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hey guys it's me berd whats goin on


birthdayGanger 397 k4 dager siden
0:04berdlog 17: fish
berdlog 17: fishGanger 174 k7 dager siden
0:02skunk second season 1 episode 11
skunk second season 1 episode 11Ganger 322 k14 dager siden
hungryGanger 487 k16 dager siden
0:06super speed
super speedGanger 628 k19 dager siden
0:24angry berd
angry berdGanger 577 k22 dager siden
0:39van helsing
van helsingGanger 378 k24 dager siden
0:12major tom
major tomGanger 787 k27 dager siden
0:02skunk second season 1 episode 10
skunk second season 1 episode 10Ganger 435 k27 dager siden
0:51angry berds
angry berdsGanger 655 k29 dager siden
1:33funniest thing ever
funniest thing everGanger 445 kMåned siden
jeopardyGanger 597 kMåned siden
0:17delicious shredded cheese
delicious shredded cheeseGanger 640 kMåned siden
0:41among us
among usGanger 2,1 millMåned siden
0:01skunk second season 1 episode 9
skunk second season 1 episode 9Ganger 566 kMåned siden
4:50berdpod episode 23 FT. Callmecarson
berdpod episode 23 FT. CallmecarsonGanger 369 kMåned siden
0:02skunk second season 1 episode 8
skunk second season 1 episode 8Ganger 501 kMåned siden
shortGanger 574 kMåned siden
0:05uuuua aaaau
uuuua aaaauGanger 1,1 millMåned siden
1:23Paycheck - Patron Shorts
Paycheck - Patron ShortsGanger 533 k2 måneder siden
0:01skunk second season 1 episode 7
skunk second season 1 episode 7Ganger 654 k2 måneder siden
0:22scientific breakthrough
scientific breakthroughGanger 473 k2 måneder siden
0:21good video
good videoGanger 703 k2 måneder siden
0:01skunk second season 1 episode 6
skunk second season 1 episode 6Ganger 746 k2 måneder siden
0:49planet defenders
planet defendersGanger 578 k2 måneder siden
onionsGanger 783 k2 måneder siden
0:01skunk second season 1 episode 5
skunk second season 1 episode 5Ganger 899 k2 måneder siden
0:26high stakes
high stakesGanger 846 k2 måneder siden
1:06Speedrun - Patron Shorts
Speedrun - Patron ShortsGanger 648 k3 måneder siden
0:14[ASMR🎧🎶] berd plays you a nice little song
0:01skunk second season 1 episode 4
skunk second season 1 episode 4Ganger 698 k3 måneder siden
thirstyGanger 832 k3 måneder siden
vampireGanger 567 k3 måneder siden
0:01skunk second season 1 episode 3
skunk second season 1 episode 3Ganger 588 k3 måneder siden
0:04berdlog 16: how its made
berdlog 16: how its madeGanger 300 k3 måneder siden
1:21duel - the last stand
duel - the last standGanger 634 k3 måneder siden
0:01skunk second season 1 episode 2
skunk second season 1 episode 2Ganger 575 k3 måneder siden
0:14throw it back
throw it backGanger 808 k3 måneder siden
voodooGanger 644 k3 måneder siden
eyesGanger 758 k4 måneder siden
1:14Berd confirmed for smash - Patron Shorts
Berd confirmed for smash - Patron ShortsGanger 580 k4 måneder siden
1:17philbert's coffee
philbert's coffeeGanger 477 k4 måneder siden
0:07bop bois
bop boisGanger 478 k4 måneder siden
0:132020 and a half so far
2020 and a half so farGanger 709 k4 måneder siden
katamariGanger 327 k4 måneder siden
0:14cooking yall up some NEW PLUSHIES
cooking yall up some NEW PLUSHIESGanger 211 k4 måneder siden
0:03berd stands still
berd stands stillGanger 368 k4 måneder siden
0:02skunk second season 1 episode 1
skunk second season 1 episode 1Ganger 677 k4 måneder siden
straightGanger 903 k4 måneder siden
1:01Greg - Patron Shorts
Greg - Patron ShortsGanger 598 k5 måneder siden
hospitalGanger 696 k5 måneder siden
0:05wreck it ralph in 5 seconds
wreck it ralph in 5 secondsGanger 1,1 mill5 måneder siden
0:24this video has no berds
this video has no berdsGanger 392 k5 måneder siden
0:27super smash berds
super smash berdsGanger 406 k5 måneder siden
0:09DOOM is an easy game for babies
DOOM is an easy game for babiesGanger 519 k5 måneder siden
0:31Berdlog 15: house tour
Berdlog 15: house tourGanger 236 k6 måneder siden
1:11Berd Retires - Patron Shorts
Berd Retires - Patron ShortsGanger 313 k6 måneder siden
0:15when u have a tummy ache
when u have a tummy acheGanger 356 k6 måneder siden
0:32you want fries with that?
you want fries with that?Ganger 495 k6 måneder siden
0:04listen up
listen upGanger 367 k6 måneder siden
IT IS TIMEGanger 330 k6 måneder siden
0:20Berd and CircleToonsHD's incredible adventure
0:30the story of easter
the story of easterGanger 377 k6 måneder siden
1:13youtooz time
youtooz timeGanger 236 k6 måneder siden
0:06take me down to boogie town
take me down to boogie townGanger 525 k6 måneder siden
microwaveGanger 450 k6 måneder siden
0:10berd crossing
berd crossingGanger 770 k7 måneder siden
1:07Bread - Patron Shorts
Bread - Patron ShortsGanger 510 k7 måneder siden
0:12tomy and philbman's wacky adventure
tomy and philbman's wacky adventureGanger 197 k7 måneder siden
0:32berd youtooz giveaway please win urself a boy
0:26be ready. april 17, 2020. limited edition.
be ready. april 17, 2020. limited edition.Ganger 259 k7 måneder siden
heyoGanger 374 k7 måneder siden
0:08lose control
lose controlGanger 561 k7 måneder siden
heistGanger 497 k7 måneder siden
0:05I warned you
I warned youGanger 436 k7 måneder siden
0:11Save him
Save himGanger 690 k7 måneder siden
0:24wash your hands
wash your handsGanger 701 k7 måneder siden
FLAMINGO BERD PLUSHIEGanger 228 k7 måneder siden
magicianGanger 530 k8 måneder siden
robotGanger 881 k8 måneder siden
1:18Milm - Patron Shorts
Milm - Patron ShortsGanger 608 k8 måneder siden
0:27donkey kong's quest
donkey kong's questGanger 250 k8 måneder siden
0:11rock paper scissors
rock paper scissorsGanger 445 k8 måneder siden
1:33pawn berds
pawn berdsGanger 867 k8 måneder siden
heartbreakGanger 603 k8 måneder siden
0:02uh oh
uh ohGanger 370 k8 måneder siden
thiccGanger 1 mill8 måneder siden
0:07dead dance
dead danceGanger 262 k8 måneder siden
3:46berdview - insurgency sandstorm
berdview - insurgency sandstormGanger 133 k8 måneder siden
0:31Mushroom Video
Mushroom VideoGanger 393 k9 måneder siden
0:54Trampoline - Patron Shorts
Trampoline - Patron ShortsGanger 507 k9 måneder siden
trashGanger 843 k9 måneder siden
0:09sick and tired
sick and tiredGanger 499 k9 måneder siden
genieGanger 430 k9 måneder siden
0:102020 so far
2020 so farGanger 883 k9 måneder siden