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5:30Richard Hammond reunites with Oliver!
Richard Hammond reunites with Oliver!Ganger 676 k9 dager siden
9:40This X20 engine is two V10s stuck together!
9:40We found the lost 2.0-litre V10 sportscar!
We found the lost 2.0-litre V10 sportscar!Ganger 865 k2 måneder siden
13:04James May builds a bicycle | Part 3
James May builds a bicycle | Part 3Ganger 141 k2 måneder siden
8:23James May builds a bicycle | Part 2
James May builds a bicycle | Part 2Ganger 182 k3 måneder siden
5:48James May gave us a tour of his new pub
James May gave us a tour of his new pubGanger 2,6 mill3 måneder siden
13:14James May builds a bicycle | Part 1
James May builds a bicycle | Part 1Ganger 410 k3 måneder siden
7:39This is why James May is selling his Ferrari...
8:56This car shows why V6s are awesome
This car shows why V6s are awesomeGanger 159 k4 måneder siden
5:016 things James May hates about his Tesla
6 things James May hates about his TeslaGanger 2 mill5 måneder siden
6:46What the hell happened to the Ford GT90?
What the hell happened to the Ford GT90?Ganger 250 k6 måneder siden
4:54Richard Hammond gave us a tour of his office!
9:32Clarkson, Hammond and May REUNITE in a video call
3:56Richard Hammond's project car is nearly finished
6:13Richard Hammond roasts YouTubers' cars!
Richard Hammond roasts YouTubers' cars!Ganger 3,4 mill8 måneder siden
57:35Tiff Needell's Live Pub Quiz
Tiff Needell's Live Pub QuizGanger 45 k8 måneder siden
8:28When James May met Doug DeMuro
When James May met Doug DeMuroGanger 617 k8 måneder siden
6:30Tiff Needell reveals what's in his secret garage
11:13TJ Hunt gives James May a tour of his garage
5:36This is the closest we've come to a McLaren SUV
36:04Richard Hammond's Pub Quiz
Richard Hammond's Pub QuizGanger 225 k9 måneder siden
21:39These model cars are worth more than his real car
6:55This is why The Grand Tour is taking so long
This is why The Grand Tour is taking so longGanger 1,2 mill9 måneder siden
1:05:14Jeremy Clarkson's Live Pub Quiz
Jeremy Clarkson's Live Pub QuizGanger 465 k9 måneder siden
4:46Meet Emily Clarkson, Jeremy Clarkson's daughter
7:50The police tracked down James May's Alpine A110!
6:48Richard Hammond unveils his new project car!
5:45Richard Hammond tell us his plans for 2020
Richard Hammond tell us his plans for 2020Ganger 342 k10 måneder siden
2:19An important message from Clarkson, Hammond & May
7:56How do you make an LMP1 car from scratch?
How do you make an LMP1 car from scratch?Ganger 151 k10 måneder siden
13:32Richard Hammond goes on a road trip in a Tesla Model X
18:43The famous jumper in pillow form?! | Mail Time Ep.7
3:19Richard Hammond has stolen our YouTube plaque!
9:41James May roasts YouTubers' cars!
James May roasts YouTubers' cars!Ganger 4 mill10 måneder siden
13:42Can we convince James May to buy a Mini Electric?


  • Electric him :)

  • It'll be nice if you do a complete nut and bolt restoration to factory finish. Granted it'll take time and a lot of effort, but Oliver deserves it.

  • Restore him, but give him a nice juciy V8 and make him a sleeper!

  • Electrify him

  • I get the feeling Oliver would like to run a quarter mile.

  • Vintage rally racer. For the win!

  • Pity the Lancia did get the same treatment

  • Helephant motor swap

  • i love the fact that the they called hammond a pro driver

  • Restore

  • V8 all the way!!!!!

  • Just fix the bad bits. You don’t want to loose that connection.

  • Originality mate restore to factory condition

  • Could maybe modernise it. New engine, suspension and brakes etc but just restore the rest to factory spec.

  • Absolute beast performance wise but an untouched but restored exterior!

  • You owe it to him to redtore him to how he was when he left the factory

  • His spirit says rally. Investment sense would say original

  • a historical rallye car would be cool because he already rallyed through the whole of botswana and showed you his true nature! Maybe he always wanted to be a rallye car, now in his 50s you can make his dream come true :)

  • Restore

  • Love Oliver so much

  • I think Oliver would love to become electric!

