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i am the only person who makes videos


14:37Learning What Love Is
Learning What Love IsGanger 1,2 mill8 dager siden
24:23Television is a Confusing, Expensive Mess
Television is a Confusing, Expensive MessGanger 2,1 mill20 dager siden
16:03Ranking Terrible Life Hacks with My Wife
Ranking Terrible Life Hacks with My WifeGanger 1,8 millMåned siden
15:09The Most Epic Movie Ever Made
The Most Epic Movie Ever MadeGanger 1,4 millMåned siden
13:09Gender Reveal Parties
Gender Reveal PartiesGanger 2 millMåned siden
17:39The Death of Laugh Tracks
The Death of Laugh TracksGanger 2,3 mill2 måneder siden
18:23Ellen's Fall from Grace
Ellen's Fall from GraceGanger 4 mill2 måneder siden
13:49The Best and Worst Games on PS Now
The Best and Worst Games on PS NowGanger 1,2 mill3 måneder siden
16:18Hilariously Weird Training Videos
Hilariously Weird Training VideosGanger 1,8 mill3 måneder siden
18:34The Console Wars
The Console WarsGanger 1,9 mill4 måneder siden
16:50Disney Movies That Haven't Aged Well
Disney Movies That Haven't Aged WellGanger 3,2 mill4 måneder siden
16:40A Hospital Run By Tik Tokers
A Hospital Run By Tik TokersGanger 2,9 mill4 måneder siden
15:29Disney Channel Musicals
Disney Channel MusicalsGanger 2,2 mill5 måneder siden
15:48The Real Drew Gooden
The Real Drew GoodenGanger 1,9 mill5 måneder siden
18:33Are the Twitch Beggars Baiting Us?
Are the Twitch Beggars Baiting Us?Ganger 2,8 mill5 måneder siden
21:17YouTuber Books
YouTuber BooksGanger 4,4 mill6 måneder siden
11:45Recreating My Favorite Bad Tik Toks
Recreating My Favorite Bad Tik ToksGanger 2,1 mill6 måneder siden
17:53This Movie Has Every Stereotype
This Movie Has Every StereotypeGanger 3,7 mill6 måneder siden
16:29This is Amanda's Channel Now
This is Amanda's Channel NowGanger 2,9 mill7 måneder siden
12:54Motivational Memes to Get Us Through the Apocalypse
13:44What is Rick Lax doing?
What is Rick Lax doing?Ganger 3 mill8 måneder siden
13:07Trying Relationship Life Hacks
Trying Relationship Life HacksGanger 2,9 mill8 måneder siden
23:24The JayStation Unraveling
The JayStation UnravelingGanger 4,3 mill8 måneder siden
16:00Jumping the Shark
Jumping the SharkGanger 2,4 mill9 måneder siden
15:35Revisiting Jake Paul's Team 1000 Scam
Revisiting Jake Paul's Team 1000 ScamGanger 3,3 mill9 måneder siden
10:35I'm Disappointed
I'm DisappointedGanger 2,8 mill10 måneder siden
18:29There Are Too Many Christmas Movies
There Are Too Many Christmas MoviesGanger 2,5 mill10 måneder siden
14:15I Auditioned For Kidz Bop
I Auditioned For Kidz BopGanger 3,4 mill11 måneder siden
22:24Leaving the YouTube Bubble
Leaving the YouTube BubbleGanger 9 mill11 måneder siden
12:14Insane How-To Videos from the 50s
Insane How-To Videos from the 50sGanger 2,4 mill11 måneder siden
11:58Overwhelmed by Choice
Overwhelmed by ChoiceGanger 1,6 millÅr siden
10:27The Dobre Brothers Terrible Apology
19:02Losing Your Relatability
Losing Your RelatabilityGanger 6 millÅr siden
17:27My Crazy Strange Addiction Obsession
My Crazy Strange Addiction ObsessionGanger 3,9 millÅr siden
10:57Arrested for Clout
Arrested for CloutGanger 2,9 millÅr siden
16:01Pranking My Girlfriend So Hard She CRIES!
