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7:37President Trump returns to the White House
10:31President Trump to Walter Reed Medical Center
0:33Push-ups for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsgurg
1:01President Trump on Transferal of Power
16:46CLIPS: Masks and Vaccine Development
3:34:08Republican National Convention (Day 4)
Republican National Convention (Day 4)Ganger 2,3 mill2 måneder siden
3:00:54Republican National Convention (Day 3)
Republican National Convention (Day 3)Ganger 1 mill2 måneder siden
2:41:56Republican National Convention (Day 2)
Republican National Convention (Day 2)Ganger 1,9 mill2 måneder siden
2:26:25Republican National Convention (Day 1)
Republican National Convention (Day 1)Ganger 1,1 mill2 måneder siden
2:44:01Democratic National Convention (Day 4)
Democratic National Convention (Day 4)Ganger 174 k2 måneder siden
2:23:58Democratic National Convention (Day 3)
Democratic National Convention (Day 3)Ganger 68 k2 måneder siden
2:22:58Democratic National Convention (Day 2)
Democratic National Convention (Day 2)Ganger 57 k2 måneder siden
2:34Colin Powell Supports Joe Biden for President


  • Guess who will win

  • Biden hit the road

  • U couldn't even hear the moderator when he was talking unreal

  • The whole debate presidential thing is A JOKE Two old man yelling at each other while home employee said ˢⁱʳ ᵖˡᵉᵃˢᵉ ᵠᵘⁱᵗ

  • Is all this bullshit nessasarry to start the presidential debate really

  • 1:48:22 lol

  • His success did, or is he not for the market?

  • Hip Hip Hooray

  • If you see this comment and you agree with Biden’s views go ahead and like it, ion agree with Biden’s views I’m just curious as to how many Biden supporters watched the debate, cause I don’t think I see any in the comment section so far

  • He Is The Monster

  • Dorsey, what a filthy lying jackass he is.

  • "I do not like that man Ted Cruz..." ~John Oliver

  • Every time Trump calls Biden out on his shady wrong doings, Biden smiles. Biden is a straight up puppet of the deep state and we all know it now. Trump 2020✌️

  • Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  • “There’s a big difference between playing to win and playing not to lose”.Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  • Iraq was shit. Thank god we saved it. When we took out Sadam and Bin Laden. EPIC win for the world.

  • Keep your fucking stuff in your cpuntry ,,,,,,,,,,

  • She asked Biden about more shut downs and he started talking about reproduction rate

  • Trump is a lying piece of crap

  • god i love her so much

  • Biden used YOU. And Your Dumb Enough to let it Keep Happening. Your speech at 16 was understanding. You are a confused Man.

  • Telling fibs AGAIN jack

  • Please. read this. www.marcotosatti.com/2020/10/30/vigano-to-trump-there-is-a-global-plan-against-god-and-man/

  • Is this orange vs pear

  • She's against her own race. Republicans truthfully didn't want you to have your civil rights. But I guess you're too stupid to realize that

  • Looo

  • they should be retired because they are the oldest people

  • ︱︱︱︱︱︱︱ ︱︱︱︱︱︱︱︱︱︱ ︱︱︱︱︱︱︱︱︱︱ ┏━┓︱︱︱︱︱︱┏┓︱︱︱︱︱┏┓ ┏┳┳┓┏━┓ ┏━┓︱┏┳┓┏━┓ ┏━┓︱┏┓︱┏┓︱ ┃━┫┏┳┓┏━┓┃┣┓┏━┓┏┛┃ ┃┃┃┃┃┻┫ ┃╋┗┓┃┏┛┃┻┫ ┃╋┗┓┃┗┓┃┗┓ ┃┏┛┃┃┃┃━┫┃━┫┃┻┫┃╋┃ ┗━━┛┗━┛ ┗━━┛┗┛︱┗━┛ ┗━━┛┗━┛┗━┛ ┗┛︱┗━┛┗━┛┗┻┛┗━┛┗━┛

  • Stop talking ..action niw !! Slam these leftist-knuckelhead-media geeks with a billion dollar anti-free-speech fine ...just to get these wannabe-dictator hypocrites ...on the same twitter/facebook/youtube pqge ! 😊 ..... Slam these leftist-knuckelheads/fascist soyboy geeks of google/twitter/facebook with a billion dollar anti-free-speech fine ...just to get these wannabe-dictator hypocrites ...on the same twitter/facebook/youtube pqge ! 😊 big tech/social media inc. ganging up with demonrats, globalists, leftists and china... to bury info and coordinate global sencorship of inconvienent corre t informationn...is in itself a REAL huge CONSPIRACY !!! Break up google/twitter/youtube under antitrust laws......and see them scurry off to their safe spaces ....these anti-American demonrats !!

  • Destory Twitter!!!

  • respect.

  • He tells jokes in the form of deep aesthetic intelligent words , you would have to think about well

  • Was that Jack Dorsey or Ted Kaczynski? I'm not sure,

  • wrong target, if you're looking for terrorists, they're in chechnya and pakistan.

