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15:43Magic Pull Up Challenge
Magic Pull Up ChallengeGanger 258 k6 dager siden
17:13I tried Bruce Lee's training program!
I tried Bruce Lee's training program!Ganger 211 k15 dager siden
16:47Setting routes at brand new climbing gym!
25:43This boulder took me days to complete!
This boulder took me days to complete!Ganger 619 k2 måneder siden
32:21One finger Guinness world record VS Pro Climbers
31:31Most amazing Climbing Technique I have ever seen!
33:53Pro Climber  VS  USA Navy Seals Fitness Test
Pro Climber VS USA Navy Seals Fitness TestGanger 1,2 mill3 måneder siden
34:38US Marine Fitness Test VS Pro Climber
US Marine Fitness Test VS Pro ClimberGanger 1,2 mill4 måneder siden
27:29I broke Guinness World Records with my girlfriend
26:16We Broke 3 Guinness World Records in a day!
34:41This is how to CREATE a boulder outside!
This is how to CREATE a boulder outside!Ganger 252 k5 måneder siden
34:32Best home made climbing gym in Norway?
Best home made climbing gym in Norway?Ganger 313 k5 måneder siden
33:23Trying the best rated climbing gym in Miami
26:17Climbing with Worlds Strongest Woman
Climbing with Worlds Strongest WomanGanger 1,2 mill6 måneder siden
33:22Worlds Strongest Arms VS Rock Climbing
Worlds Strongest Arms VS Rock ClimbingGanger 3,7 mill6 måneder siden
22:36Who is better? - Competition bouldering
Who is better? - Competition boulderingGanger 429 k6 måneder siden
15:41Scariest Obstacles in American Ninja Warrior
20:15How to flash any boulder - Magnus Midtbø
How to flash any boulder - Magnus MidtbøGanger 404 k7 måneder siden
23:32Trying the best rated climbing gym in New York!
26:24Wanna Climb, Casey Neistat?
Wanna Climb, Casey Neistat?Ganger 273 k7 måneder siden
19:55The craziest move I have ever done!
The craziest move I have ever done!Ganger 522 k8 måneder siden
20:33Climbing a campus board using ONLY one arm
Climbing a campus board using ONLY one armGanger 325 k8 måneder siden
29:40Returning to my old gym after 12 years!!
Returning to my old gym after 12 years!!Ganger 571 k8 måneder siden
42:21How to Set Boulders & Routes - For all level!
29:52We Are Opening a NEW CLIMBING GYM!
We Are Opening a NEW CLIMBING GYM!Ganger 469 k9 måneder siden
15:11Hand Jamming Ninja Warrior & 7C+ flash
Hand Jamming Ninja Warrior & 7C+ flashGanger 249 k9 måneder siden
21:00Ninja Warrior VS Rock Climbing
Ninja Warrior VS Rock ClimbingGanger 417 k9 måneder siden
26:01The Worlds Biggest Warped Wall - Ninja Warrior
The Worlds Biggest Warped Wall - Ninja WarriorGanger 1,5 mill10 måneder siden
26:11Top 10 HARDEST Ninja Warrior Obstacles
Top 10 HARDEST Ninja Warrior ObstaclesGanger 1,8 mill10 måneder siden
44:29Random Guy Beat us All at GRIP STRENGTH - World Record?
25:14Trying the Worst rated Climbing Gym in Tokyo
Trying the Worst rated Climbing Gym in TokyoGanger 2 mill10 måneder siden
25:45Norwegian Championship Final - Magnus Midtbø
25:49What CLIMBING SHOES Should YOU Get in 2020???
50 ONE ARM PULL UPS IN ONE SESSIONGanger 297 k11 måneder siden
22:42Impossible sketchy slabs from 1983
Impossible sketchy slabs from 1983Ganger 1,3 millÅr siden
28:51Do I climb better under influence?
21:11Why I HATE Peg Board
Why I HATE Peg BoardGanger 249 kÅr siden
26:37I let my Girlfriend remote control me
31:41Ninja Warrior meets Parkour
Ninja Warrior meets ParkourGanger 473 kÅr siden
19:08Swedish Style Bouldering
Swedish Style BoulderingGanger 558 kÅr siden
31:02Date at Empty Climbing Gym
Date at Empty Climbing GymGanger 596 kÅr siden
20:27Join the Circus Training
Join the Circus TrainingGanger 392 kÅr siden
31:03Gymnast try Climbing
Gymnast try ClimbingGanger 793 kÅr siden
23:37I'm falling for her
I'm falling for herGanger 1 millÅr siden
23:23This girl is NOT normal
This girl is NOT normalGanger 1,8 millÅr siden
33:11Teaching Normal Girl How to Climb
Teaching Normal Girl How to ClimbGanger 1,2 millÅr siden
23:23Am I still Climbing?
Am I still Climbing?Ganger 581 kÅr siden
17:54Russian Ninja Warrior #168
Russian Ninja Warrior #168Ganger 590 kÅr siden
22:08The Real American Ninja Warrior #167
The Real American Ninja Warrior #167Ganger 2,9 millÅr siden
MY ESCAPE - KYGO X MAGNUSGanger 188 kÅr siden
14:16WORLD'S HARDEST V8? | #154
WORLD'S HARDEST V8? | #154Ganger 1 millÅr siden
WORLDS HARDEST CLIMBING TEST | #153Ganger 2,2 millÅr siden
31:53105 KG CLIMBER VS BEGINNER | #145
A DAY WITH JUJIMUFU | #144Ganger 315 kÅr siden
ONE MINUTE OF TRAININGGanger 138 kÅr siden


