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4:38Dream Just ENDED His Career (R*cist Tweet)
13:12Mike Majlak Can NOT Be Trusted!!!!!
Mike Majlak Can NOT Be Trusted!!!!!Ganger 91 k7 dager siden
15:51Hot Tub Streamers NEED To GET OFF Twitch!!!
2:35:26Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren FIGHT Live Stream!!
41:20Def Noodles DISGUSTING Lies & Slander EXPOSED!!
16:21James Charles Career Is FINISHED!! **exposed**
8:49Gorilla Glue Girl LOSES Her Hair??**update**
8:31Dream's AWFUL Response To His Crazy Stans...


  • nah KSI dumb for that clearly he also wanted to milk out views. if he TRULY cared about his own BLOOD brother he would’ve said everything to him in person.

  • deji a wasteman he doge taylor and still got rocked

  • On a technical point Deji was actually alright until his stamina failed him

  • I feel like that happens in all fandoms. Yesterday I was commenting on 7 Rings music video, and got called "you stan corona" and the same asian racism propaganda. I had to change my profile pic (it was of BTS) due to this only.

  • You are just like me bts are not the problem but their fans are crazy not alll but they act like psychopaths.

  • he's not heated omg

  • im not a fan of dream but i realy feel bad for him

  • I think these things should be handled behind the scenes but good on Ksi for being honest with deji

  • I hope all these sick, ill-brained, psychotic people burn in hell for saying these things and drawing those things of dream getting LITERALLY MURDERED

  • This guy is sooooo cringe

  • Don't think he's really "going in" it's just hard truths that he needs to hear, this can go 2 ways deji can either listen, take it in and give it one more go, or he can do the complete opposite and start beef with JJ again..

  • Nah bruh KSI just telling deji how it is and the only way it will Get thru to him

  • Me chilling in 45 degree weather in U.A.E. Pathetic.

  • Haven’t even watched yet and already know you still holding a grudge agains Deji

  • Ksi call Deji and speak to him don’t make yt video your using excuses to just get views

  • Right I get your trying to get views but honestly what would you be like if Delhi ended his life to mental health

  • Even though Ksi said all of this he still loves his brother To be fair back when sidemen had beef deji always roasted Ksi while he was defending him the whole way Also while everyone flexed on the scale place thing idk the name but deji did thumbs up

  • I’ve been in kickboxing & boxing since I was 13 & I completely agree with KSI, it looked like Deji wasn’t even taking the shit seriously, this isn’t a fucking game Deji, wake the fuck up, if you want to do this again then wake the fuck up & start acting like it.

  • I just wanna see Deji ripped in less than 4 months

  • Days ago, I watch kavos rip into ksi truthfully about his 1 hour rant. I was ready to pass ksi off which upset me as I've been watching him for half a decade. Now I feel more comfortable in watching jj now

  • So the dislikes are all the Army stans!

  • Get this to 60k

  • Hottest day of the year for you is 30 degrees?!? I need to come where you stay man, that's a light day for us in Botswana Africa lol

  • the dislikes are dream stans

  • U need a brush 👀

  • Bruh Even Floyd Mayweather for his age looked better than Deji. It's totally out of this world. He didn't train and if he did, He gained back faster.

  • Cant wait for lawnmower 67.0

  • My boy Kavos is never gonna forget what Deji did. lol😎 But KSI And Kavos are clearly on the right. Deji was out of shape and more if you gonna box someone.

  • 30 degrees “hottest day in england” Me: in florida laughing

  • I remember a couple years back when I unsubscribed from Deji because I did not respect how he handled his beef with JJ. He is a child fr. Haven’t watched him since

  • I actually really dont like this title, he didnt RIP into deji, he spoke clearly and calmly what was expected and what deji did, explaining to him how to better himself. He didnt embarrass deji either.. It was just like a bro to bro talk

  • You know it's rough when you get second hand embarrassment. But hey this is tough love, he tried the soft route before and now he really needs to lay in reality on him.

  • I've got a poem for you Roses are red Voilets are blue I've five fingers Middle one is for you💜

    • How do y'all come up with these cringy roasts 😬

    • WoAhHHHh u desTrOyeD Kavos. DAmN. 😥😥😬😱😱😱

    • Cringey roast

    • Lmao you’re literally proving his point

    • Bruh

  • 30 degrees is hot in the UK? It’s winter over here in Australia and it still gets to 27 where I live lol


  • say what you will about ksi at least he sticks to what he does and actually tries to improve where it seems Deji wants things handed to him and doesn't want to work for it

  • Jeez your hate on Deji is so f**king disgusting....no wonder KSI himself hates you....yes Deji needs tough love and needs more people like JJ around him but you actually roasting Deji and kicking him even more, like you think he cares about your comments is actually funny...and even roasting his girlfriend......nice job champ 🥴

  • Caring about your brother by blasting him on social media to millions of viewers so you can get hits yourself. Yeah, real love there.

