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0:15Karl Joseph Grabs an End Zone INT Off Henne
0:35Cleveland Has Life w/ TD to Landry!
Cleveland Has Life w/ TD to Landry!Ganger 159 k2 dager siden
0:56Honey Badger Snatches Up an 18-Yd INT
0:43Mecole Hardman's Got Travis Kelce's Back
22:28Divisional Round Game Day View | NFL 2021
0:42Mecole Hardman Takes Off Like a Rocket!
0:32What a MEAN Stiff Arm by Cam Akers!
What a MEAN Stiff Arm by Cam Akers!Ganger 51 k3 dager siden
0:33Cam Akers & the Rams Are Getting Tricky!
0:45Aaron Rodgers A.K.A. The Wizard
Aaron Rodgers A.K.A. The WizardGanger 88 k3 dager siden
0:39Round 1 Goes to Davante Adams!
Round 1 Goes to Davante Adams!Ganger 92 k3 dager siden
6:36Divisional Round Game Picks! | NFL 2020
43:47Divisional Round NFL Power Rankings Show
1:10Divisional Round NFL Power Rankings Show
1:01:3310 Takeaways from Super Wild Card Weekend
0:50Nick Chubb Breaks Away for a 40-Yd TD
0:38Big Ben Throws a TD Dime to Eric Ebron
0:51Big Ben Picked Off for a 3rd Time!
Big Ben Picked Off for a 3rd Time!Ganger 69 k9 dager siden
0:42Cleveland...THIS IS FOR YOU!
Cleveland...THIS IS FOR YOU!Ganger 91 k9 dager siden


  • At the end it’s the Best for Kareem. He got a playoff win for his Hometown.

  • It's fake though she went home and cried lol. Tho.

  • FOR THOSE WHO DONT KNOW FOOTBALL... The reason lamar only throws in the middle has to do with personnel and formations not his ability. They have a pass catching TE that typically lines up in the slot or tight to the line , 5’8 Hollywood for a number 1 who should be in the slot , 5’10 willie Snead who was drew brees’s 4th receiver and also slot receiver , and 5’10 devin duvernay who is a slot receiver. And the formations are usually tight when they play out the pistol which means he usually doesn’t have many route options.

  • Insane

  • As a jags fan. This was the most heart breaking lost I ever had to go through as a sport fan. My mom is a Patriots fan she watch the whole game. Not one time she brag the whole time. She actually felt so bad afterward. I wanted to cry. What a game. We were almost there. Smh

  • 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙

  • If drew brees retires then I wish him the best. Truly one of the best to ever show up gg

  • How is possible to loose this match?

  • Browns won, illegal hit spearing TD. Cant be reviewed. Why? Because they have to control the games.

  • I missed this Seattle seahawks team right hurr

  • I’m so glad there is no curse on the saints. After all that was removed after they won super bowl in 2009 right? But wait!! Can a curse be put back on a team. Hmmm..... interesting question.


  • The GOAT

  • 😲😲😲😲😲😲

  • here in 2021... manifesting for the jets

  • Who thinks that the bus will make it to the sb?

  • Gronk's mic is crinkling

  • Yes!!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!! BRONCOS FOREVER... SUPER BOWL 50 ....YEA......

  • Let’s do it again, KC! #816 #KCMO #ChiefsKingdom

  • Dallas not in playoffs, pro bowl, and we aren't allowed within 100 feet of a football

  • First year hoping for tom Brady to win...


  • Y’all saints blame the refs but act like y’all ain’t had a chance to win the game had ball first in overtime

  • NO MORE BEYONCÉ, idc if BLM has a cow and cries RACIST! Not everyone likes her and to be honest she's not a good vocal singer, she's known to shake her big ass around, she copies Tina Turner and has to outdo no more of this devil worshiper..(bring on the hate)

  • 2021 and i’m still very upset about this game. myles jack wasnt down

  • Brady I'll make it fair I'll go to a team that hasn't been to the playoffs in 13 years since you say it's Belichick

  • Honestly when Thomas Landry said respect really everyone has respect for everyone else to be honest

  • I came here specifically for 6:09 My favorite Devin White play. #GoBucs

  • First we got Brady vs Brees. Next week is Brady vs Rogelio (Rodgers)!