  • Merch Idea: Rugne Shirts with a heart on the back in the shape of your muscles there. Kind of an insider joke hehe

  • I like when you're just talking naturally with the camera. "Having a date with Magnus" is back ;) ^^

  • Well the carefully designed app instructions say 1 round of 30 breaths, exhale and HOLD while doing as many pushups as possible, this is not a fair or safe test to replace with bouldering. Alternatively, do 3 (or more) round of 30 breaths as recommended in the 'classic method' but this requires a slow and careful return to normality afterwards, it explicitly says let your breathing return to normal, move your body bit by bit, starting with fingers and toes. Again, shooting up to your feet straight after and jumping into exercise is not only increasing the chances of passing out you are also not going to see any real physical benefits. Just research it more and I think you could give it a much fairer test, and see real results.

  • Struggling*, Magnus never fails :D

  • Bruh i got 2 only

  • Beep test with jujimufu.

  • He's starting to have the demon back

  • cool video!! :D the magic pullup is insane!!!!! btw.. we want to see the end of the boulder!!! ;)

  • I

  • Magnus:”My right foot lifted up a bit” also Magnus: *kicks God*

  • woman produce estrogen not testosterone and they don't have a penis. You can't call this thing a woman sorry.

  • Watching a master at his craft is always a rewarding experience.

  • if she was a woman you would not have to put the word "woman" in the title we would be able to tell for ourselves. That thing has a penis I don't care what you call it.

  • exertion

  • lol "Woman"

  • Esta totalmente loco

  • Bummer they don't ship the earbuds to more places. I was going to buy a pair but not in one of the 'lucky' countries.

  • Most humble climber I've ever had the opportunity to watch considering he smoked Norwegian championship 14times straight. What an amazing man. Keep up the amazing content, wish I could subscribe 100x

  • Comms for the Alogo!

  • One more time for the algorithm

  • The ❤ is the I love climbing muscle

  • Me: how to do pull up YT: Try one arm muscle up

  • OT: does anyone know how much the cameraman is getting paid and what camera he is using?

  • Loved seeing Magnus try a boulder over and over again and workshopping it. Way more relatable to my V5/V5 experience lol.

  • Like the slow mow with voiceover explanation. :-)

  • i can definitely do this, but i dont have a good stick.

  • Crying in the corner because we're in lockdown again.

  • You just killed that Magnus !! Keeping up the good content 👊🤩

  • Its just a comment for the algorythme

  • 8:59 . . . .yeah sure

  • Magnus' vids are just a constant flex of what I shall never achieve

  • Your videos are so chill

  • The wall in thr Boulder area seems to have no grip at all

  • You do splash

  • other: magic pushup challenge mangnus: LMAO noobs....

  • Magnus got the demon back from baki 6:08

  • this video was awesome! Great job Marte! :) Awesome surprise!

  • Honestly Magnus I come on here to watch a pro climber climb. I also like how you try and push yourself with fitness challenges. Keep it up Magnus!

  • Love this type of video showing to process and what you’re thinking

  • Nobody: Magnus’s back: <3

  • 7:14 Huh, that's a weird angle to shoot at. I wonder how he got that shot ... oh, he's upside down doing an impossible climb, right.

