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Welcome to the official home of Top Gear on NOlong. Here you will find all the best clips from your favourite episodes, whether that’s Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, Freddie Flintoff bungee jumping off a bridge, or trailers for the new series. You’ll find performance reviews in our series Chris Harris Drives, the best power laps from The Stig and super cars being put up against each other in our Drag Races. You can also find official clips going back over the years featuring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.
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7:24Driving the £5.4m Bugatti Divo | Top Gear
Driving the £5.4m Bugatti Divo | Top GearGanger 922 k2 måneder siden
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4:41Ken Block remembers Colin McRae | Top Gear
Ken Block remembers Colin McRae | Top GearGanger 320 k5 måneder siden
4:46OFF ROAD: Suzuki Jimny VS Dacia Duster | Top Gear
23:41How to drive at 628mph | Top Gear
How to drive at 628mph | Top GearGanger 1,9 mill6 måneder siden
1:15The Stig's Guide to Social Distancing | Top Gear
18:55Driving the best Bond cars ever! | Top Gear
Driving the best Bond cars ever! | Top GearGanger 1 mill8 måneder siden
2:03PREVIEW: F35 Jet vs McLaren Speedtail | Top Gear
1:35Stig Lap: Ariel Atom 4 | Top Gear: Series 28
4:10Top Chuckles of Top Gear Series 27 | Top Gear
11:35Fastest Cars of Top Gear Series 27 | Top Gear
Fastest Cars of Top Gear Series 27 | Top GearGanger 1,1 mill9 måneder siden
1:01TRAILER: New TOP GEAR 2020 | Top Gear: Series 28


  • Nice

  • 👍

  • Ssc tuatara бак залит до отвала

  • Fighting

  • Sweet cliff hanger; and no comedy?

  • It,s good

  • Amaazing

  • its beutiful

  • At 0:18 , that guy is faster than Usain Bolt running at around 100 km/hr 😂. If the car was really at around 120km/hr at that time, it would have zoom past the runner. Nice video SSC

  • starts in Nevada, ends at NewYork :)

  • Just realised at 7:37 they start using music from 300 Pretty neat

  • This greatly affect many issues. Rich people who buying cars. Whether some placed deposit on the Bugatti Chiron Supersport 300+ or Koenigsegg Jesko Absolute feeling like disappointed if this happened to be true(what can they do or what will they do, I don't know). Those people who invested money, those people working in different cars companies to engineered, research, test, analyse bla bla bla thousands and thousands hours of man power how will they feel, just like F1 race, not just the driver accounted for a race victory. Backend people many unsung heroes making effort to achieve all these. Simply make a claim of 331mph, will definitely make many many many many these people feel like stupid of how their efforts been broken by far stretch of their own results. I do believe Tuatara is a fast car hut how fast, i don't know. Doing anything not logical like this, ending up destroying own reputation for long long time to even gain back trust

  • The 50 dislikes are from Ferrari employees

  • Mantap

  • Beautiful

  • Woohoo

  • 6:22 ... listen carefully for it....

  • Still conld worse I actually cant stop lughing at that

  • need a valkyrie simulator coz we too broke ;-;

  • Nice

  • If you guys look very closely on 1:16 and put your screen brightness to the max , you can see the actual speedometer was 294mph , not 317mph , They faked it !

  • best ever track car

  • lets try a boxier, lighter car, I wonder what will happen ?

  • Ferrari - ‘We are not interested at electric cars’ Also Ferrari - the new sf90 Stradale can drive its front wheels electrically

  • Tody on Bottom Gear, Jeremy is fast asleep, Richard has been cut in half, James has lost his hair, and the Stig's body is gone. Weed. Car. Feet. Bottom Gear.

  • I came here to see the Like and Dislike.

  • The M3 came last lmao

  • i wonder how the mustang would rank in this

  • Fake

  • FAKERS!!!

  • If you disliked this video you need to take a good, long look at yourself in the mirror

  • Plot twist: James was driving the sandero.

