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Welcome to Car Throttle, the channel dedicated to awesome old cars, interesting challenges, crazy builds and cool new vehicles. Join us as we buy, build, race and test all the cars you love most!


12:36Living With A Ford GT
Living With A Ford GTGanger 583 k4 dager siden
14:52Living With A Honda E
Living With A Honda EGanger 563 k11 dager siden
23:04£1000 First Project Car Challenge
£1000 First Project Car ChallengeGanger 1,1 mill18 dager siden
25:25Here's What We REALLY Think Of Your Cars 4
14:18I Bought The Audi Everyone Hates
I Bought The Audi Everyone HatesGanger 898 k2 måneder siden
19:24£1000 Camping Car Vs £50,000 Camper Van!
£1000 Camping Car Vs £50,000 Camper Van!Ganger 910 k2 måneder siden
14:38Here's Everything Wrong With My £150 BMW
Here's Everything Wrong With My £150 BMWGanger 610 k2 måneder siden
28:04Can We Buy A 150mph Car For £1000?
Can We Buy A 150mph Car For £1000?Ganger 1,1 mill2 måneder siden
18:00Can We Fix An Overheating Car For £50?
Can We Fix An Overheating Car For £50?Ganger 584 k2 måneder siden
13:12Can You REALLY Live With An American Muscle Car?
30:29£5000 American Muscle Car Challenge
£5000 American Muscle Car ChallengeGanger 920 k3 måneder siden
21:01Here's What We REALLY Think Of Your Cars 3
Here's What We REALLY Think Of Your Cars 3Ganger 605 k3 måneder siden
13:49Can We Flip Our Cheap Summer Car For BIG Profit?
11:56I Bought A Broken MR2 On Instagram For £100
19:20Here's What We REALLY Think Of Your Cars 2
Here's What We REALLY Think Of Your Cars 2Ganger 511 k4 måneder siden
38:53How To Get Away With Speeding | Your Car Stories
20:33£300 Cheap Car Challenge
£300 Cheap Car ChallengeGanger 1 mill4 måneder siden
9:11The Evolution Of The Volkswagen Golf
The Evolution Of The Volkswagen GolfGanger 220 k4 måneder siden
13:50£5000 Luxury Car VS £300,000 Luxury Car!
£5000 Luxury Car VS £300,000 Luxury Car!Ganger 731 k4 måneder siden
10:02Driving A 40mph Wheelbarrow
Driving A 40mph WheelbarrowGanger 274 k5 måneder siden
20:27Here's What We REALLY Think Of Your Cars!
Here's What We REALLY Think Of Your Cars!Ganger 664 k5 måneder siden
12:46I Bought A BMW On Instagram For £150
I Bought A BMW On Instagram For £150Ganger 1,5 mill5 måneder siden
6:488 Cars With Engines From An Unexpected Source
38:17The Chaotic $2000 Oil Change | Your Car Stories
16:46Can I Turn A £100 Car Into BIG Profit?
Can I Turn A £100 Car Into BIG Profit?Ganger 790 k6 måneder siden
4:28When Mercedes Tried To Buy BMW
When Mercedes Tried To Buy BMWGanger 380 k6 måneder siden
16:14We Roast Your Cars!
We Roast Your Cars!Ganger 589 k6 måneder siden
5:066 Cars That Wouldn't Exist Without Porsche
6 Cars That Wouldn't Exist Without PorscheGanger 292 k6 måneder siden
15:25Can A Non-Petrolhead Service A Car Over FaceTime?
6:107 Awesome Daily Drivers Even YOU Can Afford
13:10I Bought A Car On Instagram For £50
I Bought A Car On Instagram For £50Ganger 987 k6 måneder siden
3:47Selling The Car I Promised I Never Would
