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A Clash of Clans based channel focusing on helping you improve your gameplay. You will see a variety of content from guides to let's play and war commentary. If you are a Clasher then Judo Sloth can help you with educational videos that are kept fun and entertaining. You will be able to stay up to date with all of the latest Clash of Clans Update News so be sure to subscribe for daily content. Have a good day everyone!

I want to thank all of my sponsors and subscribers who enable me to content creating daily content. To everyone that uses code 'judo' in game, sponsors the channel, or is a subscriber watching my daily videos, thank you!


13:18Can I 3 Star After Gemming the Update?
17:44How Much Loot is Farmed with BARCH in 1 Hour?
17:11500K Special - Clashing with YouTube Legends!
14:12World Record for TH6 in Legend League!
World Record for TH6 in Legend League!Ganger 436 k22 dager siden
18:16What Updates are Next for Super Troops?
10:35New 6 Invisibility Spell Queen Walk!
New 6 Invisibility Spell Queen Walk!Ganger 129 kMåned siden
14:50When is Best to Upgrade your Town Hall?


  • I bet the people that Judo attacked are not sad that they were attacked and lost loot. They are probably taking a ton of screenshots of judo attacking them

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  • It is very clear when use headsets, either hand freea

  • When you try to copy the army but your troops is like three levels lower

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  • I thought about a concept that would completely change attacks and defenses in clash of clans. It goes like this, the concept is a decoy building. It would allow us to choose a building (could be anything inferno tower, scatter shot, elixir collected, etc.) The decoy building wouldn't attack but it would remain there. Just imagine seeing 3 scattershots in a base. The attacker surely would be confused which is the real one. It could be catagorized more as a trap. Just an idea, hope you like it. Hope you would mention it in a video so the supercell team could see this.

  • Those 3 dislikes are from people who tried the army comp but couldn't get the 3 stars..

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