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12:29How America could lose its allies | 2020 Election
12:33How the US poisoned Navajo Nation
How the US poisoned Navajo NationGanger 508 k20 dager siden
5:36What voter suppression looks like online
11:49What it means to be Black in Brazil
What it means to be Black in BrazilGanger 736 kMåned siden
9:01How reality TV shows cast the right people
6:13How the pandemic distorted time
How the pandemic distorted timeGanger 942 kMåned siden
8:03How to be a cloud detective
How to be a cloud detectiveGanger 214 kMåned siden
10:39The secret history of dirt
The secret history of dirtGanger 363 kMåned siden
9:43Why bird nests aren't covered in poop
2:59What Black Lives Matter means to an 11-year-old
7:46The problem with banning TikTok
The problem with banning TikTokGanger 1,1 mill2 måneder siden
8:29When voting rights didn't protect all women
6:12Why face masks became political in the US
Why face masks became political in the USGanger 960 k2 måneder siden
9:16The next pandemic could come from our farms
3:03Help us cover the US election
Help us cover the US electionGanger 286 k2 måneder siden
9:13The risky way to speed up a coronavirus vaccine
11:34The global coffee crisis is coming
The global coffee crisis is comingGanger 2,2 mill2 måneder siden
6:36The coronavirus is mutating. Now what?
The coronavirus is mutating. Now what?Ganger 2,3 mill2 måneder siden
9:33The British Museum is full of stolen artifacts
The British Museum is full of stolen artifactsGanger 1,4 mill2 måneder siden
9:41How slow motion works
How slow motion worksGanger 455 k3 måneder siden
7:22The fight for America's 51st state, explained
The fight for America's 51st state, explainedGanger 1,1 mill3 måneder siden
4:59Why scientists are so worried about this glacier
9:10The story behind this iconic Olympics protest
The story behind this iconic Olympics protestGanger 1,7 mill3 måneder siden
6:38How humans are making pandemics more likely
How humans are making pandemics more likelyGanger 1,2 mill3 måneder siden
11:08Why the US has so many Filipino nurses
Why the US has so many Filipino nursesGanger 1,3 mill4 måneder siden
10:47What "defund the police" really means
What "defund the police" really meansGanger 1,1 mill4 måneder siden
8:06Why America's police look like soldiers
Why America's police look like soldiersGanger 2,7 mill4 måneder siden
5:46Why locusts are descending on East Africa
Why locusts are descending on East AfricaGanger 1,1 mill4 måneder siden
7:13Why all Americans should honor Juneteenth
Why all Americans should honor JuneteenthGanger 1,1 mill4 måneder siden
9:52Why American farmers are throwing out tons of milk
10:21Why this font is everywhere
Why this font is everywhereGanger 1,3 mill4 måneder siden
6:03Why it's so hard to get unemployment benefits
6:25The eclipse photo that made Einstein famous
The eclipse photo that made Einstein famousGanger 1 mill5 måneder siden
5:33Protests aren't what they look like on TV
Protests aren't what they look like on TVGanger 1,2 mill4 måneder siden
6:26How deadly is Covid-19?
How deadly is Covid-19?Ganger 1,8 mill4 måneder siden
6:03How coronavirus spreads outdoors vs. indoors
How coronavirus spreads outdoors vs. indoorsGanger 4,1 mill5 måneder siden
3:57What Bill Gates hopes we learn from coronavirus
7:21The US tested the wrong people for coronavirus
The US tested the wrong people for coronavirusGanger 3,8 mill5 måneder siden
8:32The real story behind this war poster
The real story behind this war posterGanger 355 k5 måneder siden
4:38Why beef is the worst food for the climate
Why beef is the worst food for the climateGanger 842 k5 måneder siden
9:41Dr. Anthony Fauci, explained
Dr. Anthony Fauci, explainedGanger 1,2 mill5 måneder siden
8:32How voting by mail could save the US election
4:58How coronavirus charts can mislead us
How coronavirus charts can mislead usGanger 2,5 mill6 måneder siden
7:48What face masks actually do against coronavirus
6:37The right way to play Monopoly
The right way to play MonopolyGanger 1,8 mill6 måneder siden
4:30Why kids write letters backward
Why kids write letters backwardGanger 766 k7 måneder siden
5:13What the coronavirus looks like up close
What the coronavirus looks like up closeGanger 1,2 mill6 måneder siden
14:41Why NASA quarantined the Apollo 11 astronauts
8:12The 8-bit arcade font, deconstructed
The 8-bit arcade font, deconstructedGanger 565 k7 måneder siden
6:31Coronavirus is not the flu. It's worse.
Coronavirus is not the flu. It's worse.Ganger 8 mill7 måneder siden
3:43Being our best selves during coronavirus
Being our best selves during coronavirusGanger 417 k7 måneder siden
3:45How soap kills the coronavirus
How soap kills the coronavirusGanger 10 mill7 måneder siden
6:30Why fighting the coronavirus depends on you
Why fighting the coronavirus depends on youGanger 7 mill7 måneder siden
5:51Delhi’s deadly riots, explained by an expert
Delhi’s deadly riots, explained by an expertGanger 1,2 mill7 måneder siden
14:56How San Francisco erased a neighborhood
How San Francisco erased a neighborhoodGanger 1,1 mill7 måneder siden
8:49How wildlife trade is linked to coronavirus
How wildlife trade is linked to coronavirusGanger 23 mill7 måneder siden
6:55Computers just got a lot better at writing
Computers just got a lot better at writingGanger 755 k8 måneder siden
7:37The case for Elizabeth Warren
The case for Elizabeth WarrenGanger 933 k8 måneder siden
6:07The case for Joe Biden
The case for Joe BidenGanger 1,4 mill8 måneder siden
6:23The case for Pete Buttigieg
The case for Pete ButtigiegGanger 836 k8 måneder siden
7:31The case for Bernie Sanders
The case for Bernie SandersGanger 2,1 mill8 måneder siden
5:34The conspiracy behind this famous statue
The conspiracy behind this famous statueGanger 1 mill8 måneder siden
8:03America's presidential primaries, explained
America's presidential primaries, explainedGanger 1,5 mill8 måneder siden
7:54How the British royal family makes money
How the British royal family makes moneyGanger 2,4 mill8 måneder siden
6:25This photo triggered China's Cultural Revolution
6:40Was this the greatest dog of all time?
Was this the greatest dog of all time?Ganger 530 k8 måneder siden


