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3:24:27SCRUB: Starship SN15 Flight Test Scrubbed
4:06:56SCRUB: Starship SN15 Test Flight Scrubbed
SCRUB: Starship SN15 Test Flight ScrubbedGanger 1,3 mill8 dager siden
4:59Delta IV Heavy Launch | NROL-82
Delta IV Heavy Launch | NROL-82Ganger 48 k8 dager siden
1:35:31Starship SN15 Static Fire #2
Starship SN15 Static Fire #2Ganger 242 k8 dager siden
14:23Starship SN15 Static Fire | SpaceX Boca Chica


  • 10:39:06

  • I like it awesome brother lesgo 😈😈😈😈

  • Why would they move SN16 to the corner of the highbay if they would want to roll it to the launch site in a few days?

  • At 7:06 I wonder what happened to the heat shield tiles there? It’s a bit odd seeing as it’s still at the production stage!? It’s incredible to see once again how many people there are on site at the launch area. They are really cracking on with it. So awesome. It will be amazing to see the rest of the stacking tower completed. It is going to be huge.

  • I hope they don't intend to refly SN15 from the middle of the landing pad ! I doubt the space between the skirt and concrete is enough for 3 Raptor exhuast. Hopefully it will be mounted back on a lounchpad.

  • Every morning I have to get my dose of what happened at the site while i was asleep (I am in India, the other side of the globe from where the action is); and this gives me the positive energy that i need to get through the day (surrounded as I am by the mess all around). Thank you guys, you stay blessed for giving us a glimpse of the wonderful future that is built one steel ring at a time! Love you guys 🙏❤️

  • Looking to your acronym glossary, we usually use "SN" as "Serial Number", but, if "BN" means "Booster Number", "SN" should be "Ship Number", don't you think? Whatever, thanks for your everyday hard work... great job guys !!!

  • There's no timestamp?

  • The dude riding the transporter is definitely living my dream

  • I think I understand now where the SPMT was stuck, Philip Botton took pictures of it

  • 1:37 Oh sh*t this is embarrasing im not prepared my crush is recording me >__<

  • lol they still selling this cgi shit to people

  • Great shots and editing guys. Love the shot at about 6:03, which shows damage to the heat tiles on the oxygen tank, damage I haven't seen in any other shots of SN15. Kudos.

  • Are they going to assemble and launch all three stages from boca?

  • So many cranes on the sites these days....

  • A couple of things I haven't figured out. 1. Why spend the time and effort of pouring concrete foundations for the GSE tanks when a simple and quick steel structure would do? 2. Why was the GSE bunker, the low building to the left of the tanks from the video's perspective, built with a double wall of concrete and rebar? 3. What on earth is the steel work on top of the bunker for? 4. I can't figure out the purpose of the "rosettes" that were welded onto the OLM columns and how they will integrate with the flanged caps waiting at it's base. 5. Why did they move Blutozilla back to the LC? It doesn't appear positioned to help with any of the ongoing work. 6.GSE tank insulation and moisture control. No matter what they do, a full tank of cryo CH4 or LOX is still going to form condensate/ice that will soak the insulation as the tank is emptied. I wonder how they will control that.

  • Video presentation was perfect. Tagged explanations were succinct. Excellent!

  • They can use windturbines there for energie. Enough wind.

  • That place is just awesome.

  • 4:04 - there are "rails" on two of the columns of the 3rd segment of the launch tower!

  • Those birds got the best view

  • Merci!

  • 3:38 That driver riding on the SPMT though.! Chill

  • Can’t wait to see how they are going to lift tower sections, that going to be interesting.

    • I’m like anxious to see it. Watching these daily updates is amazing but I fear it’s making me impatient sometimes :P

  • SNL? Is that after SNXLIX?

  • That SpaceX crane (I think it's a Manitowoc Grove GMK7550?) - that thing is a monster of a road vehicle lol. What a beast.

  • 1:36 SN16 : "I'm too scared, I know SN15 made it.., but what if I turn out like SN8-11?"

    • I think this block of starships will perform much better, I would say no worries for sn16 ;)

  • Wow!.. interesting times.. 👍

  • I hope for a video one day of the Space X staff holding up a sign saying "Hi Mary"

  • After all these years of watching SyFy space movies and their evolution of design, it is somehow satisfying that when we finally get a true space ship it looks like something out of Flash Gordon.

  • What wood happen to SN15

  • Landing legs look damaged may have to try another method , so before another flight attempt this needs to be fixed

  • yikes! you bet concur we dont need anymore of these

  • My plans to visit that area next month have firmed up a fair bit today! I'm psyched. What access does the general public have around there? Seems one of the previous NSF videos showed folks across the street from the launch area when SN15 was sitting there post-flight.

    • @Conor Raypholtz Gotcha, thank you!

    • check point, bring your driver's license ID. otherwise it's just a stay of spacex property notice, wild raptors are loose .

  • On the paper tag for the SN17 mid lox section you can see the planned sections of TPS tiles on their little image of SN17.

  • I noticed that the area of the landing legs just above the foot pads is slightly crumpled. This is because the legs are splayed radially outward in combination with the fact that the foot pads, once making contact with the concrete landing pad , cannot slide due to the high amount of friction. Once planted on the pad, the legs have to give somewhere.

