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Amazingly interesting bite-sized Documentary styled videos. From Top 10 Most Amazing People to Future Technology Creations or facts about Amazing Mysteries - if its Amazing, we'll make a video on it. Oh, and there's a splash of humor thrown in too. Satisfying your curiosity in 8-15 minutes, you'll Be Amazed at our mind-blowing array of facts and condensed lists.


25:30People Who HATE the Outside World
People Who HATE the Outside WorldGanger 107 k2 dager siden
26:29Surprising Myths That Are Actually True
21:12Talented Dad Reimagines Son's Drawings
25:19Mind-Blowing Facts About Space
Mind-Blowing Facts About SpaceGanger 220 k7 dager siden
21:03Most Creative Tattoo Cover Ups
Most Creative Tattoo Cover UpsGanger 320 k9 dager siden
22:06One in a Million Coincidences - Part 8
One in a Million Coincidences - Part 8Ganger 363 k13 dager siden
24:15Plans That Didn’t Go As Expected - Part 3
13:24Signs Someone Likes You
Signs Someone Likes YouGanger 121 k20 dager siden
23:54The Story Of The Radium Girls
The Story Of The Radium GirlsGanger 211 k29 dager siden
23:16Weirdest Things Animals Do
Weirdest Things Animals DoGanger 259 k29 dager siden
23:30Athletes Who Were Caught Cheating - Part 2
Athletes Who Were Caught Cheating - Part 2Ganger 1,1 mill29 dager siden
23:33Massive Dam Failures Caught On Camera
24:25Koko The Talking Gorilla
Koko The Talking GorillaGanger 125 kMåned siden
22:47People Who Had A Worse Christmas Than You
25:20Superhuman Athletes With Crazy Muscles
22:48Strongest Women That Took It WAY Too Far
18:31One in A Million Coincidences - Part 7
One in A Million Coincidences - Part 7Ganger 421 k3 måneder siden
25:03Creepiest Coincidences in History
Creepiest Coincidences in HistoryGanger 453 kMåned siden
19:43Biggest Waves Ever Recorded On Camera
22:28Creepy Things Found Hidden In Peoples Homes
23:48Innovative Home Design Creation Ideas
24:21Chinese Knock Offs That Are Way Too Obvious
21:18Primitive Techniques Vs Modern Technologies
21:07Secrets People Are Taking To the Grave
24:51People With Real Super Powers
People With Real Super PowersGanger 286 kMåned siden
22:45Workers with Gifted Hands
Workers with Gifted HandsGanger 930 kMåned siden
12:24Strangest Things Captured On Baby Monitors
Strangest Things Captured On Baby MonitorsGanger 196 k2 måneder siden
24:01Unusual Foods that Only Exist in China
Unusual Foods that Only Exist in ChinaGanger 457 k2 måneder siden
20:57Mysteries Finally Solved In Unbelievable Ways
22:01Dumbest Things Ever Stolen
Dumbest Things Ever StolenGanger 672 k2 måneder siden
28:36The Untold Truth Of Competitive Eating
The Untold Truth Of Competitive EatingGanger 98 k2 måneder siden
25:44Abandoned Mansions You Can Buy
Abandoned Mansions You Can BuyGanger 600 k2 måneder siden
21:12People Having a Worse Day Than You - Part 3
24:09Rarest Animals in the World
Rarest Animals in the WorldGanger 461 k2 måneder siden
24:32One in a Million Coincidences - Part 6
One in a Million Coincidences - Part 6Ganger 1,2 mill2 måneder siden
19:33Incredible Time-lapse of Regenerating Skin
Incredible Time-lapse of Regenerating SkinGanger 1,1 mill3 måneder siden
26:01Roads You Never Want To Drive On
Roads You Never Want To Drive OnGanger 291 k2 måneder siden
25:23Scariest SCPs ever found
Scariest SCPs ever foundGanger 922 k2 måneder siden
12:41Famous Beggars
Famous BeggarsGanger 135 k2 måneder siden
13:00Influencers Who Look Nothing Like Their Photos
12:52Fake Cities That Only Exist In China
Fake Cities That Only Exist In ChinaGanger 154 k2 måneder siden
23:30Rarest Cats That Exist
Rarest Cats That ExistGanger 670 k2 måneder siden
20:05Luckiest People Who Survived The Impossible - Part 4
13:47Tiny mites live in your eyelashes - Fact Show 12
20:53People Who Out Lived INSANE Prison Sentences
21:52Killer Halloween Crafts and Decorations
Killer Halloween Crafts and DecorationsGanger 76 k3 måneder siden
21:25Ugliest Design Mistakes Ever Made
Ugliest Design Mistakes Ever MadeGanger 793 k3 måneder siden
20:00Russian Creates Insane Boobytrap Coins
Russian Creates Insane Boobytrap CoinsGanger 754 k3 måneder siden
19:17Amazing Things Discovered Lying On The Seafloor
14:57The Sad Life of Schlitze
The Sad Life of SchlitzeGanger 187 k3 måneder siden
18:56Things Your Pet Wants
Things Your Pet WantsGanger 430 k3 måneder siden
23:59Smartest Lottery Winners
Smartest Lottery WinnersGanger 1 mill3 måneder siden
21:29Most Elite Special Forces In The World
Most Elite Special Forces In The WorldGanger 3,5 mill3 måneder siden
22:54Emerging Technologies That Will Change Our World
13:39Why do men have Adam’s apples? Fact Show 11
22:42Loudest Sounds You’ll Ever Hear
Loudest Sounds You’ll Ever HearGanger 529 k4 måneder siden
16:00That time 96.7% of humans died...
That time 96.7% of humans died...Ganger 394 k3 måneder siden
20:24Feral Children Raised By Animals
Feral Children Raised By AnimalsGanger 275 k3 måneder siden
22:23Cringiest Influencers Spotted in the Wild
Cringiest Influencers Spotted in the WildGanger 153 k4 måneder siden
21:36Fattest Animals in the World
Fattest Animals in the WorldGanger 638 k3 måneder siden


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