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Hey geograpeeps!

Welcome to Geography Now! This is the first and only NOlong Channel that actively attempts to cover profiles on every single country of the world. We are going to do them alphabetically so be patient if you are waiting for one that's down the road.

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12:19FLAG/ FAN FRIDAY SPAIN! (Geography Now!)
33:18Geography Now! SPAIN
Geography Now! SPAINGanger 448 k21 dag siden
15:08Geography Now! SOVONTHAK
Geography Now! SOVONTHAKGanger 279 kMåned siden
33:13Geography Now! SOUTH AFRICA
Geography Now! SOUTH AFRICAGanger 504 kMåned siden
FLAG/ FAN FRIDAY- SOMALIAGanger 94 k2 måneder siden
27:03Geography Now! SOMALIA
Geography Now! SOMALIAGanger 549 k2 måneder siden
26:39Geography Now! SOLOMON ISLANDS!
Geography Now! SOLOMON ISLANDS!Ganger 305 k3 måneder siden
13:03Flag/ Fan Friday SLOVENIA
Flag/ Fan Friday SLOVENIAGanger 116 k4 måneder siden
25:31Geography Now! SLOVENIA
Geography Now! SLOVENIAGanger 569 k4 måneder siden
FLAG/ FAN FRIDAY SLOVAKIAGanger 119 k4 måneder siden
23:22Geography Now! SLOVAKIA
Geography Now! SLOVAKIAGanger 644 k4 måneder siden
14:53FLAG/ FAN FRIDAY SINGAPORE! (Geography Now!)
28:07Geography Now! SINGAPORE
Geography Now! SINGAPOREGanger 850 k7 måneder siden
14:33Flag/ Fan Friday SIERRA LEONE (Geography Now!)
24:04Geography Now! SIERRA LEONE
Geography Now! SIERRA LEONEGanger 421 k8 måneder siden
25:41Geography Now! SEYCHELLES
Geography Now! SEYCHELLESGanger 459 k9 måneder siden
13:59FLAG/ FAN FRIDAY SERBIA! (Geography Now!)
FLAG/ FAN FRIDAY SERBIA! (Geography Now!)Ganger 174 k9 måneder siden
27:48Geography Now! SERBIA!
Geography Now! SERBIA!Ganger 902 k9 måneder siden
13:34FLAG/ FAN FRIDAY -SENEGAL (Geography Now!)
FLAG/ FAN FRIDAY -SENEGAL (Geography Now!)Ganger 111 k10 måneder siden
28:26Geography Now! SENEGAL
Geography Now! SENEGALGanger 554 k10 måneder siden
21:56Prefectures of JAPAN (Geography Now!)
Prefectures of JAPAN (Geography Now!)Ganger 434 k10 måneder siden
29:02Geography Now! SAUDI ARABIA
Geography Now! SAUDI ARABIAGanger 1,3 mill11 måneder siden


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  • The reason why Indians love Israelis (even they might not know their culture a lot) is because they are the only "Abrahamic" people who do not force their religious beliefs over others.. whereas look at others 😶😶 🇮🇱❤️🇮🇳

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  • Imagine: GK: Oblak RB: Vrsaljko CB: Milenkovic CB: S. Savic LB: Kolarov CM: Pjanic CM: Milinkovic-Savic CM: Modric LW: Rebic ST: Dzeko RW: Tadic This alone is reason enough to unite again. We would completely destroy everyone in every sport. Even in football you could change much players here and we still would be great! ❤️🇧🇦🇷🇸🇭🇷🇸🇮🇲🇰🇲🇪❤️

  • Sorry my friend the war between El Salvador and Honduras was blamed to a soccer game but it was not the reason of the war. The soccer game was use as smoke courting to hide what was realmente happening politically in Honduras, the country was completely controlled by USA Big Banana corporations because the were controlling their political and economic decisions. USA Bananeras were over taking the Honduras land to the the point to expropriated natives if it was on their way. That create a conflict that generated some guerrilla groups and death equad. If you need to know more and have better information just contact the wright people but please do not make us look like idiots blaming a insignificant game of soccer for the war. Blame USA Bananeras who need time to hide the masacres they did in the north east of Honduras. Ask about the masacres of las Manchas Bravas inquire before offend us making us look like idiots. We are conflicted countries but is no due to political ignorance. We are very political envolved aware in how big countries with bigger resources economically try to take advantage of us Central Americans.

  • picture at 23:47 is actually from the Mycenean era in Crete its a sport/religious ceremony called "Tavrokatharpsia".

  • That is not Prince Paul of Romania.

  • I correct Barby, as Greece joined the EU in 1981 and not 2001. It might’ve however joined the Eurozone in 2001.

  • Balochistan is love for Pakistan

  • Udahlah anjing netizen indo bodoh org luar negeri muji biarin aja gk ush di bls ini itu ini itu i love tuu alay goblok gk malu apa,, (For indonesian)

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  • Persian still steeling Kurdish history median empire and newroz sassanid empire was totally Kurdish

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  • Geography Now! Switzerland, waiting for it

  • 9:17 thats just a joke Guys dont take it too seriously 😅

  • Pete Buttigieg is Maltese

  • 12:09 I'm interested in knowing more about that. Can someone help.

    • @Nidhin K J history shows only bit like this Stone place cave Jewish cananite drawings

    • @Gladwyn Dsouza Thanks mate, but I was looking for answers from outside Bible. ie pure history. BTW, I'm a Christian.

    • Israelites lived here since jacobs time Jacob is mentioned in both bible and quran also jacobs name was changed to Israel later that's how Israel got its name

  • Isnt Egypt the Boss of Africa?

  • Just one thing: you say that there are three co-official languages in Spain (aside from Spanish), which are Catalan, Galician and Basque. However, there is a fourth one: Valencian. Here's the deal: some people might argue that Valencian isn't really a language, but a Catalan dialect. The truth is, the Spanish Constitution acknowledges Valencian as a separate language, so no matter whether you think Valencian is a dialect, officially it's a language.

  • Just saying after the times of jewish being there 2 major religions were created in the middle east (Christianity and Islam). Since these two are big religions and Moses is also an important person in them maybe the natives converted to those religions. So basically saying all these ppl aren't natives bc they aren't jewish is just stupid. Also Jewish ppl might have had influence on ppl outside and made them convert but that doesn't make those converts natives of the land since they weren't there ever. I just hate how ppl who lived all their lives outside of the land have more rights than the ppl who have no other homes!

  • 17 / 5000 Výsledky překladu Ukrainian Czechia

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  • These jews got expelled from 109 countries or more throught the history and finally settelled in occupying the Palestin people's place. Yeah, I got ditched by 109 ex's and it defitiniely has to do nothing of me.

    • @Felipe De Marchi at first the Jews were the innocent. Now Israel has done a 180 degree and starting being the oppressors. What a way to go down in history

    • Yes, because a minority group targeted by politicians to mantain power (Hitler for instance) is the same thing that you and your ex's

  • wwait, IKEA's European headquarters are in Luxembourg? Isn't IKEA a Swedish company, why not keep their European headquarters in Sweden itself.

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    • @Tamim no, I m nepali🇳🇵

  • Greece celebrates the start of a war instead of the end because it symbolises the start of the battle to freedom for example 25th of March is the start of the war of independence, 28th of October is the start of the invasion of Greece by Italy in WW2 and 21st of April the start of the military junta

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  • The southeast Asian you guys said as the sourdough of Madagascar Island is from the Borneo Island, to be precise from Banjar and Dayak tribes.

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