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12:28Do You Expand With The Universe?
Do You Expand With The Universe?Ganger 1 mill4 dager siden
13:42The Supernova That Measured The Universe
The Supernova That Measured The UniverseGanger 1,1 mill7 dager siden
17:34Why Gravity is NOT a Force
Why Gravity is NOT a ForceGanger 3,7 mill19 dager siden
21:12The Infinite Pattern That Never Repeats
The Infinite Pattern That Never RepeatsGanger 8 mill28 dager siden
13:20How Kodak Exposed The Atomic Bomb
How Kodak Exposed The Atomic BombGanger 2,1 millMåned siden
12:04Is Success Luck or Hard Work?
Is Success Luck or Hard Work?Ganger 2,3 mill2 måneder siden
15:13Is Dust Mostly Dead Skin?
Is Dust Mostly Dead Skin?Ganger 1,7 mill2 måneder siden
14:10Half the universe was missing... until now
Half the universe was missing... until nowGanger 2,2 mill2 måneder siden
3:35The Launch of Perseverance to Mars
The Launch of Perseverance to MarsGanger 682 k2 måneder siden
18:32Turbulent Flow is MORE Awesome Than Laminar Flow
20:00Parallel Worlds Probably Exist. Here’s Why
10:20Why Most Resolutions Fail & How To Succeed
Why Most Resolutions Fail & How To SucceedGanger 677 k10 måneder siden
21:10How to Slow Aging (and even reverse it)
How to Slow Aging (and even reverse it)Ganger 2,2 mill10 måneder siden
12:51The Science Behind the Butterfly Effect
The Science Behind the Butterfly EffectGanger 2,4 mill10 måneder siden
13:593 Perplexing Physics Problems
3 Perplexing Physics ProblemsGanger 4,2 mill11 måneder siden
10:08Why Trees Are Out to Get You
Why Trees Are Out to Get YouGanger 1,2 millÅr siden
18:22Engineering with Origami
Engineering with OrigamiGanger 6 millÅr siden
16:20Does Planet 9 Exist?
Does Planet 9 Exist?Ganger 4,1 millÅr siden
13:21Flamethrower vs Aerogel
Flamethrower vs AerogelGanger 1,4 millÅr siden
13:43Making Liquid Nitrogen From Scratch!
16:01First Flight on Another Planet!
First Flight on Another Planet!Ganger 3 millÅr siden
9:12How Cod Saved the Vikings
How Cod Saved the VikingsGanger 1,2 millÅr siden
12:22I Waterproofed Myself With Aerogel!
10:42Can You Swim in Shade Balls?
Can You Swim in Shade Balls?Ganger 20 millÅr siden
12:02World's Lightest Solid!
World's Lightest Solid!Ganger 24 millÅr siden
23:43My Video Went Viral. Here's Why
My Video Went Viral. Here's WhyGanger 3,2 millÅr siden
7:42Magnetic Micro-Robots
Magnetic Micro-RobotsGanger 1,6 millÅr siden
5:29First Image of a Black Hole!
First Image of a Black Hole!Ganger 8 millÅr siden
9:19How to Understand the Black Hole Image
13:13How Was Video Invented?
How Was Video Invented?Ganger 2,1 millÅr siden
13:53Can Humans Sense Magnetic Fields?
Can Humans Sense Magnetic Fields?Ganger 1,9 millÅr siden
12:52Why Machines That Bend Are Better
Why Machines That Bend Are BetterGanger 7 millÅr siden
11:23Can You Recover Sound From Images?
Can You Recover Sound From Images?Ganger 2,4 millÅr siden
8:16How Microwaving Grapes Makes Plasma
16:31Are Negative Ions Good For You?
Are Negative Ions Good For You?Ganger 2,3 millÅr siden
8:38The Inverse Leidenfrost Effect
The Inverse Leidenfrost EffectGanger 1,1 millÅr siden
10:14Spinning Black Holes
Spinning Black HolesGanger 3,4 millÅr siden
5:34Five Firsts for Mars InSight
Five Firsts for Mars InSightGanger 638 kÅr siden
9:58The kg is dead, long live the kg
The kg is dead, long live the kgGanger 2,5 millÅr siden
9:02What Actually Causes Dandruff?
What Actually Causes Dandruff?Ganger 1,9 mill2 år siden
