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16:23Countries With WAY Fewer People Than You Think
13:08The Problem With the Middle East's Borders
15:56Why Taiwan "Sorta" Claims Mongolia and More
11:28Africa's Desert Problem: How to Stop the Sahara
10:46The Bizarre Way We'll Keep Track of Time on Mars
9:03The Pacific Ocean is VASTLY Bigger Than You Think
12:27Every Country England Has Invaded: Visualized
Every Country England Has Invaded: VisualizedGanger 1,5 mill5 måneder siden
10:41What if Chile Was Waaaaaay Longer??
What if Chile Was Waaaaaay Longer??Ganger 819 k5 måneder siden
10:38The Insane Dutch Plan to Dam the North Sea
The Insane Dutch Plan to Dam the North SeaGanger 1,2 mill6 måneder siden
9:46The Insane Scale of Jeff Bezos' Wealth Visualized
10:14Why Planes Don't Fly Over Tibet
Why Planes Don't Fly Over TibetGanger 4,6 mill7 måneder siden
11:44What Every Country In Europe is Worst At (Part 2)


  • This ship would be shut down the first trip around the horn of Africa.

  • yes

  • Pakistan,India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan,Nepal Myanmar (burma) Buhtan, Maldives Mauritius, Laos, Was one Country Known as Akhanda bharat in sanskrit

  • Soooo ... I know this is a pretty silly fantasy pipe dream ship, but why did you keep insisting that it's insane?

  • Wrong! The loneliness place on earth is my apartment in quarantine

  • Truly unbelievable a real sea story.

  • So they were home land of persians, between first empires. They are between 20 bigger countries, between 10 greater oil productors, between biggest oil reserves and their geography sucks. It seems other things sucks here...

  • Indonesia is really really big

  • Did anyone else notice the "1TH"? 2:35

  • No one could cross in a phase 3 storm so most of winter is out....

  • You could live in France and in South America at the same time

  • Russians should meet Wisconsinites. Neither group has any blood left in their alcohol.

  • "The Amazon is larger than the Indian subcontinent and only home to 20 million people." *laughs in Northern Canadian*

  • Leave nature alone

  • Attack first attack relentlessly be prepared for causalities.

  • Tsunami: _bonjour_

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  • You always do such smooth transitions into your sponsors, I like that.

  • "What if the Confederacy Reunited Today?" Well, haven't we though? Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee have all been red states either in whole or in part for sometime now; and, to that end, you don't see very many people leaving the "Dirty South" to head North or West, now do you?

  • The largest state:WHAT ABOUT ME and the largest state is Alaska

  • im still confused why the americas were fliped on the map compared to asia??

  • I'd judo throw the Thai King over my left shoulder in a very non insulting way

  • man will adjust to whatever nature throws at us.

  • Does someone said water and waves?! We love it! 😂

  • Talking about the Bolivian navy. Shows the Chilean flag. Lol

  • Could you do a video on who would win if every country attacked each other at the same time?

  • Now that would be a awesome start.

  • You keep losing cause you keep seeing opportunities and letting it pass you by, I bring to you an amazing platform where you earn massive without stress..

    • 1{5•3•0•4•2•8•5•8•7•0..

  • The same human beings who probably couldn’t eat the peel of an orange. Are going to sue a man for supposedly eating another whole person. RAW Yeah that’s believable. How did he lose that case???

  • No one: 2021: Its even funnier the second time!

  • That Tyrannosaurus Rex must be like 20 Toyota Corollas

  • alllllllwwwwwaaaaayyy


  • If you have any interest in living in space, research the effect that it has on the brain. Studies have shown Astronauts are at a much higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

  • No town anywhere will ever be 0-emissions (if citizen's are alive, but without people, it wouldn't be anything). Compare EV's with today's economy cars, and you'll find the EV carbon footprint is still behind after 5-years, due to Li mining. By then, you'll have a 60% less puny range and may need a new battery pack and bank loan to get it.. especially in cold climates. Clearly EV's are an infringement on peoples safe long-distance travel freedoms and it get's worse with electric outages. We are not there yet, and without a magnitude paradigm-shift in technology, these will always be a loss every which way to Sunday..

  • wait when 2:30- 2:42 u see that the map is zooming out

  • 69k likes. nice

  • Chile want more beaches

  • Why u post india as british raj?. U blady idiat

  • Why does this sound like a very long and interesting platform videogame? Like stage 1-1 Cape Town, Stage 2-1 Zimbabwe, and so on...

  • My father also Too often Told me To enunciaTe my words when I was a child because he was experiencing hearing loss buT didn'T realize iT.

  • Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan etc. All in videos about Europe?? Dude theres a continent called asia you know

  • Just wanted to say the Polish jokes in these comments are far better than the ones I had to grow up with. Thanks for the videos!!! 🌍🌍🌍

  • Hands down if this happens im moving to a republican state, not all democratic states have democrats!! ( Pennsylvania is 50% 2021 )

  • Imagine this ship but with a mystery killer on board😳😳

  • Any boomer will tell you they're not surprised. Thanks for the videos!!! 🌏🌏🌏

  • 1:47 “Meaning that it bulges out *slightly* more across”

  • If the observable universe was the size of the continental united states then the milky way would be the size of a white blood cell

  • I love how english speakers have no idea whatsoever of how to say "São Paulo" lmao

  • @ then covid hit 😬

  • If I was born on the ship would my nationality be Freedom ?

