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Welcome to JonTron! Hopefully laugh!


18:54Old People Got Weird Products - JonTron
Old People Got Weird Products - JonTronGanger 4,6 mill14 dager siden
20:10Steven Seagal: Certified Tough Guy - JonTron
19:45Boating Made (TOO) Easy! - JonTron
Boating Made (TOO) Easy! - JonTronGanger 6 mill10 måneder siden
25:51Jimmy Tells All (Kid Nation Exclusive) - JonTron
25:23Kid Nation - JonTron
Kid Nation - JonTronGanger 11 mill11 måneder siden
30:07Gwyneth Paltrow's: The Goop Lab - JonTron
14:30Surviving Edged Weapons - JonTron
Surviving Edged Weapons - JonTronGanger 11 millÅr siden
10:27Virtual Reality Mukbang (Sort Of) - JonTron
10:36The REAL Story of the Pilgrims - JonTron
15:23Racing a NASCAR Driver - JonTron
Racing a NASCAR Driver - JonTronGanger 2,8 millÅr siden
JACQUES EXPOSED? - JonTronGanger 2,5 millÅr siden
18:03REAL GHOSTS - JonTron
REAL GHOSTS - JonTronGanger 10 millÅr siden
17:29Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop - JonTron
Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop - JonTronGanger 14 millÅr siden
14:46Architecture Tier List - JonTron
Architecture Tier List - JonTronGanger 5 millÅr siden
THE HEAD TO HEAD GAME JAM - JonTronGanger 2,9 millÅr siden
13:35Regis Philbin's Epic Workout - JonTron
JONNY NEW ENGLISH - JonTronGanger 6 mill2 år siden
17:35Dr Ho: License to Practice - JonTron
Dr Ho: License to Practice - JonTronGanger 11 mill2 år siden
21:54Workplace Safety - JonTron
Workplace Safety - JonTronGanger 23 mill2 år siden
21:59Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Skull Vodka - JonTron
5:20:21JonTron Charity Auction Livestream (12-12-2018)
21:17Flex Tape II: The Flexening - JonTron
Flex Tape II: The Flexening - JonTronGanger 25 mill2 år siden
20:28VR Troopers - JonTron
VR Troopers - JonTronGanger 12 mill3 år siden
13:55Weird Workout Videos - JonTron
Weird Workout Videos - JonTronGanger 15 mill3 år siden
TURDUCKEN CHEF - JonTronGanger 7 mill3 år siden


  • iw onder what ever happened to that giant gnome.

  • 8:05 I'll do you one better: WHY is Sasha?

  • 4:19 This is the part we comed for

  • If you actually did the research one of his parents is Russian...making Steven Russian...

  • fun fact pablo the mule dog is voiced by david mitchell

  • 7:10 ...Now I don't want to say that's a JoJo reference...but I'm pretty sure that's a JoJo reference

  • That quiet noooo after the boot monster asked him if he was ready for something baf is my favorite part.

  • 4:19 Where it all started

  • Oh my fucking God, I'm dieing over this

  • 21:27

  • 10:08

  • You're a riot. I swear you must be Curly Howard's grandson.

  • When the world needed him most...he was doing something else...but he's back now, so let's watch.

  • You've been using SMT Nocturne music across your videos for like a decade. I fucking love it.

  • I entirely agree with you on this

  • Turok

  • who else is coming back almost 10 years later

  • When's the next video?

  • Is it to late to say i miss the game reviews

  • stop Stop *STAHP!*

  • I like rocket launchers too

  • I guarantee you that PS2 game had originally nothing to do with Home Alone. Someone had just made a random kid's game and they thought it would sell better if they incorporated a well known franchise.

  • Nailed the run 👌👌👌

  • you are gay

  • This could have been a more entertaining TV show if it turned into the hunger games

  • the fourth of july part hits different

  • it's funny because the psychic's thing is like guessing really vague but almost specific stuff to make people think they're actually guessing things about them, but she just kept shooting misses with Anna

  • Hey john its not the worst star wars movie anymore

  • Rumor has it he still hasn’t got the sponsorship...

  • Why does this game seem fine to me? The advertisement has gotten me

  • Can't wait for the part 3 to complete the trilogy, next year.

  • 4:01 2020 be like:

  • Does anybody remember that JonTron episode where John had a bong on his table?

  • This is my favourite game ever and I have all the series

  • What you see as a love one I see as easy money -Sun tzu

  • Can we play Space Harrier 1&2 please?

  • 1:53 He got me there , even if he was not trying .

  • "Every dragon has a weak spot" 2 seconds later AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

  • I used to be a scruncher. Until I realised folding was easier

  • Is he still a bird?

  • 12:09 *POV : You're here for this*

  • Kathy Lee was gorgeous back then

  • Just get a bidet

  • Jon: "I could not and can not sing it" *sings it better than the original*

  • 6:36 oh god

  • 5:53 lolol

  • She could be making vodka and putting it in a skull bottle.

  • Weren’t Lewis and Tolkien devout Christians? I’m confused

  • Man, this video is so reflective of why our police force is so improperly prepared to handle people. The bs reasonings behind shootings is just baffling. Racism issues aside, this was horrific to see on its own ><

  • 18:34 wen i diskuvurd TF2

  • 5:12 wut

  • I miss the JonTron intro

  • this is giving me straight hubologist vibe from fallout 2

  • ok Flex Tape 3

  • 9:34 me maken a red ston kont trepcen in mincreft

  • This speaks volumes about what american parents are willing to let their child go through just for some TV time..

  • "hey kids we heard you love minecraft so why don't you get on this bus and you can minecraft in real life :)"

  • Am i the only one who watches jontron on a daily basis?

  • 6:46 ladies and gentlemen, we have a meme

  • Yay Western history by a Middle Eastern JEW!!

  • Pretty sure it's illegal to list love as an ingredient on a product.

  • NASCAR shouldn't be considered the "top echelon" of anything to be honest. It's by far, the most boring motorsport imo.

  • Psychic vampires are a thing in folklore and mythology, they're entities that drain your spiritual/mental energy.

  • I loved playing Super Bombad Racing when I was kid. It was so much fun.

  • 16:24 why was I waiting for him to Accsedently hit him😅


  • When John Tron says a video would not be possible without an ad I mean sponsor I believe him

  • "Knife culture" Oh, that's that thing that is apparently very normal for kids to be involved in. Ah yes, I remember when I got into my first knife fight in elementary... fun times. Though, by the time I got to middle school I had lost all my friends. Adolescence is rough.

  • 4:52 a meme has made

  • Can we talk about how John actually has good fashion for the most part

  • Someone explain the gay joke to me oleaee

  • TIL my northern-neighbours sound like Arnold Schwartzenegger to Americans.


  • 14:09 Michael is a communist.

  • Hard to believe this video is six years old

  • My Heart came Out....Me:Why Not use some flex tape

  • that second show was causing physical cringe

  • Not how I remember breakout.

  • 2:42 Ex-worst Star Wars movie

  • WELP... Time for another jontron marathon... who's with me?