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6:35Do VPNs Improve Gaming?
Do VPNs Improve Gaming?Ganger 10 kDag siden
20:26Pokemon Presents Full Presentation
1:06:25Escape From Tarkov Complete Raid Series
8:10Bravely Default 2 Review
Bravely Default 2 ReviewGanger 31 kDag siden
7:58Outriders Demo: Everything To Know


  • BOTW is much more creative in terms of environmental interactions and diversity in gameplay ,Immortals have better control feel better graphics ,a more detailed world and better combat flow . well ,at least thats my opinion

  • Can we all agree that the trailer sucked ass? As in the background music and tone they went.

  • so nobody is gonna mention how this is callmekevin's doppelganger?

  • Please donate with a like button for chingling, 1 like = 1 more fps for poor chingling here....

  • Today my bday march 1st 02 aka just made 19 😁

  • Woah. Been some time hasn’t it lads?


  • What happened to your tv Channel

  • Yes

  • Doofenshmirtz parents missed his own birth

  • the return

  • Moreeee

  • DIRTY ARTY!!!!


  • Curious why they didn’t do story missions and just free roam

  • First

  • Arty

  • Bruh

  • First

  • if this costs more than $40 im not getting it

  • Heeeesss back!!!!!

  • Fire arms experts reacts to rainbow six siege

  • It's my guy Jonathan! God he needs his own channel and PC lol

  • Us: That Pokémon was moving at 10 FPS. Nintendo: No, stupid. That's actually its special move. We call it Time Leap. It makes it more difficult to be captured! I thought you wanted increased difficulty! Nintendo Sheep: Yes, it makes sense now. We love you Nintendo! You're the best! Always thinking about us.

  • just give us decent mod support and all of these improvements would be moot

  • I mean, I would play it if it wasn't a mobile game

  • How about the game Receiver? :)

  • I realize the original game went on the Playstation, and I own Starcraft 64, but I feel bad for your efforts to port the game because no way in heck am I playing this with a controller

  • dowload??

  • My quality was 144p But, it is still looking good.

  • You should check out Unreal and Unreal Tournament

  • For me the most broken gun is Street Sweeper in Cold War

  • I can’t believe they removed auto battle and random encounter features. I remember all the days I spent on nothing but grinding to get all abilities.

  • It's like paraphrasing two of my friends assignments and submitting.

  • I really appreciate widowmaker has armor on her chest now cause I can imagine laying on the floor bare skin can’t be comfortable

  • Rising Storm 2: Vietnam?

  • Firearms Expert: Non-American. Going to have to take this video with a grain of salt 🥱

  • Look how they massacred my boy

  • 2w2#

  • Do fortnite

  • .......Revenant?

  • part 2?

  • How about Sniper Elite 4 as the next game to examine the weapons?

  • 8 years ago lol

  • Now I want to play this game actually

  • World of Guns: Gun Disassembly would be a perfect game for him to give a look at it.

  • man i grew up with playstation and im not even a HUGE fan of halo but damn this hyped me up, there aren’t alot of legends still around like chief.

  • Geometry dash players be like

  • Rest Easy Robin Williams

  • I'm so hyped, this looks incredible!

  • sus

  • Pokémon Breath of the Wild siiiiii!!!!!.

  • he must review fistfull of frags

  • bf6

  • I discovered Overwatch thanks to Rule 34...

  • Where the heck is DVA if DVA isn't in this game I will flip out because she's the best

  • Its just the ssd disk effect, what a scam

  • Revenant it's revenant

  • "7 years ago"

  • The only thing that really ever killed me in this game was not knowing when to jump

  • This is not a Heist. This is a terrorist attack.

  • Great Scott

  • I'm kinda disappointed it actually wasn't a massive prank

  • Who else from 2021

  • You Want A Good Idea, Call Of Duty: Battlefield

  • This game is underappreciated

  • From the guns on the table I can tell you are doing BFV next.

  • PS Vita port candidate 😏🤫

  • I think this is will be the best selling pokemon game in 2022🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️

  • PART 2

  • Froakie as a starter is all I ask for .

  • If Sledgehammer & Dice Get Ahold Of Battlefield, It’s Over! It’s Going To Bomb! We Want New People With New Ideas Taking The Reigns, Not A Bunch Of Has Beens!

  • Literally no difference in most of these characters

  • The auto rifle may actually be a farquhar hill.

  • Guy works with guns and still calls a suppressor a "silencer" 🤦‍♂️

  • the game I've been waiting with all my heart, it is a pity that my computer was too weak for this game, otherwise I would have passed it up and down even then. Fallout 4 will forever be at the top of my favorite games <3

  • Christ all the little fake Pokémon fans in here bitching about graphics and shit....🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Watch out for those wrist rockets