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10:42Why Robots That Bend Are Better
Why Robots That Bend Are BetterGanger 2,3 mill7 dager siden
13:00Q\u0026A + Giveaway for 10 Years on YouTube
16:57The Illusion Only Some Can See
The Illusion Only Some Can SeeGanger 3,8 millMåned siden
20:06These are the asteroids to worry about
These are the asteroids to worry aboutGanger 8 mill2 måneder siden
19:05Why The Speed Of Light* Can't Be Measured
Why The Speed Of Light* Can't Be MeasuredGanger 4,8 mill3 måneder siden
12:28Do You Expand With The Universe?
Do You Expand With The Universe?Ganger 1,5 mill4 måneder siden
13:42How One Supernova Measured The Universe
How One Supernova Measured The UniverseGanger 1,7 mill4 måneder siden
17:34Why Gravity is NOT a Force
Why Gravity is NOT a ForceGanger 4,9 mill4 måneder siden
21:12The Infinite Pattern That Never Repeats
The Infinite Pattern That Never RepeatsGanger 9 mill4 måneder siden
13:20How Kodak Exposed The Atomic Bomb
How Kodak Exposed The Atomic BombGanger 2,9 mill5 måneder siden
12:04Is Success Luck or Hard Work?
Is Success Luck or Hard Work?Ganger 3,2 mill5 måneder siden
15:13Is Dust Mostly Dead Skin?
Is Dust Mostly Dead Skin?Ganger 2,2 mill6 måneder siden
14:10Half the universe was missing... until now
Half the universe was missing... until nowGanger 2,6 mill6 måneder siden
3:35The Launch of Perseverance to Mars
The Launch of Perseverance to MarsGanger 722 k6 måneder siden
18:32Turbulent Flow is MORE Awesome Than Laminar Flow
20:00Parallel Worlds Probably Exist. Here’s Why
Parallel Worlds Probably Exist. Here’s WhyGanger 8 mill11 måneder siden
21:10How to Slow Aging (and even reverse it)
12:51Chaos: The Science of the Butterfly Effect
14:003 Perplexing Physics Problems
3 Perplexing Physics ProblemsGanger 4,7 millÅr siden
10:08Why Trees Are Out to Get You
Why Trees Are Out to Get YouGanger 1,2 millÅr siden
18:22Engineering with Origami
Engineering with OrigamiGanger 7 millÅr siden
16:20Does Planet 9 Exist?
Does Planet 9 Exist?Ganger 4,7 millÅr siden
13:21Flamethrower vs Aerogel
Flamethrower vs AerogelGanger 1,5 millÅr siden
13:43Making Liquid Nitrogen From Scratch!
16:01This Helicopter Is Now On Mars!
This Helicopter Is Now On Mars!Ganger 4,8 millÅr siden


  • Ah the lift questions of jee/neet in real life

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  • 1:00 Just relaxing and thinking is boring? I can spend hours daydreaming... It's fun... It's like watching a movie, except I can choose my own story... Although it works best in bed, probably not that fun in public places...

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  • 2:25 looks like a giant thing of boba

  • Do you think we can use sound waves as a form of propulsion?

  • I kinda think objects of different weight fall at the same rate because the gravitational force of the planet from the size of its mass. If you were to take a much bigger object like a wale or something bigger than a wale and a basket ball do you think they would fall at the same speed touching the ground at the same time!?!

  • Bob Lazar already described how you go faster than light. With Element 115. Hello?! He worked on UFOs that travel faster than light. They use a cyclotron to accelerate a particle and slam it into a stable form element 115 (which is likely found in a stable form in larger star systems). This transmutes the the 115 and creates a piece of anti matter. Which is guided to a gas in a thermoelectric exchanger where it explodes creating electricity with apparently 100% efficiency. This generates insane energy. Also Element 115 is unique in that you're able to access the gravitational forces that extend outside the nucleus of the Element 115 atoms. This gravitational force is amplified and focused in on a small area in front of the craft. This causes the ufo to perpetually "fall" towards it. These amplifiers are pulsed, on and off. Since the amplified gravitational field created bends space, when you pulse it off and on, you end up doing a bunch of tiny leaps time and move faster than light. Some say they travel about a light year a minute. Anyway, don't take my word for it. Check out Bob Lazar. I like the video where his body language is observed telling his stories. Enjoy!