  • I'm a KC fan so just saying we need mahomes because if we go against buffalo with hene we will louse

  • Hi I love nfl

  • 2021...

  • Is nobody going to talk about Henne and how he more than filled in for Mahomes?

  • 1:08 brees says ram 23. rams number 23 robey coleman was the one who did the no call hit in the afc championship two years ago.

  • ppl were hating and doubting TB12 just like, Y’ALL FORGOT ABOUT DRE

  • People keep sleeping on Brady! Don't do it.

  • Rodgers and lamar goat My rams will 3peat when we get watson

  • How can they call lowering the helmet yet the browns one not called. Officials absolutely dreadful.

  • second

  • Touch back is a TRASH.

  • Anyone else notice the ball Tom Brady is using is different than a traditional football? It appears to be different than the one the Saints use. Anyone know anything about this?

  • can they steal another one this season from the pack?

  • How is the hit on Mahomes not one of the highlights??

  • Baby Brady is still a top QB But damn the Bucs D was great GO HAWKS!!!

  • Who watched the whole thing cuz I didn't

  • the best super bowl performance ever

  • First

  • If N.O. had a QB, they win this easily.

  • Football is a lot more interesting without sportscasters blather and the gazillion advertisement.

  • Never doubt Tom Brady let’s go Bucs❤️🤎❤️🤎

  • You can only admire what these new players have done for the Bucs. Amazing really, old stagers like Gronk and Brady, through sheer force of Will and muscle memory, have goth them to where they are now. Incredible. Well played both teams.

  • Bounty gate brees has been eliminated.

  • I want to go to the Super Bowl

  • As much as a hate brady I would love to see history be made with the bucs being the first team to ever play on their field in the super bowl

  • Bucs defense dirty af

  • I miss this wentz

  • Bucs fans got the last laugh 😆

  • This man genuinely said the packers will go 8 and 8 and even miss out on the playoffs😂😂😂😂

  • @NFL ya'll need to hire better writers cause this rigged ridiculous playoff games been boring 😂 only watch this fixed games to see how many script plays i can pick out 😂 can believe people believe football is real sports

  • If the refs call that helmet to helmet on the touchdown touchback, the browns win!

  • Bucs laughing because they beat the saints by 10 in the divisional like:

  • Lamar 😂😂😂

  • Packers about to Run all over these Boys!! Period!!

  • Nope, the Buffalo Bills has the greatest comeback in the history of the NFL with the 35-3 comeback over the Houston Oilers

  • Brady is truly a great QB. He even wins when he doesn't play for the patriots!

  • For the rematch, on Offense we have to look for precision shots against Dean, White, & David, among others, but especially them, and on Defense we have to (cover) contain Gronk, Jones, & Godwin, & put some pressure on Brady with Lancaster, Gary, Clark, & the Smith Bros, & blitzes, they say Tom loves them, Ball Security, see the catch in your hands, Special teams make the tackle count, Db stands and starts Applauding, Applause Applause, Clap Clap 👊🏾

  • Still don't understand how that 49ers reciever still came down with catch when the cowboys had 6 db's there

  • Ready for Conference Championship Sunday

  • Repent and be baptized for the forgiveness of sins and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit :) Go to heaven my friends Acts 2:38

  • Repent and be baptized for the forgiveness of sins and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit :) Go to heaven my friends Acts 2:38

  • Aaron Rodgers can through farther and stronger then mahomes

  • Few people know, but this was the opening of the apocalypse

  • Who still looking at this in 2021?

  • 1:07 look at that guy behing the pole 😂

  • That touchback was something else, completely new to me. Fumbling into the endzone, I hadn't seen that before

  • 8:52 is proof that Joe Buck is capable of sounding exciting but just doesn't do it lol

  • Hi

  • @6 00 looks like the refs are getting better with those calls? hit also if he was any closer 🤕

  • Pov: you came back to this video after they both won there games and are advancing to go play each other in the afc championship game

  • aiskapencco