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THIS IS A VIOLATIONGanger 2,2 mill2 dager siden
9:18Fastest Imposter Win Ever?
Fastest Imposter Win Ever?Ganger 3,2 mill4 dager siden
SALTY COMPILATION 3 (AMONG US)Ganger 3,2 mill5 dager siden
I HAVE 2 SPECIAL GUESTSGanger 2,6 mill8 dager siden
I GOT CAUGHT OUT IN A LIVESTREAMGanger 3,8 mill7 dager siden
FUNNIEST AMONG US GAMEGanger 3,3 mill7 dager siden
3:30No One Has Ever Done This Before...
No One Has Ever Done This Before...Ganger 2,6 mill8 dager siden
9:31I Did A 1 V 7 in Among Us
I Did A 1 V 7 in Among UsGanger 3,3 mill9 dager siden
HIDE AND SEEK IN AMONG USGanger 3,2 mill10 dager siden
10:59What If All The Sidemen Were Fat?
What If All The Sidemen Were Fat?Ganger 3,8 mill12 dager siden
11:42Low IQ Duo Imposter Attempt - Among Us #3
Low IQ Duo Imposter Attempt - Among Us #3Ganger 4,1 mill16 dager siden
16:43They Tried To Make Fun Of Me
They Tried To Make Fun Of MeGanger 4,6 mill17 dager siden
11:13I Can’t Believe It Happened Again  - Among Us #2
10:57How Was This An Ad?
How Was This An Ad?Ganger 3,6 mill20 dager siden
10:01I AM THE BEST IMPOSTER - Among Us #1
I AM THE BEST IMPOSTER - Among Us #1Ganger 5 mill21 dag siden
13:29I'm A Snake?
I'm A Snake?Ganger 3,6 mill24 dager siden
20:00My Top 10 KSI Youtube Videos
My Top 10 KSI Youtube VideosGanger 3,6 mill26 dager siden
12:26I Found A Good Jake Paul Diss Track
I Found A Good Jake Paul Diss TrackGanger 4,3 mill28 dager siden
12:19It‘s So Hard Not To Laugh At This
It‘s So Hard Not To Laugh At ThisGanger 7 millMåned siden
15:57KSI Vs Pewdiepie
KSI Vs PewdiepieGanger 3,7 millMåned siden
17:43I Hope You're Happy Now
I Hope You're Happy NowGanger 3,7 millMåned siden
13:31My Thoughts On Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul
13:15He Wasn’t Happy I Beat Logan Paul
He Wasn’t Happy I Beat Logan PaulGanger 4,6 millMåned siden
11:18Reacting To Jake Paul’s 23 Song
Reacting To Jake Paul’s 23 SongGanger 4,8 millMåned siden
14:59If This Gets Number One I Will...
If This Gets Number One I Will...Ganger 3 millMåned siden
11:23What Do The Public Think of KSI?
What Do The Public Think of KSI?Ganger 2,9 millMåned siden
13:31Ok, I'm Getting Annoyed Now...
Ok, I'm Getting Annoyed Now...Ganger 4 millMåned siden
20:01This Is Why I'm Amazing
This Is Why I'm AmazingGanger 3,1 millMåned siden
16:03What If Deji Beat Jake Paul?
What If Deji Beat Jake Paul?Ganger 4,5 millMåned siden
TRY NOT TO LAUGH: FORFEIT EDITIONGanger 4,5 mill2 måneder siden
15:07Apparently I Hate Indians...
Apparently I Hate Indians...Ganger 4,7 mill2 måneder siden
25:29Pewdiepie wants me to buy this?
Pewdiepie wants me to buy this?Ganger 4,4 mill2 måneder siden
12:20This Woman Doesn’t Drink Water?!?!
This Woman Doesn’t Drink Water?!?!Ganger 3,4 mill2 måneder siden
17:32Playing Fall Guys
Playing Fall GuysGanger 4,3 mill2 måneder siden
11:49Youtuber Does A Smash Or Pass On Me
Youtuber Does A Smash Or Pass On MeGanger 5 mill2 måneder siden
TRY NOT LAUGH (KSI MEME EDITION)Ganger 6 mill2 måneder siden
10:01The Only Youtuber With 2 Diamond Play Buttons
The Only Youtuber With 2 Diamond Play ButtonsGanger 4,9 mill2 måneder siden
4:32What you didn't see...
What you didn't see...Ganger 2,2 mill2 måneder siden
15:03I've Been Lied To...
I've Been Lied To...Ganger 4,3 mill2 måneder siden
15:22What is my bro doing?
What is my bro doing?Ganger 6 mill2 måneder siden
LAUGHING AT: JAKE PAUL & LOGAN PAULGanger 7 mill2 måneder siden
9:18My 1000th Video!!!
My 1000th Video!!!Ganger 4,1 mill2 måneder siden
14:12Ladies and Gentlemen...We did it
Ladies and Gentlemen...We did itGanger 4,1 mill2 måneder siden
9:13Why Being Under 6 Foot is Good
Why Being Under 6 Foot is GoodGanger 2,7 mill3 måneder siden
I'VE BEEN EXPOSED?Ganger 3,6 mill3 måneder siden
I HAVE A SPECIAL GUESTGanger 3,4 mill3 måneder siden
14:55We Lost To Jake Paul?
We Lost To Jake Paul?Ganger 5 mill3 måneder siden
REACTING TO LIGHTER REACTIONSGanger 2,8 mill3 måneder siden
10:04Reacting To Jake Paul's New Song...
Reacting To Jake Paul's New Song...Ganger 9 mill3 måneder siden
14:24Someone Hacked and Stole My Diamond Play Button...
11:26I Threw How Much At Her!?!?!?!