  • Found a pattern in the tile thing that repeats

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  • Awesome guy being interviewed, he's both articulate and approachable, knowledgeable and able to simplify. Rad video.

  • Please play INFERNO by mrs green apple, you what I mean...

  • Make a simple shape vastly more complex or make a complex shape vastly more simple

  • 5:50 look at the bird die RIP

  • Considering that it's theorised that quantum entanglement could transmit at 3 trillion metres per second (at a lower estimate), and if we were able to accurately transmit data via quantum entanglement (such as a clock start pulse). Would this allow us to then measure the one way speed of light accurately, and then verify the similarity (or dissimilarity) of the speed of light in the opposite direction. Obviously we are still a way off from utilising quantum entanglement, but theoretically this may be possible.

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  • The passion of these science guys should be appreciated. They explained everything very well.

  • 7:54 The interesting thing is, in my place the switches can be either up or down... Depends on who installed it...

  • so the title changed, huh? I SEE YOU!! lol

  • Okay so there is a gravitational force, Mass attracts mass, The bigger the object/density or planet the more gravitational force it has. Space has no gravity, if you get close enough to the gravitational "force"/Atmosphere, "Magneto sphere" < Not sure if it's a actual word, It makes sense though if you think about it.

  • Such moral dilemmas won't occur if all the vehicles were autonomous and in constant sync with each other.

  • 2:59 lmao that laugh came out of nowhere.

  • 2:20 But the speed of sound on Mars shouldn't differ from Earth's? I don't get it...

  • So to test the theory in relation to the mars example where we possibly see mars in realtime could you get a super powerful telescope to watch mark from earth then send him the time on earth and see how long from the view point of earth it takes for him to set his watch. How you translate this method to measure light probably doesnt work though 🤔

  • 6:29, when your friend takes a cringe worthy photo of you and refuses to delete it.

  • okay, yeah. the real question is. Who watches this video and is like "nah, I don't like this" and thumbs down??? (also its not the real question)

  • Cutoff 90

  • I think peeps ment can u swim through just shade balls not with water under 😂 but I still appreciate this video :)

  • Why you say gyro but accelerometer, say gyros and accelos

  • I can only understand when ther is enough information, principle, experiences , imagination and relate the things that are taught and the opposite scenario that happens.

    • i forgot to add curiosity and question that arises after accumulation of information.

  • 뭉게버리구 싶땅

  • And he would know of course.

  • Imagine Jumping from there

  • It’s always good to question ones methods, having said that I love your channel, I love the questions you try to answer. You have built a fantastic platform with educational, thoughtful and meaningful content, for that I can’t thank you enough! Keep on being awesome 😎 👏🏽

  • Incredible video. THAAAAANK YOOOOU!

  • 2:00 showing American heli with Russian flag seems to me so ridiculus

  • W.H.O. is Bill Gates!🤔

  • So really not enough time has passed to effectively measure, with your eyes.

  • I'm to have to look into this, but I think GR has an automatic solution to it somewhere. It's a tensor product equation is why I'd have to look into it. But it seems to me there's a more empirical & simplistic approach. Assume the speed of light is 1/2c outgoing & instantaneous incoming. Then why is there a Hubble Horizon? Why does cosmic red-shifting happen? Hubble's observations confirm there's no special direction in the universe. So while SR allows such a thing, I'm sure GR doesn't & Hubble's observations are the empirical evidence that confirms this.

  • How would this affect redshift? If light travels instantaneously towards earth from one side then we would get no redshift from that side, since the universe hasn't had any time to expand

  • you are goddamn right!!

  • How about explaining on how to squeeze lemon slices through the glass into a capped bottle?

