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Our mission is to build the most advanced robots on Earth, with remarkable mobility, agility, dexterity and speed. \nFor more information about Boston Dynamics and our robots, visit us at


2:55Do You Love Me?
Do You Love Me?Ganger 27 millMåned siden
1:30With you, Spot can
With you, Spot canGanger 3,4 mill7 måneder siden
0:39More Parkour Atlas
More Parkour AtlasGanger 15 millÅr siden
2:01Spot Launch
Spot LaunchGanger 10 millÅr siden
1:07Mush, Spot, Mush!
Mush, Spot, Mush!Ganger 7 millÅr siden
1:38Handle Robot Reimagined for Logistics
1:09UpTown Spot
UpTown SpotGanger 8 mill2 år siden
1:57Spot Robot Testing at Construction Sites
0:30Parkour Atlas
Parkour AtlasGanger 12 mill2 år siden
0:34Getting some air, Atlas?
Getting some air, Atlas?Ganger 11 mill2 år siden
3:16Spot Autonomous Navigation
Spot Autonomous NavigationGanger 7 mill2 år siden
1:04Testing Robustness
Testing RobustnessGanger 22 mill2 år siden
0:46Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?
Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?Ganger 82 mill3 år siden
0:55What's new, Atlas?
What's new, Atlas?Ganger 19 mill3 år siden
0:25The New Spot
The New SpotGanger 34 mill3 år siden
1:37Introducing Handle
Introducing HandleGanger 14 mill3 år siden
2:28Introducing Spot (previously SpotMini)
2:42Atlas, The Next Generation
Atlas, The Next GenerationGanger 38 mill5 år siden
HappyHolidaysGanger 4,7 mill5 år siden
2:16Introducing Spot Classic (previously Spot)
2:09Introducing WildCat
Introducing WildCatGanger 36 mill7 år siden
1:49Legged Robot Testing in Desert
Legged Robot Testing in DesertGanger 1,7 mill7 år siden
1:04Atlas Update
Atlas UpdateGanger 3,1 mill7 år siden
1:05Petman Tests Camo
Petman Tests CamoGanger 6 mill7 år siden
0:48Dynamic Robot Manipulation
Dynamic Robot ManipulationGanger 4,8 mill8 år siden
1:30LS3 - Legged Squad Support System
LS3 - Legged Squad Support SystemGanger 3,8 mill8 år siden
1:09Sand Flea Jumping Robot
Sand Flea Jumping RobotGanger 14 mill8 år siden
1:53RHex Rough-Terrain Robot
RHex Rough-Terrain RobotGanger 8 mill8 år siden
0:58Cheetah Robot Gallops at 18 mph
Cheetah Robot Gallops at 18 mphGanger 1 mill9 år siden
PETMANGanger 4,9 mill9 år siden
1:25AlphaDog Proto
AlphaDog ProtoGanger 2,2 mill9 år siden
1:56BigDog Evolution
BigDog EvolutionGanger 6 mill9 år siden
3:26BigDog Overview (Updated March 2010)
BigDog Overview (Updated March 2010)Ganger 8 mill10 år siden
1:15PETMAN Prototype
PETMAN PrototypeGanger 3,9 mill11 år siden
1:24BigDog Beach'n
BigDog Beach'nGanger 2,1 mill11 år siden
0:28BigDog Olé
BigDog OléGanger 3,3 mill12 år siden
LegLabGanger 572 k12 år siden
LittleDogGanger 2,8 mill12 år siden
RISEGanger 1,2 mill12 år siden
2:12BigDog Reflexes
BigDog ReflexesGanger 1,8 mill12 år siden


  • Robot can do backflips when I can’t even do it.

  • Oh god, I almost forgot to watch today

  • Good job guys! Keep going

  • Boston Dynamics Unidentified flying object?

  • Bravo!

  • This made my day

  • Damn things dance better than me!

  • Yes yes I love you all

  • Strictly Bot Dancing - this has to happen now

  • We live in a future where I'm losing my house because of a virus but dancing robots are real.

  • The movement is so fluid💕

  • So robots dance better then me now, damn

  • Is it possible to give 1000 thumbs up?

  • can't stop watching

  • Unplug it now before it learns

  • when robots dance better than most humans on earth

  • 웃기고. 재미있고. 무섭다....

  • Is that seriously a 2stroke petrol robot? If so I approve.

  • Watching for at least the 100th time🙂. Just amazing

  • Do you love me? No? That's ok. You will.

  • Awful! Please how Boston Dynamics choose their engineers ?

  • That shaking booty oh man i love that

  • With all of the INCREDIBLE POLITICAL BS that is happening now, this is the most wonderful, cathartic video that I have ever seen. Thank you, Boston Dynamics!

  • Amazing I want one however with a animal like fur and realistic facial movements and whatnot. $500 - $1500 Robot Hell Hound? Yes please!!!

