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0:33Understanding 5G
Understanding 5GGanger 2,2 mill18 dager siden
2:34Free Guy Trailer 2
Free Guy Trailer 2Ganger 6 mill26 dager siden
1:13Trailer Tomorrow. Probably.
Trailer Tomorrow. Probably.Ganger 2,5 mill27 dager siden
1:30Maximum Jackman
Maximum JackmanGanger 2,8 mill29 dager siden
0:31Aviation Gin Homeschool Edition
Aviation Gin Homeschool EditionGanger 1,4 millMåned siden
1:00Nice Morning
Nice MorningGanger 3,5 millMåned siden
0:31Ryan & Avery Revere
Ryan & Avery RevereGanger 494 kMåned siden
0:31Ryan & Rodney Robinson
Ryan & Rodney RobinsonGanger 263 kMåned siden
0:43Ryan & Rick Moranis
Ryan & Rick MoranisGanger 3 millMåned siden
0:32Mint Mobile Plus
Mint Mobile PlusGanger 362 k2 måneder siden
1:44Group Effort Initiative
Group Effort InitiativeGanger 310 k3 måneder siden
0:37Different Mintality
Different MintalityGanger 943 k4 måneder siden
0:52Good Luck, Adam
Good Luck, AdamGanger 617 k4 måneder siden
1:01Memories | Aviation Gin
Memories | Aviation GinGanger 430 k5 måneder siden
1:27New ManageMint
New ManageMintGanger 808 k6 måneder siden
4:42Kitsilano Class of 2020
Kitsilano Class of 2020Ganger 1,1 mill6 måneder siden
1:16Don't | ABC
Don't | ABCGanger 843 k6 måneder siden
1:24All In Challenge
All In ChallengeGanger 3 mill6 måneder siden
0:35Free Guy | December 11th
Free Guy | December 11thGanger 611 k7 måneder siden
1:21Mint Mobile Voicemails
Mint Mobile VoicemailsGanger 1,2 mill7 måneder siden
1:26Arlene's Big Leap
Arlene's Big LeapGanger 1,1 mill8 måneder siden
0:46Best in Show
Best in ShowGanger 846 k8 måneder siden
1:34The Craft of Free Guy
The Craft of Free GuyGanger 785 k10 måneder siden
1:45The Sweater Returns
The Sweater ReturnsGanger 1,7 mill10 måneder siden
1:26Man of the World
Man of the WorldGanger 1 mill10 måneder siden
3:03Free Guy Trailer
Free Guy TrailerGanger 2,4 mill10 måneder siden
0:41The Gift That Doesn't Give Back
The Gift That Doesn't Give BackGanger 7 mill11 måneder siden
1:47Free Guy | Limited Time Offer
Free Guy | Limited Time OfferGanger 2,1 mill11 måneder siden
0:43Contextual Advertising
Contextual AdvertisingGanger 1,5 mill11 måneder siden
0:17I am so sorry about this
I am so sorry about thisGanger 6 millÅr siden
ASMRDJGanger 1,7 millÅr siden
0:50Deadpool Makeup Tutorial
Deadpool Makeup TutorialGanger 7 millÅr siden
2:54Happy Birthday, Hugh
Happy Birthday, HughGanger 13 millÅr siden
1:26Free Guy | New York Comic Con
Free Guy | New York Comic ConGanger 234 kÅr siden
1:54Free Guy | New Friends
Free Guy | New FriendsGanger 1,9 millÅr siden
3:086 Underground Trailer
6 Underground TrailerGanger 1,5 millÅr siden
1:01Rejected Slogans
Rejected SlogansGanger 2,5 millÅr siden