7:22Why Boredom is Good For You
Why Boredom is Good For YouGanger 1,5 mill2 år siden
12:47This Toy Can Open Any Garage
This Toy Can Open Any GarageGanger 2,1 mill2 år siden
4:46How UV Causes Cancer and Aging
How UV Causes Cancer and AgingGanger 418 k2 år siden
7:30Is Our Food Becoming Less Nutritious?
4:58Can You Overdose on Vitamins?
Can You Overdose on Vitamins?Ganger 712 k2 år siden
11:13The World in UV
The World in UVGanger 3 mill2 år siden
8:27Spinning Sphere of Molten Sodium
Spinning Sphere of Molten SodiumGanger 2 mill2 år siden
11:41My Life Story
My Life StoryGanger 2,4 mill2 år siden
6:47The Threat of AI Weapons
The Threat of AI WeaponsGanger 789 k2 år siden
12:10Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted To You?!
Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted To You?!Ganger 2,1 mill2 år siden
9:00This Particle Breaks Time Symmetry
This Particle Breaks Time SymmetryGanger 3,1 mill2 år siden
9:14World's First Car!
World's First Car!Ganger 3,8 mill2 år siden
6:21Your Body's Molecular Machines
Your Body's Molecular MachinesGanger 1,7 mill2 år siden
8:59Schlieren Imaging in Color!
Schlieren Imaging in Color!Ganger 1,2 mill3 år siden
5:21Total Solar Eclipse (2017)
Total Solar Eclipse (2017)Ganger 4,8 mill3 år siden
9:49How We're Redefining the kg
How We're Redefining the kgGanger 2,1 mill3 år siden
6:09Hydrodynamic Levitation!
Hydrodynamic Levitation!Ganger 1,7 mill3 år siden
5:36Sandwich Bag Fire Starter
Sandwich Bag Fire StarterGanger 2 mill3 år siden
5:02NEW Gravitational Wave Discovery!
NEW Gravitational Wave Discovery!Ganger 1,3 mill3 år siden
5:45World's Heaviest Weight
World's Heaviest WeightGanger 11 mill3 år siden
8:58Mars 2020: The Next Mission to Mars
Mars 2020: The Next Mission to MarsGanger 1,7 mill3 år siden
8:52Is America Actually Metric?
Is America Actually Metric?Ganger 2,6 mill3 år siden
7:48Fire in ZERO-G!!
Fire in ZERO-G!!Ganger 11 mill3 år siden
6:17The Sun Sneeze Gene
The Sun Sneeze GeneGanger 1,5 mill3 år siden
8:514 Revolutionary Riddles Resolved!
4 Revolutionary Riddles Resolved!Ganger 2,9 mill3 år siden
4:244 Revolutionary Riddles
4 Revolutionary RiddlesGanger 3,5 mill3 år siden
10:37The Bayesian Trap
The Bayesian TrapGanger 2,5 mill3 år siden
12:10The Science of Thinking
The Science of ThinkingGanger 3,3 mill3 år siden
6:04Water on the Moon?
Water on the Moon?Ganger 904 k3 år siden
6:19Electromagnetic Levitation Quadcopter
Electromagnetic Levitation QuadcopterGanger 3,3 mill3 år siden
3:41The Real Moral Dilemma of Self-Driving Cars
19:02Post-Truth: Why Facts Don't Matter Anymore
7:09Indestructible Coating?!
Indestructible Coating?!Ganger 6 mill3 år siden
5:24What the Fahrenheit?!
What the Fahrenheit?!Ganger 4,1 mill3 år siden
7:41Is This What Quantum Mechanics Looks Like?
6:53Welding in Space
Welding in SpaceGanger 2,4 mill4 år siden
8:43The Best and Worst Prediction in Science
12:22Is Most Published Research Wrong?
Is Most Published Research Wrong?Ganger 2,6 mill4 år siden
8:25The Illusion of Truth
The Illusion of TruthGanger 2,5 mill4 år siden
4:52Stringless Yo-Yo!
Stringless Yo-Yo!Ganger 8 mill4 år siden
8:12The First Celsius Thermometer
The First Celsius ThermometerGanger 2,2 mill4 år siden
9:17Inside the Svalbard Seed Vault
Inside the Svalbard Seed VaultGanger 4,1 mill4 år siden
8:46Why Anecdotes Trump Data
Why Anecdotes Trump DataGanger 932 k4 år siden
5:17These Liquids Look Alive!
These Liquids Look Alive!Ganger 831 k4 år siden