Selling The Car I Promised I Never WouldGanger 613 k7 måneder siden
5:19Car Guys Vs Non-Car Guys: Stuck At Home
Car Guys Vs Non-Car Guys: Stuck At HomeGanger 465 k7 måneder siden
4:47Why Are New BMW Grilles So Big?
Why Are New BMW Grilles So Big?Ganger 271 k7 måneder siden
20:15Trapped In A Car For 24 Hours!
Trapped In A Car For 24 Hours!Ganger 714 k7 måneder siden
7:57I Screwed Up By Buying An Old BMW Project Car!
12:12We Built A Homemade Ute!
We Built A Homemade Ute!Ganger 727 k7 måneder siden
10:05Building A Homemade Ute: Part 1
Building A Homemade Ute: Part 1Ganger 734 k8 måneder siden
10:32The Most Disgusting Car I’ve Ever Owned
The Most Disgusting Car I’ve Ever OwnedGanger 789 k8 måneder siden
7:26How Many Ferrari F40s Are 'Abandoned' In Brunei?
13:31£500 Cheap Car Auction Challenge
£500 Cheap Car Auction ChallengeGanger 1,1 mill8 måneder siden
12:44What Does Half A Million Miles Do To A Car?
What Does Half A Million Miles Do To A Car?Ganger 2,2 mill8 måneder siden
16:09£200 Cheap Car Challenge
£200 Cheap Car ChallengeGanger 1,5 mill9 måneder siden
16:38Living With The UK's Cheapest Bentley
Living With The UK's Cheapest BentleyGanger 879 k9 måneder siden
12:02How Hybrid Turbos Are Made & What They Do!
How Hybrid Turbos Are Made & What They Do!Ganger 213 k9 måneder siden
22:50£500 Track Car Challenge
£500 Track Car ChallengeGanger 1,2 mill9 måneder siden
8:34How Car Dampers Are Made & What They Do!
How Car Dampers Are Made & What They Do!Ganger 323 k10 måneder siden
11:17Our Top Video Highlights Of 2019!
Our Top Video Highlights Of 2019!Ganger 301 k10 måneder siden
8:36The Amazing McLaren F1 Stories You've Never Heard Of
10:09Exploring The World’s Coolest Autonomous Car
8:36How They're Made: Performance Air Filters
How They're Made: Performance Air FiltersGanger 307 k10 måneder siden
23:08Looking Rich On A Tight Budget Challenge
Looking Rich On A Tight Budget ChallengeGanger 2,1 mill10 måneder siden
30:45£500 Off-Road Challenge
£500 Off-Road ChallengeGanger 1,7 mill11 måneder siden
14:05How Fast Is Our Modified Turbo Mini On Track?
25:02Living With A Retro VW Campervan
Living With A Retro VW CampervanGanger 888 k11 måneder siden
9:10Turbo Track Build Challenge: Part 1
Turbo Track Build Challenge: Part 1Ganger 494 k11 måneder siden
16:15£1000 Luxury Car VS £100,000 Luxury Car!
6:37How Bill Gates Beat The 25 Year Rule
How Bill Gates Beat The 25 Year RuleGanger 1,3 millÅr siden
21:41£1000 Luxury Car Challenge
£1000 Luxury Car ChallengeGanger 2,4 millÅr siden
13:42£140 BMW Review: 1 Year Later!
£140 BMW Review: 1 Year Later!Ganger 853 kÅr siden
8:58Uncovering The Secret BMW Collector
20:57£500 Sports Car Challenge
£500 Sports Car ChallengeGanger 2 millÅr siden
16:32Flipping A £195 Car For Profit In 24 Hours
16:47£250 Cheap Car Challenge
£250 Cheap Car ChallengeGanger 2,6 millÅr siden
20:16How To Make A Slow Car Fast For FREE!
8:48Can You Daily Drive A 455hp V8 Shed?
Can You Daily Drive A 455hp V8 Shed?Ganger 1,5 millÅr siden
9:39The Truth About RaceChip Tuning Boxes


