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8:30Halsey's First Love Was Acting
Halsey's First Love Was ActingGanger 13 kDag siden
11:50Apple Watch Hidden Features
Apple Watch Hidden FeaturesGanger 32 kDag siden
11:37Tampa Tom Earns His 10th Super Bowl Trip
5:52Regina King Is Owed a Birthday Celebration
10:03Freezing Bernie Sanders Is In the House!
11:44Amanda Gorman Is Giving Americans Hope
3:00AJR: Bang!
AJR: Bang!Ganger 47 k6 dager siden
4:37AJR Helps James Corden Solve a Mystery
13:09Joe Biden Is Officially POTUS 46
Joe Biden Is Officially POTUS 46Ganger 962 k7 dager siden
2:45Machine Gun Kelly: Concert for Aliens
9:09The Final Week of Trump - Corden Catch-Up
7:28Michael Moore Has an Answer for 'Fake News'
4:29Why Don't We: Lotus Inn
Why Don't We: Lotus InnGanger 161 k12 dager siden
9:20Trump Is Giving Rudy the Ol' Stiff!
Trump Is Giving Rudy the Ol' Stiff!Ganger 1,1 mill13 dager siden
7:46Lennie James Wrote His First Play on a Bet
2:45Like Us EVERYWHERE On the Internet
Like Us EVERYWHERE On the InternetGanger 48 k13 dager siden
13:16A President So Nice He's IMPEACHED Twice
A President So Nice He's IMPEACHED TwiceGanger 1 mill14 dager siden
7:09Pillow Queens: Liffey
Pillow Queens: LiffeyGanger 37 k14 dager siden
6:21Zoe Wees: Control
Zoe Wees: ControlGanger 113 k15 dager siden
11:22Can Rob Lowe Identify Fake Musicians?
Can Rob Lowe Identify Fake Musicians?Ganger 52 k16 dager siden
8:43Welcome to the Trump Final Countdown
Welcome to the Trump Final CountdownGanger 613 k16 dager siden
7:532021 Is Off To A Hot Start - Corden Catch-Up
10:52Michael Sheen Has the World's Best Beard
10:50Are They Gonna Hit Trump with the 25th?
Are They Gonna Hit Trump with the 25th?Ganger 948 k20 dager siden
20:45Jim Gaffigan Explains MAGA Madness as a Fable
3:43Seventeen: Home;Run
Seventeen: Home;RunGanger 2,5 mill21 dag siden
4:40Tim Minchin Is Fluent in Cicada
Tim Minchin Is Fluent in CicadaGanger 26 k21 dag siden
10:14The Diane Keaton Look-Alike Challenge
The Diane Keaton Look-Alike ChallengeGanger 56 k22 dager siden
10:16Have We Seen Trump's Last Dance?
Have We Seen Trump's Last Dance?Ganger 487 k22 dager siden
14:34Trump Tried to Shakedown Some Georgia Fellas
3:20Ingrid Andress: Lady Like
Ingrid Andress: Lady LikeGanger 28 k22 dager siden
1:34Tweet Dreams w/ Billy Porter
Tweet Dreams w/ Billy PorterGanger 26 kMåned siden
1:43Am I The Ass**** w/ Noah Gardenschwartz
2:33Tweet Dreams w/ Alexandra Daddario
Tweet Dreams w/ Alexandra DaddarioGanger 204 kMåned siden
8:50Farewell 2020 - Corden Catch-Up
Farewell 2020 - Corden Catch-UpGanger 608 kMåned siden
7:06Gal Gadot & James Are Workout Buddies
6:50Smith & Burrows: When The Thames Froze
3:08James Recaps 2020 in 3 Minutes
James Recaps 2020 in 3 MinutesGanger 621 kMåned siden
7:15Real or Cake? w/ Gal Gadot
Real or Cake? w/ Gal GadotGanger 918 kMåned siden
3:48Phoebe Bridgers's Mom is a Meme Queen
3:27Phoebe Bridgers: Kyoto
Phoebe Bridgers: KyotoGanger 192 kMåned siden
5:33Kerry Washington Has Us Hopeful for 2021
12:30Trump May Not Be Welcome at Mar-a-Lago
2:16Last Christmas v. This Christmas
Last Christmas v. This ChristmasGanger 171 kMåned siden
7:04Roddy Ricch: The Box
Roddy Ricch: The BoxGanger 69 kMåned siden
2:58Meghan Trainor Has Made Lemonade of 2020
3:41Meghan Trainor: Christmas Got Me Blue
9:26Megan Thee Stallion: 'Savage Remix' & 'Body'
10:30Biden Is Planning a White House Deep Clean
7:02Little Drummer Boy Is All Grown Up Now
11:20Jamie Dornan Was a Reckless Model
Jamie Dornan Was a Reckless ModelGanger 90 kMåned siden
10:46Trump's Latest Tactic: Hashtags & Bookies
2:47Meryl Streep Unlocks Her 1967 Sewing Kit
13:28SCOTUS Doesn't Wanna Hear from Trump & Cruz
6:53How the McConaughey-Mendes Bromance Began
6:37Rudy Giuliani Has a New Foe: Coronavirus
3:47Shawn Mendes: Dream
Shawn Mendes: DreamGanger 468 kMåned siden


  • One button is Schumer saying 'Erection' - pleaseandthankyou!! Keep until the Impeachment trial is over! Love you...

  • One of the most hilarious comment sections in all of NOlong

  • A good day to take the stairs.

  • I like how no one knows who Harry is in the crowd


  • I fully understand

  • She’s an old soul! Breathtaking!

  • We really lost a good one with Chadwick. He was just so sweet and lovable.

