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3:32Biden lifts transgender military ban | WNT
8:37COVID-19 crisis
COVID-19 crisisGanger 27 k2 dager siden
5:21Impeachment trial shake-up
Impeachment trial shake-upGanger 167 k2 dager siden
5:09Biden’s economic policies
Biden’s economic policiesGanger 9 k2 dager siden
4:34COVID-19 travel ban
COVID-19 travel banGanger 8 k2 dager siden
3:08Transgender military ban lifted
Transgender military ban liftedGanger 58 k2 dager siden
1:28Hero Amazon driver rescues baby
Hero Amazon driver rescues babyGanger 19 k2 dager siden
5:18Ski and snowboard season in a pandemic
3:55Biden’s bold economic plan
Biden’s bold economic planGanger 35 k5 dager siden
1:49By the Numbers: Remembering Hank Aaron
18:21President Biden discusses economic crisis
2:26Mystery Powerball winner
Mystery Powerball winnerGanger 50 k5 dager siden
1:46Impeachment trial delay
Impeachment trial delayGanger 49 k5 dager siden
6:14How will President Joe Biden handle China?
4:49Coronavirus crisis
Coronavirus crisisGanger 7 k6 dager siden
4:23COVID-19: 1 year later
COVID-19: 1 year laterGanger 30 k6 dager siden
2:37The world reacts to President Joe Biden
3:45Trump family heads to Florida
Trump family heads to FloridaGanger 260 k7 dager siden
8:33Joseph R. Biden, Kamala Harris sworn in
10:07Celebrities at Inauguration Day
Celebrities at Inauguration DayGanger 43 k7 dager siden


  • My heart goes out to the kids god help them. We need tall electric fence barb wired

  • i found his instagram- @brokencassettetape LMAOOO

  • So when Trump said Herd Immunity it was evil ?! You bunch of Leftest Douchebags !

  • that old guy sitting behind her smh

  • For all you wacko liberal / communist. Who think trump will be convicted. Keep wishing. Loll🤣😂😂

  • ????'?? ???????🦸 Wish i Could Help Not Now, But Later

  • Of course the mom's name is "Laqueesha"

  • Stop being such crybaby's you know already only Democrats can be racist and can lock up kids in cages and get away with it. crickets on Obamas interviews about locked up kids..

  • Dude had the hangover of the century

  • Kinda racist don’t ya think🤔

  • joe biden SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The sugar high of Biden is wearing off quick. We're all just waiting for the true American leader to speak. As Biden's administration continues to quickly collapse in on itself with, it's going to become increasingly difficult to try to continue to censor the opposition.

  • Nobody cares

  • Blinken, be carful what you say. China Joe is watching

  • Racist travel ban

  • Frick warning for My state 😐

  • Being shot close range 7 times by a 45acp and surviving is very impressive.

  • She has very fake friends not only that but psychopath friends they should arrest them hopefully they give those two girls and good punishment why did they do that also they really said slender man bruh who gonna believe this if you do comment if you don't like.

  • George, a moron.

  • What sick ideas are out there: Comment down here saying New World Order idiots are playing with the weather! Where will this idiocy lead us? It is not silly anymore, it's scary!

  • Let Rand Paul chase his own tail for 2 years, the rest of the country will be doing something a bit more worthwhile .

  • Amazing voice

  • he looks like he takes pictures with his sweater sleeve covering his mouth LMAOO

  • Thursday, June 25th, 2009. It still feels like yesterday. I was 11 years old and prepping to graduate elementary school the next day, when my older sister ran into my room crying, telling me he died. Even when I saw it on TV, I didn't want to believe it was true. When his brother Jermaine confirmed the news, that's when it hit me 😢😭😭 23 and it still hurts to this day. RIP MJ

  • I like how everyone in the comments is using Ad Hominem to justify their bitching and moaning for anything this administration has done so far ._.

