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CODY KO is an actor/comedian/NOlongr/podcaster/SoundCloud rapper/internet badboy based in Venice, CA. He speaks in several podcasts and makes comedy videos on NOlong, some of his most popular videos being his commentary on funny things he finds on Instagram.


11:13The Wildest Etsy Products (pt 2)
The Wildest Etsy Products (pt 2)Ganger 1 millDag siden
25:42COUPLE'S REACT: Moment of Truth 2
COUPLE'S REACT: Moment of Truth 2Ganger 2 millDag siden
23:12The Cringiest Dhar Mann Copycat
The Cringiest Dhar Mann CopycatGanger 1,9 mill8 dager siden
15:53This Doomsday Prepper Show is Hilarious
This Doomsday Prepper Show is HilariousGanger 1,9 mill8 dager siden
31:41COUPLE'S REACT: Moment of Truth
COUPLE'S REACT: Moment of TruthGanger 3,1 mill8 dager siden
15:47Strangers Guess Each Other's Body Count
Strangers Guess Each Other's Body CountGanger 2,6 mill15 dager siden
9:19The influencer scams are getting worse...
The influencer scams are getting worse...Ganger 1,6 mill15 dager siden
13:55The Best Smelling Influencer
The Best Smelling InfluencerGanger 1,5 mill22 dager siden
9:14The Weirdest Etsy Listings
The Weirdest Etsy ListingsGanger 1,6 mill22 dager siden
11:12The new influencer scam
The new influencer scamGanger 1,8 mill22 dager siden
16:48Luxury Apocalypse Bunkers??
Luxury Apocalypse Bunkers??Ganger 1,9 mill29 dager siden
15:15Parents & Kids Play Truth or Drink
Parents & Kids Play Truth or DrinkGanger 2 mill29 dager siden
15:39The WORST Hotel Room In The World
The WORST Hotel Room In The WorldGanger 2,7 millMåned siden
10:17The Hero Tik Tok Needs
The Hero Tik Tok NeedsGanger 2 millMåned siden
13:41Siblings Look Through Each other's Phones
20:57The Most Insane House Tour
The Most Insane House TourGanger 3 millMåned siden
11:28World's Spiciest Tik Toks
World's Spiciest Tik ToksGanger 2 millMåned siden
15:32Parents Go Through Their Kid's Phone
Parents Go Through Their Kid's PhoneGanger 3,5 mill2 måneder siden
10:30Siblings or Dating???
Siblings or Dating???Ganger 2,7 mill2 måneder siden
10:04My New Favorite Hobby
My New Favorite HobbyGanger 1,7 mill2 måneder siden
17:11Blind Dates Go Through Each Other's Phones
Blind Dates Go Through Each Other's PhonesGanger 3,1 mill2 måneder siden
0:10whoa so cool lol
whoa so cool lolGanger 2,1 mill2 måneder siden
16:08My Girlfriend Acts Like A Dog - And I Love It???
13:33Parents Guess What Naughty Items Their Kids Own
21:41Family Vlogs Weird Me Out
Family Vlogs Weird Me OutGanger 3,6 mill3 måneder siden
12:07Awkward Divorce Drinking Game
Awkward Divorce Drinking GameGanger 3,2 mill3 måneder siden
12:49America's Next Top Influencer
America's Next Top InfluencerGanger 2,9 mill4 måneder siden
16:22Deli Meat Tier List
Deli Meat Tier ListGanger 1,3 mill4 måneder siden
18:177 Millennials Decide Who Gets $1000
7 Millennials Decide Who Gets $1000Ganger 3,2 mill4 måneder siden
15:47Pickup artists in the wild
Pickup artists in the wildGanger 2,9 mill4 måneder siden


  • Wihle I love that the show ran so Cody can make fun of it, it's such a bad show idea! I think it may have gotten cancelled only for the fact that the answer to ALL of these questions is yes. Like, this isn't a GAME show, this is a show that just spills all your tea and robs you of success at the end!

  • Is nobody gonna talk abt user 1 or 2 👁👄👁 as if there would be 2 people on the toilet

  • Every guy has a little black book… right?…

  • My feeling is that Paul's sex affairs, were.. with the same gender..

  • Some of these questions sound like they were prepared for Barney Stinson XD

  • regret watching this while eating but love your content! send my love to Kelsey as well!

  • Kelsey's shit is awesome i kinda want it.

  • lmao this is a very successful show in Peru, kinda problematic, but very successful

  • honestly Cody I’m really disappointed. He’s taken 3 ideas from a smaller content creator Scott Cramer. Just give him some credit please

  • Where can I buy that fence guy? Asking for science

  • glad to see he quit his job at the restaurant and is now making his own food

  • You can just tell by the way mom reacts to her douchebag of a sons answers that growing up, when he was being an a-hole she just kind of giggled and was like “awwwww my little *chad* , lol he’s so crazy.”

