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9:25:50Joe Biden 2021 Presidential Inauguration Ceremony
21:35President Joe Biden 2021 Inaugural Address
3:44President Trump departs the White House
5:26:40U.S. House: Debate on 25th Amendment
U.S. House: Debate on 25th AmendmentGanger 324 k13 dager siden
11:40U.S. House: Pro Forma Session
U.S. House: Pro Forma SessionGanger 67 k14 dager siden
2:07Statement from White House Press Secretary
9:15Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution
17:52President-elect Joe Biden Thanksgiving Address
1:20President Trump statement on Stock Market
6:11Dr. Fauci: "Help is on the way."
Dr. Fauci: "Help is on the way."Ganger 24 k2 måneder siden
5:40NASA SpaceX Falcon 9 Crew-1 Launch
NASA SpaceX Falcon 9 Crew-1 LaunchGanger 269 k2 måneder siden
2:01:26U.S. Supreme Court Oral Argument: Health Care Law
10:26President-elect Joe Biden COVID-19 Briefing
15:07President-Elect Joe Biden Full Remarks
President-Elect Joe Biden Full RemarksGanger 62 k2 måneder siden
10:54Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris Full Remarks
7:35Joe Biden: "We're going to win this race."
1:21Fly lands on Vice President Pence during Debate
7:37President Trump returns to the White House
President Trump returns to the White HouseGanger 1,4 mill3 måneder siden
9:57Walter Reed News Conference on President Trump
10:31President Trump to Walter Reed Medical Center


  • No clapping. No cheers. Most votes in election history. Amazing that you couldn’t hear one clap or one person saying anything positive at all. Most disgraceful event I’ve ever seen.

  • I'll just keep posting it even though it gets deleted. Stop using our troops, dead and alive for communist photo ops. You staged your coup, stole the presidency and now have the national guard defending it. Just like a dictator. Now you want to dissolve the electoral college. This will ensure a demmie/socialist regime for decades to come.

  • Sarah McClendon (1910 - 2003 )

  • At 3:29:30, who in the fuck are they waving to? This entire election and “Presidential Parade” are a immense crock of shit.

  • Cspan is trash now

  • If Joke bidumb is so popular, and such a great potus: Someone please tell me WHY the dislikes outnumber the likes by three to one ??🤭

  • And now you don't hear anything about jeffery and maxwell now do you?? They washed it just like they wanted to and we all let them

  • Please sheeple let the man speak that orange disaster caused all of this. Now we are saved!

  • Why does Dr. Jill Biden have different shoes starting around 8:42:00? Weird

  • Sleepy joe and doctor Jill. The fraud family. The small crowd is a result of the fact that all of his voters are dead and there's not enough time to dig them all up.

  • I'm not convinced that Fauci has been in on this COVID BS far before Trumps administration...

  • Thank you for everything President Trump. Please start the Patriot Party so we can ditch the swamp rat business as usual GOP.

  • Not my president !!!

  • Bogus inauguration..

  • Wow, that was staged!!! Fake China Elect Biden 🤣😂😂 🍿

  • Not only did they fake the votes, they're faking the likes to the videos too. Like swapping now, what a corrupt system

  • Good luck on getting the Country together. I for one will not join the liars, cheaters, and bullies, We don’t need any more anger??? After depriving me of my voice, I m told to shut up and join. Not going to happen in my life time


  • Biden appointment female impersonators to cabinet positions .

  • Jack Dorsey is a criminal

  • Please don't leave us!!

  • Well facebook is no better. I get blocked for a comment that said white trash. But liberals can post the same words and it doesnt go against community standards. Because I support trump and I dont like anyone kneeling on the flag. I get jailed

  • Conservative snowflakes whining about social media. 👶 wah wah wah..... Fuck your feelings, pussies!!!!

  • This doctor in incompetent. Hypocritical ass

  • Reverend MY ASS!

  • Why is Dorsey not in jail?

  • Leaving the swamp behind and it’s never been bigger or more corrupt. Poor man had every mainstream organization fighting and down him every step of the way. He was a good president in my book, but my God think ab the great he could have done if 70% of American ppl weren’t so damned brainwashed and programmed

  • Fuck you Biden. From Canada.

  • Is Dominion in charge of the like and dislike ratio?


  • nolong.info/show/aqefiYdul5Scd4E/video.html

  • Shamless fake president Beijing Biden 😁😁😁

  • 4:47:25 for anyone who wants to watch the inauguration speech of Joe Biden

  • Fraud in the WhiteHouse! Such a shame.

  • She should’ve be President as well between her and Trump they would clean house

  • Yes, awesome job cruz!