  • In an alternative reality I have a sex life.

  • Intelligence +1

  • so why are big bodies bending time-space if it's not for their mass? are centrifugal force + accelleration time benders?

  • very nice, i quiet like the sound effects in the lecture.

  • Spectacular. Apart from the utility of it.

  • Is this the infamous Sammy who got arrested for hacking MySpace and was ordered not to touch a computer for 3 years? Lmao it all makes sense, someone who can do that, can hack more than your garage doors 😂

  • equivalence=physical illusion, inertial frame of reference = motion [all laws of motion must be applied, not laws of rest]

  • if parallel universe is true, i hope that my other self is happy.

  • So are you saying there is a different version of me that is not a useless piece of crap? Sounds impossible

  • Check out Ken Wheeler the Bald Tattooed Monkey for even more fascinating insight into all things to do with GRAVITY, MAGNETISM AND LIGHT. It'll do your head in but it's worth it ✌

  • You’re not telling us if the photon gun shoots every photon with the exact same trajectory. If every photon shot has a slightly different trajectory then it’s easy to understand the resultant wave like pattern even when shot one at a time. I’m guessing you probably have no idea if the photons shot out of your photon emitter have identical trajectories. The key to solving this whole baffling experiment comes down to particle trajectory. Science believes you can’t make something macroscopic like a tennis ball have quantum wave like properties but I believe you can. Here's how to make a macroscopic particle like a tennis ball have wave like properties like a photon in the double slit experiment and why photons “appear” to lose their wave properties when observed - it all comes down to trajectory. One water molecule cannot make a wave-of-water and a trillion-trillion water molecules cannot make a wave-of-water if all the molecules follow the same trajectory. When a 500 nm wavelength photon is emitted through a double slit (with the slit material being 1mm thick) the slit plays out as a tunnel because it is approximately 2,000 times longer than the photon's wavelength. By quantum law - an electron in its molecular orbit will have a cloud like location probability - therefore the probability of a photon being emitted from an electron's orbit at the same place twice is highly unlikely. This means when photons are emitted from a stationary atom/molecule each photon has a high probability of having their own unique trajectory. Hence, when photons are shot through the slit/tunnel in the double slit experiment each respective photon will hit, bounce, and ricochet off the inside of the slit/tunnel at a different location. This means all the photons will exit the slit/tunnel with slightly different trajectories and consequently impact the back-wall in a "wave" like pattern representative of the electron's orbital cloud. So how do we get all the photons emitted from different locations with slightly different trajectories to hit the back-wall in the same spot? Simple - we observe them. In other words the act of observing/measuring a photon doesn't necessarily collapse its intrinsic wave property but our observing/measuring device due to its fixed location will "funnel" or “shute” all the different photon trajectories into a singular common path/trajectory before they enter the slit/tunnel. And if all photons enter the slit/tunnel with identical trajectories then they should all exit with identical trajectories and impact the back-wall in the same spot. The shute/funnel consequence is the same when we place our detection device after the slit. So if we want macroscopic tennis balls to produce wave like properties we would need to set up our double slit tennis ball experiment in similar ways - and proportions - to our double slit photon experiment. A tennis ball is approximately 2.575 inches in diameter. Therefore, the board for our tennis ball slits would need to be approximately 430 feet thick (2,000 x 2.575"). We would also have to make our tennis ball shooter have a randomized cloud location like an electron’s molecular orbit. This will give the tennis balls random trajectories but because of the shooting apparatus’s electron cloud location mimicking nature - high, low and no probability trajectories will emerge and the tennis balls will eventually produce wave like patterns where the tennis balls strike the back-wall. But again, it’s not the tennis balls themselves that have the wave like properties - it’s the electron cloud like location property of the tennis ball shooter giving the tennis balls many different trajectories of high, low and no probability which along with the mathematical corralling nature of the slits produce wave like patterns.