17:28The Dumbest Stuff I've Seen This Month
16:22Is SNL Even Funny?
Is SNL Even Funny?Ganger 3,6 millÅr siden
16:22Alright Fine, I'll Talk About Tik Tok
15:52Sequels That Aren't Sequels (The Sequel)
20:53Sequels That Aren't Sequels
Sequels That Aren't SequelsGanger 4,2 millÅr siden
2:29Stuff Nobody Says
Stuff Nobody SaysGanger 1,6 millÅr siden
10:43Please Stop Making Life Hacks
Please Stop Making Life HacksGanger 3,8 millÅr siden
23:52Catching Up With The Olsen Twins
Catching Up With The Olsen TwinsGanger 4,5 mill2 år siden
14:42Watching My Old YouTube Videos From 2006
13:43Why is Everybody Mad About Everything?
Why is Everybody Mad About Everything?Ganger 2,7 mill2 år siden
20:00Vin Diesel: King of Cringe
Vin Diesel: King of CringeGanger 6 mill2 år siden
23:35LuxuryPranks: Protecting The Kids
LuxuryPranks: Protecting The KidsGanger 3,5 mill2 år siden
17:21The Dobre Brothers: Masters of Prank
The Dobre Brothers: Masters of PrankGanger 3,9 mill2 år siden
8:40Reading Mean Comments - Jake Paul Edition
17:53Maybe Don't Do That - Family Vlogs
Maybe Don't Do That - Family VlogsGanger 5 mill2 år siden
17:37Efficiency in Comedy: The Office vs. Friends
13:31"Dark Secrets" on YouTube
"Dark Secrets" on YouTubeGanger 2,8 mill2 år siden
20:02Reacting To My Old Vines
Reacting To My Old VinesGanger 5 mill2 år siden
14:35The Worst Fortnite Channel On YouTube
The Worst Fortnite Channel On YouTubeGanger 2,5 mill2 år siden
12:24Nobody Should Say This To Their Mom
Nobody Should Say This To Their MomGanger 3,8 mill2 år siden
18:13Life Hacks Are Only Getting Worse
Life Hacks Are Only Getting WorseGanger 6 mill2 år siden
20:05I Joined Team 10 So You Don't Have To
I Joined Team 10 So You Don't Have ToGanger 4,2 mill2 år siden
12:00I Quit My Job To Do YouTube
I Quit My Job To Do YouTubeGanger 815 k2 år siden
15:52Why Did You Think This Would Work?
Why Did You Think This Would Work?Ganger 5 mill2 år siden
48:09Vine: Where Are They Now?
Vine: Where Are They Now?Ganger 6 mill2 år siden
11:39Top 10 Top 10 Lists
Top 10 Top 10 ListsGanger 2,8 mill3 år siden
14:50Why Is YouTube Music So Bad?
Why Is YouTube Music So Bad?Ganger 4,1 mill3 år siden
22:08Canada's Worst | 5 Days With Piques
Canada's Worst | 5 Days With PiquesGanger 1,8 mill3 år siden
10:24Completely Pointless Life Hacks
Completely Pointless Life HacksGanger 3,7 mill3 år siden
10:50Rick Lax: The Biggest Con Artist On Facebook
11:18Relatable Comedy Is The Death Of Comedy
10:30Are We Really Doing This?
Are We Really Doing This?Ganger 2,8 mill3 år siden
4:36Smash or Pass: Family Edition
Smash or Pass: Family EditionGanger 1,4 mill3 år siden
7:13EVERY VLOG EVER (Parody)
EVERY VLOG EVER (Parody)Ganger 1,4 mill3 år siden
1:40Good cop/Bad cop
Good cop/Bad copGanger 140 k3 år siden
VINE IS GONE AND NOW I'M HOMELESSGanger 553 k3 år siden
1:28The Problem With Gift Cards
The Problem With Gift CardsGanger 336 k3 år siden
2:09Piques Explains Where Vine Went Wrong
2:02I Can't Keep Up With Internet Trends
1:22The King of Vape
The King of VapeGanger 98 k4 år siden
0:58The World's Greatest Magician
The World's Greatest MagicianGanger 162 k4 år siden
2:51Pre-Google (ft. Gabriel Gundacker)
Pre-Google (ft. Gabriel Gundacker)Ganger 134 k4 år siden