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  • If a prankster social media post changes your choice of vote, you don't deserve the right to vote.

  • Have you know kowloon walled city

  • People who cannot drive cars (because of impaired eyesight, epilepsy, or just because they've gotten old and their reflexes have slowed) are as discriminated against, and denied as many opportunities, as any ethnic or religious minority in the US today. And no one -- not even the most passionate defenders of equality of opportunity -- seems to care.

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  • Yeah Hollywood, Stop portraying a certain religious group as terrorists, it's a thing of the past. It's not like there are people, in this day and age, blinded by their religious fanaticism, who murder innocents, while yelling aloud their God's name.

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  • Driving requires a license for the same reason that a gun would. They are both potential weapons.

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  • I want to see the US and NATO commit much much more to democracy and human rights. I would love it if Hungry got kicked out and would be replaced with Mexico.

  • Qanon was the most successful slide thread in History. Now it's just facebook moms on the bandwagon.

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  • I don't believe we should just stop with the LGBTQIA community. I believe everyone should have equal rights and everyone should have the right to decide how they what to be described/seen. If a Black man wants to be considered white he should be able to do so and protected and treated as a White man. If a 70 y.o. woman wants to be seen as a 25y.o. she should be able to do so. There just shouldn't be any limits and no one should be seen as a joke for how they what to live out there lives.

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