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In this channel you will find tech videos, reviews, road trips, tests and other useful information about Tesla Model 3 Performance. I test almost every EV out there.
About me:
I'm a full time NOlongr making content mainly about EVs. In the past I had an office job and then I did some Nimber jobs. But since 2018 I have been doing only NOlong. I was born in Thailand and I have lived in Norway since I was four years old.


16:02ABRP Premium My Drives feature
ABRP Premium My Drives featureGanger 8 k2 dager siden
2:32Polestar 2 and Model 3 winter tire noise
7:18E-crosskart for kids by Marcusbil
E-crosskart for kids by MarcusbilGanger 12 k9 dager siden
18:31How to quickly heat up a Polestar 2 battery
4:24Polestar 2 vampire drain after 4 days
Polestar 2 vampire drain after 4 daysGanger 27 k12 dager siden
7:43Maxus e-Deliver 3 charging
Maxus e-Deliver 3 chargingGanger 10 k12 dager siden
7:52Tesla Model 3 floor mats from Taptes review
30:30Tesla Model 3 charging 7 kW from Paxster
26:52Tesla Model 3 price cut and many improvements
7:06How to fix 4G on Polestar 2
How to fix 4G on Polestar 2Ganger 10 k14 dager siden
33:01#67 ID3 to Arctic Circle part 2
#67 ID3 to Arctic Circle part 2Ganger 51 k16 dager siden
30:39#67 VW ID3 to Arctic Circle part 1
#67 VW ID3 to Arctic Circle part 1Ganger 57 k17 dager siden
5:03Getting software update on Polestar 2
Getting software update on Polestar 2Ganger 26 k18 dager siden
12:48Model S 75D facelift headlights test
Model S 75D facelift headlights testGanger 12 k19 dager siden
24:06Tesla Model 3 headlights test
Tesla Model 3 headlights testGanger 21 k21 dag siden
7:57Watching YouTube videos in Polestar 2
5:57Polestar 2 winter tire swap outside my home
19:25Polestar 2 vs Model 3 on wet motorway
Polestar 2 vs Model 3 on wet motorwayGanger 74 k23 dager siden
16:06#66 Model 3 to Arctic Circle part 2
#66 Model 3 to Arctic Circle part 2Ganger 20 k23 dager siden
35:37#66 Model 3 to Arctic Circle part 1
#66 Model 3 to Arctic Circle part 1Ganger 32 k24 dager siden
6:10Getting HEPA filter for Tesla Model 3
Getting HEPA filter for Tesla Model 3Ganger 22 k25 dager siden
7:14Porsche 2.1 MWh Turbo Charging trailer
28:19Driving Porsche Taycan Turbo S at Rudskogen
23:40VW ID3 1st Plus review
VW ID3 1st Plus reviewGanger 90 k28 dager siden
11:59VW ID3 1st acceleration and noise test
14:28VW ID3 1st Plus range test
VW ID3 1st Plus range testGanger 38 k29 dager siden
29:14#65 Polestar 2 Polar Circle part 2
#65 Polestar 2 Polar Circle part 2Ganger 34 k29 dager siden
43:26#65 Polestar 2 Polar Circle part 1
#65 Polestar 2 Polar Circle part 1Ganger 45 kMåned siden
18:18Polestar 2 Geilo test
Polestar 2 Geilo testGanger 35 kMåned siden
38:27My comments about Tesla Battery Day
11:45Polestar 2 LED matrix headlights
Polestar 2 LED matrix headlightsGanger 23 kMåned siden
8:17iMove delivered Polestar 2 to my home
22:14Counting EVs in Norway on Friday afternoon
14:17VW ID3 LED Matrix headlights
VW ID3 LED Matrix headlightsGanger 33 kMåned siden
13:33VW ID3 1st Max range test
VW ID3 1st Max range testGanger 55 kMåned siden
10:08Race between ID3 and e-tron part 2
Race between ID3 and e-tron part 2Ganger 29 kMåned siden
19:30VW ID3 1st 1000 km challenge
VW ID3 1st 1000 km challengeGanger 78 kMåned siden
9:57VW ID3 1st charging at Ionity
VW ID3 1st charging at IonityGanger 39 kMåned siden
13:32VW ID3 1st range test
VW ID3 1st range testGanger 135 kMåned siden
25:29Polestar 2 1000 km challenge
Polestar 2 1000 km challengeGanger 58 kMåned siden
11:40Maxus e-Deliver 3 range test
Maxus e-Deliver 3 range testGanger 27 kMåned siden
15:36Lazer Linear 18 Elite on Tesla Model 3
5:32Polestar and ID3 livestreams coming soon
6:11Polestar 2 banana box test
Polestar 2 banana box testGanger 37 kMåned siden
18:27Tesla Model S LR Raven 1000 km challenge
13:36Let's talk about Lucid Air
Let's talk about Lucid AirGanger 66 kMåned siden
10:25Trunk sound mat for Tesla Model 3
Trunk sound mat for Tesla Model 3Ganger 46 kMåned siden
18:45Skoda Enyaq short review
Skoda Enyaq short reviewGanger 145 kMåned siden
15:23Head-up display for Tesla Model 3
Head-up display for Tesla Model 3Ganger 48 kMåned siden
21:29Vlog 8 September 2020
Vlog 8 September 2020Ganger 25 kMåned siden
15:21Peugeot e-2008 interior and space review
3:07Peugeot e-2008 banana box test
Peugeot e-2008 banana box testGanger 15 kMåned siden
10:26Peugeot e-2008 range test
Peugeot e-2008 range testGanger 72 kMåned siden
21:22Road trip to Paxster factory
Road trip to Paxster factoryGanger 17 kMåned siden
35:532nd hand Tesla market
2nd hand Tesla marketGanger 40 kMåned siden
46:242nd hand EV market in Norway
2nd hand EV market in NorwayGanger 26 k2 måneder siden
12:21Paxster range test
Paxster range testGanger 18 k2 måneder siden
23:05Paxster review - first day
Paxster review - first dayGanger 23 k2 måneder siden
12:12How fast is Track Mode cooling the battery?
40:24Camping in Model 3 at Venabygdsfjellet
Camping in Model 3 at VenabygdsfjelletGanger 26 k2 måneder siden
54:50Which EV should you buy in 2020?
Which EV should you buy in 2020?Ganger 52 k2 måneder siden
11:12Model 3 Performance Geilo test
Model 3 Performance Geilo testGanger 32 k2 måneder siden
23:21Polestar 2 range test
Polestar 2 range testGanger 111 k2 måneder siden
17:37Charging loss on Model 3 on AC and DC
Charging loss on Model 3 on AC and DCGanger 24 k2 måneder siden
10:39Tesla Model 3 foam mattress review
Tesla Model 3 foam mattress reviewGanger 28 k2 måneder siden
7:09Porsche Taycan 4S 93 kWh charging on Ionity
19:09Porsche Taycan 4S 93 kWh range test
Porsche Taycan 4S 93 kWh range testGanger 94 k2 måneder siden
8:05Polestar 1 acceleration and noise test
Polestar 1 acceleration and noise testGanger 28 k2 måneder siden
27:27Polestar 1 range test
Polestar 1 range testGanger 47 k2 måneder siden


