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Sailing La Vagabonde Sailing La Vagabonde

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We are an Australian couple with the dream of circumnavigating the globe by sail boat… initially having no clue of how to sail. We have now sailed over 90,000nm each across many oceans. Through our videos we hope to inspire others to explore alternative options of living and to spread ocean awareness. With YOUR support we can keep these movies coming every Monday/Tuesday (depending on your timezone)

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11:59This is the end...
This is the end...Ganger 885 k14 dager siden
15:40BOAT LIFE: Living from the Ocean
BOAT LIFE: Living from the OceanGanger 462 k28 dager siden
19:27BOAT LIFE: A week in our LIFE onboard.
BIGGEST SURPRISE EVER! 😍Ganger 606 kMåned siden
21:42BOAT LIFE: Moving Our Family to a New Island
29:19Our Swimwear Photoshoot & Baby Gender Reveal!
22:18BOAT LIFE: Arriving in the Caribbean 🌴🌞
BOAT LIFE: Arriving in the Caribbean 🌴🌞Ganger 1,1 mill2 måneder siden
17:31Our Family Reunited after 16 Days at Sea!
Our Family Reunited after 16 Days at Sea!Ganger 584 k2 måneder siden
MID ATLANTIC SURFING AT 21 KNOTS!!!Ganger 491 k2 måneder siden
A VERY EMOTIONAL OCEAN CROSSINGGanger 567 k3 måneder siden
21:32Goodbye For Now! 😔
Goodbye For Now! 😔Ganger 1,2 mill3 måneder siden
24:50BOAT LIFE: Sailing Around the World with a 2 yo.
23:58Finding a REFUGEE BOAT at sea 😢 so sad.
Finding a REFUGEE BOAT at sea 😢 so sad.Ganger 735 k4 måneder siden
20:00STORM headed our way.. Batten down the hatches!
18:52We OVERSTAYED Our Visa! 😬
We OVERSTAYED Our Visa! 😬Ganger 663 k4 måneder siden
WE HAVE MASSIVE NEWS.. 🥳❤️Ganger 1,3 mill5 måneder siden
15:5381 Year Old Solo Sailor Spent 78 Days Out At Sea


  • Who cares

  • Bring on the new free boat

  • Good luck guy's its been great watching your adventures great journey enjoy your fun life to begin much love guy's 💯👍

  • Ela is at the Weeble stage. :)

  • I am choking up here🥲 well done guys and Good-luck for the new adventures in all their wonderful forms xxx

  • At last thats the first time on your vids ive actually seen you kiss .I was begining to thing R was gay

  • Why don’t you do a big lotto ? Every one that wants to do this lifestyle but doesn’t have the founds could also complete. It would have been the most fair lotto ever. Everybody buys a ticket of 50 euros, I would do that...

  • 8:38 => "...because in the other one will constantly be a Corona Extra" 😄

  • So nice to see your last quick sail on La Vagabond II. All the best with your new build. Will your new boat have a trampoline. Didn’t look like it. Lenny will miss that. 😉

  • She looked so pretty before the fringe

  • Have a good time at home ı am returnıng from Istanbul Turkey after 3 years to Montana USA you can visit with the kids whenever [email protected] God Bless always

  • I know, I’m late to the show but damn I want that corona hat…

  • 3.15 - go faster taps 😎

  • Lennys "uh oh" was the cutest! 😂

  • 3.25 ...... queue the happiest boy in the world Lenny "swim Dada..........." Dada " OK Mate, pull me up....." 😍

  • that tri, your new boat anchored next to you in the video??

  • I thought I saw your boat in Charleston!!

  • Is this for coastal cruising?

  • That violele solo. 😂

  • that intro music though haha thought skrillex was going to be a guest

  • Riles, Alena, I couldn't be more happy for you. looking forward to the 1st shakdown and seeing the big smile on Riley's face when the boat clocks 20knt in 16knt wind.

  • What a spot on description of the emotional roller coaster when you're out to sea in less than optimal conditions.

  • Been watching you since day one, anyway here’s my opinion on new boat even if you don’t want to hear it. It will be an exciting yacht to sail, but that’s about the only benefit I can see, tell me if I’m wrong. There’s to many downsides, amount of room for 60’, manoeuvrability, beam, helm position, but I’ll keep an open mind and watch with interest. Love the idea of elec propulsion but that would’ve been easier on a 55 cat as to solar capacity. Anyway always love your channel.

  • Elayna! amazing replay of the time you met up to selling the van and going for it. What a lesson to all about doing what you love and going with your gut. Cheers!

  • Nice video!

  • What's with all these salty comments? I'm happy for you guys, that looks like a really nice boat. Looking forward to it!

  • Such a Beautiful family. I've been watching for a long time. Y'all are living the dream!

  • Elayna and Riley, I wish it were possible for me to buy Le Vagabonde 2, it is such a beautiful vessel. During your travels on this boat, I found that I was drawn to sailing again after more than 40 years away, and so, as a 17 year survivor of stage 3 cancer, and at 68 years old, and because of your adventures, I have made a bucket list. First. I have signed on to take sailing lessons, in July, and I will be taking the ASA 101, 103 and 104. over a one week period. I find I needed to do this, and at my age, if I don’t do it now, it will be harder to do this later. I also added another item to my bucket list, I have always wanted to go to Hawaii, so I want to sail there, and if possible sail back! Thank you for taking me on your adventures with Greta and her dad, your trip around the world aboard Le Vagabond 1 and 2, your adventures with Lenny, (and yes, I watched them all 6 years of your videos over a 3 month period), you diving, and watching you both grow as a family and world travelers. I wish to meet you some time, if possible, though I know so many do. if you ever make it California, I will meet you, and show you some of the adventures that I did with the Channel Islands that my dad took me on as a child on his power boats. Tim

  • Y'all are too cute. Love the family and the videos!

  • Just realized the Vaga numbers (I, II, III) equal the number of hulls. So after Vaga III will it be La Vaga IV, with four hulls? Have they invented a Quatramaran yet?

  • Don’t pay attention to Riley when he says Charleston. South Carolina is outside the hurricane belt. It ranks in the top five all time since 1851 in the US. South Carolina is one of the most vulnerable states in the nation to be impacted by hurricanes and tropical storms. Six coastal counties border the Atlantic Ocean. These counties have more than 200 miles of general coastline, and another 21 inland counties may be directly affected by these storms. South Carolina: 30 hurricanes (5 were Category 3 through Category 5) 1851 - 2018.

  • Congratulations on the new baby and new boat. Cant wait for the next videos.

  • Elayna, when is your baby due?

  • Congratulations from Charleston

  • Charleston is part of the hurricane belt...???????????

  • OBRIGADO Andre.

  • Charleston SC USA is absolutely beautiful!

  • Big love to you guys and congrats on the new little one 😃😃 Maybe I am lost in this time travel world as well, but has the boat auction already happened? Asking for a friend... 😉

  • What about me? *edit lmao 😂

  • Yah guys , I've just flown home to new Zealand, after living in my new home Brisbane, and surprised my teenager adults and friends, nothing brings you home then the faces of your family abd friends, good luck with your trip back home to Aussie

  • This even made me cry😅❤️

  • Riley must be planning to cosplay as He-Man with that haircut.

  • I thought you already had the big reveal two or three videos ago?

  • Welcome to the world Darwin, congratulations guys ❤👍 from Dublin, Ireland.

  • When Elayna ably ignored Riley’s “What about me?”(11:42) 😂 gold

  • The new boat owners will more than likely be fans of the show & would probably love to have you guys over for a sail! So don't think of it as the last time on slv2! 🌊