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8:49Why does Russia have the best maps of Britain?
8:08The map that saved the most lives
The map that saved the most livesGanger 777 k2 måneder siden
12:09What's wrong with London's boroughs?
What's wrong with London's boroughs?Ganger 1,6 mill8 måneder siden
11:26Why does London have 32 boroughs?
Why does London have 32 boroughs?Ganger 2,8 mill9 måneder siden
6:24The world's silliest time zones
The world's silliest time zonesGanger 2,4 millÅr siden
6:06How did triangles shrink France?
How did triangles shrink France?Ganger 1,8 millÅr siden
6:16Why every world map is wrong
Why every world map is wrongGanger 2,1 millÅr siden
6:00Why do maps show places that don't exist?
4:57The world's oldest border?
The world's oldest border?Ganger 2 millÅr siden
8:50Where does London stop?
Where does London stop?Ganger 2,5 millÅr siden
10:52What happened to London's trams?
What happened to London's trams?Ganger 2,4 mill2 år siden
1:47Robot Olympics (with Bec Hill)
Robot Olympics (with Bec Hill)Ganger 114 k2 år siden
1:50Surfin' With Patricia Routledge
Surfin' With Patricia RoutledgeGanger 38 k2 år siden
10:25Why drivers should want cycle lanes
Why drivers should want cycle lanesGanger 1,5 mill2 år siden
3:05Dinosaurs (feat. Bec Hill)
Dinosaurs (feat. Bec Hill)Ganger 96 k2 år siden
2:42Make Sure He's OK (Alzheimer's Song)
0:52Fiddle With Your Balls
Fiddle With Your BallsGanger 211 k2 år siden
11:01Why isn't cycling normal in London?
Why isn't cycling normal in London?Ganger 2,6 mill2 år siden
2:07I Went into a Gentlemen's Club
I Went into a Gentlemen's ClubGanger 109 k2 år siden
3:14Pretend You're Happy
Pretend You're HappyGanger 1,7 mill3 år siden
1:39Renault Twingo
Renault TwingoGanger 153 k3 år siden
4:17Geoff and Jay go up the A1 (part 1)
2:24Little Japanese Baby
Little Japanese BabyGanger 212 k3 år siden
2:42Skin Sofa
Skin SofaGanger 315 k3 år siden
18:04Live stream Q&A with Geography Now
Live stream Q&A with Geography NowGanger 120 k3 år siden
1:04Bim Bim Bim
Bim Bim BimGanger 651 k3 år siden
1:27MORE singing one syllable out-of-sync
4:30How do you become a Lord?
How do you become a Lord?Ganger 1,7 mill3 år siden
PotatoGanger 702 k3 år siden
4:37Why do they make that noise in PMQs?
Why do they make that noise in PMQs?Ganger 2,1 mill3 år siden
3:28Who is the Speaker of the House of Commons?
1:08Help support my channel on Patreon
0:40London Planner - 60 Second Guides
London Planner - 60 Second GuidesGanger 124 k3 år siden
1:40Singing one syllable out-of-sync
Singing one syllable out-of-syncGanger 14 mill4 år siden
2:19Who Owns the South China Sea?
Who Owns the South China Sea?Ganger 1,6 mill4 år siden
3:07India/Bangladesh - The world's worst border
3:20Every Tube Station Song -  LIVE VERSION
3:23Where is the north/south divide?
Where is the north/south divide?Ganger 2,8 mill4 år siden
2:35Mappa Mundi - the worst world map?
Mappa Mundi - the worst world map?Ganger 1,7 mill4 år siden
2:14Bir Tawil - the land that nobody wants
Bir Tawil - the land that nobody wantsGanger 2,6 mill4 år siden
1:27Trousers (on the One Show)
Trousers (on the One Show)Ganger 359 k5 år siden
3:52Why don't politicians answer questions?
Why don't politicians answer questions?Ganger 1,3 mill5 år siden
5:42Who's in charge of Britain?
Who's in charge of Britain?Ganger 2,5 mill5 år siden
3:33What is tactical voting?
What is tactical voting?Ganger 1 mill5 år siden
3:59Whom should I vote for?
Whom should I vote for?Ganger 1 mill5 år siden
5:23Is there a good reason for NOT voting?
Is there a good reason for NOT voting?Ganger 1,7 mill5 år siden
1:40The Queen Hates Jay Foreman
The Queen Hates Jay ForemanGanger 323 k5 år siden
1:48I Hate Halloween (from Not The One Show)
9:22Why does Heathrow need to expand?
Why does Heathrow need to expand?Ganger 2,7 mill6 år siden
1:48Jay Foreman - Stephen Hawking's Secret
10:20Why does London have so many airports?
Why does London have so many airports?Ganger 3,8 mill6 år siden
3:16Every Tube Station Song
Every Tube Station SongGanger 1,3 mill7 år siden
0:27Barry Cryer Song
Barry Cryer SongGanger 16 k7 år siden
1:31Caterpillar Sick
Caterpillar SickGanger 177 k7 år siden
2:46No More Colours?
No More Colours?Ganger 408 k8 år siden
0:41Child With a Handbag
Child With a HandbagGanger 16 k8 år siden
0:22I Want a Job in a Lollipop Factory
I Want a Job in a Lollipop FactoryGanger 170 k8 år siden
1:21Jay Foreman - Angry Birds
Jay Foreman - Angry BirdsGanger 171 k8 år siden
2:16The Day I Met Sooty
The Day I Met SootyGanger 174 k8 år siden
1:52Rowan and Jonny
Rowan and JonnyGanger 8 k8 år siden
1:54Jay Foreman - Royal Wedding Song
Jay Foreman - Royal Wedding SongGanger 115 k9 år siden
12:19London's unfinished motorways
London's unfinished motorwaysGanger 3,3 mill10 år siden
4:19Jay Foreman - BBC At The Fringe
Jay Foreman - BBC At The FringeGanger 10 k11 år siden
9:04The unfinished Northern line
The unfinished Northern lineGanger 2,5 mill11 år siden
3:04Stealing Food
Stealing FoodGanger 408 k12 år siden


