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12:27Every Country England Has Invaded: Visualized
10:41What if Chile Was Waaaaaay Longer??
What if Chile Was Waaaaaay Longer??Ganger 445 k11 dager siden
10:38The Insane Dutch Plan to Dam the North Sea
10:14Why Planes Don't Fly Over Tibet
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11:44What Every Country In Europe is Worst At (Part 2)
10:06What Every Country in Europe Is WORST At Part 1
7:16How to Safely Cross a Piranha Infested River
7:49Russia's Alcohol Problem
Russia's Alcohol ProblemGanger 1,2 mill5 måneder siden
11:36Why Pakistan's Geography Sucks
Why Pakistan's Geography SucksGanger 1,6 mill6 måneder siden
10:22What Would Happen if Korea United Into 1 Country?
11:33The Black Death: Worst Pandemic in History Visualized
8:53What If Every Country Ending in "Stan" United?
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11:18Europe's Unexploded Bomb Problem
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12:19How Italy's Geography got Badly Nerfed
How Italy's Geography got Badly NerfedGanger 1,2 mill7 måneder siden
8:07Why the Speed of Light is Actually Horribly Slow
8:46Countries That Are WAY Bigger Than You Think
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12:23What's the Biggest Number That You Could Count To?
8:44Who Is the Loneliest Person to Ever Exist?
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9:59Why Poland's Geography is the Worst
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8:18Why France's Geography is Almost Perfect
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8:20Here's How Google Maps Is Different In Other Countries
1:22New Channel Announcement: RLL2
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10:22The World's Strangest Borders Part 4: Ocean Madness
9:52What If the Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Hit Earth Today?
11:39Why Japan's Geography Sucks
Why Japan's Geography SucksGanger 3,2 millÅr siden
0:52I Made a Toyota Corolla Review...
10:37Why Iran's Geography Sucks
Why Iran's Geography SucksGanger 2,2 millÅr siden
11:09What If America Actually Buys Greenland?
7:40How the Secret Russian Tsunami Bomb Works
10:38Why Russia is Shrinking Fast
Why Russia is Shrinking FastGanger 3,4 millÅr siden
9:40This Was the Day the World Almost Ended
9:00How Dangerous Is Ebola Still Today?
5:40Why You Shouldn't Ever Touch a Dead Whale
8:03What if the French Empire Reunited Today?
7:58Why are SO Many People Alive Today?
10:00The Loss of Life in WWI Visualized
The Loss of Life in WWI VisualizedGanger 1 mill2 år siden
7:23What is the Deadliest Substance in the World?
5:58Why 2000 People Died Fighting Over a Bucket
7:34This is What Will Happen in the Next 24 Hours
6:16Why We Destroyed the World's 4th Largest Lake
8:04How Big Do Hurricanes Get?
How Big Do Hurricanes Get?Ganger 2,3 mill2 år siden


  • England never invaded that many countries before the Union of Great Britain was formed in 1707, the flag in the video thumbnail is also that of the United Kingdom and not England... Americans always getting our history wrong.

  • It’s crazy how they were able todo that

  • Countries: *exist * Britain: Is for me?👉👈

  • Missed out Hawaii, they even still have the Union Jack on their flag

  • And in the 1990s foreign cricketers invaded the English cricket team....

  • Americans seem pretty ignorant to the difference between The United Kingdom/Great Britain and England. I am English, but I love my Scot Welsh and Northern Irish brothers. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are part of the UK, they are also British. They are NOT English. It was Britain. The 4 of us that managed this together. Not just the English.

  • We see you.

  • I hate us

  • no one: England: I will taketh your land

  • So....tell us again how the british were a peaceful nation?

  • England ffs

  • Search Google "Earth" British Empire: *SHOPPING*

  • Make another video with France or Spain

  • England: "Who are you?" -"You Invaded us" England "...Do you have any idea how little that narrows it down?

  • Me : Irak? I thought it was Iraq. RealLifeLore : *awkward laugh*

  • Britain: *It's free real estate*

  • 5:02 Iraq not Irak*

  • I’d just like to ask everyone this: what would you do if your country was the most powerful in the world and couldn’t be defeated. U would attack other countries and take control. As a leader of a powerful country that would be a large instinct.

