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3:28VIRTUAL PRISON | adult swim smalls
VIRTUAL PRISON | adult swim smallsGanger 31 k2 dager siden
1:54Pay Day | Birdgirl | adult swim
Pay Day | Birdgirl | adult swimGanger 72 k8 dager siden
2:38BABYDAD "Playdate" | adult swim smalls
22:54Birdgirl S1E1 (Pilot) | adult swim
Birdgirl S1E1 (Pilot) | adult swimGanger 323 k15 dager siden
1:59Kevin Van Newton | Final Space | adult swim
1:00:02DRESS IS MY SHIRT | adult swim smalls
DRESS IS MY SHIRT | adult swim smallsGanger 24 k15 dager siden
0:51Rick and Morty Babies | adult swim junior
Rick and Morty Babies | adult swim juniorGanger 2,6 mill15 dager siden
3:05BABY DAD "Breakfast" | adult swim smalls
2:39BABY DAD "Bathtime" | adult swim smalls
3:25LITHIUM "School Bus" | adult swim smalls
2:13Titan Attack | Final Space | adult swim
Titan Attack | Final Space | adult swimGanger 111 k29 dager siden
1:45Rick and Morty Crossing | adult swim
Rick and Morty Crossing | adult swimGanger 1,5 millMåned siden
2:31SMALL TALK | adult swim smalls
SMALL TALK | adult swim smallsGanger 82 kMåned siden


  • Mama mia

  • Good Shit.

  • I’ve found this video last week and I still can’t stop watching it

  • "A butt tuba" would have also been a palindrome, yet he wrote "a but tuba." This has haunted me for a decade.

  • should call it the salad tosser.

  • This is what I got : Milk = Questioning your life and how you could have done things differently when you had the time Bread = Living just to make the illusion that your life is perfect to others when it really isn’t Paper Towels = How some things will hurt us forever and there isn’t always a plain exit Oatmeal = Living a repetitive and vicious cycle doing the same thing over and over again Coffee = Addiction Cheese = Being indecisive and leaving everything to luck

  • Funny how the lady still helping in the background while the comercial rolls.

  • "This water has been citrused to Jesus' specifications"

  • He choked a robot and he gasped for air. Ok

  • Season 1 when they only had the budget to destroy one set lol

  • Hahaha, why does that woman have a dude's voice. It just kills me. 😂

  • What is the name of this song?

  • I love how Gregg thought a really short domino thing would be a huge water cooler topic even if it was spelled right and worked lmao amazing ru golburg devices aren’t talked about the next day it’s just like oh that’s cool

  • who’s here from tiktok?

  • "But we have Jimi at home". Jimi at home be like 1:37

  • I'm happy to see Tuca & Bertie coming back, but I don't have regular TV anymore, just streaming services. I'm hoping Netflix comes to its senses (or one of the other streaming services I subscribe to) and uploads season 2 after its premiere on Adult Swim.

  • Bird up

  • Telling you bbrrrpp guys , Your ,your really going to like this one, Its like ,like the season 1 and 3 but with a lil of 4 and 2 its game changing, Mortys got a new girlfriend, but its actually summers girlfriend then summer pulls my phaser on him its got all-sorts ,wubba lubba dub-dub 👽👽

  • 5:55

  • Can’t stop watching. 3 minutes and 45 seconds of perfection

  • Shanola is a breath of fresh air from that first Instagram model guest

  • They have another show called solar opposites

  • It should be st Louis

  • Did the SpongeBob writers put in this joke? Flawless.

  • "What stinks in here?" holy fuck

  • 3:01 Logisticahl. Nightmahr.

  • Really glad dril used his natural voice for this.

  • Strawberry shortcake...your so innocent...

