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11:27Moments \u0026 Memories | 2021 LEC Spring
1:16EU Masters 2021 Format Explainer
EU Masters 2021 Format ExplainerGanger 14 k8 dager siden
0:48EU Masters Is Here
EU Masters Is HereGanger 37 k8 dager siden
2:12MAD Elyoya | 2021 #LEC Spring Rookie
MAD Elyoya | 2021 #LEC Spring RookieGanger 34 k8 dager siden
2:08G2 Rekkles | 2021 #LEC Spring MVP
G2 Rekkles | 2021 #LEC Spring MVPGanger 194 k8 dager siden
3:51LEC Spring 2021 Finals Weekend Tease
LEC Spring 2021 Finals Weekend TeaseGanger 116 k8 dager siden
1:16LEC: The final stage!
LEC: The final stage!Ganger 140 k8 dager siden
2:11Jack Links x Road to EM | Episode 5
Jack Links x Road to EM | Episode 5Ganger 8 k15 dager siden
5:59Odd One Out | LEC Pop Quiz | 2021 Spring
3:39LEC Spring 2021 Playoffs Round 2 Tease


  • Guys i found the script for MSI, Armut turns into Showman so he can beat Showmaker :)

  • This armut guy looks really handsome btw

  • 2:40 Bwipo every minute: Can we fight this, no? We win right? boom bye bye spring

  • I was like "who the heck is Jack Links?" Only at the end i noticed the logo, and i looked up the thing, now i know. Glad the ads are not superforced like they are in LCS (god i hate that). Also, glad to see more of Laure, her accent is like music to my ears

  • i love every single arcade graphic, that is a sick editing. The best part is the street fighter cam rekkles vs renekton.

  • wtf they predicted the finals of this year 1 year ago !!!!!!!!!

  • Now I need dancing Rekkles

  • As an LEC fan... What a ride!

  • So cringe but yet pretty good and artistic

  • Inspiert is still better then he is. The will get crushed at MSI .

  • Hope someone woke Kaiser up, my man has to play MSI.

  • Oh god 7:16 thats embarassing

  • Bro why nobody is talking about the whole roleplay fnatic did? xD It was hilarious

  • nice <3 xd

  • Nice video ❤️

  • cool

  • Armut Moments*

  • Where is "Elpoya what are u doin"

  • 6:51 Humanoid roasted Elyoya....XD

  • 🍐

  • Where is Limit's Alistar flash to stop Tristana's jump?

  • i will miss these for a while ;-;

  • As a Turkish audience, the only reason why I want to start watching LEC is Armut. I think this guy reunited Turkish people with Europe. He is representing Turkey and, we are so proud of him. Greetings from Turkey <3

  • As a Turkish audience, the only reason why I want to start watching LEC is Armut. I think this guy reunited Turkish people with Europe. He is representing Turkey and, we are so proud of him. Greetings from Turkey.



  • So many great highlights really! But my top favorite is probably FNC reenacting the old times Caps picking Vayne, with a Hylisang totally confused :D

  • Armut and Dahyun have that in common ;)

    • Thank you for commenting this <3 I thought the exact same thing

  • armut mic check MVP

  • Why didn't guys also show the kiss between elyoya and carzzy?

  • vedius sprinting to the desk will never cease to make me laugh

  • Abbe 😢

  • Never seen Rekkles laugh like that before hahaha

  • rogue and mad activated well that aged like a wine

  • I think you can tell by the amount of time each team got in this how much fun they have while playing the game. I don't think there were much if any clips from Vitality and only little from others as well

  • mikyyyyyyy

  • lec deki tek şişko adam

  • Fnatic comms are something else man

  • Armut is staring at you. This sentence is even scarier if you understand german.

    • @MorphJerme Well, they do say a poor man in Germany is a rich man in Turkey.

    • Armut is also a Turkish word and means pear.

  • Armut showing the three and two fingers is the biggest chad energy we have seen in a long time

  • 2:07 lol

  • 90% of the outplays in this vid are against fnatic .-.