  • waiting for flat earther to comment

  • Bill Gates made so much money creating a computer virus then selling the cure. Why not do that with people. I know a lab in China where we can get the research done and we can blame them. That couldn't have happened could it. Look it up

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  • Who else was expecting it to cut away just after he let go of the two objects? Insta like for not baiting

  • This part with "come in, 1.5 mins in the air on another planet is a lot" just sounds like smeering of honey around the mouths of the developers to me, the way he said this was very artificial. To be honest 90 seconds isn't really much. Don't want to discredit the engineering but one still has to be objective.

  • A lot of people in the comments have bad experiences with Head & Shoulders, but I have been using it forever and my hair is pretty good, so I'm quite satisfied with it.

  • this is more acceptable than those flat earth dumbass

  • you not what is more exciting? a son moving at 1/2 the speed of light. Pretty huge implications there

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  • He is a hacker and always was, now he wants to hack our genes with some gene therapy, do you still trust this"guy" ?

  • If you build the clocks in the exact point that they should be for the experiment?

  • the title is edited. he's freaking updated. Salute buddy

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  • What is the update on this 7 years later

  • MegaFrenkels had it right, the chain, which is also falling, has a moving centre of mass, its centre of mass is dropped at a lower point so will hit the ground first. You would see a similar illusion if you dropped a long tube with a mechanism that fired a heavy weight up the length of the tube accelerating at the speed of gravity upwards (9.8m/s) as its outer tube was falling, it would appear to be falling faster than a similar tube with a consistent weight distribution dropped alongside it. The tube with the consistent weight distribution would appear to hit the ground later but this is purely because the centre of mass at the point of release was lower at the point of release for the first tube. It was always going to land first as it had a head start.

  • No that doesn't exist. We would see it if it did.

  • Oh wow books are wrong they say gravitational fields are real how

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  • you know, there is a thing in China called 空竹。。。its already a few thousand years old....

  • bisecly our brain is stupid.

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  • What annoys me more is how happy he is that our planet is fucked up and so is our food.

  • Why not set two clocks that both have lasers, where both starts at the same time, such as exactly at 1 pm, and the first clock goes first sending a laser, once the other clock receives the light they send out one of it it’s own laser and stops it’s clock, and then doing the same for the other clock once it received the second clock’s laser. That way you have the exact time it took to go one way, and then back, taking in account with the signal delays

  • You may repeat the Mars synchronisation experiment twice and note any time difference - or have Mars set up a station like earth sending the signal to earth instead to repeat the experiment in opposite directions?

  • Just amazing....👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

  • 2013: World Roundest Object 3013: world cubest object

  • It's sooo trippy❤️

  • Please don’t promote the idea of donating blood. It saves lives, which is a very bad thing. It’s better to be in the afterlife. This reality has things like pain fear anger frustration and regret. We need less people not more or the same number. Donating blood is an evil thing. It causes suffering

  • This is why I like math because every published math paper is True.

    • Well because we use made up axioms that make it true.

  • 13:23 If it take 20 minutes to reach mars, Mark sets his clock, saying its 12:10 even thought its actually 12:20. When Mark comes back to Earth, they can compare their clocks, if Mark's is ahead, they know it actually took 20 minutes to get to him and instantly came back. They could also base it off of events, like Mark can say that some bright flash just happened on the sun, and if the people on Earth just saw the flash, they know it was instantly sent to them

  • At 10:00 is when my mind finally started to break

  • But we can't fix our issues here on earth? We can just go screw up another planet

    • @Alex You claim - you proof.

    • @fssax kjus figure it out

    • @Alex The question remains: How does this screw up another planet?

    • You might be a slow fellow

    • @Alex For which question is this the answer?

  • i though science believed in what was provable and since this is unprovable how can science believe in this

  • Veritasium: *Warns about a very Disasterous Incident* Me: *Panik* Veritasium Later: *Gets Sponsored Wholesomely* Me: *Kalm* Also Veritasium: *Mentions a Calendar as a Reminder of a chance of getting hit by an Asteroid* Me: *PANIK*

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  • Every person that I've ever met that claimed that glass was a liquid refused to believe me when I offered the same explanation that is given here. It did not matter to them that I have multiple science degrees, it did not matter to them that I had specifically researched this subject when I was a kid, they still chose to believe what they "thought" was right, because that was what they had "heard."