    • I think the people in this comment section are very confused about what Trump’s “bans” were, and what these are. That or they’re just stupid. Probably both!

  • I wonder if even one of these processionary participants have the slightest awareness of how stupid their actions appear. From that standpoint I suppose it advantages them to be wearing masks.

  • 4:07 why you don't eat while driving a bus

  • the crowd started boring af but got more alive after awhile, like hasan deserved because this was the funniest

  • My fellow comrades. I want to thank you for obeying the orders of your communist masters! we will now bring in the one-world government.

  • Hopefully it ends up better than the first civilian in space

  • Idk .. I think he's lying

  • Promiscuous use of the N word? Like what have everyone expected, slavers refering to their slaves as "afroamericans"? This is a movie played on 19th century, people were really racist, violent and stupid back then, so his movie was acurate. The movie has to be like this, violent, provocative and ofensive, cause otherwise it would feel as if they were trying to convince us slavery was not that bad. I know Tarantino probably didn't had any interest on putting up some anti-slavery propaganda, he was just using this context to tell a story, but if someone os going to look for it in the social aspect, this is the way it works.

  • #notmypresident

  • To all the parents out there, if your kid pulls this kind of crap, it's going to be bullied. There's no way around it. If you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. These "transgender" kids should be learning how to stand up for themselves instead of buying into this mentality that if you wear a dress, the kid picking on you should to jail for a hate crime, and that calling yourself what you're not is going to somehow make bullies go away. Stating fact is not "transphobic" by the way, it's called reality. So my question is if a real girl can stand up to a girl or boy bully while wearing a dress, then why can't a boy wearing a dress do the same to either?

  • TRUMP’s a MEANIE, Oh, I know, He loved America but he’s Mean... TDS; Biden voters, WILL SOON REALIZE, in looming hindsight that TDS is permanently stuck to them, “Too Damn Stupid!” T*hat D*emocrat S*tupidity has run amok! They ALL OWN it now, ...The Democrat Swamp

  • \\\\ Daily read at least (1) KING SOLOMON PROVERBS (2) ROBERT GREENE WISEST WORDS, AT YOU-Tube July 8, 2019 ''The Laws of Human Nature" //// Have a good day \\\\ New study on EU failures to control Corona v. US & other nations //// E.G.-[Deaths/1M-POP: -Belg 1,822 -Itl 1,421 -Hung 1,231 -SPAIN 1,2O3 -Frnc 1,097-Swis 1,074 -Port 1,043 - \\\\ % Fatalities on Oct 22/Nov 2/Dec 4, 9, 12, 20, 24/Jan 26/> -[Germ] -1.97-.61-.67-.68-.77-.83-2.48 [*******] >[NL] -2.11-1.78-.71-.68-.55-.49-.42 >[Finl]-2.20-1.54-.51-.51-.49-.54-.53 [**] >[U.S.]-2.51-1.95-.88-.87-.79-.77-.67 >[Brazil]-2.89-.71-.66-.65-.59-.57-.45 >[France]-2.69-.40-.44-.44-.47-.47-.40 [****] >[Spain]-2.89-.72-.72-.73-.72-.69-.08 [**] >[AU]-3.28-.25-.24-.24-.23-.21-.16 [*]>[Canada]-4.30-3.15-2.98-.86-.82-76-.55 >[UK]-4.51-3.59-.54-.53-.35-.21-2.69 >[Sweden]-4.78-2.57-.39-.35-.18-.09-.01 >[China]-5.39-.35-.35-.35-.34-.33-.20 [*]>[Iran]-5.69-4.92-.75-.74-.63-.17 >[Italy]-5.47-4.35-3.49-.51-.59-.54-.47 [****] >[Mexico]-9.92-.82-.49-.26-8.91-.48 >US EARLIER:> Oct 22 -2.75, Jan 26 -1.67 ///////// Sen. Moran Delivers Opening Remarks Regarding COVID-19 Impact on Live Event Entertainment Industry//

  • What kind of brainless employees go along with that mess?? If dude doesn’t want to eat around other races than he should just eat at home or get takeout, pretty simple.