  • This made me cry

  • The Kia Stinger could have been made way more agile and way faster by putting it on a diet by deleting all the unneccessary components below: 1. Delete the stupidly heavy Tailgate and replace it with a proper Bootlid and make it a proper Sports Sedan - Minus 10 - 15 Kg 2. Delete the totally unnecessary and extremely heavy Sunroof and replace it with a Carbon Fibre Roof - Minus 20 - 30 Kg 3. Delete the ugly Rear Quarter panel Reflectors - Minus Ugliness 4. Redesign the Headlights by making it it a little more elegant by removing the unneccessary downward, outer kink... - Minus Ugliness 5. Change the Steering wheel design a little - Minus blandness 6. Add Wood trim to the Interior design - Minus blandness The Kia K5 could have been made into a proper car by: 1. Giving it a proper Frt Longitudinal RWD Setup 2. Giving it a proper Sedan side profile... 3. Delete the totally unnecessary and extremely heavy Sunroof - Minus 20 - 30 kg

  • Love this! I think having a structure for what you will talk about next is a good thing but having the ability to go off on a tangent is great like when you guys talked about bikes! Do some videos about bikes is a great idea start with teaching jack how to ride! Really enjoy listening to you all thank you!

  • Who the hell cares if its practical, you have a freaking Ford GT. Smiles per mile 👍

  • Im looking for a mk3 golf 1.8 auto engine, if anyone knows a guy that knows a guy let me know

  • Needs lambo doors

  • get donut mediaaaaaa

  • The number plate is quite unfortunate, doesn’t look like Ford GT

  • I think it’s this *does wheel bearing instead of brakes*

  • amateur. real challenge is to live in ford gt

  • Bold of you to assume I can’t win a knife fight with a spoon.

  • So it's a go-kart

  • Nah I'm with Ethan and Jack nobike

  • That's just under 1million kms. Damn didnt know AUDI was reliable

  • I will end up not taking the car if i win You know why I’m from India!!!


  • Subaru Legacy GT, Mazdaspeed 6, Pontiac G6 GXP

  • @ this lee chick...are you claiming that there are NO oil change videos anywhere..basic understand what...a bolt is right..? Not basic enough..some people..

  • Loved this one even more than usual. Especially the liquid nitrogen and absent dad bit.

  • Get Mat Watson on the podcast ! Would be mint !

  • You should collab with Jimmy Broadbent

  • Glad to see someone actually drive their GT instead of squirreling it away in garage to protect their investment.

  • Four blokes on a car podcast and only one knows what a carb is. Tsk tsk tsk.

  • You get your Donald free with Ethan's dad Land Cruiser?

  • Auto Expert - Engine stop-start Vs idling in traffic: How much can you save? Worth a look.

  • Rebecca Jackson perhaps?

  • Try to have Sabine Schmitz as a guest

  • Isn't CBT Cock and Ball Torture?

  • I got e39 headlights if you want them

  • No bikes. Keep it CAR throttle

  • Awww poor thing struggling in life with an exotic car ? Awww someone help the little man 😳🥺

  • As to the leaving a vehicle idle... I think Engineering Explained did a break down of fuel consumption and (don't quote me here) a gasoline engine can idle for like 5-10 on the fuel it uses to start. So leaving it idle any longer is a waste of fuel. So shut the damn thing off!

  • The guy who built the engine and put it in knows his shit about Rotary engines ...where i come from NO garage will go near one soon as you say its a Mazda RX8 there like fck that take it to Mazda lol ...anyway well dune chap great engine build and cool video

  • Get RJ

  • Amazing both of the cars

  • Tiff Needell.

  • What a brilliant bunch of mates, only friends can joke about family stuff

  • Just FYI, that price-per-litre you paid for petrol, converted to US dollars per US gallon -- $6.35 per gallon. About 3 times what we're paying here right now. Wow! I genuinely don't understand how anyone drives anywhere in the UK.

  • I agree with Gareth, reading out loud is difficult.

  • Ooooooo @ 10:31

  • I do not want to see more bike content 😀

  • Ethan makes no sense.

  • The car guys have never heard of a Zenith carb and don't know what a carburetor looks like ????? 😳

  • you would not get a cucumber & vaseline in a car show on the BBC i can tell you, Pure filth you beasts.

  • 3:37-4:30 when I see a honda s2000

  • BMW dealer local to me gave me my Z4 back after its pre mot safety check , told me it was all fine but 2 of the wheels were cracked when I took it for the MOT . BMW UK and the dealer denied any responsibility, car was running on 19" BMW wheels with run flats !