    • And deji tried to expose and manipulate his fans to send hate to ksi.....

    • Dude he said that they dont talk anymore and only public videos reach deji.....watch the real video before talking....

  • Nah br0 wtf stop stirring up shit

  • KSI is a real brother. He genuinely cares about his brother more than his own parents and Deji’s girlfriend

  • 🤦‍♂️ Jesus christ you clearly don’t have siblings he wasn’t going off Deji he was just looking out and advising his younger brother

  • Bryce vs Deji

  • I'm glad deji lost cos I hate him as well, but ksi's response was very true (apart from the whole race thing he brought up which was stupid)

  • 6:03

  • First of all, I am calm and not toxic. The toxic armys are new that means the band is getting more popular and powerful. And about that car accident, you never know if the fans were really covering the thing. We accept jungkook violated the law. Please don't be ridiculous over new fans let them be whatever they are. sometime later they will be calm. Just don't target BTS there are other groups too What if we call you a attention seeker now? Sasaengs and fans are different bro Toxic fans are really bad but you haveto accept now more ppl are beings better fans. And if you disrespect BTS and there BTS so you'll obviously get mugged. BTS are talented and you know it Kavos. Peace.

    • He never disrespected BTS tho

    • Kavos mentioned that not all fans are toxic. Now you can stop crying

    • *They* *were* *absolutely* *covering* *up* *the* " *thing* " . *You* *want* *me* *to* *time* *stamp* *that* ?

  • For the love of god just fight DEJI

  • Hairless

  • ksi said just what a brother should say to his sibling. he spoke truth and facts. who better to give you some home truth's than a family member. why put yourself out there if your going to not make the effort to even train. what was his teams game plan? did they even have one? its such a shame because deji can box. and can take hits. but anyone who has ever done combat sports will tell you. you can have the skills, but you need the mindset and to put in the hard work for it to pay off. ksi did that. deji has not unfortunately.

  • to be fair addidas gave it to him for free

  • KSI manages to spit facts and make me laugh so fucking hard at the same time

  • We should start calling Deji "Black Bean" Just for his weight. Nothing else.

  • Bruh Kavos getting onto all these videos faster then Drama Alert Mad respect

  • Deji can train 5 times a day because his IQ is 189 remember

  • Alternative title I copy and paste ksi’s video and say multiple lines half of the time

  • Kavos whipping out the wife beater

  • Kavos thinks he can KO Deji 😂,your bringing it too far now

  • Sex workers always ruin it for everyone. They should male their own twitch like they did for tiktok. A p orn tiktok.

  • The dislikes are from the Stupid K-Pop Fans who force everyone to respect their "Gods" and even thought that this video was directed to the Band, HELL NAH THIS VIDEO IS DIRECTED TO THE STUPID NO-MIND K-POP STANS

  • Clean your teeth

  • Mate you would get slapped up by a 15 year old kid

  • I’m scared to be a NOlongr now ;-;

  • I don't know about other k pop fandoms but BTS ARMY'S will only roast people if they talk bad or bring BTS in something which is not related to them....💜

  • Actually the vest is really hot!!!

  • I once really respected Deji and loved watching his videos before all of the drama and boxing came in. But now it's just so sad seeing what has become of Deji and his relationship to his brother.

  • Still find it hilarious that you completely destroyed GottsTV back in the day. Guy went to my college and he was a TOTAL melt 😂

  • Kavos would get pumped by Deji lol

  • 30 degrees is alright, try 40+ its hard asf

  • If you think Ksi is being harsh, you don’t have a sibling or you’re a shit sibling

  • "vest"?

  • Bro u and Deji can't fight

  • content like this is so shit. literally just play a clip and go “that’s so true” or “ksi is so right”. why tf would you not just watch ksi’s video.

    • Fuck these comments man YOU ARE GIVING HIM THE VIEWS, you are paying him and talking shit at the same time. What do you not understand. People click these to have there biases reaffirmed and see somebody agree with them. It is basic human nature this has been the bud of jokes since Eddie Murphy did stand up it isn't new.

  • His cardio didnt failed him. He failed his cardio

  • Deiji being the only youtuber to lose the boxing event is funny as fuck. And honestly well deserved

  • poo

  • Why did you leave out the part where ksi said that Deji is really talented and much more talented than ksi himself?

  • kavos in vest lmao

  • He needed to be told, and better from his brother . Then a fan or hater who will tell him what he wants to hear. Ksi is brutally honest, and that’s what deji needs!

  • If NOlong was a school Deji would be the guy that sits alone in break. Even ricegum said “he’s not my friend we only hung out once and I gave him some free features”

  • "It's evolving just backwards"