  • I hate that you brought up playing on the calculator because I really remember doing that. There was nothing else to do! So I was trying to see if I could break the calculator by making a big enough number. And I had fun and I did this more than once

  • Thank god drew knows Legend of Korra is terrible. I can overlook him not being bi but idk how I’d get over him liking LoR

  • Michael B Jordan could do even better

  • I thought this was going to be sweet home Alabama but here I am, still watching, unscarred

  • Hey drew , I want you to know that I know Danny has more subscribers and I know Curtis has caught up with you, but my girlfriend and I watch your stuff religiously and we think you are by fair the BEST out of the whole bunch!

  • Riverdale is like if a little kid was playing "house" with their friends and then they just started adding more and more stuff until there was nothing else to add. And I love it.

  • *waddles into mommy's room @ 3am* Mom: what u want child. -.- *grunts motioning at drew talking about cable tv* mom: wHat?? me: MmmMmmm. I SaiD I THreW AWaY TeH T.v. GoOdNiGht MOMmIe. *Waddles out of mothers room at shuts door* *quickly scurries back in ,grabs phone, scurries off into darkness*

  • The ad section is hilarious, I don't usually stay to watch the sponsors on videos but that was good

  • Inside the head of a neanderthal

  • You look like a paintbrush

  • It’s funny they were singing about being an authoritarian president and selling their brother into slavery lol

  • I think the diffrence between ur facebook vid and brent’s vid is that he talked trough it, maybe it would work for you too if you talked right trough it

  • 4:00 i guess you could say that was a very un-petty move from mr tom petty :0

  • 14:06 I knew what Danny was doing. I knew exactly what he was doing. But I still screamed. I scared my sleeping dog. Fuck

  • Like in the beginning I get your point Drew, but women can have testicles too haha

  • When he catches the glass the momentum of the water is still in motion. It was going to spill no matter what.

  • I’ll be calling you soon Attorney Dan

  • You know it’s true love when she smells your arm pit

  • This will be Drew Gooden in 2018

  • Tall girl is one of the cheesiest movies I've ever seen. It's not as bad as the kissing booth though, so that's good.

  • Please PLEASE watch and react to the movie sleepover , it’s on Netflix

  • its ok, you can say spectrum

  • My father actually worked briefly with Sol Gordon many years ago. He said he was eccentric but very sweet. We used to have a couple of his books around the house and they were amusing 70s-early 80s time capsules.

  • Does no one want to join the Navy? We're not that bad.

  • The glasses really birthed deb

  • A hundred thousand teeth

  • There’s something so hilarious to me about three grown men watching this and feeling joy. Especially Kurtis. Like if you saw him in public, you’d think he spends his spare time making sad art and being sad and emo and shit but then nah, nah, nah this man with tattoo sleeves and piercings watches this shit. I love it

  • I like TruTv, or “Educational Television but for adults! Also we got Impractical Jokers” or True Crime. There’s literally no in-between. It’s either Upscale with Prentice Penny or Fear Thy Neighbor with me.

  • Being a guy named Greg in Kurtistown is just fantastic I gotta say.

  • Drew saying bitch so genuinely is entertaining.

  • But i wike spotes 🥺👉👈

  • wait so your telling me the person I've been watching for 3 months now was the guy that said "road work ahead, yeah I sure hope it does" and I didn't know all along. I need to rethink my whole life now

  • There just bagels..... chill

  • Just put this together, Amanda loves Neopets and lives in Florida. Are you guys scientologists?