  • Nice equipment! I would recommend getting it fully ensured in case of an accident or whatever.

  • Try the new Dji pocket 2. It has a wireless mic. Also a wider field of view. ISO 6200

  • Get an iphone 12 pro max to record and get rid of the bulky camcorder. You’ll thank me.

  • Great, I was about to write you, that you really should considerate upgrading your equipment, because picture quality is not as good as it could be :-) I am looking forward to winter roadtrips with new equipment.

    • Are you sure about that? The Canon HF-G50 creates really sharp and good images.

  • You should engage X peng personnel to assist Mandarin version in X peng shooting. 🤔

  • Dude, you work really hard, harder than any other NOlongr I know. You deserve the toys. I support you on Patreon and like to see you rewarding yourself. Great job and I look forward to seeing you using this new stuff.

  • Won't the bubble level freeze in the Norwegian winter?

    • I haven't noticed but I bet it has anti-freezing in it.

  • What no Apple phones, everybody that is anybody flashes their apple phone everywhere. Anyhow, always watch all your videos regardless :)

  • Excellent video, thank you. My title" Things I always wanted to ask Teslabjorn about his equipment and never had the courage".

  • Very nice. As a person who works in digital media, I am with you on upgrading the kit to get better quality or simplify the workflow. But, do you need a new computer now? 😉

    • Yes, I'm waiting for the new Ryzen.

  • So which camera shot this video?😂

  • Great video. A yearly update like this will be helpful to understand and learn the setup. 💪🏻👍🏻✌🏻

  • 16:51 „The dead cat is starting to Disintegrate!“ 🤣🤣

  • What about sony s7III

  • Very nice to see your upgraded gear, Bjørn. Can't wait to see it in action. 👍 Would also love to see a before / after comparison of your PC once you upgrade it. 😁

  • Wow a floppy, haven’t seen one of those in years

  • All that money you spend on camera equipment you don’t spend on a new phone, Plus you need a “proper” case for your phones

  • Dynaudio speakers, the best you can get.. Thats true, its way better than harman kardon.. And it's Made in Denmark

  • Can’t you get a micro USB to USB-C cable and use your thermal imaging camera with a newer phone

  • You never use the drone 😔 There are much smaller headlamps, that is massive

  • Congratulations on your purchase. That is a kick ass lens! Good shit. My photography is always on long days walking so I need super portability. I like Sony mirrorless and am getting the dji pocket 2

  • Get OnePlus forget about samsungs

  • Canon DSLR for video at the end of 2020? Really?

