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1:26This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
This Week in Unnecessary CensorshipGanger 31 k4 dager siden
3:35Best Coast - Master of My Own Mind
Best Coast - Master of My Own MindGanger 27 k4 dager siden
13:44Biden Inherits the Mess of a Lying Madman
Biden Inherits the Mess of a Lying MadmanGanger 3,3 mill4 dager siden
4:15Ashley McBryde - Never Will
Ashley McBryde - Never WillGanger 17 k5 dager siden
1:48Goodbye Donald Trump
Goodbye Donald TrumpGanger 4,8 mill5 dager siden
2:46Jack Harlow (feat. EST Gee) - Route 66
13:57The Final Full Day of Donald Trump’s Presidency
3:39Local Natives & Sharon Van Etten - Lemon
1:08This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
This Week in Unnecessary CensorshipGanger 88 k11 dager siden
4:25Foo Fighters - Waiting on a War
Foo Fighters - Waiting on a WarGanger 269 k11 dager siden
7:55Javicia Leslie on Becoming Batwoman!
Javicia Leslie on Becoming Batwoman!Ganger 32 k11 dager siden
3:37Foo Fighters - No Son of Mine
Foo Fighters - No Son of MineGanger 170 k11 dager siden
10:13Trump is Almost Gone
Trump is Almost GoneGanger 2,5 mill11 dager siden
3:54Beach Bunny - Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)
5:40Freddie the Stoner Cheers Us Up
Freddie the Stoner Cheers Us UpGanger 59 k12 dager siden
4:02JP Saxe - A Little Bit Yours
JP Saxe - A Little Bit YoursGanger 21 k13 dager siden
16:29Trump Booted from Twitter & Maybe the Presidency
1:11This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
This Week in Unnecessary CensorshipGanger 150 k18 dager siden
14:55Wait - Donald Trump is Unfit to Serve!?
Wait - Donald Trump is Unfit to Serve!?Ganger 4,4 mill18 dager siden
14:48Donald Trump Makes Another Perfect Phone Call
1:47This Year in Unnecessary Censorship
This Year in Unnecessary CensorshipGanger 292 kMåned siden
2:45Masking Questions - Holiday Edition
Masking Questions - Holiday EditionGanger 127 kMåned siden
1:212020 As Seen on TV Gift Guide
2020 As Seen on TV Gift GuideGanger 123 kMåned siden
1:39Fauci on a Couchi
Fauci on a CouchiGanger 340 kMåned siden
10:00:37Ten Hours of People Touching Each Other
6:36Proof the Chanucorn is Real!
Proof the Chanucorn is Real!Ganger 20 kMåned siden
3:30Sabrina Claudio - Warm December
Sabrina Claudio - Warm DecemberGanger 40 kMåned siden
2:29Sturgill Simpson - All The Pretty Colors
3:52Ingrid Andress - More Hearts Than Mine
5:57Miley Cyrus vs Superfan - Who Knows Miley?
12:09Giuliani Has COVID & Trump Has Pity Party
13:17Trump & Giuliani’s Falsehoods, Fraud & Farts
3:26Tones And I - Fly Away
Tones And I - Fly AwayGanger 60 kMåned siden


  • Obama😍😇

  • Yay Trump Gone

  • And this is why the species of Homo Sapiens *deserves* to go extinct. In an era of limitless information at our fingertips where we can find out anything within minutes people are ironically ignorant.

  • This is horrible

  • LOVED THIS!!! 😁😆😅😅😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • This show used to be about comedy and relaxing now it became about spewing Trump hate, what happened to this show the last 30 day every headline has been about the presidency, everyone hears about it all day no one wants or needs to hear about it at 11:30 pm from you When there tired

  • hahaha Marty is sooooo hight :D

  • They could name ANY country, like THEIR OWN COUNTRY AND DO NOT KNOW WHERE IT IS?!?!?!?!?!

  • No matter how much the graphics team gets paid, it's not enough. Love it.

  • Funny

  • Jimmy looks like he’s asleep.

  • Captain American confusing his country with the continent of Europe is the most American thing I've ver seen💀

  • Zendayas comeback was priceless! Wooo! Wow these are great!

  • We should've lost trump not Larry King

  • Media sycophants discretion with non sense while democrats install socialism

  • Maybe someone knows where EnotGlobal can get cracked?

  • U da one with the hairpiece--> jimmy

  • Unsubscribed

  • King

  • I like Kiefer Sutherland's reply to why he is not dead. At least he is honest.