  • After Jack's Mail lorry accident, why would he want to ride a motorbike?

  • Frickin clowns 👍🤣

  • "Who cares, just put an engine in the front." Ethan is an absolute gem.

  • It’s cute to see someone who hasn’t driven a Tesla before.

    • I can imagine the face of the Customs Officer filling the import papers....💶💶💶💶💶💶

  • Difficult to do your own engine oil change when you haven't got the right tools for the job. or a proper drive way cement pavement job so your jack doesn't sink into the dirt or something. This is why I go 8k miles between oil changes.

  • No bike stuff!

  • That would make great content to see both jack and ethan do the cbt

  • Yammie Noob on the podcast would be awesome

  • As far as Rims for the Z3 are concerned: I think something similar to Rays TR37 Ultra or DR57 could look good on it. As for Famous People I'd love to see on the Podcast: Walter Röhrl, Kimi Räikkönnen, Sabine Schmitz, John Watson and Tiff Needell come to mind.

  • Great podcast as per usual, thanks guys. Guest suggestions:- Edd March - C90 adventures, he has ridden a moped round the world Max - Maximus Ironthumper - lives offgrid and repairs old landrovers and a Zill Russian army truck aka project awesome Matt Watson/Yanni- carwow

  • Definitely please do more bike content. Am really looking forward to that race to loch Lomond video you mentioned. I live near and some amazing biking roads out that area. Keep it up guys

  • Please do a video of Jack and Ethan doing their CBT!!

  • tge schmee matt watson

  • abbie eaton?

  • yes yes yes more bikes!!!

  • Juiceboxforyou 👌👌👌🇮🇪

  • Zorro is an awesome name Ethan

  • Always look forward to car throttle videos and have been loving the new podcast, keep up the good work lads really looking forward to some of these projects. My ten pence on everything is.... I enjoyed the mix of script then no script, you don’t feel the pressure of getting everything in and I personally felt it was more relaxed. Although I do love bikes I came to this channel for cars, i think maybe a separate series for bikes, podcast, cheap bikes, bike challenges etc and keep this one for cars. When I say cars I mean as in all types not just BMW’s and mx5s lmaoo. Keep the videos coming though guys, all the best.

  • Grind hard plumbing. ( its not about plumbing) they turn kids ride ons into cool cars

  • You should have the juicebox lads on. They have the honour of having a rustier BMW than you have.

  • Jack, don't do your CBT, you know better than that, than lowering yourself to that level. 4 wheels for a reason!

  • No More Bike Content It's Car Throttle, not Bike Throttle chaps! Maybe get a 2nd channel fired up, and see what the take-up is...

  • love the podcast but please go back to the script

  • Bring on the bike content, as many of us either drive or ride or do both, and would love to see more to channel 👌

  • Please less bike content. The channel is called Car Throttle for a reason, unless you make a Bike Throttle channel?

  • Review the 3l version, very quirky and different from standafd,jeyemm in cars did a test

  • Has anybody else noticed that the theme of this channel and all its videos are, "OMG look at home much it costs to repair this old piece of shit car". I mean seriously, isn't it time to do something new, think outside the box. YAWN. And yes, mechanics in this country are a rip off, often very dishonest, and the age of the car doesn't change the rate of labour. Welcome to the UK.

  • So, I'm guessing this is where PS4 Game Wreckfest got the idea for the sofa car then. It is even better in real life. Cracking invention Ed China

  • yeah you can give me that car allready if you want :)

  • Try a Trike instead of a bike? Would love you to see what you lot would do with a Robin 🤣 (also, there was no close up so I was guessing carb or egr valve)

  • Couldn't agree more about the smart motorways. They are statistically proven to be more dangerous and any traffic calming measures, in terms of controlling the speed, are minuscule. The only plus is the extra lane so take that budget and improve the road including extra lanes where possible.

  • Get Bob Flavin on

  • Jimmy broadbent on the podcast would be nice

  • Mat Watson from Carwow Yiannimize