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  • She con't torture u her dad anymore

  • Poor people 🥺 really believing that, what prophet will take the last money from his poor people

  • can we talk about how they dont sed their children to school and take them home at 14 and 10

  • Resource curse is real.

  • Leave her to her own demise

  • What about the people that live near the poles.. they get overabundance of light some parts of the year and none other parts of the year. Aren't humans built to adapt?

  • She's such a washout a real waste of time she has no credibility

  • As a Myanmar national, I commend this factual documentary. Thank you DW. Also we will keep resisting until we restore democracy. ✊

  • People who called profet and cheat pooor people. Just kill them or keep them away from society.

  • This is sick and sad the nation leaders should be changed they did a bad job they world is falling apart , and the men that pay are sickos they should be punished

  • It was military trap set to this lady leader, and blame her from all violations rhat military set for her to gain international community condemnation of her, and they won

  • Thanks for this detailed work.

  • Excuse me,I can look at gore blood killings images relaxes and yell as a lunatic at a tiny mouse,ok?

  • “In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.” ― Confucius

  • Is anyone else agitated over the American soldier from the tug of war game, like they seriously ur a noose around his neck

  • I didn't watch the video but any super-rich Africa must be exploiting their people. its already known over 5 billion (that we know about) has been stolen from DRC

  • Arab slave trade was during 1869... Very psychological. 9:44

  • This is where the "woke" community should put their focus on.

  • Textbook example of how karma works.

  • What wicked humans inhabit this world, that make it hard for many hued people to thrive.

  • What are they taking off camera?🤔

  • I don't trust or respect anyone with power and money. The chances they are corrupt and depraved is too high.

  • She's a alien in a human body?🙄

  • He does not keep African time 😂😂😂 thought it was us Kenyans

  • I wish the rich would care about the poor..the world would be a better place. There's enougg food and money for everyone.

  • Somehow this presentation is a complete failure.

  • The audacity the men have there 💖

  • It's not only the fashion industry with such inhumane treatment. For someone to be filthy rich someone has to do the dirty work,usually under unfavorable conditions.

  • I'd love to stay in the Gabor community I love the how they take theirselves

  • Makes a change normally America and England that torture people

  • Maybe 3D printing will come up with a way to get rid of those ridiculous puffball haircuts these women have these days. Yeah make your head look like the biggest part of your body by a wide margin. Good idea.

  • It takes one Kirabaas to do the jobs of 2 Filipinos. 😂😂 Btw I just discovered this country because of Google Earth... When I saw there's a small dot in the pacific sea...

  • 🚫🧢

  • Look at the disparity then tell me how it's due to "racism".

  • I really think it’s totally uncalled-for to hide the white girls faces and show the black girl’s face🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  • AI will destroy not do that. A total dystopia & yes no privacy, etc.

  • Faruk needs to come home every day and teach his entire family what he is learning at school. That is how I taught my brother and my cousin English. It not only helps him learn but his family also.

  • In as much as fish is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, the way they are being harvested is sickening, try watching a documentary SeaPiracy on Netflix. Maybe we can find better ways to get these essentials

  • Homeless americans live better than the average african citizen 😂

  • Watching this stuff, I don't know, man....I just don't know. ...you know what I mean?

  • the whiteness in this video lmaooo


  • Sad, if the mining can bring close to 2M euros per day, why not develop the place, atleast make the roads to help the miners get to work and go home safely

  • saisa 😖👎

  • So unique

  • Soon, Redbull will buy over the juice...

  • Expense,? Wouldn't it be practical to have underground dwellings? Simply bury structures..minimal environmental complications.....insulated and cozy..until a meteor moves in.

  • Sheep

  • About 10 mins in and i just had to stop watching this crap. So many people are suffering in that country and others and just busy getting rich and showing off the money. Some are even doing it right in the faces of the poor people. Shameful. And the sad thing is many of these wealthy people are benefiting directly from the suffering of those around them.

  • 1:38 2020: Robot teaches itself how to pick up blocks 2032: Robot learns about the other 61 genders in society and turns on anyone that calls it a he

  • Oh no no no. Armed religious nuts. They have to go.

  • in certain ways is it not child abuse? Jon,uk 🇬🇧

  • The first rule when dancing with evil is: Do not dance with Evil. Thanks for the upload.

  • Thank you very much for this documentary. Trinidad & Tobago.

  • Its not because there’s no bruises that he wasn’t torture. They could have put a gum agaisnt his head and made him do things for his life.

  • Maybe let’s fix the poverty problems in our own countries and then instead of judging other countries we help them too

  • We are doomed. This is insanity.

  • Xcellent 🤗💕💞💕


  • Did that just tell that child 6 thousand yeas ago? WHAT!?

  • 20:06 dont see a single tooth on the treat of that tyre... no wonder they slid out. madness.

  • Quality video.

  • the intro music slaps

  • this made me love Buddhism even more.

  • Human trafficking is the most vile crime in the world specially young children for the elite...

  • These days they just offer the mother money & kick the father out of the house. Children grow up weak. Culture disappears. No soldiers needed. No point gaining this information if you don't apply it.

  • Thieves!

  • how in the world did this profit guy let this camera anywhere near him....

  • 27:42.........."Islam teaches peace...." Yeah, right !!!!

  • Black people go home to afrika

  • something's amiss here

  • Slavery goes back a very long way before Rome, for example Egypt, a Africa country , practiced slavery thousands of years before the rise of Rome. So its odd the start date , even if only covering Africa , starts with Rome, but ignores prior slavery .

  • Maybe he painted his high school crash

  • Everybody knows the so called the attack on Police stations by Rohingas was a false flag attack and an insider job to have the excuse to commit Genocide against the Rohingas.

    • So far I didn't find a report detailing it as a false flag attack. I would appreciate it if you could provide a link to fact-based information from a reliable source.

  • So what do you call the privilege of the mine owner? Same race and keeping his people down dont think we should be so quick to cast judgment on our country.

  • I really sad for this story , ASSK is the legendary woman and sacrifice alot to save her country apart from her own family. i witnessed all these things coz i stay in Myanmar

  • Watch out! A lot of crying in the comments...

  • The boy Leaving home brought tears into my eyes!!

  • very strong personality of a woman...be she needs to speed up her plans because she's getting old