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3:04Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life - Rule 2
2:30New Year Resolution Help
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1:41:1412 Rules for Life Tour - Sydney, Australia.
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10:40Announcement: BEYOND ORDER: 12 More Rules for Life
1:58:5612 Rules for Life Tour - Melbourne, Australia.
12 Rules for Life Tour - Melbourne, Australia.Ganger 4,4 mill3 måneder siden
8:05Return Home
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2:07:1612 Rules for Life Tour - Brisbane, Australia.
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56:17(Reposted) - Peterson Family Update June 2020
(Reposted) - Peterson Family Update June 2020Ganger 1,4 mill6 måneder siden
2:50Peterson Family Update - February 2020
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4:11Auckland Clip 6: On Crippling Guilt
12:10Auckland Clip 4: On Cain and Abel
1:38:23Bishop Barron: Word on Fire
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2:39:50Who is Joe Rogan? With Jordan Peterson
17:42On Claiming Belief in God: Commentary
1:43:33Who Dares Say He Believes in God?
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1:39:22Stephen Hicks: Postmodernism: Reprise
1:45:21Milo: Forbidden Conversation
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1:32:20April 2019 Q and A
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2:58Peterson vs Zizek: Livestream Tickets
1:28:22Jamil Jivani: Author of "Why Young Men"
1:41:08March 2019 Q and A
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4:17Patreon Account Deletion
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1:59:22Q & A 2019 01 January
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1:18:29Interview with the grievance studies hoaxers
1:38:17Responsibility, conscience and meaning
11:03Comedians, canaries and coalmines
Comedians, canaries and coalminesGanger 273 k2 år siden
31:00Goodbye to Patreon
Goodbye to PatreonGanger 515 k2 år siden
6:56Take Aim, Even Badly
Take Aim, Even BadlyGanger 389 k2 år siden
1:30:10Dr. Jordan B Peterson on Femsplainers
Dr. Jordan B Peterson on FemsplainersGanger 3,4 mill2 år siden
4:19The Democrats: Apology and Promise
The Democrats: Apology and PromiseGanger 450 k2 år siden
2:29On Free Thought and Speech in London
0:29UK 12 Rules Tour: October and November
1:23:56Q & A 2018 10 October
Q & A 2018 10 OctoberGanger 359 k2 år siden
3:03Encourage Your Children
Encourage Your ChildrenGanger 246 k2 år siden
2:1612 Rules Tour Sept-Dec 2018: US/Europe
1:56:15AD Harris/Murray/Peterson Discussion: London
1:58:18AC Harris/Murray/Peterson Discussion: Dublin
2:02:04Iceland: 12 Rules for Life Tour: Lecture 2
1:25:45Q & A 2018 09 September
Q & A 2018 09 SeptemberGanger 405 k2 år siden
1:27:03Q & A 2018 08 August A
Q & A 2018 08 August AGanger 428 k2 år siden
2:40:13Iceland: 12 Rules for Life Tour: Lecture 1
3:13Canada US Europe Tour: August-Dec 2018
1:25:16Nina Paley: Animator Extraordinaire


  • Good to see you both. Great conversation. Look forward to more.

  • Great conversation!

  • Jordan Peterson has been responsible for my reawakening in Christianity. He has made me repent and even learn what it means.

  • As far as the stolen election goes, I just want an explanation why multiple states said they were stopping the count only to continue later that same night. There has been no explanation offered by anyone.

  • The grand narrative, gentlemen, is God's purposing. Love the Lord your God with all your heart soul and mind and Love your neighbor as yourself ...

  • Talk to Robert Barnes if you want to understand this election. Otherwise please stop spreading CNN fake news

  • Not sadly so, but nonetheless i need to say... The refusal of both Douglas and Jordan to acknowledge their own human capacity of bottomless incremental evil is blinding them to the world outside their own. I sincerely hope they will confront the darkness within themselves so they can express themselves on the darkness in the present world, but in this instance.... they are more akin to the elitist nihilism roaming free today than they are to the incontrovertible truth from which our world is manifest.