  • "Would you mess with China?" Me, an American "HELL YEA!"

  • Time zones were a necessity in Canada. Invented by a Canadian. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_in_Canada#:~:text=Canada%20is%20divided%20into%20six,and%20a%20standard%20prime%20meridian.

  • I rather say in sign language than saying these names😂

  • Damn, Barack Obama has a good English accent

  • Who is the girl in the bar with short hair? Easily the most beautiful girl I've ever seen 🤩

  • video was nice until skill share. !

  • Wow, there were fewer than 60 million people at this point.

  • the north is officially as soon as people start talking funny, in conclusion the divide is just south of bristol

  • This is really interesting to me because I just would be assumed these are all easy to pronounce cos I'm used to them

  • I thought Kiribati straddled the date line, so moving the date line was to solve internal problem. Wikipedia agrees with me. Some people who had bought tickets to celebrate in whatever was the "first place to see the new millenium" before this move tried to sue them over it, but since time zones are purely conventional that went nowhere.

  • This song being totally prophetic about todays... Prime Potato. If the potato said incomprehensible gibberish in Latin.

  • Wait, was that Tom Ridgewell?

  • Shrimps are laughing in the distance

  • ''Crowley, what you did with the M25 was a stroke of pure, demonic genius!''

  • Elon Musk should take it over as practice run for his Mars colony.

  • 5:31 This area with aughton and town green is literally a 5 minute drive away from where I live XD. I'm low-key surprised that they'd use an example that I didn't know that was so close to home (literally)

  • Aside from how great this video is overall, I love the random King Crimson 20th Century Schizoid Man riff at around 5:55

  • Great video but Grimsby is not named after a viking. Grim was another name given to Woden, or Odin if we're using the silent W 😆

  • Sooo u rly did esperanto subs and did not russian subs??? )

  • Can you do Yellow Submarine

  • Can we all just appreciate how good this teacher is? Letting them do their homework IN SCHOOL, IN LESSON TIME!


  • Okay, from now on I will seriously spoil my vote everytime. Draw a Dickbutt over the page maybe or something.

  • And here I am. Thinking that AV sounds like the same bullshit, because its just a tactical vote with one more step. In such a system, where one party holds 80% of the votes and a other holds 20%, this means that 20% of the population doesn't get represented at all. This could be good in case of extreme parties, but also bad if the party overall isn't as good, but also have some better ideas.