  • Comment section is filled with whiners. Guess what if you don't like shows with laugh tracks you don't have to watch them. But y'all losing your shit because friends is still highest rated and BBT is longest running. So SUCK IT

  • Well its 2020. You'll die from the plague either way.

  • i literally thought that video was a joke at first

  • “it feels like we’ve lived through it for nine months” and now in late october we’re actually approaching the 9th month of covid🧍

  • danny looks like he's wearing a kurtis wig

  • The compilation of the people laughing at the joke was funnier than the joke itself

  • Im drinking lemon juice

  • Drew: but with snl its always like yeah that's not funny Critikals video which i watched right before this: *S N L I S A W F U L*

  • This would've been so easy to fake and still get views without any real repercussions!! I think that's what pisses me off the most, everything on the internet is fake even shit that isn't actually harmful. Just buy the ice cream after you finish making the video, you get your wild wacky clickbait and temporary clout and if anyone reports it you just show them the edited out clip of you buying the ice cream afterwards. You're still an asshole for inspiring others to copy you, but at least you weren't directly harming some poor unsuspecting person. Hopefully at least some of them felt bad and had the decency not to really trick people into buying their frozen spit.

  • His gum is fuvking annoying 😣

  • She definitely is one of those girls who gives the biggest backhanded compliments

  • My dad actually built the house I grew up in. He had a full time job and would go to build it everyday after work, sure he had workers, but he would work with them with his own hands. He totally bragged about it when it was finished but he had a right too, he worked really hard! It’s so stupid that they act like there life is so hard, but their also so rich. And that “no on builds there own house”.

  • Hey. Drew. You're the best youtuber. See what I did there? HAHAHA lol

  • Oh god wait until he hears that the writers of kids bop songs went insane trying to write a kid friendly version of wap

  • laughs in yagami yato

  • I'd just like to say, the subscribe button did used to be on top like... 10 years ago or something? This just means Austin has probably not watched a NOlong video in YEARS if he's still pointing up.

  • Community Easter Eggs and Details: nolong.info/load/PLfBt5gG2lF1GuW2bx5Tz08U9ZxKBA5IXo.html

  • 6:56 ok we get it drew not only are you danny you're also a gremlin


  • 5:25 wait wha there are different types... i thought i was special :(

  • G4 was my shit. X-play... then I recall there being a show where it just played video game footage. This was before my family got unlimited wifi. Good times.

  • I'm still waiting for the new sega console

  • the lauren diy one sounds like a wannabe pogo song

  • Tik Tok needs a part II. So much has changed about it since

  • the face of the devil himself 10:00

  • “This is made for Donald Trump”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Avatar the last Airbender tshirt

  • the jokes in this video are so fucking funny its probably my fav Drew video to date

  • As some one from the *”farmland”* I can tell you that’s not how you make it


  • Such a weird video to make with a brother and sister.

  • it is just me or isn't the annoying part of pistachios opening them, not sorting them

  • 11:47

  • bad taste why bad taste taste is bad make taste good wut

  • You know, I thought Ted threw a cell phone over his shoulder then I realized oh yeah it’s the 90s

  • I love how Jake’s book sounds like it was written like a sixth grader who accidentally stumbled upon wattpad a little too early

  • Jeff isnt really a Straight Guy

  • 11:47 isn't that the same house set from the movie "A Talking Cat!?!"???

  • So I know you basically went through the tape right. I also still want to pay money to own this, then when I have friends over I will play this I think it will be a good conversation piece

  • Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett definitely helped fill the void of Bill Hader , Fred Armisen, and all those other talented people who left.

  • And now she's making music with Liam. Payne.


  • The Simpsons is the epitome of *"... Live long enough to see yourself become a villain."*

  • The mere fact that you call making love "Pop Pop" tells me that you're not ready.

  • I love how the hot singles in your area picture keeps changing

  • this movie is sponsered by starbucks and air canada lmao