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0:17Biden family dogs make White House debut
2:50Inauguration Day, in 3 minutes
Inauguration Day, in 3 minutesGanger 58 k7 dager siden
21:43President Biden's full inaugural address
2:49Trump's farewell message, fact-checked
1:23Biden hosts vigil for coronavirus victims
14:28Inside the U.S. Capitol at the height of the siege
19:53WATCH: Pelosi holds weekly news conference
2:32YouTube locks Trump’s official account


  • Once those graphic images, videos, witnesses, recorded audio tapes, and related history of tweets and speeches are played on TV entering the living rooms of all Americans, the Republicans will need some serious help bouncing back if they don't vote with their consciences and souls to do the right thing. Further, news says that his supporters who stormed the Capitol, including those who stated on video they were listening to his instructions, are now facing sedition and conspiracy charges with up to 20 years in prison. I hope the Republicans are aware of what kind of message they will be sending if they are responsible for Trump not being held accountable as they ignore truth and justice - while others like his supporters will face sentencing.

  • Five star camera man

  • The joke was funny tho and harmed no one And when tf was there was a law that says dont teach your dog to do the nazi salute

  • Pence is a muppet

  • Fake lies by trump

  • Disfunction at its finest

  • When I get on a plane i'm going to wear a MAGA hat so no one will talk to me. Just a nice quiet flight.

  • If they do this, then red states need to talk and be serious about seceding from the union. This is a pure power grab and overreach by The Left to ensure that there will never be another fair federal election as long as we're united.

  • Huh, I almost forgot trumpers were annoying as hell as far back as 3 years ago.

  • A lot of people think the 12 year old is mature, I have worked for kids over 10 years. 12 year olds are very smart and mature. Then teen years tear them down! Emotions and hormones have ALOT to do with it. Please love on these kids. They deal with more than we know. We was once kids and felt misunderstood. Don’t allow the teen years to ruin your relationship between you and your child. Just a general message for parents out there as I have seen it happen far too often.

  • Umm, this garbage is news???

  • I'm sure Mike Pence has regrets to be a VP and rather than this guy sits with Nancy Pelosi and John in front of Social media i think he should be having conversation with his psychiatrist and his diagnosis will be accurate and he may benefit from getting right treatment. Oh Mr. Trump real psycho pot.

  • Why do democrats always win DC?

  • Lol

  • Humans mute

  • I’m guessing she is/was a trump supporter... Learn the absolute BASICS about narcissism - and you’ll find some more interesting (and worrying) things in the way he speaks! (That among other things shows lying, cheating, deflecting, gaslighting, manipulating, shaming, brainwashing...)

  • Maybe it's your delivery! Just saying!

  • Biden in a criminal and the entire administration is illegitimate

  • Whatever happened to that broken foot?

  • Poor dogs.

  • Not only this. There is more corruption in the US Military than you can ever imagine. No way am I re-enlisting in the Army.

  • Trump supporters are like that dog where you pretend to throw the ball but really you just tucked it in your arm pit.

  • Mayor Wheeler is getting a taste of Mad Max's medicine. Aww, we love to see it.

  • "Hopefully, things will change!..." **Is cut off** Nevermind, then! Authoritarians must be fought actively everywhere.

  • He may be a private citizen, but he and his family are still getting government protection from the Secret Service, he is still getting a salary from the government he was supposed to protect.

  • Wow. Whoever created this video is dumb af.

  • I'm so sorry this guy had to go through this but at the same time I'm grateful that he was there to handle this so well

  • Im a Muslim but I do respect Budhism so much <3

  • Im from guerrero and yes all police force is corrupt.

  • How is asking people to protest bad?? Trump never said anything wrong. Give them bride and boldness sounds positive to me.

  • Stupider than two left shoes.

  • Commom my.friend.. come here in then ph I qi Will show you..

  • some people need to be slapped.

  • Get owned.

  • Pence: if im quiet and still the fly wont find me

  • Its all propaganda. How did Spain see the inauguration before it was aired in the US?