  • comment

  • I enjoyed the figuring out part

  • *_Isaiah 41.9 You whom I have taken from the ends of the earth, And called from its farthest regions, And said to you, ‘You are My servant, I have chosen you and have not cast you away: 10 Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’ 11 “Behold, all those who were incensed against you Shall be ashamed and disgraced; They shall be as nothing, And those who strive with you shall perish._* *_John 6.37 All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out._* _Jesus Christ loves you. Repent and be saved. Only Jesus Christ saves. God bless you, and peace be upon you and your family in the name of Jesus Christ._

  • Imma need the next thumbnail to be Beat Yellow Boulder

  • Really looking forward to the completion of the last problem.

  • first two mins of the video "you can do one arm push ups pretty easily" OK... so that's where we going huh

  • You should do Athlean-X pull-up challenge:

  • Was it necessary at 3:05 or just flex im confused

  • Not a pull-up, but I think you'll enjoy. Ever climbed up the side of a building?

  • lovin it

  • Really enjoyed this video. I liked the slow-mo with the voice over and seeing you work a boulder is great!

  • For the tube

  • As far as storytelling goes... he had to take a drink after that song. 22:28

  • At 6:05 Magnus tells us to notice how swole he is

  • Yes Magnus we are interested in seeing you fail.....................because you rarely ever fail

  • The muscles on his back in the thumbnail look like a heart

  • imagine having a stronger pullup than chin up, that is so cool

  • Your recent videos haven’t been showing up in my suggested! Glad this one did tho! Love your content!

  • Poorly!? Sir that’s unbelievably amazing...I can’t even do 5 pull ups in a row man 😂

  • Magus got the "demon face" just like Baki the manga.

  • Now its time to try the hard ones 8:04

  • Magnus doesn’t need chalk. Chalk needs magnus

  • Of course Magnus can do one arm push ups for reps 😂

  • Great video! Seeing that trial and error progress on the 8A+ boulder was very interesting

  • love the outdoor stuff! pls do more

  • That is the best one arm push up I have EVER seen

  • Bro the magic pull up, i suggest at start, your right arm pulling up the whole of your body weight, but the left arm is straight, or actually pushing up (counter), once you have a small lift, release the force of your left arm thats pushing while starting to bend and bend the arm, slowly step by step, so that force of left and right arm is balanced through your attempt going up... that way you're like nailing or hooking to the right, it will lift you definitely can't pull with right arm, and pull left arm along, the bar will tilt to your left and slides down. It is just like a one hander pull up, just a lil tweak... Or think about how would you lift (pull) a bar bell but with 50kg weights put on just the right side and no weight on left side... Definitely right arm will do the lifting, but the left arm has to be straight (as fulcrum) to maintain the bar horizontal...But that's for the start, when you are able to lift, the bar will start to tilt up on your right, not horizontal anymore, here you have to start releasing your straight left arm slowly by bending slowly your left arm while maintaining the right counter force. You shall practice using lighter weights first, and when you already understand the mechanics, then now try to pull up... Just a suggestion Look at 0:02 the reason it tilted and slipped was because, you pulled your left hand along... I think you should counter by pushing it up with the right amount of force while maintaining the bar straight. 3:17 that's almost it, but at 3:19 your start to pull your left arm and the form ruptured... And i realised at 4:44 you did your one hander pull up with right arm, your body started to "C" curling inside to the right, you have to maintain straight body facing towards the camera to do this trick.. It means stronger right arm, stronger right latissimus dorsi (lat) and harder torso muscles needed... The moment you curl inside to the right and started to swing away from facing camera (this is because you are dependent much on your right arm biceps), it is like your body became clock ticking to the left, and you fall off to the left. Btw if you succeed, pls reply here with the link of your successful video, I'd like to see.. Thnx

  • Am i the only one what rlly likes the parts where there climbing but w no background music? I just dont like bg music hahaha

  • Great physique Magnus. Can anyone explain how you built that? Surely not just bouldering for chest right?

  • Show us some of the people who set thés difficult boulders. Let us meet the staff!

  • Yeah but there not sold in Australia (racon)

  • Heinous - Magnus’ favourite word 😂

  • Indeed, really nice to see how you come up with a solution of an hard boulder ! Pleasant to watch even if you had no cameraman, by the way. Thanks ;)

  • Okay, now he's just showing off...sheesh

  • hahaha really cool video, I thought it would be like tired or something to see everything but I had very good time seeing it. It was fun!

  • some of the cleanest one arm pushups I've ever seen actually

  • did anyone notice the bloon tower defense song!?

  • Super video

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