  • Hannibal reposne is awes

  • Honestly, the character interactions for a good few of the show, specifically between Frankenstein and any of the other pop culture characters, are immaculate, because he's has that passive aggressive " I'm done with this" energy no matter who he's talking to

    • Hell, even when he's talking to death he refers to the reaper himself as " goofy "

  • “You’re just gonna sit there and let him read off a card” “well that’s what Spielberg did with his actors”

  • What is that shit my man hannibal was drinking at 1:35

  • Film buff dedication! No studio? No problem. The show must go on!

  • “Your impression of him is just your voice” “I thought he sounded like me” lmaoo

  • There is no “E” in Dad until now DEAD

  • Omg glad I found this

  • I was really trying to buy this in Animal Crossing blood 😤 I’m pissed 😂

  • gregg is such an asshole

  • When you just wanted to watch some anime but you have to start a revolution

  • Dude... He needs Joe Rogan show lol

  • When I first seen this episode I was hollaring my azz off when he wacked Meatwads eye out

  • It has clicked has years of watching Tim and not getting it.... it finally sunk in. This guy is brilliant.

  • *THE CHAIR NIGGE* *THE CHAIR NIGGE* The dude: "alright" *sits down* *THE CHAIR NIGGE*

  • This song on Spotify?

  • Anyone here for 4/20!!!💥

  • Nah, in white cultures oftentimes you sound like a cult member calling someone brother. I don't know how Irish people can get away with it honestly.

  • Ughhh, finally! These are guys are really good at making us hope the gaps between seasons would actually be shorter -_-

  • This gentleman is great. I love the humor, and it is very relaxing.

  • It’s amazing how the Devil van give guitar skill better then his own

  • I thought it was a joke

  • Too close to reality for comfort...


  • "They could work somewhere else for more pay." If you know that, why don't you pay them more? It's a giant show...

  • Lone wolf and cub. Nice.

  • I thought he was going to close it with, *it’s doctor trouser snake*

  • ok wait so, small theory here, Opal/Clare looks a lot like Abigail from Jack's song Cooking with Abigal so what if once Opal/Clare finally gets old enough to move out she changes her name to Abigail (to try and forget her family and past) and starts cooking just like the Opal on the billboard. it's possible that she was even trying to get her father to become proud of her (since that seems to be the plot of the Cooking with Abigail music video), possibly trying to repair at least one of the relationships from her family. but, as the video shows, it seems to backfire and she ends up just cooking out of guilt and almost, not directly, under the control of her father as he's seen watching her through the window of the kitchen. her other family might be watching as well as more people appear in her window near the end, sobbing. i don't know, just a random thought.

  • What should I do if my Child Clown ran away?!? He got to my Cinco Garbo Can and ate my energy bars that made him run at 25mph into the nearby forest.

  • Hellrazer Beath and Rick look pretty sick. 🤘

  • Mark is in a coma...again.

  • KooLz

  • Is her father Kelsey Grammer?

  • What a beautiful tune

  • Yes..... The masterpiece has been found

  • She ditched her baby and purse

  • at 0:03 Tim's channeling DLH

  • This animation is super dope. I want to watch 1:38 as a show please.

  • Whats the song. It feels like a longer song :|

  • I was on Fart 'Splosion....but then I realized I wasn't.

  • Where can I get this uncensored 😭


  • What a douche

  • completely naked man onstage AND Richard Dunn??? This is direct from planet GENIUS

  • That ending was, wait for it... *utterly perfect*

  • Anyone notice the subtle changes in ricks voice? I’m sure doing that voice takes a toll on his vocal cords.

  • Does Michael Schmidt ever wear clothes?

  • Oh oh 😂

  • Western countries are a mess in debt... While living on credit and thinking they Rich. Idiots!

  • We need a collage of every time Tim burps from every On Cinema episode, the trial, Oscar Specials, and Mr. America. Any takers?

  • This makes me both panic and moved

  • No one would have blamed him for bailing while over the ocean, but the show must go on. He demonstrated spectacular professionalism and was rewarded with a trip to rehab.