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This is the official NOlong page of Hoonigan. It contains awesome hoonage, caught on tape.

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20:500-60 in 2 Seconds?? Insane All-Electric 911
14:55We Buy a Donk Project. Goal: 1000HP! Part 1 of 69
22:28Our Drift Week 2020 Session Did NOT End Well...
1:10:35The SEMA 1 Hour 10 Minute Mega Spectacular 2019
20:30We Crown the Burnout KING of June 2019!


  • That swivel link on the rear is a super cool idea. I think that design can work on offroad rigs too.

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  • 10:14 bmw style setup hehe

  • NicEvideo

  • You need Adam LZ in the Barra

  • You guys are sickos!

  • Old is gold 😉😉

  • i’m cool w hert! he’s dope

  • Can anybody point me in the direction of more drifting channels/videos similar to unpros? I’m about to be finished with the playlist and I need some more drift content to binge 👌🏼 much appreciated🙏

  • Congrats Hunter that is a bad ass truck (low-key crying inside because I didn’t win 😭)

  • Every single race once both cars were moving, the Audi was pulling. This was nothing but a tire difference... also looked like the Evo jumped in the first race, and in the roll race. A bit annoying you call George out for jumping in the second race, but not the Evo in the first or the roll..

  • Ladies, gentlemen, gangsta's, pimps....


  • Christian Bale has arrived in Sydney, Australia to start preparing for production of 'Thor: Love and Thunder'.

  • They look like damn jet turbines on dat bih😂😭

  • PS5 vs Xbox Series X and S.

  • 🔥

  • Absolutely beautiful lowrider mixed with hot rod

  • 🤘🏽🖖🏽hands up to security jacket

  • I was hoping to hear the Mannie Fresh song lol

  • glad to see soupy is having a better time today!

  • this car is gonna be hella amazing!!!

  • Why don’t you just get a thick ass tree trunk. Cut them off in quarters and use those as tires. So then it’s one solid piece of wood for durability.

  • According to Kenblock ain't care when your winning means AIN'T CARE

  • That 1j sounds 🤤😍

  • I was watching them install shiny new drum brakes....and suddenly there were disk brakes on the rear? Am I tripping?

  • Now that's skill, stick shift beating the auto. Sweat👍 glasser for the win.

  • Lol residential zoning on otherside of the street

  • Haven’t started the vid yet... but why aren’t I surprised??

  • That’s what hate sounds like

  • Leah is pretty, but also tuff. I like it. Leah is driven.

  • I have a great fake id.

  • 3:31 wait is that supra!?

  • Watching Suppy a struggle with those one piece GM brakes made me feel so much better about all my interactions with them

  • Need to get the Aussies at the shred yard

  • Holy shit, not with this beautiful Car 😥🥺

  • 5:06 rear bumper looks like it dont fit

  • you had me at the mannie fresh reference

  • Big deal.

  • Huracan anyday

  • I drive slower in a videogames 😢

  • 3:18 the run

  • Apart from advertising , why the masks ?

  • Passat sounds so beautiful. Sounds like a straight piped wrc car

  • These guys need to get their numbers right a an 86 and 87 Grand national, the good years with the intercool turbo was faster than a 15.8 second car. Doesn't even look like the guys launching the Grand national right. needs to power break it and flash the converter converter up to it's stall speed. then just let go of the break and slam the gas

  • Does this guy's wife KNOW how he acts when he's not with her?

  • 26:34 finally someone did the thing that i used to do in GTA5

  • a challenge if you will nolong.info/show/ad6enXpjgbGgmJs/video.html

  • Hopefully all the BMW fanboys in the comments buy this pile of shit that they seem to love so much.

  • That Supra is nice but the owner sucks 😂

  • id take the audi, its something you can actually daily drive and its a sleeper, cant say the same about teh evo, its old, its tacky, its gutted, fucking cage, running that drag spoiler, and those fatass drag tyres, imagine the vibrations in the interior compared to the audi, audi for me

  • its a dorito powaaaa

  • Nice!! How about doing a 2017 Elantra sport and a stock 2010 V6 Camaro? That would be interesting to see.

  • absolutely mental, that one shot.....

  • I wonder why Nissan dont release a car with these kind of body kits. They look great and more futuristic than those of today.

  • You should do a classic muscle car next but to the next level with a budget for a challenge

  • It's so weird seeing a video with 8 adult children belittling the one that may or may not be a little more eccentric than the rest.

  • sooooooo what the fuck happened to this? update then it disappeared :/

  • Supra has wrong driver

  • I can't stand the sound of that jeep...it sounds like a giant exhaust leak...

  • " I like to keep it under 1600" Matted for minutes straight.

  • Topp 🚗🌫️🌫️ i Love Burnout.

  • "Tires were harmed in this footage". Viewer discretion is advised.

  • Speed holes look shit

  • That's why the MOB loved those big ass cars. Pretty quick but can fit 2 or 3 bodies in the truck while u ride in beauty & comfort.

  • “Only reason I haven’t finished the Audi yet is because I don’t want to be compared to that” . It’s been two years without any progress😂

  • Can someone get me into contact with Alex Grimm, i would really like to have one of those collapsing steering colons for my 74 novaaaaa

  • what a complete waste of time...

  • He's a tuner for an MKiV supra, yet he's shifting like my grandpa in his old F100.. Do us all a favor and ditch that dude lol.

  • That kid is a beast!!! I'll be routing for you in the next race season

  • how can you vote against jdm

  • OMG MY EYES! Where did he learn to shift like that? Horrible ! tanner could have smoked that supra with a stock yaris or smt. Fucking granny shifting

  • Wow, china is a beautiful country.... I bet it took a TON of child slaves to build that road... Just breathtaking...

  • Of course outcome was gonna be that!! More hp in a NA motor with new technology

  • i should you back your subaru wrx from 2008 becouse its so good for rally or for gymkhana i guess...

  • gary seems like the nicest human on earth, just the tone of his voice and the way he talks

  • Nads is my boy, Honda boys for life 🙏🏽

  • This car is better without bumper anyway

  • Build Biology on Keith Imoto's RX7? (The original F&F Veilside RX7, the red one).