  • If you can't find at least *your own country* on a world map - *shame on you* . When I was 7 years old I could find my tiny home town on a map of the country and name most capitals of larger countries.

  • This is horrible. greetings from Norway, the best city in the country Europa.

  • Had to come back to this after I got fired from Starbucks 😏

  • Lisa Kudrows reaction was great! 😂 Poor old Ms Pepper Potts looked like she was about to cry though 😢

  • The huge transition from dating Eric Andre to Senator booker lol

  • Shut up Jimmy

  • Can’t watch anything without anyone making fun of Trump 😞. Aggravates me beyond belief

  • ThErEs A wEbSiTe Jimmy we all know it’s tumblr you can just say it

  • Why do u keep bullying ppl ye

  • Plot twist: They actually traveled into the future but acted like they were playing it so nobody can find out that they really traveled. They knew that on this date Jimmy Kimmel was having a talk show talking about back to the future, so they traveled into the Talkshow and having it as a good cover up. They also put makeup on so it would look like they aged but they didn't. Now they are in 2015 and nobody noticed that they from the past.

  • I’m currently on season 4 and just now figuring out that not only is she British but her voice is way higher. I feel like she’s faking right now 😂

  • Ayyeee who else here from Peckham 😤😂🙌my endsss

  • Dana, WOW!

  • “He looks like a potato” got be laughing so hard lol! No hate I love the MCU and avengers! U guys are such good sports 😂

  • Wow Jimmy how pussy of you, sacrifice the best part of your show.

  • Funny how this is was on recommended huh?

  • I think people are also confused because our world maps here in the U.S. don't look like this. Our world maps predominately feature North & South America to the right or center & the rest of the continents to the left. The orientation may be throwing people off. HOWEVER, these people are literally idiots!! 🤣

  • Men can't multitask, for that matter we cannot task at all

  • Did she touched black turtle head?!

  • Hear, hear! "The immune system is the first place to prevent the virus!" "Get yourself in better shape." Bill Maher is again spot on, including Trump, inluding elections, including the Republican Party, including....

  • Go sniff Joe Biden's hair -

  • Worst president in history of USA

  • george washington was so funny

  • Wait? They said "America" and got right? America it's a Continent, wtf

  • They have nothing better to do than talk about trump. Now that he's gone they wont know what to talk about

  • I want to apologise.

  • Get it indian boys

  • Speak for yourself son.

  • 1:11 this is super creepy. wtf. aliens? or he heard his boyfriend tell that story a million times already and knows how he tells it.

  • He will be back!!!!!!

  • Dont know why he kinda reminds me of Gustavo fring from breaking bad

  • I can’t believe it took that long for everyone to abandon him. Except that one guy. Yikes. Hope that pic isn’t on his tinder profile.

  • He lied to his own supporters when he said 'We will go to capitol hill'. People died because he said 'We'.

  • these people who hates on them r the definitions of a blobfish :)

  • I am veg and I don't thing God made us just for sex

  • <3

  • She's funny, too. Go see her in concert. You will not regret it.

  • This video shows how derranged the public is to the real world, media is a fog over your head

  • They just nervous 😂

  • I'm super happy that the madman was gone and we have a new president, but these tv hosts made a freaking living out of that madman.

  • I think Jimmy should get a room he's Obsessed with trump

  • 0:32 // 10:15 AM |

  • Oh you think the good times are here again? Nope, not gonna happen.

  • I miss u guys 🥺🙏

  • This is what I’m talking about Jimmy more of this less politics

  • I nearly pissed myself

  • ALLLL those dads knew that was coming

  • Star-studded Concert Celebrating America Concert... all those stars that turned down appearing in Trump inauguration!!! 🤣😜😆🤪😂

  • I love this!!! God bliss America! Tks from Italy!!! Go biden goooo!!!

  • The imaginary tennis microbiologically deceive because drop jelly melt against a unknown surgeon. utter, roasted quartz

  • transfer of power involves WHAT!!!???

  • 1.42 that's some inappropriate dress with dad

  • How stupid !!! So much hate from the left side it is disgusting and sad !

  • I know who you voted for

  • LOL. This isnt that deep.

  • I say the same thing... Cruz, Ernst, Collins, Graham, McConnell... what does Trump have on them.

  • This is fake same dads in second part of the video

  • Miss Linsey says it all...just saying...

  • Na na na na hey hey hey verpiss dich Kyle

  • omg im dying after watching this🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