  • can i have this but like, for historical settings? i dont care about what poncy noblemen get up to, i wanna know how much havoc they could legally cause if they dahm well wanted to eschew social norms and explore the limits of legality instead

  • эмэйзинг

  • Quite before the French Revolution, Voltaire wrote more than once that the UK was a Republic disguised in Monarchy.

  • The Sim City music at 4:10 killed me. I spent so many hours playing those games in the 90s.

  • Absolutely brilliant like milk

  • 1:29 "He also wants to build a wants to build a research centre in 'North Sudan'" - Mail online

  • as per usual, the english are beaten at their own game. It's like poetry in motion

  • Look up a video called a clown takes a pratfall, classic example of war between cars and bikes

  • Jay, i know you're reading this. You're a Legend!

  • my town on the tube!

  • Taking exception to darn tooting...

  • This should be on TV....

  • I must have watched this video well over 100 times...if only we could finish the northern heights and build only affordable housing to go alongside the local areas. I need to get on the property ladder

  • i love these guys. so informative and not boring at all. can i ask are they brothers cause they kinda look alike hehe

  • Sorry, had to down vote because of that isles jab. Its been 100 years, grow up.

  • English isn't a language. It's 4 languages that mug other languages and then rifle through their pockets for loose grammar.

  • 7:35 Thank you so much for putting this London Borough in because it is hardly ever heard of.

  • Don't buy The Sun

  • Matt Lucas, comedy 11/10

  • So anyone can knock prime minister office?

  • My phone was on 32% whilst I watched this video . Perfection

  • and this was before Boris was even a cabinet member!

  • Teesside UTB🔴⚪️🔴🇦🇹

  • Heads up: your subtitles are slightly out of sync :)

  • We need a Polish Jay Foreman

  • Polish "allies" is...somewhat generous to the Soviets, no?

  • Can someone dm me their surf shark login details please? You can have my Netflix login 😊

  • 0:08 kinda looks poland

  • I like how he put "Taxman" by the Beatles at 2:29

  • 0:00 Ah a normal map men - lovely 1:30 ...this better not awaken anything in me...

  • but they aren’t! you have either to be native or, be patient, learn and practice - they ain’t gonna change, .......anytime soon!

  • Non capisco un cazzo

  • Brilliant!

  • The moment I heard the Yes Minister theme at #3 my smile widened so much that I may have torn a face muscle

  • Genius

  • Love your content, stay safe

  • That sponsorship video is the best thing XD

  • Me Again

  • Me

  • No, Larry the Downing Street cat

  • Sorry Jay, but Hackney's road signs are my favourite, followed by the "rather ugly variant of Thymes New Roman"... Westminster's is only "okay".

  • North South divide = line drawn from the Wash to Severn estuary.

  • There's s village in Scotland called Twatt. What is the correct pronunciation?

  • 11 years ago, baggier jeans and better content

  • 1:53, doesn't seem like other religions to me, just a bunch of white people

  • Happisburgh is pronounced Hayesborough

  • The reason Arizona has different areas that follow DST differently is because the Navajo nation that lies inside Arizona observes DST while the Hopi and the rest of the state do not.

  • 0:30

  • “Now that’s a map” has got to be my favourite joke on the show, no idea why it makes me laugh so hard every time

  • www.ianvisits.co.uk/blog/2021/01/26/unbuilt-london-the-channel-tunnel-terminus-at-white-city/ Are you still doing the unfinished London series ?

  • Should have developed Manston Airport in Kent. It already had the space, it would have poured money into a struggling county, created hundreds (if not thousands of jobs) and already has fast links to London.

  • I live in Frome, I never new people could so thoroughly cock it up, except for an employee of mine from Bristol, he beyond cocked it up, I've pronounced "fromagé" closer to Frome then he did

  • I have more nightmares about cambridge analytica tbh...

  • whenever I hear the words «The *honourable* gentlemen» I want to through something heavy at the screen

  • "a baffling thousands of years old institution that's been around for hundreds of years" As soon as he said that i realised something. He's a moron.

  • Scotland has a four-way split: Highlands vs Lowlands Greater Glasgow vs Everywhere Else Islanders vs Mainlaners The Rainy Side (west) vs The Less Rainy Side (east)