  • Historically people on the right have adopted a ‘turn the other cheek’ mentality, in the faith that good will eventually prevail. This methodology at least had usefulness when the left observed the same rules of conflict, which they no longer follow in any way. The language in this debate seems somewhat surprisingly anti-Trump, given that both Douglas and Jordan have championed Trump’s brand of conservatism over the last 4 years, for profit. Why? Because of a single ugly moment brought about by a raft of systemic failures in voting systems across the US? As for the capitulation of the judiciary, do you not think that these people are in anyway influenced by mainstream/social media or worse still the threat of being cancelled out of office by left wing screechers on Twitter? That threat is real, just turn your gaze to AOC and her so called list. Distance yourself if you please gentlemen, but there are literally millions of people not willing to return to the era of the swamp. Trump through all is faults has exposed the corrupt side of democracy, and now largely represents us ideologically. Get used to it, because we are not going away, especially because social commentators tell us that we are now considerably more radical because we maintain our support for the MAGA movement. Who cares if we are now more radical? The left has ratcheted up its rhetoric and so should the right, because despite what you say, gentlemen, turning the other cheek no longer has any value in defending our way thinking.

  • Aye, we all need to learn again The Art of Living.

  • I think your criticism of Trump's character is a fallacious circumstantial ad hominem argument. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think it's valid.

  • Trump was not just an alternative to HRC. For Years he vocalized the terrible policies of many politicians. The failing state drove him to run.

  • The third position trumps all.

  • Who is Milo going to connect with if he has disdain for both liberals and conservatives?

  • Matthew McConaughey calling Jordan "Sir" in the end, a sign of deep respect. It's amazing Jordan work not only inspire young people, but also those who are quite successful.

  • This is amazing. I discussed grand narratives at a cocktail party for 3-4 hours this past was unbelievable the different answers I received...Power, Love, Self-Preservation, economic prosperity

  • Conservatives like myself would have no problem with the outcome if everyone had to vote in person and on Election Day. Rare exceptions are acceptable for those working overseas, critically ill etc. but the idea that votes can be collected various different ways over a matter of weeks is unacceptable.

  • Am I the only one the sees adam sandlers in the thumb nail?

  • Frankly, if we dismissed the alleged election fraud based on general assumptions and context, we could say that the fraud started way back after the 2016 election, with all the denials and concerted assault against a duly elected President. Was that not an attack on democratic institutions? And I never quite knew what we need to understand when someone is bringing into the discussion the character of Trump. Compared to whom? Hillary Clinton? Each of us? Biden? Same for the intellectual posture. I think that judging intellect and character has to be done mainly (not exclusively, but mainly) through the policies initiated, fought for or enacted by the President. In such a context I would agree to give a fair chance to Mr. Biden, but let's level the field. What I also never got is this empty and false distinction between Trump's voters and the educated liberals. I think that the intelligence or let's say the understanding of the surrounding world are at least the same in both groups. I don't think that any education will do. Also, saying that whoever continue to support what Trump stood for after the Capitol riots is somehow agreeing to slide towards some extremes is without any ground. Politics means in my mind to distinguish, build upon, retract, redo. To conclude, I'm grateful that Dr. Peterson and Mr. Murray are giving us the chance to discuss and elevate our political discourse, so a big thank you.

  • Very disappointed in Jordans view regarding the election, more so as I feel he's very good at understanding on how to de-radicalise people. You cannot simply tell people "The courts threw it out, what, you saying the republican courts went against their own party?" because I can tell you that if I was American, it would be a yes. I cannot explain why a video of people boarding up windows during the election day, people outright saying that they were told to commit fraud, a videos of vans turning up with votes that all went to one person, a video of someone taking ballots out from under a table and having a small team count them in private, wasn't looked into, why it wasn't enough. Was it because they just wanted peace, to just call it in? Did they feel Trump was bad for the party? Was the evidence really not enough and if so, why? Honestly, I feel the media ramping things up and people not calling for an investigation is pushing people into radicals who will give quick, easy answers. I hope things don't get crazy but with Covid being the way that it is, the left kicking people off of social media, shutting down their competitors and if I'm honest, people like yourself and those that follow you coming across (and I hope I'm wrong here) as dismissing these concerns, where can people go to be heard? The only way things can start to calm down is if they're treated the same way the left was, they get their day at court to look at their concerns and it's done transparently and fairly. I don't think Trump is a saint or pure. I don't think he's helped calm things down

    • We shouldn't be calm lois ck had a great joke in a stand up he did about abortion protesters. "They think people are murdering babies! What do you want them to be like "hm i dont like that" I'm paraphrasing of course. But now is not the time for calming down, and singing kumbaiya as much as I wish it was. Was Trump a saint? No one thought that. Was he a great president? Absolutely.