I Threw How Much At Her!?!?!?!Ganger 4,7 mill3 måneder siden
10:45I physically can’t say this word...
I physically can’t say this word...Ganger 3 mill3 måneder siden
14:52How Big Is My Ego?
How Big Is My Ego?Ganger 3,4 mill3 måneder siden
15:03What Is My Real Height?
What Is My Real Height?Ganger 4,2 mill3 måneder siden
REACTING TO KILLA KILLA REACTIONSGanger 3,2 mill3 måneder siden
9:28Reacting To Realistic Cakes
Reacting To Realistic CakesGanger 5 mill3 måneder siden
15:54The Truth about my red hair...
The Truth about my red hair...Ganger 4,3 mill3 måneder siden
16:24How good am i at maths?
How good am i at maths?Ganger 3,9 mill3 måneder siden
13:38TRY NOT TO LAUGH (African Edition
TRY NOT TO LAUGH (African EditionGanger 8 mill3 måneder siden
18:19Someone else is the Number One Nigerian Youtuber
STOP WITH THE KSIMON MEMESGanger 6 mill3 måneder siden
10:04Which feature would i remove from my album?
Which feature would i remove from my album?Ganger 2,7 mill4 måneder siden
11:53TRY NOT TO LAUGH (Roadman Edition)
TRY NOT TO LAUGH (Roadman Edition)Ganger 8 mill4 måneder siden
17:26Reacting to Tiktoks of my album
Reacting to Tiktoks of my albumGanger 4 mill4 måneder siden
10:02What if Logan had beaten me?
What if Logan had beaten me?Ganger 4,4 mill4 måneder siden
WOULD YOU RATHER...Ganger 3,6 mill4 måneder siden
10:49African Warlord plays Warzone
African Warlord plays WarzoneGanger 3,6 mill4 måneder siden
ANSWERING YOUR ASSUMPTIONSGanger 4,1 mill4 måneder siden
12:40I got a root canal and this happened...
I got a root canal and this happened...Ganger 3,9 mill4 måneder siden
13:46TRY NOT TO LAUGH (Snowboard Edition)
TRY NOT TO LAUGH (Snowboard Edition)Ganger 6 mill4 måneder siden
19:26Pewdiepie Reacted To Our Reddit
Pewdiepie Reacted To Our RedditGanger 5 mill4 måneder siden
10:22FUNNY MEMES: Don't Leave Me
FUNNY MEMES: Don't Leave MeGanger 5 mill4 måneder siden
13:35Proof Ricegum doesn't write most of his music
10:52This kid tried trolling me...
This kid tried trolling me...Ganger 3,8 mill4 måneder siden
14:25Well this was awkward...
Well this was awkward...Ganger 5 mill4 måneder siden
13:22Ariana Grande is black?
Ariana Grande is black?Ganger 4 mill4 måneder siden
13:23TRY NOT TO LAUGH (Batman Edition)
TRY NOT TO LAUGH (Batman Edition)Ganger 8 mill4 måneder siden
15:39Pokimane reacted to my Eyetracking video
Pokimane reacted to my Eyetracking videoGanger 7 mill4 måneder siden
12:42Reacting to Pewdiepie's Reddit
Reacting to Pewdiepie's RedditGanger 4,2 mill4 måneder siden
SALTY COMPILATION 2Ganger 6 mill4 måneder siden
10:08This guy tried slewing me...
This guy tried slewing me...Ganger 3,1 mill4 måneder siden
12:59Why has he done this!?!
Why has he done this!?!Ganger 6 mill4 måneder siden
10:47EYE TRACKER CHALLENGE (Respect Women Edition)
EYE TRACKER CHALLENGE (Respect Women Edition)Ganger 4,9 mill4 måneder siden
HOW RICH IS KSI?Ganger 5 mill4 måneder siden
TRY NOT TO LAUGH AT LAUGHING?Ganger 7 mill4 måneder siden
21:37Responding to Ricegum
Responding to RicegumGanger 7 mill4 måneder siden
17:48I have to respect Logan for this
I have to respect Logan for thisGanger 7 mill4 måneder siden
10:16I Actually Don't Laugh?
I Actually Don't Laugh?Ganger 6 mill4 måneder siden
10:36Fan hates the Sidemen?!
Fan hates the Sidemen?!Ganger 2,8 mill4 måneder siden
CBA TO PLAY FIFA 20 ANYMOREGanger 2,9 mill4 måneder siden
20:16Reacting to TheNeedleDrop's Album Review
Reacting to TheNeedleDrop's Album ReviewGanger 3,4 mill5 måneder siden
11:32Laughing at Baldski Memes
Laughing at Baldski MemesGanger 4,4 mill5 måneder siden
11:33I Got Threatened by a 12 year old
I Got Threatened by a 12 year oldGanger 3,5 mill5 måneder siden
13:52Stop Doing This Please
Stop Doing This PleaseGanger 2,1 mill5 måneder siden
12:54Listening To KPOP And The 1975 For The First Time
20:00Reacting To Cap Reactions
Reacting To Cap ReactionsGanger 3 mill5 måneder siden
13:37Playing Fifa 20
Playing Fifa 20Ganger 4,8 mill5 måneder siden
15:55I'm in a Movie...
I'm in a Movie...Ganger 6 mill5 måneder siden
20:46Youtube Boxing Tier List
Youtube Boxing Tier ListGanger 4,8 mill5 måneder siden


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  • In the video, the credits on Genius show that the song was written by Desiigner and Killjxsper. Then, NOlongr nolifeshaq also came for Paul with an 11 minute NOlong video claiming Jake lied to him that he wrote the song, and also pulled up screenshots from Genius.Jul 28, 2020

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