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Executive Producer: Eleanor Donovan
Supervising Producer: Phil Esposito
Senior Director: Vjeran Pavic
Directors: Becca Farsace, Alix Diaconis
Audio Engineer: Andrew Marino
Design Director: Will Joel
Senior Motion Designer: Grayson Blackmon
Director of Audience Development: Ruben Salvadori


5:58New iPad Air (2020) review
New iPad Air (2020) reviewGanger 441 k10 dager siden
16:36iPhone 12 review: new standard
iPhone 12 review: new standardGanger 1 mill10 dager siden
18:50iPhone 12 Pro review: more shine
iPhone 12 Pro review: more shineGanger 1,4 mill11 dager siden
11:58Pixel 5 and 4A 5G review: classic Google
9:38OnePlus 8T review: numbers game
OnePlus 8T review: numbers gameGanger 169 k16 dager siden
11:29Apple iPhone 12 event in under 12 minutes
Apple iPhone 12 event in under 12 minutesGanger 2,6 mill17 dager siden
8:25Why Samsung makes so many phones
Why Samsung makes so many phonesGanger 231 k22 dager siden
8:42Sony A7C Review: a little ripper!
Sony A7C Review: a little ripper!Ganger 160 k29 dager siden
6:00Google Pixel 5 Event in 6 minutes
Google Pixel 5 Event in 6 minutesGanger 895 kMåned siden
13:06The best projectors for your living room
8:17iPad 2020 review: here we go again, again
8:07LG Wing hands-on: really flipping fun
6:34Apple Watch Series 6 hands-on
Apple Watch Series 6 hands-onGanger 486 kMåned siden
12:24Apple September 2020 event in 12 minutes
Apple September 2020 event in 12 minutesGanger 1,5 millMåned siden
11:14Fold, Flip, or Duo: why fold a phone?
8:40Fortnite vs Apple: App Store Royale
Fortnite vs Apple: App Store RoyaleGanger 354 k2 måneder siden
12:51Note 20 Ultra review: big phone, small updates
8:50Samsung Galaxy Note 20 event in under 9 minutes
10:34Pixel 4A review: $349 for the basics
Pixel 4A review: $349 for the basicsGanger 662 k2 måneder siden
7:13OnePlus Buds Review: new buds, who dis
OnePlus Buds Review: new buds, who disGanger 562 k3 måneder siden
10:03What iPhones can tell us about new Macs
What iPhones can tell us about new MacsGanger 287 k3 måneder siden
11:46How to choose between a phone and a camera
How to choose between a phone and a cameraGanger 222 k3 måneder siden
11:01iOS 14 beta: It's complicated…finally
iOS 14 beta: It's complicated…finallyGanger 537 k4 måneder siden
18:49Apple WWDC 2020 keynote in 18 minutes
Apple WWDC 2020 keynote in 18 minutesGanger 1,4 mill4 måneder siden
7:47Amazon's $110 tablet is great and terrible
Amazon's $110 tablet is great and terribleGanger 338 k4 måneder siden
22:51Playstation 5 event in 22 minutes (hardware + games)
10:09Android 11 hands-on: all the features!
Android 11 hands-on: all the features!Ganger 673 k4 måneder siden
12:42How 5G works: the pros and cons
How 5G works: the pros and consGanger 298 k4 måneder siden
6:26Why Spotify bought Joe Rogan’s podcast
Why Spotify bought Joe Rogan’s podcastGanger 625 k5 måneder siden
10:02Surface Earbuds review: too little, too late
5:45Surface Book 3 (13.5-inch) first look
Surface Book 3 (13.5-inch) first lookGanger 569 k5 måneder siden
7:23Surface Go 2 review: don't push it
Surface Go 2 review: don't push itGanger 582 k5 måneder siden
6:50TCL 10 Pro review: the TV brand takes on phones
6:35Samsung Galaxy A51 review: almost
Samsung Galaxy A51 review: almostGanger 694 k5 måneder siden
7:31MacBook Pro 13-inch (2020) first look
MacBook Pro 13-inch (2020) first lookGanger 615 k5 måneder siden
4:56Surface Go 2 first look: 3 big upgrades
Surface Go 2 first look: 3 big upgradesGanger 539 k5 måneder siden
5:59Motorola Edge Plus hands-on: back in the game
5:51iPhone SE (2020) Review: everything you need
iPhone SE (2020) Review: everything you needGanger 1,7 mill6 måneder siden
8:00Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro review
Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro reviewGanger 1,4 mill6 måneder siden
4:52How your phone will track coronavirus
How your phone will track coronavirusGanger 203 k6 måneder siden
8:58OnePlus 8 Pro review: high expectations
OnePlus 8 Pro review: high expectationsGanger 416 k6 måneder siden
8:42OnePlus 8 review: a familiar formula
OnePlus 8 review: a familiar formulaGanger 248 k6 måneder siden
5:26How to improve your video calls in 5 minutes
5:43How Zoom became a household name
How Zoom became a household nameGanger 263 k7 måneder siden
7:23Tech supply chains are still a complete mess
9:31iPad Pro (2020) review: beyond the trackpad
9:25Samsung Galaxy S20 review: better than the Ultra
4:10Unfolding the first trifold phone
Unfolding the first trifold phoneGanger 428 k8 måneder siden
16:15Six professionals review the Mac Pro
Six professionals review the Mac ProGanger 584 k8 måneder siden
13:14Galaxy S20 Ultra review: something to prove
6:18Android 11 developer preview first look
Android 11 developer preview first lookGanger 511 k8 måneder siden
8:34Motorola Razr review: flip flop
Motorola Razr review: flip flopGanger 248 k8 måneder siden
4:26Galaxy Z Flip vs. Motorola Razr: no contest
3:36Samsung Galaxy Z Flip hands-on
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip hands-onGanger 658 k8 måneder siden
5:53Samsung Galaxy S20 event in under 6 minutes
7:11Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Ultra hands-on
Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Ultra hands-onGanger 1,1 mill8 måneder siden
4:16The Moto G Stylus is a $300 Note 10 alternative
4:29Bad voting tech is ruining US elections
Bad voting tech is ruining US electionsGanger 80 k8 måneder siden
6:05Microsoft accidentally made a great Chromebook
6:17Insta360 One R: GoPro Hero 8 meets the GoPro Max
2:58The future of foldable PCs at CES 2020
The future of foldable PCs at CES 2020Ganger 197 k9 måneder siden
3:40Sony Vision-S concept car first look
Sony Vision-S concept car first lookGanger 418 k9 måneder siden
3:11Segway S-Pod looks weird, but it's really fun
4:24Mercedes-Benz Avatar car first look
Mercedes-Benz Avatar car first lookGanger 618 k9 måneder siden
3:08Impossible Foods Pork first taste at CES 2020
5:40Samsung CES 2020 keynote in under 6 minutes
5:41Sony at CES 2020 in under 6 minutes
Sony at CES 2020 in under 6 minutesGanger 1,7 mill9 måneder siden
3:21Dell’s new foldable PCs are all screens
Dell’s new foldable PCs are all screensGanger 620 k9 måneder siden
4:34Why the new TCL phones matter
Why the new TCL phones matterGanger 331 k9 måneder siden


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  • After many years of an unfaithful relationship. *Vinetechie* on Instagram grant me access to my spouse device, And I was able to gain control of my relationship again.

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