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2:07:34Chelsea vs Real Madrid Watchalong
2:12:36Man City vs PSG Watchalong
Man City vs PSG WatchalongGanger 29 kDag siden
2:05:29Real Madrid vs Chelsea Watchalong
Real Madrid vs Chelsea WatchalongGanger 52 k8 dager siden
2:09:43PSG vs Bayern Munich Watchalong
PSG vs Bayern Munich WatchalongGanger 57 k22 dager siden
2:11:13Bayern Munich vs PSG Watchalong
Bayern Munich vs PSG WatchalongGanger 53 kMåned siden


  • Nacho garbage

  • Tuchel did it with a broken leg 😂😭🤣 .....he's most def top 2 coaches ITW rn with pep

  • Please don’t get frustrated Arsenal fans. You chose to be fans of losers so stick to it. Just be joyful with your players when they celebrate beating a relegation team (right now after scoring 2 goals in West brom) cos pretty soon they won’t be able to even do that !!

  • It's good to see more Americans playing in premiere league :) it Will help Our US Football National Team Grow :)

  • EPL supporting a movement they did not research the principles

  • Thank the almighty no more professionals taking a kneel. I finally start watching again.

  • "He couldn't miss that one" lmao savage commentator

  • My god Man U’s defense is atrocious. No sense of urgency. Completely leaving De Gea to do all the work...

  • 强大

  • As a united fan let's go puli let's get usa to atlest the RO 16

  • Nelson might not be in the title anymore, but at least it’s in the description!

  • Comments 0.1% good job Villareal 99.9% lol @ Arsenal

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  • the penalty for man u is absurd

  • Imagine with ronaldinho

  • Good ebening

  • Cavani’s pass is something else

  • Cavani has been just unstoppable

  • Does Pogba even try to make it look like he cares?

  • Hahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaahahahahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • just an awful podcast

  • Bbbi

  • goalkeeper for chelsea is a beast #mendy

  • They beat them in the league

  • Porto won but didn’t go to next round?

  • Correctly given? (Penalty) the blue boot hit the white socks, this is a BS call and Porto dove.

  • Werner should’ve ran to kante after his goal what a run!

  • U can’t hurt another player intentionally, you’re devastating his career and family, that’s bottom line!

  • 0:22 “but he couldnt miss that one” LMAOOOOO

  • City are still favorites? They still haven’t beat Tuchel 😂😂😂

  • Without Cristiano Ronaldo it’s been very hard for Madrid to win the champions

  • Madridista solo tirando patadas anda


  • Werner still overrated asf. Doesn’t deserve to be playing on any of the top European teams imho

  • I’m sure he’s tired of being addressed as “an American in the premier league”

  • I watch this at least once everyday COYB

  • The consolation 3rd goal that they gave Roma was kind of sad. Clearly offside but when they're that far down, just give it to them and look the other way.

  • Ese tiro de modric al Barcelona si se lo hubiese metido que casualidad

  • Let’s go man city 🌃

  • So proud to be Chelsea. COME ONNNN🔵🔵🔵🔵

  • Wow is it me .... I don’t see any elite players in Man U? Besides De Gea, they’re all mediocre.

  • If it wasn’t for De Gea this could’ve been Rimontada part 2

  • Class act, hope his injuries go away as he grows

  • Poor Fred lmao went out sad

  • David degea !!! What a performance !!!! Woww

  • 탐"김덕배. 승난황소처럼 뛰었다 ! Mancity they run like red bulls🈴🌴

  • Those fouls though. RM is real lucky not getting anyone sent off.

  • The fact Pulisic doesn’t start every game and when he does start gets subbed in the 60th is ridiculous.

  • 3:00 to the face

  • The little submarine that could

  • Anybody noticed our defense was 0/10 today? A berrer side would’ve won it 7:2.

  • Is that a lot of yellow cards in one game?

  • Nothing makes me happier as a tottenham fan

  • They were fouling Pulisic so much like they don't want an American to play in the champions league final

  • Worst commentator I’ve ever heard

  • Bruno and Mcguire are the lamest players I've ever seen in my miserable life

  • Take that #14 off bro ur disrespecting Thierry Henry


  • Does any one know if Chelsea wins the final, that 5th place gets the CL qualifiers as well?

  • big minutes for giroud!

  • mendy deserves at least an 88 rated GK card in fifa 22 JS

  • Pulisic not starting is a crime.. key goal in first leg.. key assist in the 2nd leg.. give the man some credit!!

  • #timo reminds of #torres, flopped most of the season then scores in the semi-final. And yes we were champions that year and #chelseafc will be #UCL champions this year.

  • 1:50 how is that a yellow! Straight RED IMO

  • 💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙

  • If you pause at 4:01 you can see City are so good they have created after-images.

  • "EngliSHH, is the language of the Champions League." 😄

  • Cavani isn’t scared of the moment. I love the mental toughness he brings to get shit done.

  • There’s more laughs to be had at Arsenal’s expense. They’re closer to Championship football than Champions League football. One of these days, Don Robbie is going to open his videos saying, “Disappointing result at Millwall.”

  • Hazard the worst player ever that Real Madrid owned .

  • Benzima was playing by him self against Chelsea.

  • Their third goal was offside

  • What a great ebening!! 😊😊

  • Mahrezzz

  • Fuck Chelsea

  • I like the combination between Bruno Fernanades and Cavani

  • Cristian Usa ... The best player...

  • "Good Ebenin"