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4:46The War On Drugs "Arms Like Boulders"
3:21FINNEAS "Can't Wait To Be Dead"
FINNEAS "Can't Wait To Be Dead"Ganger 87 k4 dager siden
1:13The President Had A Clear Message For Mike Pence
4:02Joss Stone "Walk With Me"
Joss Stone "Walk With Me"Ganger 95 k8 dager siden
1:14It's Too Late To Jump Ship Now
It's Too Late To Jump Ship NowGanger 1,4 mill11 dager siden
11:22Tom Hanks Takes "The Colbert Questionert"
Tom Hanks Takes "The Colbert Questionert"Ganger 1,3 mill11 dager siden
5:58Meryl Streep Takes "The Colbert Questionert"
3:39the Mountain Goats "Get Famous"
the Mountain Goats "Get Famous"Ganger 79 k11 dager siden
3:30Julien Baker "Faith Healer"
Julien Baker "Faith Healer"Ganger 72 k12 dager siden
4:17Jamila Woods "SULA (Paperback)"
Jamila Woods "SULA (Paperback)"Ganger 68 k12 dager siden
3:39Maren Morris "Better Than We Found It"
4:41The Slate Show With Stephen Colbert!
The Slate Show With Stephen Colbert!Ganger 990 k29 dager siden
1:13A Late Show's Holiday Message For 2020
3:16Leslie Odom Jr. "O Holy Night"
Leslie Odom Jr. "O Holy Night"Ganger 92 kMåned siden
5:12More Show: Google's Year In Search
More Show: Google's Year In SearchGanger 191 kMåned siden


  • he keeps getting mad about people comparing him to Nixon should we get a Nixon impressionist in there to escort him out all saying the whole time I am not a crook the guy who plays Nixon from Futurama would be perfect for it

  • ''If popcorn was BLACK- They won't sell it in a movie Theater'' Ha Ha Ha

  • Trying to be funny? USA: 1225 deaths per million inhabitants Sweden: 1011 deaths per million

  • One of the men there is named "Mark", but they keep calling him "Mork". Why is that? Is it a tribute to Robin Williams, or are they taking the piss?

  • Why is no one talking about how hot that security guard is-

  • "Have Nicholas Cage bathed and lowered into a suit.." 🤣

  • This guy looking like Curious George Dad

  • It all fell so dry without an audience

  • Such a wonderful human being. The complete antithesis of Trump.

  • Black Men do you think Billy's dress is going to protect you against what you just saw at the US Capitol. I salute him for wearing whatever he wants butt these times call for Men that need to stand up to an evil that isn't being talked down by a dress wearing man. I find it funny that it seems to always be the Black Man that must lead the way in weakening manhood. When the bullets lets see who comes to your calls for help ladies. Semper Fi

  • His father just rushed executions.

  • He’s amazing. Mia Farrow raised a beautiful & genius of a son....we are all proud to have this man in our country.

  • He should go to the wizard about that 7:55

  • "And obviously he has to keep his fist closed because if he opened it, you'd see all the blood on his hands." That was brilliant and accurate.

  • We can’t let this shit blow over. Republicans who ALLOWED the bullshit to ferment have to be made to pay. If the shoe was on the other foot they would be dicks about it...

  • If Oprah loved Americans and especially African Americans she would have put Chicago before her agenda in the Middle East. Africans are not Israelites

  • What could Gavin Newsome have EVER seen in her??

  • The real fascist is the left which use big government and big corporations to ban anyone that they don't agree with and use the threat of violence to back it up, you hypocrites

  • Wow, kiss her butt just a lil more... seriously she is not a girl from the Bronx of yesterday. The Bronx is WAAAAAY different than when I was a teen! Young ppl can't ride that rep these days - they just have NO clue!

  • Even at 38 she looks so young and cute. Beautiful and adorable personality. Id marry her even though im 21. Her smile can light up a room

  • Mitch took off the panties n realized he had balls!

  • Idk if Mike Pence is loyal to a fault or as naive as a box of rocks,they wanted to hang him n he still wants to believe n his boss🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Disturbing

  • Meanwhile in Germany (or literally any other European ...scratch that, WORLD nation): "He did WHAT?!"

  • Stephen u r my guy!!!!💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 u get in their asses like tight underwear!!!!!

  • He rich really really rich !you not imagine how rich he is!!but paid 750 dollar taxes!!! Sound like humiliating!!!!😂😂😂😂

  • dems burned cities and killed hundreds. Dems seem to have forgotten how evil they truly are.

  • As someone who is British, i don't know what the hell was wrong with that audience in London, but me and the friends I watched it with didn't really care about the fact that part was hinting at s3x. OK, we did laugh a bit at say no to this, but only because my friend needed to go to the loo during that scene and so we paused the film and just happened on Maria and Alex making some weird faces, and my friend compared it to some of my other friends (who were dating at the time). And as for Hamilton pissing on George III, we couldn't care less, we actually found it quite funny. It's like if in the future the Brits made a play that mocked Donald Trump, the Americans would most likely agree with it to be honest.