  • Lmao, whatever snake man.. Obviously nobody wants y'alls poison/snake oil. Lol, it seems y'alls fake pandemic and mass money making attempt isn't panning out to well for you lying snakes. Evil idiots! So obvious in your lies. Weak links

  • Isnt this racist? I thought travel bans from only one area of the world were racist...

  • China rules. Hong Kong is the US future. Hahaha

  • 🤣they had it coming make sure you show all angles of that

  • Try to Stay Safe,Where ever you are in The United States! Prayers from UK!!! 🙏🙏🙏🇬🇧❤️🇺🇸

  • This guy Fauci is a global FRAUD. What he along with the WHO & CDC with the Elite DeepStaters did to the WORLD population is criminal crimes against humanity. See for your self: I love my country, but hate my government which chooses to go down a death spiral which is caused by elected officials usurping the law by abandoning our constitution.

  • What a POS!!! I hope she lost her job!!!

  • How hard is it to fallow the “no swimming” sign this was the mom and dad fault they should’ve never been by the water

  • You poor jerk

  • (Thinking).. 🤔 Well, if it's private. This video wouldn't be made public, now, would it ? It takes a village. 🤦‍♀️ <-- facepalm God Bless 🙏 Inside Michigan, USA 🇺🇸

  • Stephanopoulos worked for Bill Clinton. He is the very definition of BIAS. ABC, you're trash

  • #notmypresident

  • Fauci is a FRAUD

  • I also was thinking but since it's the brain. We need to get together and vote for them to all have lobotomies.

  • We need a political party the believes in American values. In God we trust. Liberty and united in the fact that we're all Americans.

  • Stay in your house IDIOT

  • Raise your hand if you knew Biden and the Dems were going to pull this hypocritical crap out the gate and the MSM approving it. Next on the agenda for Biden, building that wall. But always remember, poor kids are just as smart as white kids.

  • If its wrong to kill a innocent person, then why don't you tell that to God are demigods , why tell it to humans are him that did it . And the sick racist demon 😈 controlled by another demon made him do it .He didn't do it all on his own .

  • Fake news, hate foreigners now

  • Great dad! WIsh my father was like that.

  • All the Trump sheep coming to this video crying has me cracking up 😂😂

  • That group of friends in school who decided to choose same career path to stay together, forever 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Who the stupid .... designed this. Don't they even know to balance the weight in a product so it doesn't tip over.

  • Can you PLEASE take a flat-earther!

  • Haha "is the fur flying?" How long has he been waiting to use that pun?! Love it.

  • #notmypresident

  • Nice Boat

  • If biden were trump the headline would be: Xenophobic Biden Bans Travel for Immigrants in Need

  • Another reason why I don't want to go to a hospital

  • It looks like news sites no longer toss COVID-19 cases and deaths in your face everyday. It looks like I can get news without a steaming pile of character azzazination. But what it really looks like is Democrats ruined the lives and livelihoods of many US citizens running their game to keep the trough open. I'd say better make things right a lot sooner than later if possible of you wanna make friends.

  • haha they funny to me

  • How is calling someone a F*&*&ing N*&** blown out of proportion?

  • First they say there is enough of the vaccine. Then it's not enough of the vaccine. California's covid cases are dropping then it's rising. If you want to control the masses: SCARE THE SH** OUT OF THEM! FEAR is a great control weapon! Make up your minds people. It is? Or it isn't?!!!! Just my thoughts:(.

  • I’m a Norse pagan bring me to a Christian school and I’m going to raise hell

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  • Jesus loves you ,Please repent because He is coming soon, Like so more people can see this.

  • God bless you all.

  • Why not in germany oh man

  • The media lie💩

  • There are a million of these kidnapper vids

  • Jesus loves you ,Please repent because He is coming soon Like so more people can see this.