  • 10:55 I must warn you sir, I'm pretty good at hangman.

  • Other than in Australia, most snakes and spiders are not venomous or mildly venomous. Especially spiders. I mean, 94% spider species are very mildly venomous. Same case with snakes but it's 80% non venomous or mildly venomous.

  • I always thought about this myself and how certain things will also start to happen as the universe gets older if the space in and around atoms is expanding.

  • Looking at a clock in the dentist's.

  • "Thats where you push the button again" 🤣

  • This is stupid...gravity is force. It is not energy since black holes sucks in energy. There are more than basic four forces...electromagnetism gravity the strong and weak force. It's still studied and work in

  • I'm not fat. I'm redshifting

  • Loved the video, However can you please explain in simple terms why we all feel the earth accelerating equally when its accelerating through space around our galaxy!!! so confused, help this old man understand :-)

  • 🖤

  • People who live without purpose are the scariest sort of people. They can find no true joy and only live to satisfy the animal inside. These people have destroyed societies again and again throughout history. Promoting such an idea will again lead to the destruction of our society today. For that matter, "your truth" is meaningless. Truth is eternal and not subject to the limits of the human mind.

  • So satisfying. Have you talked about the dragon curve? I’d love to hear your thoughts on that. “It’s right up your alley” -Jurassic Park reference ahoy

  • *PBS Spacetime vibes*

  • Sir, I have a question, why there is no explosion when you are making water while pressurized all gases, because Combinations of hydrogen and oxygen causes blast

  • Everything is math. Literally everything in life can be explained by or communicated through math. Math is universal, math is larger than us. The absolute essence of our existence and everything that goes with it is math. Any even, particle, wave and any being and lack there of can be explained with math. Math isnt just something you learn in school.

  • Don't forget about the huge coronal mass ejections from our huge Sun that usually miss our tiny Earth. And don't forget about the back and forth massive Birkland Currents going between the Sun and the planets and between the Sun and the galaxy.

  • I think it is the same as to say NO, we do not expand and there thing which are unknown to us to explain it therefore GOD knowns the answer to why thing are the way they are...

  • Opps bad link from PBS Space Time it being five years old. Current link

  • Is there gravity at the very center of earth ?

  • Well that almost explains why Obama bought a couple of ocean front mansions.

  • So then... How do we derive the acceleration needed to curve local space time? That would be fun to figure out.

  • How does this model account for the tides?

  • It is like when you see a car moving on a highway and want to know its exact location and velocity at the same time which is impossible. If you want to know the exact location then velocity cease to exist and vice versa.

  • Also everyone should watch this on Frames of Reference

  • Great video! Like the longer form. No to sound trite but is there an origami equivalent to knot through re particles? It can create curl, shows compression of space as way to create form.