  • Tom Hanks in a western! Lights up my life. What you might want to know though Mr.Hanks, is that a horse knows you from your fear right down to your shoe size. If they trust you they will follow your lead in relaxing and enjoying the ride. If you remain giggly or afraid? He may look to trot back to the barn - no matter what you want. So you might try talking gently t him and not touching him at first - until you exchange vows of mutual trust. E.

  • This guy is so full of hate. sad

  • if you put aoc on tv you’re automatically a comedian

  • $705.4 billion of which is for the Department of Defense (DoD). 740 Billion for National Security in total. Total B.S. Is there a pandemic of war? If so, we started that fire.

  • Amazing how Antifa was able to rile up a bunch of angry, crazy people with guns into causing some trouble.

  • What is that thing hanging behind the first woman? anyone?

  • I got your phone B! Too funny!

  • This aged well 😂


  • Republicans are cult's they control the terrorist to act while Democratic party watches but Doe's nothing😏

  • Cant get her in the WH soon enough



  • I recall you repeatedly making fun of Bernie during the Democrat run off.

  • What a putz! Not Trump!

  • Im so proud to be a swede when I see him, he is so funny 😆

  • The worst Trump impersonator


  • Now that President Trump is out so is Colbert because you have terrible writing terrible presentation and everyone knows when you talk comedy leave politics out. Start looking for another job Colbert.

  • "Someone bathe Nicholas Cage and lower him into a suit!" Yes please.

  • I love how Stephen does up his suit and adjusts his glasses. This woman IS the first lady!

  • Interest on Credit Card debt - limiting that would put more money in peoples pockets that periodic payouts.

  • Hello I’m in Canada. Quick apology here. Just wanted to say I’m sincerely sorry your former president committed genocide on his own population. I’m in shock up here and my heart goes out to anyone who is sick with or has a family member who is ill with covid. Let Canada know if we can help in any way. We are stretched thin like everyone else but we love to be helpful.

  • Seems pretty obvious Boobert was giving them help in her tweets. Treason and sedition charges are in order.

  • I miss drunk Stephen.

  • You should cut out all the times Stephen Colbert speaks out of this video.

  • Your show sucks. Bring back Letterman, your a bore

  • The subs at 11:52 say "I've got grate show for you", it's funny because he was talking about cheese before.

  • Lololol at the tiktok thing 😄🤣

  • Now I can't think of any other way for Trump to leave office. Thank you.

  • Look at all those traitor downvotes. Shameful.

  • Stephen looks young.

  • Work on new material as Biden is President and cant remember nucular codes 1234.

  • Very Creative. Love it.

  • North Jersey calls them "subs"? I thought it was like LI or NYC where those sandwiches are "hero's"

  • Extreme anything is not good. If you ever get that socialist utopia enjoy it. Perhaps you should have a look into history to see how that pans out in reality

  • That was amazing... but how....

  • so they knew since atleast august, heres more proof.

  • Pence is the p word

  • colbert u used to be funny but now your just pathetic with your media nwo script. your jokes suck. like trump bashing is cool i dont support any of these traitors but its such low hanging fruit. You havnt said one funny thing since the daily show eneded

  • Well done

  • So glad to see Stephen enjoying something. We all need some wholesome sea shanty time right now.

  • Yes they were treated completely different! BLM rioters were joined by the militant left...ANTIFA. They then proceeded to set everything on fire! Remember the cries of defund the police? You are right, if Trump protestors did even 1% of what BLM and ANTIFA did it would have been a blood bath! Look at it...BLM and ANTIFA destroy and loot businesses, attack Gov facilities with baseball bats, knives, fire, explosives and fists! No calls of insurrection or traitors or terrorists!?! The Media propaganda machine went to work just like they are doing now, except then it was called peaceful protests! Now because its Trump its Terrorism! This is wrong! Those people who walked into the congressional building were un armed. The BLM ANTIFA supporters were destroying multiple cities for months and they get media support! Yeah I would say its different! If you are looking for someone to blame look no further than the mirror! You are part of the hypocrisy Mr. Rock. And Colbert is a straight propagandist! Shameful!

  • News Alert!! Most people had a "Normal" Christmas this year. No one listened to your crazy lockdown demands. Didn't you hear the news when they said travel during the holidays was like normal? BTW Stephen Colbert isn't and was never funny. If it wasn't for Trump he wouldn't have a job, the guy is obsessed with Trump, I think he wants to have his baby.

  • Boy she beautiful what kind face she have .

  • I like the part about sea shanties



  • Or a super hero

  • Is Stephen wearing pink lipstick? totally looks like it! Remember when being an AMERICAN in AMERICA was safe? Me neither.

  • Abrams is a FRAUD, we know she didn't win, just like biden & harris, they are garbage "products of conception".

  • 90K vs 3.5K this mean that there are more good people that bad people in our Country. God bless Biden...