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The Wintergatan youtube channel is a mix of Music, Engineering and Innovation.
I release a new video Every Wednesday 16.00 GMT. Right now I am very focused on finishing the build of the Marble Machine X for the upcoming Album & World Tour!
The Wintergatan Wednesdays videos are Crowdfunded, I am receiving a lot of sponsor offers that I am trying my best to keep turning down. I want the videos to be between you and me without a third part involved.
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27:24Rebuild? Why? - Marble Machine X #142
Rebuild? Why? - Marble Machine X #142Ganger 342 k5 dager siden
12:51The Triforce of Workspace Organisation
19:56Cyber Bass with Rubber Wheels! - Marble Machine X #137
44:20Marble Divider Redesign? - Marble Machine X #136
24:56Feels Like Home - Marble Machine X #134
Feels Like Home - Marble Machine X #134Ganger 512 k3 måneder siden
10:31Marble Tracks Completed! - Marble Machine X #132
19:13109 Things To Do
109 Things To DoGanger 361 k5 måneder siden
9:41Engaging the Wintergatan Community
Engaging the Wintergatan CommunityGanger 281 k5 måneder siden
15:40Custom Bass CYBER CAPOS
Custom Bass CYBER CAPOSGanger 2 mill5 måneder siden
20:59Vibraphone Funnels Completed
Vibraphone Funnels CompletedGanger 857 k5 måneder siden
21:22Learning How To Focus and Achieve My Goals
Learning How To Focus and Achieve My GoalsGanger 332 k6 måneder siden
18:28Cyber Funnel
Cyber FunnelGanger 424 k6 måneder siden
18:58Cyber Bass Marble Drops
Cyber Bass Marble DropsGanger 757 k6 måneder siden
11:42Playing the CYBER BASS
Playing the CYBER BASSGanger 2,1 mill7 måneder siden
14:28Marble Catcher! - Marble Machine X #116
Marble Catcher! - Marble Machine X #116Ganger 495 k7 måneder siden
20:31Playing Tight Music? - Marble Machine X #115
13:30Electric Motor? - Marble Machine X #114
Electric Motor? - Marble Machine X #114Ganger 1,1 mill7 måneder siden
10:44Attention Is The Cash Value Of Time
Attention Is The Cash Value Of TimeGanger 173 k9 måneder siden
13:17Renovating my Guitar
Renovating my GuitarGanger 279 k9 måneder siden
17:23Custom Bass Guitar - Marble Machine X #109
Custom Bass Guitar - Marble Machine X #109Ganger 387 k10 måneder siden
19:57Rhythm Machine Experiments - Marble Machine X #107
17:29My Dream Snare Drum Sound - Marble Machine X #106
21:42Vibrato Experiments - Marble Machine X #104
Vibrato Experiments - Marble Machine X #104Ganger 485 k11 måneder siden
13:12My Best Design Yet - Marble Machine X #102
My Best Design Yet - Marble Machine X #102Ganger 308 k11 måneder siden
10:20Vibraphone Sustain Control - MMX#94
5:55Marble Machine X Plays Drums! #86
Marble Machine X Plays Drums! #86Ganger 1,3 millÅr siden
11:54Tweaks & Fixes - Marble Machine X #84
10:10Kick Drum Soundcheck - Marble Machine X #74
11:59Cross Bracing - Marble Machine X #72
1:00Quick Announcement
Quick AnnouncementGanger 183 k2 år siden


  • Actually, I think it is ok that this project may never be finished. I don't think you are building a machine so much as the physical representation of your own skill, ingenuity, and creativity. Things that should never just 'stop' but should always continue forward. So as long as you continue to learn and build upon your already impressive abilities I don't think the marble machine will ever be truly finished, and that is perfectly fine.

  • I just didn't expect it to rock so hard

  • After 4 years it shows to my recommendation again. Thanks youtube

  • Are all the marbles the exact same size? This could be a big source of failure

  • you've created a MONSTER!!!