  • Don't know if it would help or not to mention how a seaming majority of people in Physics believe Gravity is a force at the Quantum level but this idea does not apply above the Quantum level and no experiment has shown Gravity is a force at the Quantum level it just the majority of Quantum ideas require it to be a force for the math to work. I would like explanations like that of the Big Bang stop mentioning the separation of Gravity from the other Forces until it actually proved Gravity is a force again only at the Quantum Level. I would also like mentioning the fact that Gravity has a discrepancy compared to the other forces at the Quantum level as if this is a proven fact instead of speculation unprovable so far that Gravity is even a force at the Quantum level. They had hoped for proof Gravity leaking into other dimensions from the Neutron Star Merger Space/Time wave detection that would prove Gravity actually a force even if it not detectable otherwise was a force. This was a Null result no Universe wide extra dimension for Gravity to exist as a force and be drained into only the 3 plus one dimensions detected. I would like discussions and labels of the Space/Time Wave detectors be that and it not described as Gravity Waves. A ton of the confusion is the belief not proven of many scientists that Gravity is a Force at the Quantum Level bleeds into anything above the quantum level they are discussing. Physics and Astrophysics suffer from a lot of poor misleading names. Big Bang actually coined by a opponent of the theory is not a Big Bang at all no explosion involved as SpaceTime it self expanded everywhere we don't even know if there is a edge involved at all. Dark Matter for the unexplained gravitational (effect not force) anomalies it has been suggested Dark Gravity better naming but still misleading as Gravity is not a thing again. Dark Energy when we don't even know what Energy is, yes we really don't know what Energy is we only know of Energy as an effect as well even though all matter is just concentrated Energy and thus Matter is also a effect not a thing. Dark Energy is used for the unknown cause of the expansion of the universe and the speeding of that expansion. I poorly explained this feel free to blow your mind using good sources on what is energy to find out how it currently is just a math thing. Anything that explains Dark matter is considered Dark matter even if no matter is involved in solution. That smells like a funding lie almost to get money for particle research vs non particle causes. And of course anything that explains Dark Energy is Dark Energy even if the word Energy not used.

  • Time is an illusion.

  • Wide putin be like: first time?

  • not possible with your stupid theories, can’t eve explain how to enter the different realities.

  • All Phenomenon done before million of years 🤣

  • we could make exactly the same arguments about electro-magnetic forces................are they not a force also? Or do we need to refer to magnetic fields as magnetic-space curvature? Interesting because magnetism and gravity have the same force to distance math involved in their interactions. Trying to compare the effects of gravity to the curvature of the earths surface is simplistic and childish..........they are nothing alike. All we know is that gravity is relative to mass.............more mass = more gravity influence ( just as a bigger magnet, has a larger stronger magnetic field). gravity particles and gravity waves are all just made up nonsense to describe something that in reality has its closest match in electro-magnetism.

  • Anyone else just realizing that this was 7 years ago?

  • This is CRAZYYY

  • Trump says hydroxy chloroquine cures corona. Dr. Fauci says that anecdotal evidence.

  • Ive been recommended this video so many times and was convinced itd be another, “mark rober type fills pool with orbees”, but no this is so much better and informative.

  • Any physics student here just to laugh at others.

  • No joke I just got a mcdonald's ad on this video

  • And one of the best example is our social media

  • Sounds like an excuse made by exhausted scientists.

  • I guess you weigh more when you have fever...

  • metalbending intensifies

  • Haha, nice segue into the sponsorship at the end there!

  • Me: having an acid trip Also me: what if we add another data or value in this 2020 like a FREAKING PANDEMIC

  • For years, I am waiting for a day when Facebook runs out of business.

  • What about the road trip effect? Where the return trip goes by much faster than the going-there trip, if you take the same route back, anyway. On the way out, you are focusing on getting there. You are paying careful attention to everything so you don't make a wrong turn. But it goes forever. On the way home you can relax. The route is familiar, and the time goes by much faster. So why is that? Your explanation would imply the opposite. Actually, maybe the dog bit explains this. But then why would vacations go by so fast? Seems there's more to the story.

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  • Hey, Derek, uh... how are those shade balls doin'?

  • He said it folks.. flat space time... we live in a flat earth

  • Yep, I noticed myself going from 280 pounds to 290... 300...!

  • 2020 NASA officially announced water in moon

  • I did notice that he has a different accent in this video that I am not used to from him.

  • what was the point???

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  • dear, finally an explanation for everyone

  • Love from India

  • the origins of wide Putin

  • The passionate way he talks about science... <3

  • Now go be a patriot

  • Imagine someone watching this who is color blind

  • How did I miss this video????? I'm so glad it showed up in my recommended despite me not seeing it in my subscriptions page.

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  • But wait that means the expanding space IS pulling on everything, it's just that electromagnetic forces pull much more strongly

  • I don't get it is a black hole flat, a sphere,or what? I'm confused

  • I call my special expansion circumstances "lunch"

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