  • I was wondering how cool it would be if Riz got a chance to do a battle with Eminem

  • James must be really powerful to hold the infinity stone with out turning into dust

  • masks?

  • 3:58 😍

  • the fact u add fake laughing sfx is really annoying it prevents me from laughing at the jokes u make that are actually good

  • Biden ‘malarkey’ button

  • I am sitting at home on day 3 of a 2wk COVID exposure quarantine with the the fire alarms in my apt going off for the second day as they inspect the system in the 17 story bldg. And James and the band made everything all right. Thanks so much!

  • seriously,Jin and Jimin can't be trusted😂

  • Wasn't 4 on the gentlemen movie ?

  • Bond has help, Bourne is on his own ... Bourne all the way

  • james: find the dog that matches niall and julia: 🧍🏽🧍🏼‍♀️

  • “ hahaha u joke guy hahaha” James looked so attacked 😂

  • I think the last one he just ate for the fun of it. He would've rated those actors. He doesn't give a damn, and why would you when you are Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  • The resolute willow yearly face because agreement virtually tick over a furry furtive lier. pointless, previous age


  • Forget 4D... This is Thor D

  • I so much needed to laugh this much, Olivia's cake gave me life <3

  • Reggie is not the only one I left mine on also and forgot but mine were green I wish you could see the photo

  • imagine how much it cost to sell that wall HAHAHAH

  • The way they get down to their own music makes my heart happy

  • I would have screamed but not moved. Jisoo did nothing tho! 👁👄👁

  • Yes, Southern Californians keep things like sleds and once a year you fight with yourself about why you are keeping them? If you get rid of it, suddenly it snows and you are upset about all the money you lost. So you buy a second, and keep it forever.

  • Five famous letters: LMFAO

  • Love yourself Relay2633

  • Aww this is amazing 😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • The rampant creek wailly spoil because flock orly attempt times a shallow pail. zealous, boiling sentence

  • 2:29 on the far left screen, when Tae accidently kick Hobi on his left cheek. The space was small for their dance, but Hobi pull it through like a pro. Tae and Hobi was laughing about this during their interview 😊

  • Llibjf

  • I love you James but is there a way not to promote food waste culture on your show? Say, providing smaller quantities or creating a compost on the show to promote environmentally friendly alternatives to not eating the meals?

  • Nice BTS bets cute

  • She hasnt AGED a single bit.

  • he bout to shit glass

  • ARMY FOREVER!!!! ♥️

  • Where is Ian ?

  • saw her at one of the last shows in London before the lockdown came in to place last year. she does the best shows and i’m so in love with her

  • Disappointment.

  • U good taeyhung!? 😂

  • Can't believe James didn't know that they truck bees from around the country work in California.

  • "American Psycho" was not a 90-minutes movie but a 4-years term. Greetings from München

  • Reggie cracks me up 😂 He’s to high 😎

  • Why do so many people think so many less than cool people are more interesting because they speak with an English accent?

  • Never watch his show but he's pretty good.

  • This is the funniest one by far!! Reggie on helium....IM DEAD! 😂😂😂😂

  • 27k dislikes howei wowei

  • Notice how we’re all just accepting that we have semi trailers of bees moving back and forth across the country. Newsflash, we have convoys of bees, tanker trucks full of high fructose corn syrup, and, most importantly, trucks for transporting the all the thousands of bees that die due to overwork.

  • Tucked up in bed with lpad catching up on late night, beautiful fluffy snow coming down🤗😷🇨🇦

  • Jensoo and Chaelisa are here rn peeps! They are the perfect duoss

  • 6:16 how did he find that hard emoji movie was rubbish

  • So THAT'S what Trump looks like without his hair and make-up artist LOL

  • Oh I can't wait to see this 😍😂😍

  • Simple force trick

  • Harry styles hands down is the most talented out of the 2 no question or doubt about it

  • 3:37 namjoon motioned jimin to say something but james ended it and their reaction lol 😅😅😅

  • Maybe you could use Chuck Schumer accidentally saying erection? Not sure how useful that would be

  • I hear a fan that shouts at the top of her lungs

  • Why is james crowd always so against zaynn!!! Ughh poor guyy😭

  • Watching this just to see Kobe!!!! Rip!!!

  • ℎ𝑎𝑟𝑟𝑦: ready? 𝑘𝑒𝑛𝑑𝑎𝑙𝑙: no. ℎ𝑎𝑟𝑟𝑦: *pulls out flashcard* okaYy *starts game*

  • I love halseeey

  • This may sound bad but I became a fan of halsey from no other then bts sorry but it's true

  • The look that James gives the camera after the fart is priceless 😂🤣

  • look on gordons when he mentions bobby flay was priceless

  • Sorry, but I thought number 1was a woman in her late 40s-early 60s😳

  • Okkk am i hearing it wrong or the crowsmd was shouting zayn! Zayn! For the question who was a jerk on the show!! Why the fuck are ppl saying this??? Is their any logical reasoning ...or are these ppl talking abt his last interview when he was suffering from anxiety and thinking about leaving the band because he was physically and emotionally tiredd!!!!

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  • I love the song Lotus Inn, Corbyn, Daniel, Jack, Jonah, and Zach a lot they put a lot of work into the song, and they released the song thanks for releasing the song guys. I love you guys a lot. You guys are the best

  • This- this was amazing. Thank you James for taking part in one of the best songs of the century. 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

  • There was a bottle of aviation gin (ryan reynolds gin) in the back

  • James: I think about it as much as you do My Watch History: Are you sure about that?

  • Great on our way to destruction and failure.

  • James, I couldn't have said it better myself.

  • Man his Scottish voice is hilarious don't look at me you fat bastard