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17:24Pro Gymnasts VS 100$ hang Challenge ++
35:27Pro Gymnast Tries Climbing
Pro Gymnast Tries ClimbingGanger 207 k8 dager siden
30:32Challenge - Who can set the hardest boulder?
18:50Is V12 harder on a training board?
Is V12 harder on a training board?Ganger 290 k3 måneder siden
14:112 Weeks to climb this boulder
2 Weeks to climb this boulderGanger 248 k3 måneder siden
THE HARDEST MOVE IN CLIMBINGGanger 303 k3 måneder siden
17:06My hardest climbing session yet!
My hardest climbing session yet!Ganger 244 k3 måneder siden
13:58Only Hard Bouldering!
Only Hard Bouldering!Ganger 278 k3 måneder siden
25:18Normal Girl Belays Pro Climber
Normal Girl Belays Pro ClimberGanger 216 k3 måneder siden
15:43Magic Pull Up Challenge
Magic Pull Up ChallengeGanger 1,4 mill3 måneder siden
27:40Most Beautiful Climbing Destination in the World!
17:13I tried Bruce Lee's training program!
I tried Bruce Lee's training program!Ganger 266 k4 måneder siden
16:47Setting routes at brand new climbing gym!
Setting routes at brand new climbing gym!Ganger 191 k4 måneder siden
1:08:15This is the longest climbing video we ever made!
25:43This boulder took me days to complete!
This boulder took me days to complete!Ganger 804 k6 måneder siden
32:21One finger Guinness world record VS Pro Climbers
31:31Most amazing Climbing Technique I have ever seen!


  • “And if you don’t know Norwegian, ehhhhh...”moment of reflection “You can learn Norwegian” -Magnus Midtbø Lol Btw: Check out Odin’s channel and watch his videos. NO JOKE, it’s awesome!

  • The flawless bike puzzlingly double because discussion willy wail anenst a kaput border. grumpy, colossal cheetah

  • Det var synd du ikke vant mesternes mester! Jeg heide på deg!

  • 11:25!! I feel the same! I've been asking for gymnastics gyms! (and just think about how absurd is to say that...) I really think that would be a good business to open!

  • Such a great collab, would love to see more of it one day

  • I'm new to this channel, are these guys the owners of the gym?

  • I wanna see Magnus with some skates on ! I want to see his wrist shot with some Norwegian hockey players !

  • må kjøpe vernebriller til marte :)

  • 6:59 "ok?" haha Magnus' stumped reaction XD

  • Is this Magnus's Gym? WILD!! What is its name?

  • I think the reason for it is that it is easy to hurt yourself, in particular your shoulders. That's why you are not allowed to do gymnastics in Germany unless you are a professional or have a supervisor/coach. With regular teamsports, things also can happen but not that often.

  • build a small gym aera in youre place you got space

  • Absolutely love these comparison videos. Just blows my mind how both climbing and gymnastics are such physical sports yet barely transferable. Just shows how disciplined things are at the top!

  • Odin is a better gymnastics coach than Magnus is a climbing coach, gotta say.

  • wtf you learn quick

  • new lens feels weird :D

  • Heide på deg på mm 😜

  • "i've done thousands of muscleups..." well dont brag about it magnus.... haha jk awesome video !

  • Makes a tuck Plance sound easy. Like oh yeah it’s just a tuck a straddle. At 86 kg this is not easy lol

  • Bra jobbet i Mesternes mester!

  • I was not at all sure about this collab in the beginning, but I'm not now! What a great trade-off! All three really put some serious effort into the other's sports. Thanks, guys.

  • Iron cross looking good

  • Where's Marte?

  • Quite a few gyms in the states have “adult classes”, but they mainly focus on tumbling & conditioning. Not so much on specific events.

  • Magnus is pretty much the same height and weight as me...

  • Magnus, we want to see you climb the 360m Trbovlje chimney that Janja did

  • Jeg så finalen av mesternes mester det var nære

  • Can you pleaaaase get the combo of Juji and Tom with these guys!!!

  • I would love to see a style of gymnastics training thats for function, strength & body control. So many injuries as poeple get older are due to leg strength, balance, & coordination & I think gymnastics would be great for non-competetive training. Fun to see Magnus struggle, but still have a lot of fun.

  • Maaan, Fredrik looks a bit chunky on first site, but when he started the rings every single muscle in his body started to appear... insane how strong he is for a such a heavy guy.