  • "The idea that Trump is always perfect"... LOL! How about the idea that every single person that is white or supports Trump is AWFUL in the mind of the 'mainstream' democrat ??

  • Interesting how Jordan's subscriber count spiked the day after this video, was people unsubscribed during his time away?

  • Two of the greatest minds in our current times.

  • "The nazis always picked continuing the extermination." Yeah ok, bucko. Other than that this is a great lecture.

  • God ASMR is gross AF

  • "I can't believe they're using a politician as a weapon against a political establishment attempting to core out and subvert their country."

  • Love this! But there is a good reason Trump went down the rabbit hole of election fraud

  • Yeah, because Mitch McConnell and the Judiciary are all on the up-and-up ;-)

  • Two of the greatest, most important philosophical voices of our time.

  • This is a magnificent conversation articulating many of the issues we are all facing and even suggesting a few hypothetical solutions. Thank you both for this critical analysis.

  • I know everyone keeps saying it but it is so great seeing Jordan Peterson again.

  • In case you weren't aware guys. A) most of the 'storming' at the Capitol was from handfuls of Antifa members, who authorities have subsequently identified. It was all planned. Most Trump supporters were calmly standing around or walking through the building within tbe velvet ropes ffs! B) Trump incited 'nothing'. He even spoke out pleading for peaceful demonstrations (most of those messages blocked by mainstream media). He was well within his right to ask his followers not to accept the most blatantly fraudulent election in U.S. bistory. The biased courts destroyed democracy and the Constitution by ignoring the (literally) hundreds and hundreds of hours of court testimony explaining how it was done. Trump has been the most successful President in history, the list of his achievements is endless, but again, mostly ignored ny mainstream media, who are now happy they have one of their own in power.

  • And regarding their entirely sound, but based on very unsophisticated assumptions, arguments at 1:09:09 No, I don't think of it that way. I think that trump was being his usual self. He's full of flaws and always has been. One of them is that he's bullheaded and doesn't accept defeat, kind of like phil hellmuth. He's not a sensible person. That has been abundantly clear the entire time, people on the left and right agree. Everyone around him that you are saying would all have to have been "bought", according to the strawman of an election fraud argument which you are destroying; all those people are normal sensible individuals, they realize that it's over and that they lost. They care about their careers, and they're going to abandon trump's wild "Overturn the election" ride. They know it was a fraudulent election as much as anyone else. They also realize that it's over, and that there's no point resisting. They didn't withdraw their support because they thought he was wrong, they withdrew it because they didn't think he could win, and they were right. Kind of like sir william stanley. douglas knows who he is. Peterson was also not quite right re. his earlier statement that it's disingenuous to compare the capitol hill events to the BLM/antifa riots. The capitol hill event (Not sure what to call it) was worse than the BLM/antifa riots in exactly one way - symbolism. It happened at the white house. In all other metrics the leftist riots have been far worse. Covering my ass seems utterly irrelevant, but I'll do so anyway, and state that, like any reasonable person, I absolutely condemn the captiol hill event, and in no way do the actions of BLM/antifa make it ok. Several years ago right wing terrorism was very close to nonexistent. In the past few years it has been picking up steam. It is however, still lagging considerably behind it's leftist counterpart. There, that's a reasonable critique. Now stop calling them leftist puppets and traitors.

  • Crazy people. We just learned the last years that political, state scientific and similar Institutions turned into pots of devils -just enjoying the decline- and these two men propose to get vaccinated by these institutions. No connection to reality anymore.

  • I agree to disagree on the Trump aspect. The election, fraud or no fraud, has some major issues and warrants valid concerns.

  • Respectfully, ...oh never mind

  • I miss Milo.