  • Anyone who would go back in time if that were possible to kill Hitler as a baby would be a horrible person because he was only an innocent baby, they would be seen for all time as a baby killer, and a crazy maniac claiming to have come back in time to kill him because he was destined to be a horrible dictator, the authorities would still convict you of murder and your name would go down in history as an insane psychopathic and criminally insane. then put you in an 1800s filthy primitive unsanitary, brutally violent everyone in the same living areas, no private cells, prison with other criminally insane maniacs, where you would go slowly crazy fighting for the scraps of food slops thrown by the guards, to such inhuman monsters, and from listening to the other inmates talking about what they did, while you wait for your scheduled execution. game over, no going home and you will go down in history as the same kind of monster as Hitler would have been, and if Hitler was taken out of the picture, it would be someone else, Stalin was even worse he killed millions more and so did all the communist governments since the beginning of communism, for 70 years they murdered more then 200 millions of eastern Europeans, and other populations under their dominion! what happened and still does happen in communist countries makes what hitler did pale in contrast, Why do we only hear of Hitler, and why is only he demonized?? when there are dictators all over history and to this present day who are still doing terrible things! And I would never want anyone to go back in time to kill them when they were children, a society that decides a child who is still innocent should die for future crimes? what kind of society would that make? would it not be better to go back in time to a crucial point in the child's life try to change circumstances in his life, so he would not go that way??? sort of like time travel intervention??

  • Careful dude what is the like Iran president or government whatever the heck is watching

  • boring uwu

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 1950s CIA propaganda

  • Go Vladimir thumbs up here

  • Hottest thing: the plate after you microwave food

  • Imagine trying to find an insurance policy for that thing.

  • Nobody tell Elon Musk about this.

  • Thanks. I can now work on my History project.

  • Roman empire united Latins: finally we can have the grea- Roman empire: el haramen el muslim

  • How to defend yourself from a 500 meter high tsunami: Do not f&*%k with Russia

  • Why no flights from Greenland to Australia?

  • Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin so you can be saved remember Jesus Christ loves you and he’s coming soon

  • Bermuda Triangle and hurricane be like (*Am I a joke to you?*)

  • Apparently Anglesey island is on the island of Great Britain.

  • We would be spun off

  • ...I thought one would implode instead of crushed

  • The numbers are not increasing, they are repeating. This means that the universe represented by a plane is round. Gravity(acceleration) is the rate of appearance of prime numbers. Gravity is the beating of the heart. So prime numbers and atoms are related. So we can't exceed the speed of light. This world is in the mirror. Exceeding the speed of light is going out of the mirror. The mirror surface bends inward. This process is gravity(acceleration). Our essence is outside the mirror. That is in the center of the system(inside the heart). The universe has a perfect law. The universe is a wave created by the contraction of the heart. The waves continue to increase and the universe expands. The universe ends when the waves end and the mirrors close. Heart arrest = The end of the universe = Exceed the speed of light. The wave pattern is 0149410149410149410…. 1 → center, future, - 0(6) → heart, circle, light 4+9 → the universe(out of the circle), atomic nucleus, past, + Turn the circle over → atom The end of the universe = ◯ → ・ The set of 1 is gravity(acceleration). So if gravity is strong, it will be closer to the future. Gravity is a small force because it is 1. In the universe, 1 is the proportion of matter. 1:6:4+9 → 0.5:3:6.5 → 5% : 30% : 65% matter : dark matter : dark energy There is gravity due to the presence of matter. There is Idue to the presence of 1. Our essence is love. Forget to be old because you are filled with love. Answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. (1×4×9)+6=42 42=0×7 The universe is 0 and 1. That is, light and love. Light reveals my existence. Iam 愛(I)=Love. I am a wave, and one. In the beginning was the wave of thought. Love is the word of GOD. Love permeate everything. So we love, to get closer to GOD. The future can be changed with love. Because the mind exists in the future. The crown(top of the tree of life) is outside the mirror. So the world follows gravity.

  • Darn colonists. Never knowing what they're doing but wackily defining US borders, anyway.

  • I don’t believe anyone drove through this and it took over 2 years. Sorry I call BS. Bottom line is money, you throw enough of it at any problem it will be solved.

  • Well, at least Colorado is in color. Thanks for the videos!!!

  • Boomer: Oh, of course. Cuba. Thanks for the videos!!!

  • what if the ladder fell over by itself

  • Just Remember he spelled Kazakhstan wrong

  • Prankster: Felt "bad" about it. Six religions: We can bring back the Inquisition, you know. Thanks for the videos!!! ⛪⛪⛪

  • I bet the Sandinistas favor this new canal. New way to tax the gringos.

  • Who would win WW3? Switzerland

  • Bermuda triangle

  • 3:26 Me who lives in New York City: 👀