  • Just amazing... i'm speechless...😮😮

  • meybe you need new blood new people and all that

  • Look there mp3 connected to wire, just kidding nice work

  • Well done. Constantly open to learning. I can't wait to see it live in concert :)

  • This thing is looking more like a robot

  • "99.99% = rubbish" is exactly right, and this is a beautiful illustration of that. It's actually quite common to measure reliability not in percent, but in "nines" or "#N"-that is, how many 9s you have in your percent. I think this gives a much better perspective: "99.99%" sounds impressive, but "4N" doesn't. I don't know enough about mechanical engineering to say if 7N is feasible or not for MMX, but the reasoning behind aspiring to a figure like that is perfectly sound!

  • Reminds me of the beginning sequence of Edward Scissorhands. Your compositions have all whimsy and wonder of a Danny Elfman film.

  • Nice hat.

  • If Biden were to win and we became a communist country you never see anything like that again

    • How does the election have anything to do with this?

  • The asmr makes you really sleepy

  • Japanese?

  • It's just too delightfull to watch these videos

  • a new instrument

  • It looks so complicated, but I love it!!

  • wow, that was fantastic.

  • Beautiful melody 💜💖

  • Martin, send me some of the doomed to recycle parts. I'll make a CAD model of some type of do-nothing device for You and This Old Tony to put on your desks. A collage of Everyone's work you ground of the last build ;) CAD to Real Life may vary depending on what you send of course:)

  • Well done. “Land really is the best art.” -Andy Warhol

  • this is a 10/10 its perfecto! (this would've taken a long time to make -w-)

  • "feather in my hat" what?


  • This is the real infinite content loop

  • Man I admire your patience and passion

  • I've lost count of the number I've watched this video, but today was the first time I noticed the one black marble from 3:20 onwards. How have I not seen it before now?!?

  • Hah! Magnificent! What an inspired work of art from pedestrian elements; the machine, the arrangement and the performance. I’m so transported and in shock and awe. Just look at what can be done. Look at the level of adaptation. It’s like an angel (but the gentle kind, some angels are terrifying) like an angel said to me “look, it’s not over, there’s so much more you can do if you reach” so..maestro Martin Molin.

  • This is simply amazing

  • Props to whoever thought of this

  • a musiscian/God enginner man!

  • Uuf es una obra de ingeniería y creatividad esa madre

  • When he want to set up his mechine, In the store : ill order 10000 marble pls

  • If you are going to do a re-design, design it in such a way that a marble failiure is not a critical failiure that breaks the whole machine. That sad reality of life is that the more complex something is, the more parts can break, the more parts WILL break. Someone described your marbles like a fluid, below. I would look at it that way as well. Add in a "leak" point that lets a critical failiure become a minor failiure instead.

  • Thanks Jon

  • its hard to believe he made this (did he make it and if he did he prob had a team but still wow)

  • Why not use Spotify moron

  • force is needed to release a marble, and then design the hooks to slip at maybe double that Nm?

  • Нет ничего интереснее, чем наблюдать за работой увлеченного своим делом человека. Успехов вам в вашем творчестве!

    • thing, just be smarter, do not just sit and design things in your fantasy. Actually go and find out things, just find out how reality is, it is much different from the reality that you "thi

  • oh martin i fear youre going to snap a bolt with all that lock tite and heating

  • 2023: Okay, i'm going to redesign MMX

  • Wait he can engineer an entire Marble Mahcine from wood, acrylic, metal, real instruments but yet has duck tape on his headphones. hahahahahaha LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  • DON'T QUIT!!! You can finish it!! We have faith in you... and remember this is something that will live on longer that you. It is a legacy. It will inspire hundreds of others for possibly a hundred years.

  • I love it when my man hit that breakdown

  • Just so you know, At 99.99%, you could've gotten through 2 songs, almost 3, before a marble failure would've (statistically) happened. (2 songs = 0.72 failures). 99.999% = 27 songs = 0.972 failures 99.9999% = 277 songs = 0.9972 failures

  • If "marble machine" wasn't its name, it would have been "Wood and legos with marbles and a bass"

  • Didn't millions of people watch and fall in love with your old machine which allegedly failed dozens of marbles? Why chase for this machine "perfection" that is driving you crazy when what people loved in the first place was an organic, charismatic, but sort-of-jank instrument?