  • Sad to hear both Douglas and Jordan seemingly swallowing the left narrative on Trump so readily.

    • To be fair jordan has always been a liberal who's never understood true conservatives or right wingers.

  • There was so much evidence of voter fraud though..

  • I am waiting for JP to discuss Canada political situation

  • There is no such thing as a centrist Democrat message. They are calling for mass censorship and re-education camps. Also, sounds clear conservative temperament is far superior since it is reality based.

  • Odor of RH blood factor? My husband is RH- and he doesn't even wear deodorant because he doesn't smell.

  • Milo is a good guy and anything that’s happened in his life it hasn’t made him a liberal . Most of the liberals I’ve met in my lifetime have a chip on there shoulders believing they where given a shitty hand with not much basis I could see other than jealousy of others . Milo has totally own his life and never allowed it to define him or his beliefs now thats a powerful quality most of the conservatives I’ve met have . Ever wonder why it’s hard to logically debate a conservative ?

  • The comments on this are as interesting as the interview and illustrate the wall between understanding. I'm not sure he understands that the majority of Trump voters did not go to the Capitol, nor did they storm it, nor condone it. The Capitol crowd illustrates what happens when an immense crowd show up without any leaders or shepherds to nip and bite, guard and protect from the negative influences and wolves. If there is anything to forgive, then, forgive being lead astray and used, influenced....human. There is nothing to forgive without a judge and judgement, otherwise there isn't a case and no forgiveness. The judges pre judged before the event, the "game." Imagine a game with set established known rules and the judges-referees intervene before the game to change those set rules which favors one team over the other due to their inherent strengths and weaknesses. Then, when the game is played by the new rules, and the referee-judges suddenly go silent and refuse to hear the cries and petitions, calling them petty and ignorant, unworthy. Ah, the poor idiot masses, they surely must be forgiven for being so ignorant as to believe their case even deserves a hearing, a judgement, be that an agreeable judgement or not. Even to be heard is to be acknowledged. Imagine having leaders who break the laws before the people's eyes as if that is a right of the privileged. They can march through the hallowed halls with illegal impeachment papers to impeach a leader who no longer leads, is gone. Impeachment is to remove a president in office from office, not to remove what is removed. Put horns and furs on these people and how are they different than any other fringe cult movement? Someone must ask these hard questions and wonder what and why being proper and polite while breaking the law is more civil than horns and furs. Why would the leaders keep the focus on the one they have deposed? Are they unable to see anything else and even they are an obsessed cult of followers unable to see anything else now, including their own elderly new leader? My hope is that the people wake up and see they have no leaders and must not follow a political cult, but must instead, be wiser and lead themselves on a personal and immediate community level. No one will save you. All have fallen short, even those who climbed and clawed their way to the top of the heap. The leaders do not walk among us, but stand afar looking down. Find leaders who walk among us, with us as shepherds. Do not be lead astray to tear down, burn, destroy, or accuse. Be judges, not accusers. Be innocent, not ignorant. Do not follow the examples of the figureheads, be better than them while being a mere human. Do not listen to their panic over seeing your face in public spaces, nor their panic over your contagious spirit which they call a virus.

  • I still don’t understand why a vaccine is so necessary when the recovery rate is so high, and no worse than annual influenza 🥺

  • "Trump fell down the rabbit hole of the stolen election narrative." So has about 35% of our populace who believes the current sitting POTUS is illegitimate. There's good reason. Look at evidence before pronouncing it a conspiracy theory. I was skeptical, at first... I'm an empriricist. The courts would agree with my finger wagging, If they had enough spine to actually look at the evidence.

  • Dr. Peterson, you've explained that even rats have an innate sense of fairness. Please reconsider your opinion of the election situation in the US. We had democrat leaders tell us months before the election that Biden would be the winner, no matter what the numbers showed. We had thousands of reports of suspicious behavior and no one would investigate it, even with court orders our elected officials would not audit the vote. We still have states refusing to co-operate with court orders to supply documents. Some ballots have been destroyed, making recounts and audits impossible, when the law requires they be kept for 2 years. And now the media forbids discussion of the subject, and even our own government is talking about having people declared terrorists for asking questions. When do we become alarmed? When they send us to a gulag?