  • 3:25 that's what my girlfriend said to me before she left me 😢

  • Opel ftw

  • The great thing about Oliver is, as you said, there's nothing to go wrong. I feel like most "upgrades" you could do to him would lose that "too simple to be killed" character. If I were going to try to "improve" him at all, I'd lean into that and try to make him even more plucky.

  • CLARKSON!!! read in angry voice.

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  • independent suspension, 4x4, and as big of a V8 as can fit under the hood. HAMMOND!!!!!!

  • Hey Oliver nice to meet u 😀😇

  • This man just said we live in absurd times and hes not wrong about that at all.

  • Restore Oliver, but electrify it.

  • This was an Opel advert all along ...I think Oliver should be classically restored

  • I do like the sound of a retro rally car

  • Rally car

  • Rally him because he’s the hero we all need

  • Noooo, don't turn him into a cruiser! You don't have a dog for years and then one day when he's old and tired decide to give him a pink mohawk and take him with you on a marathon. Restore so he looks as original as posible, that's what he deserves.

  • Either back to factory or retro rally car!

  • Restores Oliver, or Plugs new car from Opel?? 🤔

  • as with most people restore him to hownhe was when you got him... cos why did you get him, again?

  • Restomod all the way

  • Oliver deserves a factory restoration. Please don't cut him up.

  • which episode is that?

  • 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

  • My first thought was RALLY CAR!! but then I realized that Oliver was already a rally car, really, so restoring him to factory would really be the same thing.

  • Wicked video

  • Imagine James, in a blue suit, white shirt, long red tie, a spray tan and a blonde comb over.

  • What a lovely pub, I would love to go there for a meal

  • Great video 👍

  • It's got to be restored to factory freshness. Anything else would just be disappointing.

  • Build a sleeper... all the way! Look exactly the same on the outside but rally running gear, engine etc Kinda like the ashes van... transit on the outside jag under the bonnet... or should I say bolted to the floor!

  • Honestly, I'd restomod him. We've come a long way in terms of control, suspension, brakes, and drivetrain. Keep him overall the same but give him a new life.

  • Hammond, I honestly don't think you will see this, but, please please please, restore Oliver to his original state, don't ruin him.

  • i think you should ether restore Oliver to factory spec or retro rally Oliver.

  • He deserves to be restored to his original form. Dignified and authentic.

  • Restore him to what he was out of the factory. He is timeless and not a fad.

  • V8 to make him a sleeper

  • so a slammed funny car with a nitro engine or restored ermmmm I want to say the funny car BUT will say restore him

  • Convert him into an electric vehicle. Evolution!

  • Please, please leave Oliver original. He'll be absolutely ruined and lose all his character if you start modifying him!

  • While factory-original would be my first choice, I could see turning him into what we Americans once called (still call?) a sleeper: absolutely normal on the outside, turbo-charged mayhem underneath the hood.

  • 5.0 Coyote slammed to the ground

  • For me Oliver don't need to much change for the exterior.... Meanwhile i will put a small block v8 in it, it should make Oliver more aggressive and sporty....

  • stick the mazda 787b 4 rotor in the back

  • These 3 must be the only guys on the internet not to get hate comments. I love it. There like the Royal family.

  • I vote rally-ish. A V8 would destroy the character of Oliver. A peppy four cylinder, like an Ecotec, and a not-knackered gearbox.

  • Two a similar approach that Singer does to 911’s. Make Oliver everything he can be.

  • The Yanks I'm sure will have an ace up their sleeves - just like they have smaller pints and gallons, they probably secretly have amaller miles - so tip a Hennessy to set another record but then adjust it down by about 20% to get the European equivalent....

  • Under the radae? Well that’s because it was nothing but a terrible edit.

  • Yeah, don't think anyone gives a toss about the filter lol. Standard Oliver.

  • Oliver monster truck

  • 4 link lsd red top !

  • Some say.... that hes still at the side of the road

  • dude the circuit board decals are cringy af

  • Back to factory, he deserves it.

  • Full restoration. keep it original, and get engine and gearbox fully reconditioned to as new.

  • If he were mine I would loving restore him to how he was when he left the Opel factory in 1963. Which by the way was a great year as its my birth year as well haha. In all seriousness, the Oliver you fell in love with and also got you thru that whole "challenge" was and is the aged version of the newborn Oliver. I would restore him to as new.

  • Restore Oliver. One of the best cars in that old show. It just kept going through everything. Oliver deserves the love and care that he has earned.

  • V8 or V10 with some electric assist from the motors.

  • About 3000 Speciales worldwide but there’s only one Oliver.Oliver wins

  • explains why the rsr in nfs heat is so overpowered

  • Rally car time