The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off The Great British Bake Off

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Welcome to the official NOlong channel for The Great British Bake Off - the ultimate baking battle where passionate amateur baking fans compete to be crowned the UK’s Best Amateur Baker.

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  • I didn't expect to laugh! This is awesome!

  • yaaassss jade!!! 👸

  • Lee Mack: can't turn off the beater machine. Leaves said beater machine on the floor while it's still going. 😂

  • The moonwalk got me 😂😂

  • 0:25 omg is that james mcavoy i am gonna need to watch this 😭

  • Teri and Aisling could be sisters but there must be nearly 40 years between them!

  • I don’t really like him but he is funny

  • "kiss Simon immediately" OMFG THAT IS JUST PERFECT

  • I sooooo wish we fans here in the 🇺🇸 could watch these bake off specials. This is hilarious!

  • No matter what u say our fatneek is the sweetest to be around!!!

  • Everyone is leaving KSI hanging

  • Did the fight resolve all that sexual tension

  • i would die for val

  • This was pretty jokes

  • Best part about JJ he has no clue what he’s doing

  • Anyone know this t-shirt is from? Love it

  • “Chill like ‘Chill out’?”

  • I've watched this episode so many times - one of the best - but am so glad this clipped popped up right now, just when I needed to restore my faith in humanity. (Also just realised how awesome Ovie could've been as Sandi's replacement...)

  • 0:34

  • i gotta take this...raymond blanc's on the phone. didnt even ring did it!

  • This is cut so weirdly

  • Thats where jj learnt the fake handshake, and then he did it in the Sidemen vs 10 year olds :D

  • Success

  • Joe: "I'm gonna recreate an archaeological dig!" *creates fossils and pyramids* Me: "THAT IS PALEONTOLOGY AND EGYPTOLOGY YOU DONUT!" Don't get mad, I'm joking a bit. Egyptology is closer to actual archaeology than paleontology.😄

  • Kiss Simon Immediately

  • all those views,95% only for KSI

  • Came here TO loaf

  • I need Anne Marie, jade, ski, jameela Jamil, Michael sheen, and David Mitchell to be on one episode Together

  • Jade is bloody hilarious😂

  • Quote of the day : KSI what does that stand for? "Kiss Simon Immediately"

  • Every time Jade speaks I get reminded that she's British

  • Love Dizzie🤩🥰

  • This will be in everyone’s recommended

  • Anne-Marie is just fun to watch.....always in good Spirits

  • they left jj's shake hangin

  • It was a bit wet lol

  • next year put Phil and Ethan on it that would be class 😆😆😆

  • even he knows ksimon

  • At least show the judging!

  • she looks like jodie comer

  • 2:01 Holy talking mannequin.

  • Wheres the disaster?

  • Ooof! Prue was proper unimpressed with him come judgement time, eh?? 😯😳

  • her eyes are so blue :0

  • they stole the jokes from reddit pls someone copyright this

  • 3:05 “Em so sovi em a flat mawn dis meringue hos gat me a bricking powynt, ay neveer sought id si de dey”

  • It's fine, it's not like it was cooked fully anyway 😅😂

  • She was a bit to exited

  • Flo and Liam on the flirting game today.

  • @3:34, the little laugh😂

  • Shes got the same vibe as Drew Barrymore

  • They really were "Let's all wear something with flowers and not tell Jamie-Lee and Saoirse."

  • Still can't pronounce flour properly.

  • cool video

  • they are different!!!

  • iced bun is like a white hot dog bread roll with sweet icing!!!

  • no you see like the spanish dohnut known as churros there is yum yums at greggs two for a pound right now!!!

  • Christ, James McAvoy is ageing like the finest of wines.

  • "look!!! look!!! look!!! don't underestimate that woman she's determined!!! sssh!!! sssh!!!" ha ha ha ha!!! some people are so funny and they don't know!!!

  • "ksi stands fir kiss simon immediately" illuminate confirmed

  • That’s not a pork pie. There’s only one pork pie and that’s a Melton Mowbray

  • Jade being like "dad? Dad is that you?" Sent me 😭😂😂

    • Sent u where?

    • “It’s almost as bad as your rapping “ I’m dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😵

  • Ksi laughing from the background is the best

  • Anyone else watching this whilst not being able to make a normal cake...

  • 0:34 lol

  • What I think is crazy about this is that JJ and Jade are technically peers now? It's mad to think

  • Jade's comment about JJ's rapping is just regular banter, no hard feelings!

    • "ksi stands fir kiss simon immediately" illuminate confirmed

  • "I put loadsa salt on it for a laugh!"

  • KSI had some trouble with the first 2 dishes but the last one he did super with it^0^>"<

  • Hoping baking is not my down fall

  • 00:37 LOL 😂

  • Kinda mad that ksimon has now gone uk mainstream lol

  • She's so gorgeousssss


  • Honestly, all of them looked sensational. Incredibly talented bunch of humans

  • My days they got stacey dooley on there 🇬🇧💕

  • Pru forgot to remove her ball gag.

  • Am a huge mixer and I like to watch ksi werid seeing them together but don't regret it lol

  • I can’t even make a normal cake and these mad lads are purposefully making cakes that look like other things.

    • @JediAn Horrible advice sponges taste horrible too abrasive on my tongue

    • 😆 making cake is easier than it looks. You can start with cake mix, then go to a basic sponge. Once you get the basics, chocolate cake included, you are basically a cake baker.

  • That's how you rescue a split ganache, said dizzee rascal??!!