  • I'm chinese and we don't love ugly massive grills, this is disgusting on all levels and please stop blaming the chinese for BMW's excuse of paying minimal wage designers.

  • It can cause accidents from the back

  • oh wow the car won

  • A shame that Top Gear of sites will help release fake stuff like this. What a shame.

  • Tracks are different from an actual road. Remember that

  • This is why British people are rude to us Americans.... but at least we know how to live in luxury.... while they live in simple style.

  • Seems the old boys took the show’s integrity with them

  • This looks kinda scary! Bad ass!

  • I want an 037. I dont care if its not street legal and there’s a chance that i will die in it, i want one

  • from Hero to Zero all in one episode..Shmee150 sniffed out their BS like a Rabid Dog..

  • He doesnt seen Erzurum-Artvin Road

  • Can't see a damn thing

  • I like how the POV doesn't show the dashboard 🙄

  • If Jeremy Clarkson can drive on the A3 for over an hour with a non-ventilated helmet on his head, you can wear a mask.

  • This episode on BOTTOM GEEYAH


  • Holy shit, Trevor looks like Christopher Walken but British.

  • I love how the producers are always dressed like a bunch of ruthless teenagers.

  • Like

  • Wow its amazing bro

  • Years later president

  • Keren

  • James: "It's just that you know when we do these big things they end and some massive disaster?" Richard: ... James: "I'd quite like this one to work" hahaha

  • Beautiful RS6 Avant😻💜🚀

  • I love the laugh track over the straight faced audience d

  • Did you guys see the Taycan show at Burj Khalifa??! Wow!!

  • Where is Clarkson? It's not TG without Clarkson.

  • Glad I grew up with the old top gear and not this:

  • #Beauty...

  • Amazing

  • This is proof that the tuatara didn't reach 331 mph

  • James with his hearsebulance clarkson with his porshebulance and hammond with with his hammbulance

  • What’s with all of the stupidly close shots of her face

  • Videonya sangat bagus mereka menampilkan pemandangan yang sangat keren👍

  • Suku

  • I can't believe that he actually eating those 😅😅 cooked from the engine

  • 5:35 ”Ooooh Spooky”

  • You can just tell he wanted to beat them all back then.

  • "The world needs more exciting Alfa Romeos" Where do I sign ?

  • At the beginning at the episode, they insist on making Girbaltar jokes, such as "drive form here in Britain, to Spain". They, they make jokes about British tourists keeping Spanish economy going. First they were funny, on second watching they seems a bit too much. Then I read how Spain lost Gibraltar to the British, how they big armada failed, and decided that the joke are funny again.

  • If you turn that wheel in 1°it will rollover

  • 285 mph if you ss where the video ends

    • Its hard to see, but looks like 285 hmm but it still makes it americas fastest car... but not really 330 mph

  • At least he didn't go jeb bush style and say "please clap"

  • still compared to british cars of that time, they were far superior. back then when you bought a new jaguar it would come with a trunk full of spare fuses for the electrical system. yes, driving these american cars at that time were like driving a comfortable living room around town and costs a fortune in gas but never broke down and were safe in an accident considering they weighed more than a tank.

  • my buddy had i'll guess an 1990 lincoln town car with a 302....we skipped school and drove an hour away to the farm machinery show in louisville kentucky. being in high school we weren't rich and had about 10$ a piece before we left. after buying a few sodas and a hamburger we all got in the car to leave and had about 3 dollars in pocket change between us. my buddy said "well i get us close to home and we will put what we can in to hopefully get us back home before we run out if worse comes to worse". we got back to our high school with more than enough gas and i hopped out and got on the school bus to take me back home to my house....once you get a big car rolling its not much of a difference really, especially if it doesn't have a freaking huge big block under the hood

  • 6:16 subtitles - "Does he have a clitoris or traffic water?"

  • j'ai arrêter au bout de 2minutes et 39 secondes vraiment aucun intérêt pour l'avenir de l'Automobile