    • I checked the R-series. The closest one in price is RP which costs the same as 6Dmkii. But it doesn't have sensor shift. R6 has it but it costs 2.3 times more... And battery life on the mirrorless cameras are shit compared to DSLR. Are you sure you know my needs? Remember that I need: - Articulating screen - I don't care about 4K - Good battery life - A good camera for timelapse - Heavy and bulky: I don't care because I don't walk far with the camera - Most of the time when I shoot video, I use manual focus anyway so the advantage of AF with mirrorless is neglectable for me.

    • @Bjørn Nyland 4k is really bad for energy consumption for my laptop. (the fans are going wild) 1080p FTW. But I want better livestream picture quality. Pawel had very good quality. I didn't watch the whole video, please upgrade that if you can.

    • 1. Already explained in the video that I don't want to shoot in 4K. I don't know why people are so obsessed about 4K. It's like the megapixel race and the GHz race. Which camera would you suggest that I buy then?

    • @Bjørn Nyland 1. It is FullHD only. NO 4K. 2. It is DSLR, mirrorless is much better for video. 3 It doesn't have sensor shift stabilisation. 4. Quality of the video is really bad. 5. It is heavy and bulky. 6. It is outdated. I can continue...

    • What's the problem? Please explain.

  • You should dispose the old batteries before they explode.

  • Can't wait to see some (test) shots video and photo's with those! This is good shieeeet!

  • I know that feeling... buying a expensive toy... and regret it... I am on the fence for Model 3 and afraid of that feeling if I buy the car 🚗 keep up the good work :)

    • You won’t regret a tesla purchase. Just don’t over extend yourself.

  • He just went full bananas

  • TBH the 6D2 is probably the worst camera Canon currently sells. The RP is much better for video.

    • Dude, R5 costs 54k and R6 costs 32k. And my camera was 14k. Do you think I have unlimited funds? ;)

    • @Bjørn NylandIf you are worried about the R6 or R5 overheating issues you could always switch to Sony or even Fuji. I know the 6D2 seems like a good deal but it was already obsolete at launch. Corporations don't deserve your faithfulness when they purposely cripple their products.

    • The problem is that no R was suitable for me.

    • @Bjørn Nyland the future is mirrorless and it's better to build a system around the R mount. EF is a dead end.

    • Doesn't fit my needs.

  • I’m sorry but I can’t see how 6D is the better choice in any discussion... Still you do you man.

    • I don't think you guys understand my needs. I talked about it in this video but it seems like people fail to understand them. Once you do, you will see that the 6Dmkii is the best choice.

    • I would say Sony a7|||, but I understand the draw to canon when already having lenses from before

    • And which camera would be better, in your opinion based on my needs and budget?

    • I am sure he is ready for people to tell him. Me. I prefer mirrorless. Sony has amazing quality and you could pop that lens on a Sony too. I need portability so I like pancake lenses and a go pro for video but I am switching to that new pocket 2

    • Why is it so bad then?

  • Can recommend DJI Mini over Mavic, as it's 249g, and the rules for flying are a lot more relaxed. Though, the sensor and optics are smaller you still have to adhere to people and surroundings.

  • Use Tesla model S long range +

  • Looking forward to the new footage

  • Thank you for showing us this... And then back to watching 😊

  • Asians and their dead cats!! :)

  • Whats Up Bjørn, the rumour is that you plan a new PC with the workhorse Zen-3 CPU. I like to help to make it as good as possible. Where can we see what components you already chosen, assuming you want my help? For instance, for maximum ludicrous work performance Samsung just releases the Samsung SSD 980 PRO 1TB, M.2. Up to 7000MB/​s read and 5000MB/​s write with the new PCIe 4.0 x4 bus. I would go for it. Everything would start almost instantly, just like Tesla acceleration. (;

  • Where is the stove and fridge? Arent these included in a Norwegian kitchen ?

  • Nice video many equipment for professional work

  • Decided to watch all videos from the start. So here I am in 2020 :p

  • Bjørn You don't need Awd to drive in winter conditions, unless you are going to some crazy offroad stuff. Just a normal 2wd car would do just fine.. Maybe a classic model s from 2013 rear wheel drive, could be interesting to know What charging speed it would get and how much longer the trip would take.. There are a lot of ppl considering a second hand model s from 2013, 2014 me included

  • That Yeti Blue mic is manly used by ASMRtists maybe you'll try something new like mic touching :)

  • Been waiting for this. Thank you!

