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10:37Load Up, Roll Out | Episode Four
Load Up, Roll Out | Episode FourGanger 73 kMåned siden
10:20Load Up, Roll Out | Episode Three
Load Up, Roll Out | Episode ThreeGanger 56 kMåned siden
9:42Load Up, Roll Out | Episode Two
Load Up, Roll Out | Episode TwoGanger 91 k2 måneder siden
10:30Load Up, Roll Out | Episode One
Load Up, Roll Out | Episode OneGanger 156 k2 måneder siden
5:13:00C.O.D.E Bowl presented by USAA
C.O.D.E Bowl presented by USAAGanger 249 k2 måneder siden
2:29:25VIDEO FEED 1
VIDEO FEED 1Ganger 527 k2 måneder siden
1:40Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War - Nuketown '84


  • Great zombies! Still cant see and you have major bugs in multiplayer! Fix your game.

  • Sup

  • call of duty i want dlc 4 please please

  • Hi I just wanted to ask about cod mobile when is the new br skin coming

  • We need MW2 as soon as possible

  • the best cod games of the last 5 years

  • So no one is gonna talk about how woods is back from bo1... oh wait you guys aren’t real black ops og’s

  • I have had a great time playing this mode

  • Could you please add FOV for consle pc players get a advantage and I would appreciate it if u would add FOV in the next season.

  • CoD should be split into 3 category settings like from WW1/2-Cold War,Modern,and Futuristic. Release the game 3 times in a decade with each category

  • Just realized this is how price became prisoner 627

  • Might as well play Guns N’ Roses “Welcome to the jungle”


  • The real hero of ww2 was Alan Turing. Where is he

  • full of action

  • "I mean, how old are you?"

  • 🥺🥺🥺

  • This was fun, I liked it. I unlocked everything on the last day, I was freaking out i wouldn't get it, had a hard time getting on the train haha, but, fun.

  • so restricted

  • I bought a starter pack and it hasn’t given me it bad the cod points and I don’t know what to do

    • Why am I shooting someone from point blank with a shot gun still not killing them.

  • Ole billy

  • time goes fast

  • I think a lot of people didn’t like ghosts because it was different from modern warfare and black ops. I personally love it because this was my first ever cod game. Come on treyarch, can we please have cod ghosts 2??

  • Sam: Thanks to the sacrifices of 12 brave heroes, the universe can finally know peace from the zombie menace. Omega Group: Allow us to introduce ourselves.

  • Warzone i have a problem i cant put cod coins in a account I want to the account haved the coins translate to another please :)

  • Relis call of duty moderen nkri war 2015,2018 mision vidio in mrah putih memangil filem and patriot filime in mobail phone game pliis

  • I want a Ghost 2 more than mw2 in 2023

  • Bro the portal is so slow you can load into gta and see avengers endgame while it’s loading

  • I liked this game for some weird reason

  • All I got from this trailer was monkeys, dragons, and Mr. T. I have more questions than answers

  • اتظلمت انا مجربها ولقتها روعه

  • Well, I want Velikan on my team

  • All of cod infinite warfare is great however if your a robot jumping or something f u.

  • Ah yes back when treyach and activision didn't ruin wz for everyone

  • Why am I getting this recommend again Dnt regret just saying

  • yo fix this game. how come i can run MW2019 fine on my pc but this game runs like garbage? do i need a nasa super computer to run it


  • 2:21 who else tried so hard to replicate that?

  • I'm so mad at myself for quitting this game after dlc 1🤦‍♂️

  • why tf did stone get killed so much times here? 1: 1:29 2: 1:32 3: 1:46 4: 2:09 5: 2:13 6: 2:45

  • 4:18 CHILLS

  • Who else is here after seeing how completely AWESOME Cold War zombies is?

  • Wow that was 1year ago

  • That camera equipment was made for camper's

  • I just want the crossbow in coldwar

  • What a beautiful mode

  • These were the golden days of gaming.

  • Blackout is better than fortnite

  • 0:50 I just realized that this is the first look of warzone, There was no mission that you jump off a plane/helo

  • One of the coolest updates ever

  • Why this trailer has too many dislike

  • 10... Freaking... Years...


  • Best CoD they've ever cap.

  • Faze up

  • SBmm needs To go

    • This entire map is nowhere to be seen on warzone. Unless if it's on multiplayer in cold war then I don't know since I don't have that game

  • Remove SBmm and add it in ranked not multiplayer

  • Remove SBmm and don’t add it in the next cod we don’t nead SBmm in multiplayer pubs make ranked play fore SBmm


  • Where is the main characters in modern warfare 2019 in black ops 2

    • Please fix your services I have not been able to play the game for 2 days and I bought the pass and I want to complete it, it takes time

  • The one think I like about the federation is the uniforms. But the Rourke files make it real easy to hate the federation.

  • worst game

  • Treyarch likes The Rolling Stones

  • Who else got here because they finished call of duty’s “video feed 1” livestream website codes?

  • There should be a whole campaign of Vietnam war in call of duty. I would like to see it.

  • 1/10, needed more gideon saying "f#@k me"

  • SBMM

  • Is this song Notorious B.I.G

  • Yo, why does Activision keep making seasons for Call of Duty, as well as a bunch of microtransactions? It's just the same stuff recycled every time! Come on Activision, give us something new already.

  • The sound track in secend 41 pls

  • WOW

  • I loved this game

  • 1:25 head bump lol

  • So happy rebel yell is in the battle pass

  • When is the cool black tough guy gonna be added? I want that operator bundle

  • I'm looking forward to doing more with Zombies, that's for sure.

  • Chi è il gruppo che suona la colonna sonora del Trailer? Troooppo figa

  • So, I paid the most expensive version of the game, and I did not get the Battle Pass 2, for free. Is there any sort of explanation for what happened? Where I live I had to pay 400 buck, and I did because I like the black ops gameplay, story and stuff.

  • Yo this is actually way more fun than I thought it’d be