  • Yep, because the guy that didn’t have a base, didn’t have a campaign, couldn’t draw fly’s to dog poop, even with Obama, could only get 50 people at his events, stayed in his basement, couldn’t remember what state he was in or speak coherently, has been an utter failure in politics for 47 years, except making his family billions off selling access and consideration, sucks up and loves the Chinese over America, wants to gut out economy and oil independence for the global narrative,...Yeah old Beijing Biden was elected!!! No, Biden was inserted by the deep state, the people elected President Trump and the global elites made sure that was changed...That is why the ChiComs are practically giddy and having orgasms over a Biden administration....America last agenda, and America handed over to the global elites and the Chinese on a silver platter. Biden won nothing!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nobody takes them seriously at ALL 😂😂😂 What a joke.

  • Who voted for you Mr Ted Cruz? You don't deserve to be in the politic. You don't care about the American. You are not American.

  • The GOAT. I miss and love you MY POTUS! TRUMP! I'm Latina and millions of us love you. That's a fact!!

  • Way to qo Trey!!!.

  • These democrats are insane Biden need to be impeached!! They are extremely disturbing individuals with all the election fraud and the corruption going on for decades why is it that they seem to get away with all the shady shit it’s mind boggling ... The mainstream media are as corrupt as the corrupt clown posse politicians they have much to hide apparently because why have they worked around the clock ⏰ since President Trump was elected to bring him down by lying 🤥 blaming him for the very shady shit that they’ve done and are still doing .... one thing is certain judgement day is coming 🙏 and orange jumpsuits will look great on the corrupt clown posse politicians they will eventually fall and praying god expose them for what most of us know but for all the world to see god bless America 🇺🇸 God bless Our President Donald J Trump Truth will prevail and as Tom fitton of judicial watch says ....NOONE IS ABOVE THE LAW

  • Damn Sasse ripped her apart so eloquently...on some real shit 👌🏼

  • SORCIERE !!!

  • The Democrats knew no one would show up to the inauguration so they had to have the military show up so they can say 30,000 people was in attendance

  • Such a lovely moment for the black community. You guys deserve this, such hardworking individuals! <3

  • Its the Republicans charging for the dislikes for me😂

  • bye bye trump and bye to your ridiculous policies

  • The best President forever 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  • You know nothing of what went on behind the scenes .none of you were this to know what this president was doing. So zip up 🙏🙏🇱🇷 I love this president and trump

  • Eisenhower's death camps

  • Donald Trump Jr. is right for defending Donald Trump

  • Charlie Kirk is right for Defending Donald Trump

  • Obama calling Climate Change

  • Not the president

  • Why did Jill Biden change her heels? They were tan and not they are blue and back to tan?

  • Impeach 46!!!

  • At 4:44:00 notice how they start cutting in and out as well as making some people appear and reappear. Not sus at all

  • 3:30:00 "Salute the marines"

  • Wooo! Sheila getting spicy Big Dummy


  • You will be missed.

  • 💚

  • ANTIFA were the first to wear masks and behave like idiots now the rest of us are wearing masks and behaving like idiots using Covid as an excuse to do so. Why doesn't Biden ever wear a mask?

  • Ont aurait pas jouer avec les j'aime ici 🤣

  • All weman who voted for Biden you just set your cause back 200 years in ATHLETIC now men calling them selves weman will replace your daughter in all weman sporting events, so better be satisfied with only reading writing and arithmetic, No MORE SOCCER FAST PITCH BASEBALL LACROSSE BASKETBALL SWIMING HIGH DIVING VOLLEYBALL BEACH VOLLEYBALL TRACK AND FIELD WEIGHT LIFTING BOXING TAE KWON DO KARATE KICKBOXING PRO UFC FIGHTING BACK TO THE KITCHEN PREGNANT AND BAREFOOTED!!! CARMA IS A BITCH TRUMP 2024

  • just like his rallies what a deadbeat

  • Liar then liar now

  • Lel. 3 hours ago : 22861 dislikes and now: 22571 dislikes

  • Thank you for your service president Trump

  • Liberals hate the truth when they are under the microscope they just blahblahblah

  • Matt Gaetz is awesome.

  • Bonjour. Je suis de tout coeur avec vous et depuis longtemps. CONTINUEZ a vous réapproprier votre Histoire et vos. Traditions.CHEYENNE. Je viendrais vous aidez . Good luck.

  • Nadler and the dems. Need to practice what they preach. We remember the phony impeachment debacle when Reps. Weren't allowed to talk.

  • Sharpton equals race baited he been an whole for years

  • Mr Johnson no Mrs beta Johnson he did you even get elected we need to have term limits this beta is a fool

  • Biden is a fraud President

  • 2:31 if anyone cares...blatant...

  • The greatest Drama ever 😂😂😂 sooo Fake.

  • Hawler is a rottweiler pretending to give a crap about people we all said stuff in 1991 that we wouldn't say now