  • Why are you redesigning it?

  • 4 years covid is here

  • pacinko

  • Ещё на год задержка такими темпами.

  • new kind of meditation!

  • I just wish I had more subs

  • This is so much more than art!

  • Someone:Whats your favourite instroument? Him:It's difficult to explain

  • You are the Da Vinci of today!

  • Too bad they're not marbles

  • its like a concert of d.i.y youtube vids.

  • Darkhorse Podcast!!!!

  • lol he could of sold the old machine and used the profits to get a team, a shop and all the materials and cnc ever needed to build a bigger better machine

  • Is this thing ever going to be finished? 😐 Been like what, 2 years now

  • why even ask Im just going to answer the title before watching the video Because insanity never sleeps


  • Good thing it wasn't 2020 marbles...

  • Wow already over 3 years in the works now that's some dedication right there. Let's hope you finish it soon!

  • Martin, I'd like to give to you three pieces of advice / things to think about: 1) Why does a car have a third brake light? Why do planes or rockets have two independent sets of sensors? Why do bridge or elevator cables consist of several strings? At a certain level of complexity, a system can no longer viably strive to have 0 ways of ANYTHING going wrong. Rather, you start to make sure that all things that COULD go wrong (even although you tried to avoid them as good as you could) will not take the rest of the system with it upon failure. Don't try to have 99.9999% reliability for each part. Try to reach 99.9999% with all fallbacks, redundancies, and repairable fail-overs. The flaw of this system is not that it has a thousand ways to go wrong, but that it only has one way to go right. 2) Plows have a bolt behind each blade. If a blade hits a big rock underground, the bolt of that blade will break and allow the blade to swing backwards. You hear the bolt breaking apart whenever it happens, and it is a piece of metal trash afterwards. But it can be easily replaced, opposed to the blade. Don't try to search the field for stones. Add a bolt to your blade. Think about adding easy-to-replace deliberate weak spots, so that 1 marble failing doesn't break the hard-to-repair core parts of the MMX. E. g.: Instead of putting metal pins in the revolving drum, use sturdy plastic. If a lever gets stuck, the pin will break, but not the drum. 3) If you want to make sure something works a million times, test it at least a million times, or even better, 5 million times. Rather than looking at current flaws, and then immediately redesigning, ordering, and assembling the whole part from scratch in 7 hours and 9000 steps, but with fingers crossed, rather build it once and test the c*p out of it until it breaks. If you want to make sure a marble gate can "play" 100k times, hook it to a motor and let the motor play it 500k times over night. Then look at the result. You'll find things breaking you never thought could break. Adjust, then repeat testing until you find it good enough. Best of luck with your project.

  • For cooling the drill use oil so it also helps for cutting.

  • 15:20 is this an actual song? I must know

  • Bravo

    • La mia domanda è perché metterlo nella Home adesso ? Ne avevo bisogno prima

  • Respect the effort you put into this man! I wish you the best!

  • ля какая шарманка

  • my 9 years old daughter is an absolut fan of this clip. She saw it at least 100 times !!

  • Wow amazing

  • ME: "Ah, it seems like the MMX project is almost getting to the last sprint of the..." MARTIN: "PART 1 - Brutal Disassembly"

  • This is FAR from a math proof. That some dumb guy (who had a history of failing) quotes Musk, is anything but a math proof. If you want to "proof" math, you should try something other than just putting a decimal point on 99.9. I hope you succeed dude, but you are so far from reality that it hurts. And i am worried that you teach your reality to others.

  • Damn 3 years passed

  • 18:10 After 7 hours of assembly yo should stride to look for easier solutions, instead of you telling people that they need to have motivation and reach their goal. For the first thing, just be smarter, do not just sit and design things in your fantasy. Actually go and find out things, just find out how reality is, it is much different from the reality that you "think" it is. And please do not think that throwing math at a statement from Musk legitimatizes your mistakes and your cock ups... Please Martin, stop trying to educate others, when you are really dumb yourself.

  • What is the font you used in todays episode explaining the rebuild?