  • Jack grew out a beard so he could look tough when he goes to prison

  • Vaccine take years to be guaranty and safe and a real cure I dont feel save taking the vaccine even if I want this virus to end

  • I'm not an American but I admit it ... it's very interesting to understand about the point of view of donald trump and joe biden.

  • Its $15 4a pack of cigarettes and $6 here

  • Dorsey upped his CBD dose for this interview 🤣

  • Trump 2020!

  • I dont know they want to be president soo bad I would go crazy as president for day knowing that billions of people are dying and is my fault and I can stop it but I dont have the solution

  • They cut the part where to support vice president joe biden and didn't give the number Even though I don't like joe Biden and I'm a trump supporter

  • These companies have proven to work hand in hand tbey own all the information on the web (google,Google,, faceboom and all the sister companies under them) they hold major monopolies (especially google) and they have more control then government branches i.e. the fbi and Cia. This is proven because they both admitted to free giving info to both of these organizations. So if they have to the tech companies who are linked in arms how are they not a threat to democracy and the constitution? They've shown first hand they can influence an election and censor government officials and candidates. Where is the line for when they are a private company to tech giants that own your info. (Addresses,phone numbers, credit and debit info, friends and familes and the info of, past and current jobs, tracking info from phone, access to cameras, and many ways to plant or bot you. What if they don't want to just censor you and just plant child porn on your device to arrest you? They easily have the power.... they need to be stopped.

  • Lmfao Ted Cruz trying to act tough is hilarious! The jackass literally looks like a stepdad yelling at his stepkid

  • I want to hear the solution more and the plan about the pandemic and what we need to do instead of living with it All they care about the opposite flaws They are all putting us in danger and they have no idea what they are going to do to solve all this shit

  • why does trump only get 34sec to answer and biden gets unlimited and uninterrupted

  • i do not like that man ted cruz...

  • I agree with joe about the pandemic

  • Whose the orange turd?

  • Rest in treason Tapper. Rest in Treason

  • 🤦🏻‍♂️ Humans...

  • Donald Trump needed to Hear Former President George W Bush's about being more inclusive...

  • ...and then Trump won the election....Yah, that's how the story ends.

  • Joe Biden's plan for climate change is actually insane. You can't possibly reduce carbon emissions by 2025 in USA and even if it magically happened, what would you do if the rest of the world still emits carbon. Joe Biden supporters just think it through, the plan he proposes is insane, it's not some movie it's reality and really not possible

  • 1:45:50 "We're going to take 4 million existing billion buildings"

  • As South Korean, I really love America! 😄 South Koreans always thank america for helping and fighting together in Korea War 🇰🇷♥️🇺🇸 Whoever becomes president, I hope you will strengthen the alliance with Korea.😍😍

  • Trump should treat Biden for what he is; Straight Clown!! Should also make it very clear he will no be baught.

  • I Personally am holding my vote unless a candidate recognizes, acknowledges and creates a plan to compensate ADOS 🖤

  • He was even ugly then

  • Too old for presidency, it is not about age. But he is out of energy, i think you know whom i am talking about.

  • Jack Dorsey is a total traitor to humanity. He is a C...

  • 1:38:26 nobody noticed this?

  • Take this pledge if you vote for Biden u vote against your own soul your own source

  • 3 years later and here we are as a nation, president refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, race riots, etc.

  • fucking dystopic

  • Biden is stupid raise the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour to keep people above the proverty line what he don't understand is if he does that cost of living will got up and everything around will go up so guess what he made the matters worse for the people who is working over minimum wage and still be in poverty

    • I know, look at cash for clunkers for example

  • This lady is giving trump a hard time for his response 😭

  • Fly: hippity hoppity your hair is now my property

  • Harris your FIRED

  • Everyone should fuck off Twitter!!!!!!!

  • "ventilation systems ?" What about opening windows and doors to get fresh and energy ? (Of course if cold weather before/after school, smaller opening). Corona is a joke, just let it be.


  • Idk red is sus voté him off

  • Wow Biden sounds blood hungry war freak son of a dog...in that I will choose the lesser evil Trump😂 you are too presumptous thinking that Semtics interfere to your policy when u are the one that has been doing it..how ironic..look at what u did to Libya..Iran..Afghanistan..Lebanon and non stop killing at Euro Israel? Because you grab the and of Palestine😂😂😂

  • Biden when asked about what he will do about Corona. Mutters numbers that we are bombarded everyday about and his actual answer at the end of it is he has a plan. What is this master plan? Is it on his son's laptop in a repair shop? Is it coming to us November 4th? Will they withhold it if he isnt nominated?

  • Fantastic moderator. She did a great job. So much better than last time

  • Voting..what a joke🤣

  • 1:35:50 - Simp? Laptop from he||? I applaud this moderator overall but it went completely off the rails here.

  • 1:42:23 trump couldn’t answer that one eh 😂

  • Renember Lincoln's words: ''I'VE SEEN A MORE THOUGHTFUL CONVERSATION IN TMZ!'' Well.....It's doubled here.