  • Every time Trump says Border Security you have to take a shot 🥴

  • ❤️

  • Who is here after Biden reminiscing on the good old day’s 😂💩💩💩🤪

  • Such a loving family. So sorry for the death of Beau. R.I.P. Beau and wishing his family the best as the go forward with the Presidency. He must be so proud to see his dad as the President.

  • She is fighting for liberty and justice but she doesn't care about Americans..

  • this is more based off popularity

  • Carlson was losing the argument because he actually had someone intelligent debating with him for once and didn't like what he was hearing, which is the TRUTH. So what did Carlson do? He resorted to acting like a jr. High bully. Sadly, not surprising.🙄

  • The Oath Breakers !! RECUSE YOURSELVES from the SENATE IMPEACHMENT TRIAL!!! Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Tommy Tuberville, Roger Marshall, John Kennedy, Cindy Hyde-Smith, Rick Scott, Cynthia Lummis. All should be RECUSED from the Senate Trial Vote to IMPEACH. They shouldn't be allowed to VOTE AT ALL! They should ALL excuse themselves from the Senate Impeachment TRIAL because of a conflict of interest and lack of impartiality.

  • Lol when he handshake with the philippines president

  • Why do they always have to be lesbians?

  • Looks staged to me

  • This is who republicans are.

  • Insurrectionists. Rioters. Looters. Thugs. Zealots. Murderers. Criminals. No matter what you call them, they should all be arrested, tried, and spend years in jail.

  • Meanwhile, the Left is still attacking federal buildings and burning cities. Literally never stopped and will never stop until their party members call them out on it

  • Due to travel restrictions, the US had to invade itself this year.

  • So fake lol all actors hired by the left. Sure, some dumb Trump supporters followed them in once it was “breached” and they should be prosecuted but it would have never happened without the left wing actors leading it

  • “This is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause.”

  • Damn it's almost as if the real terrorists weren't the Sandinistas but the literal terrorists supported by the US under Reagan

  • We’re not gonna talk about how police officer was helping him get in the window

  • He stopped going to school due to him being kicked out for fighting a girl

  • bad gear shift design like in prius

  • New porn movie idea

  • washington post thinks your stupid guys. They edited this out of different clips. Did you not see the pink and white ladies just magically appear, disappear,appear then disappear?

  • President (elected/not really elected) Biden!

  • Anything on the 'enemies' that were shot?

  • Long story short, Trump lost haha. Fix is a joke and Trump supporters are dumb for believing everything is true.

  • I live 18 miles from the asphalt. My closest neighbor is 12 miles. I LOVE IT. When UPS R FEDEX is coming my deliveries are so precise I can schedule my meals n meds by package delivery. Lol . They love coming out here. Usually last package of the day for them. POST OFFICE BEATS ALL OF EM

  • Welcome to a black man world 🌎

  • This is the death rattle of the GOP.

  • Why does the video keep getting blurry?? And can you fill my damn orange juice all the way please.

  • Can you picture Biden having a conversation like this and being assertive? Never. He is no leader. He's a puppet.

  • It was not 'edited' you fools. It was cut at a strategic moment, and everybody knows it was for the comedic effect. - Washington Post always endd up making itself ridiculous. They are not very good at propaganda.

  • So they got their idea from black culture.

  • This country is a joke... So why not TRUMP 2024 ?

  • A bunch if senators.jyst run out of seasson, i do hope y,all rep.... Spend.the rest.of y,all lifes behind barr

  • They should listen by getting their head in pikes

  • "Is mayonnaise a Neo-Nazi?"

  • I love US troops but this should’ve never happened, he committed a war crime so he should be convicted of it

  • I trust they are aware of the 1876 former Secretary of war who was impeached after he resigned. Not just a trial after he resigned but the house impeached him after he resigned. And given that only one notable constitutional law expert has sided with them I find their argument hard to accept.

  • public service first I need assistance please

  • public service first I need assistance please

  • kamala isnt african she is indian

  • Great job officer you have a great reward waiting on you. We need more officers like you

  • 47 years of fraud and he finally got to be President. Who can top this con man?