  • Any mention of establishment vs. non-establishment? This issue as important as left vs. right.

  • Dr. Peterson, you have said many times yourself that the greatest of freedoms we have is the freedom of speech. Why did neither of you mention problems with free speech in America and how social media and other organizations are governed by far leftists? You talked about Trump a lot but never mentioned his permanent banning from social media for some made up reasons. Don't you think that should be an important topic when talking about the Left and the Right in America?! How would either of you feel if you were permanently banned from social media? If they could do it to Trump they can do it to you. Have you ever thought about that? Trust can't be forced. Trust needs to be earned.

  • thanks for sharing this lovely and needed podcast. question...while conservatives learn to "forgive", left and radicals are gaining the intellectual field by blaming and "correcting" the past. and they see that as something how to deal wiht that?

  • At 57 min. in. Contrition and repentance AREN'T enough to satisfy justice. But God. Jesus. So, apart from God & justice plus grace thru Jesus, yes, it's one unsatisfactory hot mess and people are drawn to various places on the spectrum to try to take up a position on & a code to live by, but they'll all be problematic.

  • 1:25:53 - I am working to fundamentally reprogram our species. I'm not hiding, I'm here in the open. I think that we can do better than what nature and chance has landed us with. And I have arguments, not ideology. I'm going to make a channel on here soon to get my thoughts across and hopefully show people that we can change for the better, or at least the idea of being chipped or having our DNA altered is not something to just object to absolutely. And the arguments against my ideas are pretty weak I'd say. So I'd like to try and get to some better ones.

  • A breathtaking interview. Everyone should hear this.

  • The voter numbers on DT side were much easier to get to logically. I think DT picked up almost 5% more of black and Hispanic voters. So, to get back to even the Democrats had to get another 5% new voters just to break even. The other problem is overall voter participation. Most elections are less that 50% voter participation. 2016 had 55% voter participation, 2020 67%, to vote out a president who had successfully decreased black and Hispanics unemployment, 3 Middle East peace deals, brought back more manufacturing jobs than previously thought possible.

  • Jordan is starting to look and sound a lot better. Welcome back. 👍

  • I wish you'd give more credit to Trump voters. I'm in the UK but I would have voted for Trump, and not from a retaliatory place, but because he was purely what we needed. (You don't decide to go swimming at your local pool instead of with great white sharks as an f you to the sharks.) Also you should do more research on the videos that have surfaced on the ineptitude of the voting system used over the last few years, from democrats alike. That is a non partisan issue that could affect democracy, and needs to be looked into, regardless. Also, stating with certainty that the solution to this lockdown (a fake pandemic) is a vaccine that does nothing is so naive I can't even explain..

  • Can one be on the right and atheist? I am. Kind of an outlier. Maybe a Friedman libertarian : )

  • Question for Mr Murray: When one side calls out the other side and its 'media' for 5 full years of 'reckless speech' and outright lies... And their concerns are COMPLETELY ignored and ridiculed for even bringing it up... Then the President exercises his God given right to free speech as enshrined in the Constitution of the United States... And is then impeached UNCONSTITUTIONALLY by a regime spewing bullshit calls for 'unity'... then WTF , Mr. Murray, should the oppressors expect exactly, from the oppressed? Not holding my breath for a reply...

  • It's great to see these guys talking. But just to go off subject, I really hope Douglas is well. These last few years he has looked increasingly unwell.

  • We are promulgating the notion that Trump lost the election? Really? The election was stolen and the truth has been abundantly revealed. That is not narcissism. I don't see how anyone is supposed to swallow that.

  • Really good interview. On some levels I get exactly what Milo is saying, having been through similar experiences. Complicated sums it best.

  • $1.90 a day is out of poverty? girl...

  • finally, here`s confirmation for what I had already suspected for some time: postmodernism is indeed a mental illness posing as a philosophical viewpoint.

  • Mr Jordan Peterson I heard your message on NOlong and I would love to pray for you, I now our God hears us and and he will heal you in Jesus Name.

  • Do you think they will allow us to exercise our fundamental freedoms again without bloodshed? why? Identify is a transitive verb.

