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4:37Ex Best Friends Play Truth or Drink | Cut
10:49Lesbian Guesses Who's Straight | Lineup | Cut
8:06Ex Boyfriends Play Fear Pong | Cut
Ex Boyfriends Play Fear Pong | CutGanger 207 k22 dager siden
5:55Divorced Couple Plays Truth or Drink | Cut
3:05:30Fear Pong Blind Date Marathon!
Fear Pong Blind Date Marathon!Ganger 285 kMåned siden
6:51Model Scout Decides Who's Most Attractive
4:27My Boss \u0026 I Play Truth or Drink | Cut
11:53Guess Who's Straight | Lineup | Cut
Guess Who's Straight | Lineup | CutGanger 1,8 millMåned siden


  • Of course that guy lost his virginity in a graveyard

  • 6:33 this should lowkey be a meme

  • 3:40 , what did she say CUT , good background sound combo wtf

  • annnnnddd. 1:06 .. That's enough of this video.

  • I have only slept with 1 person and it's the man I will marry. Choosing to save yourself for marriage is okay. Choosing to have sex before marriage okay. But what's not okay is to insult those who made different decisions than you do.

  • The girl in the orange shirt got me CTFUUUUU

  • This has nothing to do with beauty!

  • Does Anyone else have a fear of centepide's

  • I love the Marriage of Figaro overture in the background

  • I think he was just surprised that she has a child because of her body

  • i once tried to drown my 3 year old brother because i have bipolar disorder and i have really intrusive thoughts and i just decided to do it but i felt so guilty after and still do to this day

  • This guy could probably tell me I was a 1 and still have me walking away feeling good about myself

  • Is there more footage of Felix 😁😬

  • Omg Felix is adorable

  • Is this stuff allowed in youtube

  • Wow I didn’t know illah was that young

  • I loved this so much. Can we get a part 2 with the boys

  • the astrologer was awesome and really skilled but the leo was just so obvious

  • I was shocked when first saw porn especially female organs like v*Gina and b&#bs

  • i love how they absolutely hate eachother


  • His hair cut is just something

  • what kinda ticked me off was when the single mom was kinda angry about the girl thinking she was a lesbian, like whats wrong with being a lesbian?

  • She did a good job raising her kids tbh

  • 0601312996

  • I thought it was one word

  • 0601312996

  • Do i need to go on a cut video to find the love of my life or something??👀

  • adoro, il primo puglise hahahahahaha

  • Eating a stick of butter would really fuck up your poops

  • Shout out to the Tunisian guy.. Damn! his accent is so perfect, I'm Tunisian and I'm having an eternal issue with the American accent.. M3allem sa7bi

  • That ballet girl did NOT know how to do hip hop lmao

  • Me and all my home gurls are happy for herrrrr!😍😍🙆🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😍😍😍👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾

  • 3:16 lmfao

  • Brooo, plss someone go repair that asian looking boys heart

  • Cheers for the assholee

  • I love how he says "what the fuck are we doin"

  • Aw

  • i had to quit smoking weed so much because i always eat so much to the point where i throw up 😭😭🤣

  • The iPhone 9 cracked me up

  • cut is just horny


  • She actually wasn't joking when she said she was good at geography-

  • You Dayyum right!! 😂😂😂

  • So honest and I love it!

  • Me just patiently waiting for a Cody Ko video

  • the girl in the red jacket really irritates sorry i really dont know why

  • This is good I have ever seen these days...

  • This kids are going to be obese american adults in a few years who the fuck cares

  • 7:39 awkward. You can tell she didn’t like him

  • 13:25 awkward. U can tell she doesn’t like him

  • i am a Scorpio and the girl described us PERFECTLY

  • His eyes are beautiful

  • The sentiments expressed from 3:32 - 4:00 are pretty much exactly how I feel. I don't believe a person's needs emotionally, sexually, or otherwise, should ever be placed solely on one other person. It just makes so much more sense to be able to seek and give support when it's needed, from various sources. That relieves a lot of pressure on everyone and gives them a better chance at feeling satisfied or cared for.

  • this video was soooo cuteee and her smile & laugh made me smile the whole time ❤️

  • But didn't the 15 year old 𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐤 15, or was that just me-

  • I can totally feel the trypophobia one

  • Dude. your shirt is so fcking nice thats such a nice style. No homo bro

  • 2:19 - “we shall see” 👀

  • Please get me on that show please I’m so lonely

  • do they realize that they can comment on an artists' work without insulting it- ._. somebody put effort into that,,, oml im so annoyed

  • This girl's features are 🌠AMAZING🌠

  • i love this video because even though they're strangers it really shows how first kisses are sometimes awkward, you may mess up and feel really scared etc as opposed to most movies where it's all romantic and everything. was really uncomfortable watching but i think it's not a bad thing, we should acknowledge that it's there and embrace it

  • I knew the dad was going to green out as soon as his face started to get pale.

  • remember you can pay it off


  • ok but jades confidence when nathan was looking through her phone reminded me how much I'm worth cuz like everytime he was like "oh she has a nose ring..." she wen "UH HUH AND? like what a model

  • Watching gammas shmoke is so such a serotonin boost 🥺☠️😭 they didn’t even pull. I love them, I miss my grandma 😭💔

  • I'm very much interested to see the tattoos of the tattoo artists man, THEY HAVE SOME REALLY COOL ONES

  • Did anyone notice the double shot glass?

  • Porn was invented in 1930 People before 1930:

  • yuo yuo yuo menie im sad yuo hated indonesin food

  • The first guy didn’t need any of that😂 gym would have done it all

  • i FeEl hekka WeIrD

  • 0601312996


  • ok but like can this even got MORE wholesome???

  • Me watching this be like:HOW TF DO THEY NOT GET CRINGED OUT

  • 5:00 hey! That is not nice! 31's nice!!!!

  • 0601312996