  • I don't think I've ever seen so many cranes in one place. 👀

  • Are those birb chirping sounds real or not

  • Yeah full it back up with fuel and new legs and send it back up asap multiple times. Let's find out how many times it can be reused before it stresses beyond repair. Stainless steel tends to strengthen the more you fold and bend it.

  • Hmm what could those crows possibly be looking for underneath the starship? No way there's any sort of food there lol water?

  • Saw the next level of the Integration tower, then it disappeared.

  • Some pretty serious electrical work going on in and around the recent concrete building they built to the left of the GSE tanks. Its gonna be like its own sub-station.

    • @Fal_Con_ yh I will admit my comment was certainly "obvious" but more just me saying how cool some of the kit they are gonna install is and how hard core its gonna be. No idea where the incomer feed is but it must be like 1000A somewhere down the line.

    • It's a launch tower made to launch starships and catch super heavy boosters out of the sky.

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  • beware ladies this thing is HUGE

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  • Elon likes his big cranes. What an amazing place.

  • Ah yes, now they can pretend that they landed it dead center on the landing pad all along! Also, that guy with the forklift straight up broke one of the legs along the crumple line by accidentally dropping it.

    • Actually, looking at it again, I don't think he dropped it, it seems to have broken under its own weight after resting it on the side of the base plate.

  • 14:04 what linda of teste they até doing in this nosecone test rig?

    • It's made to test how the rocket would hold up at its max aerodynamic pressure, or max q. It passed its first test.

  • 3:36 I want his job.

  • what this structure are for?

  • 3:45 That employee using remote control to operate such a Heavy vehicle

    • @Conor Raypholtz Ohh is it wired 🙄 I thought it was a remote control

    • technically not remote. it's just a wired controller

  • Imagine we could see SN15 and SN16 standing next to each other

  • i keep wondering how spacex manage to budget this all shit experiment i hope they dont find themselves bankrupt and i wish for them the success of what they doin

  • Elon is H.G.Wells sifi come true yea ... THANKS MARY WE LOVE YOU...

  • Can you imagine a pair of *StarShips* launched on separate days landing side by side (just like the *Falcon Heavy Boosters* did,) back at *Cape Canaveral?* Now can you imagine three *Super Heavy Boosters* strapped together pushing a [expletive deleted] ton of weight into orbit? (I just did! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 Holy [expletive deleted]!)

  • SN 15 heat shield tiles are in better shape than SN 16 just coming off the showroom floor????

  • SN15 looks as new as one could. Only her crush-cored feet need some introspection.

    • Now they just need to test it for orbital belly flop and see how that'll affect its appearance.

  • Starships great..I am still gobsmacked about the cranes and transport vehicles. Possibly makes me a 60+y.o. Child with his toys. Can anyone recommend a good ISS model to build please.


    • this time theres an actual plan though! and it’s only 5 years away!

  • In watching your superb videos of SN15 I noticed the label for the nose cone survived the flight. Maybe all they need to do is attach the tiles with blue tape! Hee, hee....

  • 3:34 bruh I always wanted to drive one of these

  • 1:30 those birds are are undercover Alien Spys

  • oil rigs updates please

  • What a huge waste of time and resources.

  • The last time a starship moved in high bay, we get to see a super heavy booster got stacked, so excited!

  • "Might try to refly SN15 soon." The absolute madlad wants to try proving his concept with the first one to successfully land. Let's just say that SN15 ain't the only thing made with stainless steel.

  • Heat tiles for SN17 not good.

  • Estoy ansioso por ver las estructuras de la torre de integración ya ensambladas en su sitio.

  • I can't even comprehend the rate at which spacex is working on starship anymore

  • Awesome Thanks Mary and Team...

  • Imagine being watched when working at all times.

    • You mean like millions of people working under camera :P (I know, nobody looks at the camera if there is no big problem happening, and here hundreds thousands look and see the workers) But it is like everything, you get used to, and then do not even think of it.

  • I heard Sputnik going beep on the electric wireless 5 years before we had black and white TV (in New Zealand)

    • Good for you. Very cool. :)

  • hey Elon sell used landing legs for coffee tables

  • It looked like the aft bottom flap on SN16 did not have a cap on top

  • It would be so cool to launch SN 15 and 16 at the same time!

    • It may happen, but not with SN15 & SN16. They have to reclaim more land and build the second landing pad as shown in the site plan.

  • You guys are fantastic! And your intro is among the best of NOlong! I get excited every time I hear it!

  • Before SN15 Re-flight Space-X should test the engines restart & rotate the engines position to verify if the restart in a specific horizontal position has an effect on re-starting the engines before flip and landing. It may be that a certain orientation of the engine is influencing the re-start. It creates local minimums in the plumbing that can block the flow of engine fluids. Cryogenic fluids can freeze residual water vapors in small pipes in certain position during the horizontal descent.

  • 9:25 This cryo tank shell that they're building looks odd. The five-ring barrel sections look nicely welded, but it looks like they connected two five-ring barrel sections with duct tape.

  • Haven't heard anything about Phobos and Deimos lately...