0:45Bottle Cap Challenge
Bottle Cap ChallengeGanger 16 millÅr siden
DedicationGanger 2,5 millÅr siden
1:01Get Ready with Me (Pika Edition)
Get Ready with Me (Pika Edition)Ganger 5 millÅr siden
1:01Pikachu uses... Foot Massage?
Pikachu uses... Foot Massage?Ganger 9 millÅr siden
1:20What a Pikachu World
What a Pikachu WorldGanger 44 millÅr siden
1:14Casting Detective Pikachu
Casting Detective PikachuGanger 28 millÅr siden
0:31Detective Pikachu | No Clue
Detective Pikachu | No ClueGanger 2,3 millÅr siden
1:35Becoming Pikachu
Becoming PikachuGanger 8 millÅr siden
1:29First Ownerversary
First OwnerversaryGanger 1,2 millÅr siden
TruceGanger 10 millÅr siden
1:41The Process | Aviation Gin
The Process | Aviation GinGanger 3,8 millÅr siden
0:31Bleeping Yourself
Bleeping YourselfGanger 1,5 millÅr siden
1:43Respect the Back
Respect the BackGanger 3 millÅr siden
0:27Savage Questions
Savage QuestionsGanger 481 kÅr siden
0:433 Facts About Hugh Jackman
3 Facts About Hugh JackmanGanger 649 k2 år siden
0:256 Underground
6 UndergroundGanger 18 mill2 år siden
0:39Deadpool 2 | Don't Skimp On The Powder
0:39Deadpool No. 2
Deadpool No. 2Ganger 273 k2 år siden
2:44Ryan Reynolds’ Twin Returns | Aviation Gin
1:09Deadpool 2 Thanks You
Deadpool 2 Thanks YouGanger 544 k2 år siden
1:26Deadpool 2 - The First 10 Years
Deadpool 2 - The First 10 YearsGanger 369 k2 år siden
0:59Deadpool 2 | Eur Missing a Country
Deadpool 2 | Eur Missing a CountryGanger 257 k2 år siden
2:24Deadpool 2: The Final Trailer
Deadpool 2: The Final TrailerGanger 327 k2 år siden
1:14A Very Special Message from Deadpool
A Very Special Message from DeadpoolGanger 8 mill2 år siden
2:40Deadpool 2 | The Trailer
Deadpool 2 | The TrailerGanger 582 k2 år siden
2:11Deadpool, Meet Cable
Deadpool, Meet CableGanger 1,4 mill2 år siden
2:15Deadpool - Brazil Comic Con Tattoos
2:10Deadpool’s “Wet on Wet” Teaser
Deadpool’s “Wet on Wet” TeaserGanger 2,8 mill3 år siden
3:42No Good Deed
No Good DeedGanger 29 mill3 år siden
0:44Why Deadpool won’t be hosting SNL
Why Deadpool won’t be hosting SNLGanger 6 mill4 år siden
3:02I Crashed the Eddie the Eagle Junket
I Crashed the Eddie the Eagle JunketGanger 4,5 mill4 år siden
0:28Cat-astrophe Averted
Cat-astrophe AvertedGanger 786 k4 år siden
0:40Best. Review. EVER.
Best. Review. EVER.Ganger 1 mill4 år siden
1:51Touch Yourself Tonight: Just for Her
1:08Touch Yourself Tonight
Touch Yourself TonightGanger 2,6 mill4 år siden
0:31💀💩L TV Spot 2
💀💩L TV Spot 2Ganger 158 k4 år siden
0:31New TV Spot. Is that a helicarrier?
1:43Deadpool's Empire magazine infomercial
1:09:05The 'Pool Log
The 'Pool LogGanger 601 k4 år siden
1:37How Deadpool Spent Halloween
How Deadpool Spent HalloweenGanger 9 mill5 år siden


