builders

  • Hi Dylan lemay I'm sorry i mean dylan ayres

  • I like

  • Wastage of food are you crazy they will be more like between donate this food homeless people and other crazy America😎😒😵💀😷

  • Test it on water

  • Lmao I’m a trained pro yo 😂

  • Bring it to the bowling alley

  • Go to the pawnshop

  • Me when December 1st 😳:

  • Fill the pool with slime. I know that the slime craz is over with but if you actuly fill the whole pool ill subcribe

  • 2

  • Hit the rubber ball with a sledgehammer

  • My OCD is to high for this lol

  • eat it

  • How do you make itt??

  • Ho my God I can't take 😩 because I am a small boy.

  • You should keep placing an then in next year's world's strongest Man competition you should try to get your rubber ball in their and make them lift it

  • Hi

  • I was leaning this is science and you mix cornstarch and water then you get that solid and liquid substance of matter it is because when you punch or do a fast movement the particles can’t move as fast as the water can so then the cornstarch particles are the only particles there because the water already left

  • You got me with the "or anywhere"

  • Take it to a bouncy castle park

  • This guy is such a dork smh

  • You throw a hover board in like every video 😂

  • Use really hot water Metal expands when it gets hot Ive fixed dents with hot water before Must be boiling hot*

  • Garage 54 watch there video

  • Maybe try it with a saturn or a lumina apv or a car with the plastic body panels

  • Bruh the ball is gonna be so big that no more Eleatic bands will wrap around it (that's what she said)

  • next make it a pool

  • What if you shot it

  • Noice

  • Everyone gangster untill papa bear comes out

  • Obleck is green

  • ⓓⓡⓞⓟ ⓘⓣ ⓘⓝ ⓐ ⓜⓘⓝⓘⓡⓐⓜⓟ

  • After success like that I’d keep going too

  • Did you wait five minutes

  • Ask Mr.Beast...

  • Get it to 440 pounds and ask the rock to come pick it up

  • This is a good example of the importance of Friction in our daily life.

  • Ice ice baby

  • Throw it off a high building and see how it bounces