  • Dislike for the chips

  • I cant decided whether I'm more concerned about what people are doing with uranium or how the seller got uranium

  • 0:31 what is up with his haircut

  • Cody Ko Out of Context: 3:27 6:05 7:12

  • I cant believe Mark Walberg introduced this amazing service to me

  • I have actually considered buying the stripper mice on more than one occasion. They’re just funny

  • Kelsey “tough cookie” whateveritisherlastnameis,idontknowit,butienjoyedthevid

  • "Obsessed with societal issues" soooo he's miserable

  • I also would choose alcohol over someone who says "you can't do this NO MORE", and "you can't drink NO LONGER"

  • this man is literally dennis reynolds what the fuck


  • I got a Kool Aid commercial right before this 11:56

  • Discrimination against Dead Mouse Stripers unbelievable

  • wow the foreshadowing of the "ok ethan" that's just too good


  • please never stop doing this

  • This guy is the real life version of Barney Stinson.

  • this show hurts my soul, im so glad you guys are making fun of it to help me get though it

  • Cody out here looking like Rob Van Dam

  • Cody never feel bad about yourself you’re a gorgeous man and Kelsey is lucky to have you I love all your videos and people are just jealous of your success keep on keeping on love ya🙏😇

  • Cody: WHAT! Who would sell or buy this stuff! Gay teens literally everywhere: stfu I’ll take all 4 ninja turtles

  • Cody's answering those questions like he's a neck beard asking if you can even name one song by the band on your t shirt

  • Tinkle pee

  • I can't believe how fast this boys hair grows.

  • I didn’t realise how much Noel’s voice has changed over the years until I came back to this video 😂

  • i collect curios and taxidermy but personally i cant get behind the stripper mouse either i think he deserves the right to do his dayjob and not be sexualised and cat called </3

  • I have a friend that has 20 mice, now I know what to get for his birthday. Thanks Cody

  • "pumpin' and dumpin' all of their fans" lol, I pissed myself when I heard that. (didn't actually piss)

  • "Rive, Raugh, Rove"

  • I once found a dickasaurus on etsy 🤣

  • honestly those girls are toxic and mean.

  • Kelsey is serving summer goddess looks

  • I love Doug lmao. Didn't know he looked at other things besides cars tho

  • Kelsey's top looks so great with her eyes

  • if there is a hell, and there's a room there that punishes people who were simply horrible to other people, treated people badly borderline enough but it isn't a crime, just skirting from edge of being pure evil, this would be that room.

  • Okay I love Cody but IS NO ONE gonna point out that Cody took this idea from Scott Cramer and gave 0 credit ???

  • Oh man I miss these typ of videos...

  • Say what you want about Paul but he got out with 100k. And he didn't look like the type to be secretive about those things he revealed anyway. And he didn't gamble for the highest prize.

  • Damn she is actually gorgeous.

  • This is just the greatest video of all time


  • Imagine if this was a women. Would they shrug it off brag and say man rule?I call tht double standards.

  • Sometimes I wish I was a guy have all those privilege. Being so confident and never get judged and marry a pretty girl that loves you and give them the respect they actually deserve.

  • Why does he not put his music on apple??? Shits fire honestly

  • Its sweet how they are syncronized. May God Protect them and keep their relationship blossoming

  • Thanks for the laughs! You single handedly made that paparazzi video bearable!!!

  • This man is ... repaulsive

  • Kelsey looks like the cool girl at summer camp that was nice to everyone

  • Buy crocs with croc nuts

  • This TV show is a complete trap to the contestants. Notice how all the questions are really straight forward questions that has a truth to it. E.g. Did you cheat on your husband? You either did or you didn't so if you tell the truth then you're fine. However as soon as they got to a new level the second question asked was "Do you think you're a good person?" This is a completely open ended question that is designed for her to get wrong because there is no definitive way to prove it. That way she gets absolutely no money and her life is ruined. She was set up by the producers from the start.

  • Please cut your hair

  • yo cody in a golf wang hat im hard

  • Dhar man is a rip off to you know

  • This one has to be 10x worse than the last one because the family all looked so nice :(.

  • Dhar Mann is my friend

  • um... whats up w the intro?

  • As a pole dancer and a person who love mice (have had them as pets before) I like the pole dancing mouse. However the fact they are real mice disturbs me. If they were "fake", or whatever you call it, I would have bought them in a heart beat.

  • The superb centimeter bareilly walk because mechanic gully knot amid a puzzled cub. splendid, glamorous maria

  • Aaaahaaahaa

  • imagine: you had friends

  • That dude sucked

  • 11:27 Pink Floyd The Wall (1979)

  • That "EW EW WHAT THE FUC! was so freaking Funni🤣😂