  • good shiiit

  • Glad to see you showing us your other tech setup, not only your Tesla. By the way, did you get the FSD beta access?

    • Not available in Europe.

    • @Xuan Han Tan Elon says free HW 3 upgrade soon. So MC Hammer would be ready for it soon.

    • Bjørn's Model 3 still uses HW2.5 so most likely no FSD beta

    • Don't think FSD beta is available for anyone outside the US and maybe Canada. Needs approval in the EU etc.

  • hello from israel make more long trips to germany pariz italy

  • Ohhh to have all the EV benefits in Australia like Norway. You guys are legends!!

  • Greets to Helga. Was a good ride! 😂

  • Why is the food so expensive in Norway? Is that the same at the supermarket very expensive?

    • Supermarket food is of course cheaper than buying at a restaurant in no man's land. The same applies for other countries as well.

  • It would be cool to see polestar 1 on a trip like this. Ev mode before your food stops and then use 50kw dc charging

    • Nope, check out my Polestar 1 videos. It's shit for DC charging.

  • What’s the cost to do this every year?

  • Hi Bjørn. You are driving a little bit faster than me. My trip from Sarpsborg to Lofoten, and back again, this is my numbers. 3327 km, 466 KWh, 140 Wh/km. ☺

  • nice video as usual 👍 What about a hybrid? Have a go with the BMW X3 or X5 PHEV. The hybrid battery will keep you warm during the aurora-watch!

  • Anyone else watcching to see if Noraly from Itchy Boots happens to cross paths? Both were up there almost at the same time.

  • Thanks, Bjorn! That was a really enjoyable series. Would an id3 work or is the rear wheel drive a no go?

  • 2:22 Rode Lav Mic w/ Dead Cat for the win! :)

  • Pretty sure you would love HWY 20 in Washington State. Granted only one or two, ok 3 L2 chargers, and one Tesla Destination for now. Yeah it's kinda lame in the more remote areas. Regardless It's one amazing mountain pass in the US PNW. Sea to Farm to Pass to Highland Plains and beyond! Taking Delivery of our Rivian R1T in July. Wanna come for a visit and a few regional road trips? You know at some point in a post-2020-vaccine world. Look up Diablo Lake or North Cascade HWY in general. By then our Cabin should be totally off grid, with Charging! Hit me up in like 2022. Skal!

  • 4:52 Julemanden (Julenissen) crew pre-season adventures....MCHammer doesn't need us to fly! lol

  • Bjørn, can you please go into detail why the new filters are so bad? Could it be that they are really not hepa filter?

  • Wow that’s good what was your average speed ? Thanks for video

    • It's on the display there. You just have to do some Asian math.

  • I converted your numbers to about 115 miles to the gallon. niiice..4 times what my fossil gets.

  • Him oh sh shi sh help powerrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • We have wifey, wifi I mean 😂💁🏻

  • We should open up a go fund me account and get him a brand new battery for his leaf😎😎😎

  • How about we Norwegians? YEAHYEAHYEH in USA it cost 45$ to 59$,, same car in Norway it's gonna cost 650 to 750 NOK hahahahah what a joke. everybody in Norway still will buy the E2008 or even still the MG ZS EV. just SAD taxes.

  • thanks for this nice wiews. Time for a new Tesla from China? the new batteries is interesting.

  • Looks like the rear end of an Impreza with raised eyebrows 😆

  • Check out the STI........❤😊❤

  • Why is it called Mustang it is mystery to me. I think people will refer to it as Ford.

  • What are you saying at 13:17 ? Ioniq......

  • lol 16:21

  • I hate fossil cars too. That smell.

  • You have a friend with an EQC? You failed to educate him.

  • Led light model s same led light model x ?

  • Went to Lofoten with M3P a week before Svolvær SC came online. Had to go to 50kW at midnight to get juice and still there came cars queueing after me... But well worth it, beautiful place. Norwegian Toyotas drive even slower than Finnish ones 😁

  • Reminder : You are ~8 months away to take Model Y on a summer camping trip! It's so near but so far in the same time

  • „There is no other car“

  • "No wonder I have Type 3 discharges!" haha


  • Lafinto is bases in Fredrikstad, Norway.

  • That breakfast is making me feel hungry. Yum.

  • Really looking forward to the episode on phantom braking. I rented a model 3 for a few days for an 800 mile road trip and I was shocked at how bad the phantom braking was (and how rarely it appears to be mentioned). It made what should have been a relaxing drive into something that was very stressful...with my foot almost permanently hovering above the accelerator pedal when overtaking...just in case it kicked in at 70mph. IMHO the adaptive cruise control in my eGolf is far superior to autopilot. The supercharger network was excellent and sort of rescued the trip but the braking really took the shine off it.