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9:39:26NewsNOW Stream Part 2 - 01/25/21
NewsNOW Stream Part 2 - 01/25/21Ganger 10 k2 dager siden
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NewsNOW Stream Part 1 - 01/25/21Ganger 22 k2 dager siden
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3:57:43NewsNOW Stream Part 1 - 01/20/21
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4:15:30NewsNOW Stream Part 2 - 01/19/21
NewsNOW Stream Part 2 - 01/19/21Ganger 16 k8 dager siden
5:53:50NewsNOW Stream Part 1 - 01/19/21
NewsNOW Stream Part 1 - 01/19/21Ganger 32 k8 dager siden
11:25Dr. Mike Cirigliano's Daily COVID-19 Updates


  • This from a state that put 1 drop off box, per county, for ballots. Then allows some idiots to force a biden bus off the road. Yea real American values. But the way idiots, PENNA voting law was passed in 2019 passed by both parties and upheld by the Scotus. No cheating just counting every vote which your asshole pres didnot want you know why? Cause he lost the popular vote to clinton

  • I do not fox news trump lied one ten commandments

  • Instead of trying to cure abnormal individuals, "leaders" like the robinet put them into their ministry! No comment...

  • WOW Lol, This fool really thought that TRUMP was going to pardon him, What a laughing stock he is. Trump only care if he could benefit from you.

  • Where’s the call for impeachment from the GOP? Obama did the same thing and they lost their minds. I’m starting to get the impression theirs a double standard from the party of “Law and Order”. At least MAGA hasn’t resorted to rioting, breaking into buildings and vandalizing them. Right?

  • Thank you senator Cruz for holding the line of truth. We are praying, God will give you victory. We the people are wathing.

  • That was so close to my Grandmom’s house

  • In my opinion: It's the perp walk to the pity party of hurt feelings. Seems they think the job is about them & their imaginary friends. Wonder if it's for Biden's impeachment? I think they're implying Trump, but who knows? Oh, so popular! 🤣

  • No people to see them. Dumb walk

  • Take a good look Biden and bikini bottom this is what you will never be nor respected

  • obrigado Orgulho de ser Brasileira Deus abençoe e proteja sempre!!! brasileiro e um nação de paz mesmo em meio a violencia e corrupção que muitas vezes nos faz sair de nosso amado brasil para tentar uma vida melhor em outros paises muitas vezes somos descriminados mais nascemos com o DNA da coragem e da justiça e nunca jamais nos rebaixaremos e renegaremos nosso amado brasil somos assim e assim seremos sempre e obrigado povo americano por reconhecer a bravura de nossa irmã brasileira e hoje americana Deus abençoe os estados unidos não prospera ao qual temos muito que aprender com voces obrigado! corruption that often makes us leave our beloved Brazil to try a better life in other countries we are often discriminated against but we are born with the DNA of courage and justice and we will never ever lower ourselves and we will deny our beloved brazil we are like this and so we will always be and thank you american people for recognizing the bravery of our brazilian and today american sister God bless the united states does not prosper to which we have much to learn from you thank you!

  • watch how american makes him a celebrity and begins getting deals... because capitalise.

  • ilove you mr.peresidenet😢💔😢💔😢💔😢💔😢💔😢💔😢💔😢💔

  • Won't listen because they don't want to stop this, they want this to keep going, both the lockdown, the restrictions, the rights taken away, and the deaths, especially of the most disadvantaged in society, before they choose to offer their own solution for a new system and a new world.

  • Sneaky talking Rice, Tribe, to Tribe's, People of Color, She' almost said Basket of Deplorables, what about hard head's,! Who do not trust the Vacin, Much less people,????👁👁 All good Undone , Focus on how much supply going to other countries is now not the Time, Good press stay focus on the Answers!!! Keeping 👁👁 on Border, Example of Common Sense???

  • ilove you mr.peresidenet😢💔😢💔😢💔😢💔😢💔😢💔😢💔😢💔

  • Well we welcome the NRA here in Texas and I’ll do what I can to help the cause.

  • Move on FOX! Tell the real story! Seems like you guys like to stick the finger deep inside the wounds! There is a lot more important things to inform People! Talk about the true behind SPORTS for instance or this fake corporation government!

  • How challenging it is to convince arrogant “intellectuals” who refuse to LISTEN to this great human being - Dr Kory! I have lost my patience! Criminals! God bless Dr Kory! Brazil supports Ivermectine! I take it preventatively!

  • After what was done to President Trump 24/7 365 for 4 years The Sranton Extortionist wants a break?!! Not a prayer In hell!

  • dam these biden tornados are sires he should do better at stopping them . there should be help there before it hasp pend this is demo crate racist at there finest. where is the media hate on the democrat's huh oh that right the media is the democrat's

  • Kangaroo Court

  • Fakedemic bla bla bla

  • We the people need the hold them accountable

  • So much BS here. Fake pandemic. Sheep no more! Wake the F Up. Unsubscribing from any channel such as yours spreading the fear. Shame on ya all

  • That's a fat man with a wig doesn't get any better than this

  • Kobe sacrificed for LeBron to take his place

  • Amen to Candace!!!

  • Nope

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  • We need Trump back

  • Dr. S.kin and B.ones pox.VA.x M.ark of Beast

  • H.allMark MOments

  • Talk about despicable! Look in the mirror Chuck!

  • 1454 days to go👺

  • What did Hank die of I heard he took the vax just a while ago. Any connection ?

  • What a waste of time! Trump did nothing to incite a riot? What planet are you living on? God will soon take control, the fraud will all be proven and the guilty will be punished!

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  • Soon is not enough. Must be sooner

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  • I was at that rally!!! Drove up from Chicago

  • So Greta is a Big-Fake ?!

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  • This resistance to put sick society before the company profits has been going on for 60 years.....ever since the pharmaceutical industry began manufacturing drugs and making a monopoly out of it. Orthodox/corporate medicine has "taken care" of the many politicians and bureaucraps in order to legislate in favor of the drug industry to the exclusion of the suffering patients. They even had hold harmless legislation drawn up to remove them from lawsuits surrounding their products!

  • Bravo!!

  • Guy in pink tie thinking 💭 Damn sucks to b him 😂

  • Killing off more of the American people I see great state used to be in great state of Michigan

  • 💗

  • Just when I thought NYC ran out of people with common sense.....You go lady!

  • Needs subtitles

  • Why Didnt they have this Dr on sooner? They deal has already been done

  • This is truly president we need . Not Biden ! .... is the losers .

  • Hell no you cant remove her its a public place and its are right to exercise free speech

  • So now the freaks can join.. Wow. My dad is rolling over in his grave now. He was a decorated colonel in the Air Force god rest his soul...

  • Nancy doesnt care about California!!! She is a dummy. Her lipstick looks caked on. She looks like a hysterical clown.

  • Obama is gifted; being able to remember names and events to the very detail is genius...

  • A president leads not follower rice was just on making everything about racism. Thank you Biden voters for destroying America. China runs this country

  • Why is Pierre wearing a lab coat?

  • The police knew violence would result. But Trump could not have known 🤔.

  • Miss his press conferences

  • "But it gets worse", yes that is frightening and this is only one case and these people are running our government and will get in Zero trouble other than being fired. This is so pathetic that nobody is ever held accountable to the law.

  • Seriously he’s speaking in public and so is she, what gives he the right to “can we remove her”