    • It all depends on which definition of 'strong' you're using. These guys won't be doing an 800lb deadlift, but the guys that CAN deadlift 800lbs won't ever be doing the moves these guys can. It's all about the context of sport you're talking about.

  • Grattis med 3. plass i mesternes mester! Heiet på deg hele veien! 😉

  • Skapligt vältränad 😆👍🇸🇪🇳🇴

  • Loved this episode!

  • The competitiveness of Magnus is so expected but as a fellow athlete it makes so happy to watch and fills me with respect haha

  • I need Juji and Tom to attempt that last trick. Just the right degree of imprenetable for them to fail at. :-)

  • I’m new to climbing stuck on v1 trying to get to a v2 any tips?

  • Spoiler allert!!!!!!!!!!!!!Så akkurat finalen i mesternes mester......... litt dumt at du ikke vant😥😥😥

  • Music - Dimples

  • I agree, it would be great if there was options for adults. When I looked into it they basically said you had to have started as a kid.

  • Gratulerer med tredjeplass i MM! Hele familien sto å skrek av full hals når vi heia gjennom hele episoden :D

  • @magnus we need a full hour vídeo of outdoor climbing. It's so peaceful and inspiring! Cheers from Portugal

  • 7:45 wtf are those hands

  • Gratulerer med 3. Plass i mesternes mester. Heia på deg. :)

  • Du er sterk

  • awesome intro musik

  • Mangnus midtbanen er i mm

  • How is stronger gymnastics or climber

  • magnus: finding a new muscle he never used muscle: *chuckles* i'm in danger

  • “‘Magnus. Need a warm up?” Magnus “don’t you know who I am?”

  • I smile every time I DON'T see masks! Makes me feel normal again.

    • If they have been tested then shurely they don't need masks. Had my 3rd test on Thursday negative again.

  • I agree so much with Odin that adults want more ways to move than lifting weights. Gymnastics, aerial silks, climbing, and so many other things could be made accessible to people as long as people have proper introductions to prevent doing too much too early/fast.

  • Those were some nice videos. Always great to see you try out new things where your strenght helps you but you still have to figure out the technique

  • Oh yes, shirtless athletes ASSEMBLE!

  • Magnus working hard! Backflip with Juji and Tom?

  • Magnus, you can set up small gymnastics area in your rock climbing gym!

  • Go watch Odin's video! The subtitles are perfect

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • I watched this wile super drunk and this was like 3d for me

  • I did gymnastics while at university. It was the only group where you could just go and train, have fun doing it and not have any competition etc. Now i moved to another city due to the job and have no possiility anymore to do it since the university here is pretty strict that only students are allowed to join university sports etc.

  • Oh man totally wanna see more of you trying things like this! And yeah, like other comments have pointed out, cool to see someone so strong who normally makes things look easy while saying it’s hard actually not have perfect form. Awesome video Magnus and awesome message from Odin :) can’t wait to see more collabs

  • a vid with these guys and anton in a nija gym would be great

  • I'm guessing the reason we don't see any gymnastic gyms open to the public is because people would get injured all the time lol. It does look really fun though and I'd love to try it out.

  • I love how much of a wim hof fan boy you are 😂. I’m gonna try some wim hof before climbing today lol

  • e

  • See Magnus do a kip makes my heart warm!🤘😊🔥🔥🔥😅

  • Congratulations whit the third place in mesternes mester👍

  • Someone pls tell me what music 0:53?

  • 9:00 - Man's got a poppin' tricep

  • Two months of training and you would defeat them

  • Please change the wide angle lens. It's not good. We miss the old one.

  • Awesome job in mesternes mester Magnus! Too bad we didnt get to see you in the final :(

  • Wu!

  • Gjør en Mesternes Mester-react!!

  • While it would be quite interesting to try out gymnastics as an adult. I wonder how accident prone an average person would be on those exercises. It feels even more dangerous than climbing 😅

  • that new lens is really weird when you take close ups of people

  • Are you from norway??🇳🇴

  • ⚠️❗️SPOILER❗️⚠️ Congratulations on getting third place in MM!

  • He was actually so good at this, ive seen other videos about like bodybuilders doing gymnastics, and they always suck lol

  • I wonder if training for gymnastics helps for climbing. Gripping the bars, body tension and coordination seem to be transferable.

  • Really impressive magnus!