  • he didn't talk about the Falkland Islands skskskskksksk

  • how about the korean war

  • Strangely they didn't invade Macedonia, we have the best opium in the world. (Oh shit, I can hear the British Army coming to Skopje).

  • *Irak*

  • Didn't list Pitcairn Island 🤨

  • This is one way to get depressed in under 10 min.

  • OK, exactly WHEN did England “Invade” Australia? So over the bs info provided by these content farms!

  • What about Lesotho and Eswatini ?

  • Malta, Falklands, many more, easier to look where hasn't seen British boots on the ground

  • Lusophone world: not my problem.

  • And now the British aren't even capable of defending their tiny island of a "refugee" invasion. 🤔 It's somewhat ironic.

  • The Britions were invaded by the Romans, then Anglos, Saxons and Jutes, then Vikings and then the Normands. Everyone has been invaded and everyone has invaded.

  • titanossaurus is nice.

  • No mention of the Virgin Islands or the Falklands. I guess because they are still under British rule?

  • Viva Britannia 🇬🇧

  • irak


  • You forgot Antarctica. The Brits claim a chunk of that.

  • Bro what do you think "invade" means

  • longcorn longcorn longcorn

  • Malta got missed

  • Great video

  • Country :- Get off my lands UK :- OuR laNdS.

  • Do a video about all the countries the US has meddled with through invasion, toppling, supporting a side in a civil war, etc.


  • *Wales & Scotland has left the chat*

  • falkland islands anyone?

  • And Great Britain hasnt been invaded since 1066, they must be doing something right 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • Crazy how many times israel accidentally sinks our ships! Wow what a CRAZY COINCIDENCE

  • "Do you have a flag?"

  • When the world tries to touch your rock collection

  • we didn't destroy it communism destroyed it

  • "How far away can I go from everybody else?" I once tried to get away from me. But there I was waiting. It seems that, Wherever You Go There You Are.

  • long live the queen

  • This is a waste of time he is just listing every country in the world.

  • Aren’t 5 of them connected? There is North and South america and no the darien gap doesn’t count its still land.

  • Damn I knew that the English where big on conquering but had no idea it was this much. Such a small island too i guess they learned from getting conquered by the Vikings and showed them how it's really done lol.

  • Wrong flag. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 = England Ignorant

  • Anyone want to team up and do it?

  • Gives you a warm glow.

  • Viking genes

  • The queen technically owns 1/5 of the world still

  • Canada was not under British rule proper until 1763 at the end of the Seven Years War.

  • The bloodthirsty one shows his face. - CivV

  • Somebody had to do it

  • Tl;dr - Don't fuck with the British.

  • I Have to say one thing: Iraq's spelling is wrong at 5:04. It's Iraq and not Irak

  • Took any resources possible from all over the world

  • "I'll used yo rule the world"

  • The title: England The thumbnail: British flag I know that's petty but COME ON

  • There were a couple of color inconsistencies in Africa I noticed.

  • Leave a like if Britain never invaded your country.

  • Why is this not subtitled in Spanish? I unsubscribe right now 😤

  • For a moment I thought that this video was going to regurgitate information from the book "All the Countries We've Invaded and the Few We Haven't Gotten Around to," which stretches the definition of invasion a bit as to squeeze in as many countries as possible. For example, the "invasion of Moldavia," which was just British troops passing through the country after evacuating from the Russian Civil War. Thankfully, this video doesn't do that.

  • knock knock MALTA

  • anti-british hogwash

  • Be and flo moron. The Norman's settled in Britain, so did the Vikings, celts etc People move it's the way of things

  • Land: exists Britain: *mine*

  • What about the falklands we had a big war about it

  • This video was released on my birthday!!

  • This video is all good and well homest, but didnt Britain hand over the torch and wiph of colonisation to America its younger massive continent sized county guys are doing exactly the same today, in the name of war on terror and collection of fossil fuel from around the world as you read this now...

  • You spelled Iraq wrong. It is Iraq not Irak