  • "My enviroment quality is low, just like your gameplay"

  • “we will never lift that shit” -man who lifted that shit

  • Dylan we have to go Vayne

  • 2:00 there is wrong subtitles I think, because Hyli is bulgarian like me and there he says "This is actually a good fortune in Bulgaria (not "for you" like it's in the video). I mean in Bulgaria when we are going somewhere and we want luck or fortune, before we going we pour water and then we go threw it. #ALWAYSFNATIC

    • @Ssol X hahahahahah

    • nice tradition to waste water

    • you are right! Same in Turkey bro ^^


  • Guys, look at the trophy-we will never lift this shit

  • Is this a reupload? ive seen this before lol Oh lol nvm, these are the best bits from all the mic checks.. makes sense! I still cant stop laughing at the clip of selfmade reading something from chat with the rest thinking he was imitating the girl in coms lmaoo "oiyoyoyo" tf is that haha

  • 8:47 I believe it was "RYZE RYZE RYZE" not "NICE NICE NICE"

  • no vitaliity in the comms wtf


  • just wow!

  • Honestly this whole split was great. LEC always pumping out fun games and high quality content!

  • nobody: Armut: kinda

  • no vitality in this one

  • Can't wait for summer split

  • 1:46 Im not gonna lie, Ill really miss Fakerdagge in the LEC. Although im really looking forward to see Nuclear Int finally in LEC, it will be tough to see Schalke without Abbe, but I wish him best of luck in NA...

    • @Rita DEBBARH he s going to 100t and nuclearint (s04 academy) Step in

    • @Fleda MILKY he was in s04 academy he is 1 v 9 atm (they finish 3rd in prime league) and before that he was playing in Division 2 in France (but s04 is gonna sell their spot at the end of the years son thats why

    • Wait what ?!

    • @Fleda MILKY S04 academy from eu masters

    • Alright I saw that Abbe left for NA, but who is the new guy? Where was he before?

  • Just plain excellent.

  • They say Felix is better than me because he has a Challenger account in jungle and I don't. - Zanzarah, 2021

  • 6:12 7:16 8:58 the best clips

  • Razork at 1:35 : PAPÁ QUE ESTOY JUGANDO!

  • This split will go down in history

  • I Can still smell Jankos’s nuke 😳💀

  • Abyss doesn't stare at Armut, he stared it back

  • Kardeşim armut un reklamını biz bu kadar yapmadık be :D

  • "We will never lift that shit" - Carzzy xD

    • Now that is one of the best uno reverse card moment

  • NAbbedagge Sadge

    • @jorgelenny47 yeah true

    • @Miz0 I mean it's for sure positive for them, but we lost another one

    • I mean closer and abbedage have a insane synergy.

  • 7:16 is my favorite moment 😂

  • Its funny how mad didnt even expect the win 😂

    • Its not like they didn’t expect the win, carzzy was joking that the trophy would be too heavy/large to lift even if they did win. They misunderstood him and got confused.

    • @Il dile Jackeylove of lec.

    • @BetaKid Imagine don't understanding irony. BTW Carzzy was the reason MAD had a possibility of winning against RGE in the 5th game, because he always ulted Hans Sama without caring about dying

    • @BetaKid Bruh

    • @Reb Patrik can play on weak side if paired with Kaiser. I’m sure of it.

  • KEKW


  • I am one off the blessed people with a friend called Micky, so I can unironically impersonate Jankos weekly.

    • oh that poor, poor dude #stopmikyabuse

  • You think people behind camera stares into us, but Armut stares back into them


  • Obey to the best top laner of LEC🍐

  • The clip of Vedius running into the studio after Nocturne Mid got locked in is just iconic. Damn dude!

    • it’s absolutely perfect, I love Vedius

    • what do you mean vedius running... he clearly cast paranoia and ulted in.

  • sheesh

  • whole thumbnail is armut im dying

  • If I were camera I would be legitimately scared of Armut.

    • You know there is a eos 5d miv in Iceland crapping themselves