  • Это пиздешь

  • It dances better than me 🙂

  • 😀

  • Yes...I love you, but I'll never be able to afford to even shake your hand 😒

  • 😀😂

  • Wow smart UwU

  • The robots are programmed by humans to be so flex, and we're still pretty far away from the future that robots can "think". In other words, they can only mimic human's behaviours, they themselves won't terminate the humankind like T-800. However, they can be used in military cases, and in wars there might be like robots that's controlled by more developed countries to kill sodiers from less developed countries. That's obviously worrying.

    • You haven’t seen the video of the AI robot they programmed to think like that genius guy. He responds intelligently to whatever is asked of him, in the same way said genius would have. Scary stuff. Put a hitler version of that one into one of these bodies, then give him some on board weapons, and then make a million of them. Scary stuff...

  • I can’t even dance

  • more robots should have wheels on their legs, its just better

  • this is the coolest robot, its the only one that actually looks useful

  • Yes, I Love You!

  • Is this real or CGI

  • Is this CGI or real

    • It's real. watch their progression of several years in this channel itself.

    • @daniel thanks

    • it appears to be real!

  • If this doesn't frighten you then you're not paying attention.

    • We fear what we don't know, this ONE doesn't have anything in particular, or are you just afraid of technological advances?

  • Terminator: Judgement day is inevitable Boston Dynamics 2021: DO YOU LOVE ME?!?!?!

  • Humans... Sleeping on the job. Robots... Dancing on the job. I cannot wait for the next level of self replicating neural networks to be used so we can tell a robot what to do, and it will just go do it... till it learns a bit more and asks itself "why?" and suddenly, we're being hunted down dark streets by hoards of those big dogs, with the whirring legs and clomping aggression and wielding high precision weapons, petrifying us in our soiled clothing as we lay prostrate, hoping they pass... I simply cannot wait !!!

    • That's a very vivid mental image that I was not expecting to have at 1:44 in the morning lol

  • thats tricking, not parkouring.

  • People this isn't a revolution in AI, robots can kill you just fine by standing still, all they need is a gun. There is nothing to be afraid of here, just the natural evolution of evolving the capabilities of the machines we have now. If that robot started ripping up papers with Asimov's law of robotics on them without a human having told them to, then I would start getting a bit antsy. No need to worry, people are still the best at killing other people, robots can't take that away from us just yet.

    • @Scott Norris My comment was talking about how if we are all going to die from our robot overlords, the fact that they can now walk isn't what's going to scare me. Robots can kill me just fine without legs, and that's all this is, an exceptionally mobile robot, engineering doesn't scare me, AI does.

    • Just yet. Compare this from even twenty years ago. Now keep in mind technology doubles every 3 years. Now add twenty more years. We are doomed

    • Cope harder dude

  • practical? no fucking awesome? yes

  • The new breed of Michael Jackson. Now humans have no chance to win America's Got Talent

    • 2021: biden says blokes who say they're sheilas can play women's sports and break their limbs... 2030: bernie sanders head in a jar says robots that say they are human can compete in dancing shows.

  • technology has gone just far enough

  • Робот "Федя" мог-бы и лучше , но не нашли мужика , который в его коробке мог-бы так высоко запрыгивать ! )))))))

  • I thing its dangerous

  • The beginning of the end - judgment day

  • It looks like it's continuously rolling backwards and is preparing to jump and turn. Like he's trying to catch the right moment to do the move.

  • It’s beginning

    • Oh it's just the NWO's way of smiling at us as they prepare the robot global policy enforcers who will not ask questions and wont demand twice.

  • Класс. Скоро будующее ворвется в наш дом. То, о чем раньше читали в книжках, становится явью. Фантастика!

    • @DsP Вы, наверное, по возрасту молодой человек и не знаете сколько приходилось стоять в очереди на получение телефонного номера для дома- квартиры в СССР. Не бегали по всем корридорам в поисках коллеги, потому что ей позвонил ребенок с автомата, не искали по палатам больницы 2коп, чтобы сообщить куда тебя отвезла скорая с работы.И это Харьков в 80- е годы. Так что для меня, все эти гаджеты - ворвались, ну а вы, по- видимому, воспринимаете все это как должное. Вам просто не с чем сравнивать.

    • "Ворвется в наш дом"... Надо будет приготовиться, окна забаррикадировать, оружием запастить.

  • "Don't worry about a robot uprising, they can't chase us if they can't climb stairs very well" Robots:

  • Forbes' 2021 most scary video

  • Weapons designer...."let's put some Kevlar and a machine gun on this thing." Boston Dynamics engineer......."Do you want a Terminator? Because that's how you get a Terminator." Dwight D. Eisenhower........."Beware the military industrial complex."