  • Is he really Ryan renolds or someone stealing his ads and videos ?

  • czarina Denize B cristobal

  • Two Canadians

  • Dude... I love your videos.... But FUCKING SLOW DOWN.. Your tempo gives me anxiety ...😬

  • 0:11 the quite moment 0:14To be continued

  • This is the content we need right now. This, right here.

  • Happy Halloween!!! Lazer eyes are cool!!!

  • Thank you

  • Lucu banget

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  • you can tell its a fictional movie cause there is a girl playing video games

  • Keren

  • Blue lantern

  • This sweet 5 year old boy is in the fight of his life! His parents who are veterans, just found out 2 weeks ago he has leukemia. He's a big Deadpool fan! If you could make a small reel or video for Lukas, it would mean the world to all of us over at Veterans Referring Veterans. Prayers going out to our little superhero! I'm not asking for a donation. Just a short video to help Lukas "kick cancers ass!" gf.me/u/y5a5ai

  • Wait did he actually say that in front of the kids- 💀

  • Yes dead pool swearing at kids

  • Yes I’d love to scare away children

  • Absolute genius !! glove fits the hand. ...

  • Jack is in the car before it gets run over by the semi-truck. 2:26 ... I think...

  • The constant kissing in every single scenes makes me cringe to the stomach

  • Anyone notice that the winner Lisa Marie of ep. 1 was also the winner Lisa from s2 e2 of The Misery Index?

  • He was in Indianapolis

  • He was in Indianapolis

  • F*** cancer everything cancels bra

  • I’m new here... he looks like Spider-Man. Can he fling spiderwebs? He has a weird name. Who thought Deadpool would be a great name? Is this a dc thing? I’m sticking with marvel! (Well except for captain marvel) And Brian Reynolds.. is he any good as an actor? It looks like Brian is a NOlongr... after all, really, how many youtubers are actually good actors? JK... Ryan... well done! Loved Safehouse and Buried... oh and the Proposal too! 6 underground... still not sure about that one.. I have yet to finish it.. should I?

  • Honestly in every Ryan Reynolds movies he not being the character he's being himself literally lmao

  • Watch out for the!.... They seem nice!

  • I came for the Maso comment. I left for no Maso comment

  • My oh my, sir you are awesome to the whole new level!

  • Such a treasure lol

  • I can’t wait for it

  • liberal.....................yuck!

  • Your my favorite actor

  • Real life anime story damn

  • This is what happens when you act like Deadpool for too long.

  • All of these video game movies. WE NEED A TRON 2!!!!!

    • This movie is pretty much a GTA online NPC getting self aware that he is in a Video game. I love it.

  • i didn't notice it till i watched this 10 times

  • Deadpool+bob ross= dead.... Oh shit

  • On the phone both it says Nathan summers and thats the real name of cable lol

  • So I have birthday gift for December 😊🎊

  • It's like...in cinema nothing can surprise you with new movie anymore. .. And after I come cross to this 😂

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  • Hi Ryan loved u in Deadpool and ik people don’t like it but I actually like green lantern

  • « A canadian on a video Game » that what it should called

  • 👀 yes

  • That's when he founded with ball of pulwarin

  • Mason didn’t say it so I will deadpool sapce invaders

  • 2:08 cool guy stand on right in suit

  • When X Men movies about Wolverine finally finished and you don't know what to do now

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  • Seriously do u exist

  • Best add ever!♥️😍

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  • Whrere jack and laser at

  • You’d think the Green Lantern joke would be overdone but it gets better every time I hear a new one

  • So it’s just ready player one but funny?

  • Guys! He's an npc! How did I not realize that???

  • Is 5G safe nolong.info/show/n7hnaaJ7mttnoWQ/video.html

  • Rion sing the best happy birthday song ever ............then he swiers his head off

  • Ryan, this is Bryce. I am confused. I would really love to ask if you bumped his head and believes I'm a bunch of Indians.

  • I am excited for deadpool 3

  • Lucu banget💖💖💖

  • Only himself can upset green lanterns actor

  • irish where

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  • why are you endorsing 5g?


  • I seen both😂😂 the PG one lol

  • Excuse me, did you really go to Moscow to film these everyday life of the children of oligarchs?

  • All those millions of Russian fans: Oh, a normal day in Saransk!..

  • I don't want to offend you in any way, but I like your voice in Russian voice acting much better. It's more appropriate... It's more goofy, like the movie itself. ;)

  • Grace is right first

  • Anyway hey fellow November babies

  • Handsome..

  • This movie is pretty much a GTA online NPC getting self aware that he is in a Video game. I love it.

  • I actually liked ripd.

  • But he is the best movie actor ever