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14:0220 Jobs You Never Knew Existed | Ultimate List
5:38How AirPods Are Deep Cleaned | Deep Cleaned
How AirPods Are Deep Cleaned | Deep CleanedGanger 3,7 mill2 måneder siden


  • Adventures of Robin Hood 10/10 Of course it is on the one hand you have Errol Flynn who was known in film for his fencing and on the other you have Basil Rathbone who was twice named British Army Fencing Champ.

  • Just by a new pool

  • Florida just legalized the harvesting of Goliath Groupers. So, legal fishing combined with poaching means they'll be endangered again in no time. We might as well just kill them all. We aren't saving this planet. I say burn it all.

  • It would be awesome and annoying watching a movie with this dude...

  • Just another video reminding me how good GoT use to be...

  • She kinda cute tho my g

  • This guy is a wet blanket. Luckily, I enjoy getting moist.

  • And i dont even like car chases anymore

  • Shout out to C4 SHIRT 👕 ! ONE OF THE BADDEST TO EVER DO IT ! C4🔱 Charles Keating THE 4th

  • It's funny as hell

  • How is he telling the story don’t you get life in prison for robbing a bank or casino

  • Me : watching with AirPod have not clean in a year Also Me : runinng too clean AirPods

  • I hope he goes far in life! He’s so amazing! 🙌😍

  • the drawing though-

  • Wow, Hollywood can do something right

  • Seriously? No Justified? No Raylan Givens with his little "if I pull you're dead" speeches? Timothy Olyphant killed the cowboy pose before shooting.

  • He is and idiot. But i know the story behind the hitler .? How wants to know ask !? Waiting:

  • Ok most of these bank robberies are way too elaborate. When was the last time in real life we had a bank robbery in the dark knight? That's shit dont happen. The military police would be there, helicopters etc etc etc. Most if not all are just the robberies only a few k. Let's b real here

  • Looks cool with the drawing tbh

  • the second i watched this i was like "would chopsticks work?"

  • Criminal turned youtube personality

  • Looks like the bean bag chair my mom finally threw out after 50 years

  • Or this video could just mean nothing whatsoever

  • who else thought it was ketchup lmao

  • i wonder if you guys can get him to do the weapons scenes from the latest mortal combat

  • I am not and would never make a y of my children wear this, but I guess it make sense if you are financially challenged

  • why was the audio recorded on a potato

  • I drive by the Flintstone House every day on the way home, you can see it from the highway! My family calls it "the weird house" lol

  • Imagine if he dropped his camera in the filter water 🤣

  • i prefer pizza dog ye pizza dog put him in the oven and watch him growl ye pizza dog pizza dog woofwoof shut ya mouth

  • You mean movies are repetitive crap? I hadn't noticed

  • Amazing. A lot of the claims in the video aren't true, but Cruise still does a lot of cool stuff.

  • I am never having kids.

  • He gave the game of thrones battle the same score as helms deep. What...

  • A machine does it cheaper, while people with knives roll it for you for $20

  • I still see it tho.

  • I think it's incredibly brave of that mother that she was able to recognize that she was wrong, likely alienate herself from her social groups, and fight for the happiness of her son and others like him. Not everyone has that kind of strength.

  • i wonder if he ever killed someone

  • What about the "bouncing betty" landmine/antipersonnel mines from WWII.. those were designed to go off after pressure release I think.. seems like they would be because someone would step on it, activate it, step off, then it shoots up about 3-4 feet then explodes all the ball bearings around a 360° area.. meant to hurt or kill as many troops as possible.. idk though.. anyone know if those things were set off as soon as someone stepped on them or an after pressure release..(edit: so a quick search still didn't answer this question.. a couple of quick historical videos said they were set off by trip wire(not pressure release), football(no idea what that is relating to explosives or electronics but i envision the side of a football as two plates that when pressed together connect a circuit) and "disturbing" the 3 prongs, but then went ahead and showed an animation of someone walking over it, stepping on it and once their foot came off it would shoot up into the air and then explode.. so I have no idea still)

  • Very few Scenes got over seven

  • The part about the rage virus you're MISSING is that it's CREATED not natural

  • I would like to talk this man and correct him

  • Imagine you go to his house and you see a room a dolls face in a pot i'll dip no jk

  • The mop fascination was also me. Lol it made me wanna have dread locks as a kid.

  • Notice howthis dude says HE TURNED HIMSELF IN and not that he was caught

  • i feel disgusted to live now after seeing what humans can do shame on israel

  • Cool thumbnail

  • All combat veterans have the same kind of eyes. They've seen some shit.

  • She spent the majority of her career kill*ing and torturing people in Middle East.

  • Loved this video Plz do more

  • Haha, crowder is great. Thanks for pointing him out for me

  • Freedom of speech

  • Ima look up how to do cpr in a emergency and see if NOlong puts ads in there

  • Honesty, I would love to try flying with that fork, superspeed running with wires and yes, the fire stunt.🤟⚡ Also calling that stunt car biscuit is adorable. Thanks for informative video.

  • How do you down vote educational demonstration 🤣🤣🤣

  • 🤢

  • I want him to rate the gta robberys

  • I love creativity - very innovative designing skills 😍

  • There's two types of mothers, the ones that would keep this and the other one who would go out of their way to remove this

  • How were these ever invented? Im baffled.

  • 8:55 our first vin diesel