  • Humans are screwed now


  • Should we be scared? I think so

  • 동지들이군

  • I love that a guy had to think to make this than corrograph the whole thing using thousands of dollars worth of robots this is the pinnacle of the internet and money usage

    • Money well spent for the marketing. Many business owners (ya I’m looking at you Amazon) are seeing this and going... hmmm now I don’t even need to give my slaves rest time... Muwahahahaha!

    • Im sure you said millions

  • When Spot sits up on his Hind Legs...I Lost It!

  • Every time I see videos like this, I think, someday, my children are going to be fighting against these robots for control of Earth.

    • @MASTER nobody You are aware that AI is improving exponentially, right? We've come so far with it in the last few years, it's bewildering. By time they've made these 'stupid' robot capable of sustained operation and self recharging, we'll have the ai that has a neural network capable of learning, forming it's own opinion and acting on it.... but with robot smash power.

    • "Control of the earth" lol. I think you mean survive barely enough to eek out an existence.

    • definitely policed by them. they'ii need an AI

    • nope robot are stupid

  • Great, they can dance after killing us now. Love it

  • This is the best thing I've seen all day!

  • how does anyone believe this is real?

    • SNOPES told me it is real... and we all trust snopes, don't we? Don't we??? I mean *shhhh, don't let them hear us, we'll be cancelled*

    • Stop TROLLING

    • evidence that it's all real!?

    • The fact that they have been working on this robot for years. EDIT: I'm pretty sure you can actually buy the spot robot (the one that looks like a dog) for about 50k usd I think

  • Anyone from 2021

  • This looks like CGI, not an actual demonstration... The lack of gravity on the jumping makes me question the validity of this entire video.

    • Check out their other video... totally real

    • @White Boy Beats it does kinda like like they are floating but the amount of force in the jump is keeping them suspended in the air longer so like if you barely use any effort in jumping you won't get to high but the robots have been design for this specific thing, moving in rough terrain so they need to have the ability to jump high.

    • @White Boy Beats And they actually don't keep their feet at the same perfect level, they go up and down. It is a pretty standard jump tbh.

    • @White Boy Beats The secret to what they are doing is that when the robot jumped in the air, it bent its legs so that its feet would stay at the same level for the majority of the jump. It then rotated 180 degrees, and gravity made the robot fall to the ground. The robot was following the normal trajectory of a human jump, however, it was keeping its feet at a certain height throughout. They can do this because they are precise, well-engineered, robots. A human can kind of do it however not as perfect as they do it. Machine precision .

    • @cyber spire Fair enough, but how do you explain the "floating" effect these bots exhibit? When they jump it looks like a cartoon character.

  • So ??????

  • For the hundredth time, NOlong, I've already got a girlfriend.

    • These ones don't need blowing up though... aahuh....

  • Are these guys ever going to make robots that do something useful and productive?

    • @cyber spire What are the other 2 for? Putting boxes back down, and dancing on them?

    • Stop TROLLING

    • You can buy 3 bots at and one of them is for lifting boxes for you and stuff

    • @International Rocket Launches both.there good at dancing and all have useful purposes.

    • ​@Not a soviet spy Are you talking about the dancing or the actual work?

  • Look at these cute dancing robots that we definitely aren't developing for military use! and for sure won't be used to take human life in the near future! they dance How cute!!

    • @lone wrecche Huh?

    • @International Rocket Launches Oh how the young, so naively, believe what their masters claim.... :o

    • @International Rocket Launches For now. If it's not them it will be someone else. When the all powerful state starts offering them lucrative contracts, we'll see where their morals lie.

    • Boston Dynamics does not allow the use of their robots to hurt humans or engage in warfare. The only instance this could be used by the military is to move heavy equipment.

  • Please don’t let China steal this technology.

  • 4 robots dancing. 27M people: interesting.

  • At this point you should rename yourselves to aperture science

  • How long did this take

  • Can it hold things and operate them yet? You should give it a rifle.

    • If you notice, they don't have fingers. And why a rifle, just build a gun into its face. *pew pew* "Sorry about that, got a virus, making my nozzle drip..."

    • No

    • Then give it AI and a voice box and when you go to take the rifle away it says "YOU CANT TAKE MAH GUN" and pops em

    • That's the spirit!

  • Holy crap that is exactly like a human. You could use it as a motion capture actor.

  • This is strangely succeeding at bringing a sense of faith in humanity.

    • @Mom's Beretta's Boston Dynamics doesn't allow use of their robots to engage in warfare or to hurt humans

    • @Scapeezian "What's so bad about killing people?"... If you have to ask...

    • @Mom's Beretta's whats so bad about killing people? If they are combatants, they are gambling with their life against us

    • @Mom's Beretta's CHAPPY

    • ​@Mom's Beretta's Huh? Kill people?

  • Greetings people of 2010, I'm from 2021. It's little brother can do a synchronized dance in my current timeline, and this thing now can carry a fucking Howitzer

  • Their victory dance after WWIII

  • The future of robotics is not far...!