  • Two masters of political and social observation, who I suspect would still be a ruddy good laugh at the pub too :)

  • 1:31:00 Trust born from courage and everything that follows. Sam Harris tried that with Ezra Klein and it was like listening to Gandalf trying to reason with The Mouth of Sauron for two hours. Excruciating and fruitless to attempt this with people gleefully devoted to your subjugation. They will only be looking for an opportunity to rend you.

    • The far left does not want dialog for they are winning bigly.

  • Its hard for me to listen to these guys talk about trump. They clearly don't understand trumps base. I respect them both, but their liberalness is clearly shining through here.

    • @jato72 youtube keeps deleting my reply weird. The "alt right" which is based on a website that cannot not be named. Are leftists who apply progressive ideology to jews instead of white people. There is no alt right only a disgusting alt left.

    • Keep that in mind as they both have been labeled 'alt right'. "That includes Canadian professor Jordan Peterson. Popular among the racist “alt-right,” Peterson first gained media attention in 2016 when he refused to refer to some University of Toronto students and faculty by their preferred gender pronouns." - Southern Poverty Law Center

  • The message is that it is an act of "courage" to bend over quietly to your abuser, with extra "grace" points for forgiving them even as they continue with the abuse. Except that your aren't really being abused... that's just a conspiracy theory.

  • 53:00 I can see that happening from couple years in Polish politics "it's set up for performative thing", campaign just to get to the hmmm... trough :(

  • feels like this is up there with some of your most thought provoking discussions

  • Great video you two! Loved it

  • I believe Douglas spoke to Candace Owens about social media and the way this virtual world remembers everything you ever said and makes you suffer for it.. Forgiveness really is important if we want to move on...

  • They were already gathered and trying to break into the capital before Trump had finished his speech. "iacta alea est" The die had been cast.

  • Fact: 4 of contested states violated own constitutions in regard election. This is not a conspiracy theory by right wingers. These 2 do not mention any of this.

  • what's wrong with Trump? I seriously don't know what people are talking about. I care about policy and defending American values and families.

  • 42 min. in : Basically, it's that God doesn't enable us to baby ourselves, tho He is so patient, he knows we're not best off if He treats us as if we're kids. We are His kids, but grown ups too and that's the kind of hands on the wheel responsibility that doesn't contradict an otherwise "Jesus take the wheel" submission to God in life. That would be better known as God is your map program but it is your body in the driver's seat, always having the choice to obey, & to listen for His voice, or not. Which of course is reflective of whether or not u truly trust Him or are willing to submit to your Creator & Redeemer. Then, right after in speaking about his laughter in response to dark characters or philosophies, I would just add my 2 cents here of the thought that, seeing his face, body language and all when he laughed, esp. that 1st time or 2, seemed more a laugh of a joyful interest in life, than one of finding something "funny" .

  • 58:28 - overstated the proximity of Communism? I'm stuck in my flat in Netherlands, cannot leave the house without papers, and police are checking. Police actually going around doing raids if they think people are gathering secretly. All small businesses are on the verge of collapse and we're all dependent on the state... I think that perhaps the proximity wasn't stated enough, as I never saw this coming!

  • The tone and what is visible have been changed for a year now and although it looks simple and many respond as if it were, it is a tangled web woven over a long time and it is doubtful that anyone can oversee this monstrosity and draw really informed conclusions, most likely even "insiders" can't, but too much is hidden for the majority treated by media hyper materialist prayer mills. The cocoon has to be cut in order to let the light in. The void in the middle is a great expression for the void & fog creating activities of both: the so-called left and right. Generally there are reactions to catch words and catch phrases and no considerations for the pauses of pondering. Words are faster than thoughts these days. However, this talk is some good attempt on several levels. Any honest!!! attempt helps some to dissolve the fog even if it is densified unintentionally in the process!

  • I’m not left and I liked Jeremy Corbin. Choosing Boris was clearly a disaster akin to Trump. It was seemingly harmless until it wasn’t.

  • I just bought Douglas Murray's book "The Madness Of Crowds". It's required reading if you wish to understand the Politics of the Left, Identity Politics (et all). Brilliant.